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alanblah23 karma

Do you ever feel bad, always demolishing the other team?

HarlemGlobetrotters_26 karma

Well... we did beat up on the washington generals last year so badly they didnt want to come back... so... we're beating up on the all stars this year lol but on a lighter note, no one really remembers the score of the game by the end. But they do remember laughing and smiling and having a good time, thats what we are all about!! -Scooter

Wookie_Goldberg16 karma

Have you ever thought about betting on the Generals and losing the game?

HarlemGlobetrotters_16 karma

That would be a nice retirement plan lol but I'm too much of a winner!!And I'd still feel like a loser with all that money in the bank! -Buckets

jpe7710 karma

What was your first exposure to the Globetrotters?

HarlemGlobetrotters_12 karma

Before I was a globetrotter, I was an assistant video coordinator and practice player for the phx suns, and the globetrotter home base was in phx and I got discovered during a pickup game on the weekend in the phx arena, the Globetrotter scouts invited me to the camp and I've been a globetrotter for 11 years.-Scooter

My first exposure to the Globetrotters was when I was in college at Temple University, they were playing in our arena after one of our practices, me and a few teammates stayed and watched a while. We felt like kids again, we sat there in amazement lol-TNT

demolitio46 karma

What's something you've seen a teammate do on the court that still amazes you?

HarlemGlobetrotters_3 karma

One of our teammates named Hacksaw, does this double jointed thing with his shoulder, arm and elbow while he has the ball balanced on the back of his neck! It's hard to explain, you HAVE to see it! crazy-Scooter

ambrogi54216 karma

How long does it take to master all the ridiculous shots you guys take?

HarlemGlobetrotters_11 karma

hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and.... some more hours... while you're sleeping in your bed, when you're walking your dog, when you aren't thinkin' of us, lol we are practicing! -Scooter

zjl35 karma

Where is the most unique country or venue each of you has played?

HarlemGlobetrotters_13 karma

New Zealand was really cool (They did a traditional dance to welcome us to the land) Monaco was beautiful, and I got to play at the white house, that was cool and unique!-TNT

When I did the military tour in 2006, on the Mediterranean sea on a navy ship with f16s flying over my head!-Scooter

Outdoor on a Dubai tennis court, it was 120 degrees out! -Buckets

Dabawse265 karma

Who was your favorite player growing up?

HarlemGlobetrotters_16 karma

Allen Iverson "we talking about practice... NOT THE GAME!!" LOL-TNT

Micheal Jordan of course! -Scooter

Micheal Jordan... then in high school I turned in Kevin Johnson because I'm from PHX! -Buckets

iN00B945 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

HarlemGlobetrotters_5 karma

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood??? lol

HarlemGlobetrotters_10 karma


ingyball5 karma

What are you pre and postgame meals?

HarlemGlobetrotters_4 karma

we finish games pretty late so there's not that many options, so we try to eat as healthy as possible, things like fruit, veggie burgers, salads, salads with protein in it. -TNT

I try to do things like salmon, garlic mashed potatoes and some sort of green veggie.-Buckets

sY204 karma

Which world record are you guys looking to break next?

HarlemGlobetrotters_9 karma

well since I have the record for spinning the basketball on my nose (which was taken from me and I had to take back lol), maybe next time I'll try to spin it on my foot! lol I've been practicing ;-) -Scooter

bulimicblueberry4 karma

Do you like omelettes?

HarlemGlobetrotters_7 karma

Who doesn't!?!?!? lol I love colorado omelettes mmmm -TNT

grab_me_a_beer4 karma

Has there been any bad treatment on the road? Such as in on the court and having fans boo or yell? Thanks for your time and giving enjoyment to millions of people over the years!

HarlemGlobetrotters_9 karma

LOL at least once a year there's a random dude that shows up with a washington general and cheers for the opposing team to win but it's all in fun lol and he usually gets our autograph after the game!

cdreyfuss964 karma

What made you want to become a globetrotter as opposed to a traditional professional basketball career?

HarlemGlobetrotters_10 karma

A lot of what made me retire from playing professional bball in europe was the fact that the Harlem Globetrotters are Ambassadors of good will! that is something I've been interested in since I was a kid, helping others. So that is what really sold me on becoming a Globetrotter!-TNT

Kimlacroose_123 karma

How to you guys get your nicknames?

HarlemGlobetrotters_8 karma

Well we get our nicknames based on what we do as players and some people come in with nicknames.. soooo... kim, lets say you like to dance, we would call you, Kim "Get Loose" Lacrooses! lol -Buckets

Unidentified_Remains1 karma

Do you think you could let the Generals win, just once?

Unidentified_Remains-1 karma


HarlemGlobetrotters_7 karma

lol the last time they beat us was in 1971, by a buzzer beater shot by Red Klotz... we weren't even born yet, so it wasn't our fault- buckets