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b5b0n3622 karma

•What was your favorite position?
•Weirdest request?
•did you have a regular client?
•biggest dick you've taken? ( also did it hurt?)

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b5b0n3615 karma

Follow up question, what's the smallest Rick you've taken?

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b5b0n365 karma

Did you still do it with that guy?

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DarkGamer6 karma

If no BJ's, how then; is penetration even possible with one of those?

moonsprite6 karma

Well, in that case I was the one fucking unfortunately...

Fart_Whisper12 karma

Do you think prostitution should be legal in more places? Like America?

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Fart_Whisper8 karma

But would that be worse than all the illegal sex trafficking that currently takes place? I know legalization wouldn't get rid of it 100‰ but it would help

moonsprite118 karma

Man, I don't now. I'm a call boy, not a politician.

Defsing24 karma

Not with that attitude. A lot of the most prominent politicians of our age started our with call boys.

moonsprite34 karma

LOL I'm sure Marco Rubio has done the streets before!

Clovis33215 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've encountered while working?

moonsprite21 karma

Uh, probably entering a clients house and discovering he'd hired about 5 other boys like me. We were all on the couch together while he took turns fucking us while we had to kiss and rub each other.

It was kinda hot, but definitely super weird and unexpected. I thought it was gonna be a one on one lol...

Either that or having to suck a brony's dick.

chicken_based_lube5 karma

Did he make you wear a pony costume?

moonsprite5 karma

LOL thankfully no. But I think he did refer to me as some type of pony from that show. Not sure which one.

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I didn't tell anyone really and I did it in the weekend so no... Although when I got a boyfriend and told him about my past as a call boy, he broke up with me...