UPDATE: Thanks so much for all the questions. I really enjoyed it, but I have to go.

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overcastsunburn755 karma


I loved your work on the Daily Show, and even enjoyed the first few episodes of your show back when it started.

Since then, however, it appears that the show has done nothing but pander to the lowest common racial tensions denominator. You turn every issue into a social commentary on race, even when it doesn't make sense.

I get that you're black, a lot of your friends are black, and that that's funny, but Trevor does a great job without going overboard. Why can't you?

thelarrywilmore1137 karma

One of the missions of the show when we started was to be an answer to The Daily Show and focus on race, class and gender. It's really those three things, though it seems like a lot of talk on race. It's one of the ways we were distinguishing ourselves from The Daily Show.

CHZ94300 karma

What has been your favorite moment of The Nightly Show so far?

thelarrywilmore610 karma

Going down to Baltimore to talk to the gangs. I had no idea what to expect and it really was a great moment for the show.

EsurientMind265 karma

Have you forgotten about Bill Cosby yet?

thelarrywilmore1025 karma

No I haven't forgotten about that motherfucker.

boxman151515231 karma

Did you have any idea Jon Stewart would announce his retirement so soon after you started your show? Would you have had any interest in hosting the Daily Show? How do you think Trevor Noah is doing as host?

thelarrywilmore338 karma

No, I was surprised by that. And I did not have any interest in hosting The Daily Show. I think Trevor's doing a great job.

Neatcursive195 karma

What is the number one thing on the list of stuff you won't comment on during this AMA? :)

thelarrywilmore263 karma

No comment.

Frajer188 karma

What was it like working on The Office?

thelarrywilmore262 karma

It was a lot of fun. We thought we were going to be canceled the first and second seasons, so we just went for it with every story.

Rhinosaucerous123 karma

I remember you from the Mtv half hour comedy hour. You did a joke about calling a sexline and everytime she said your name it sounded like a robot. Oh you make me so hot "Larry Wilmore". My brother and I reference it to this day. Must've been 25 years ago. Remember that joke?

Edit: sp?

thelarrywilmore120 karma

I absolutely remember it. It was one of my favorites!

whitedeathOMAHA99 karma

Been watching the Bernie Mac show on netflix the last few weeks and I have been blown away by how great the show is.

It really makes me miss Bernie Mac a whole hell of a lot, what a hilarious human! Any stories that you recall that make you miss Bernie?

thelarrywilmore153 karma

Bernie was a very special comedian. He had an amazing ability to emote on screen. The story that sticks out -- Bernie and I were having a discussion and he said, very emphatically, "Man, just be yourself. Just be yourself, Larry. Be yourself." He said it several times and I just thought it was one of the coolest things.

Mrmcsoda92 karma

What's your best Jon Stewart story?

thelarrywilmore199 karma

On my first show I was very nervous -- my first Daily Show. He said to just look in the camera and fucking give it to America. That was awesome and calmed me down.

CounterApologist91 karma

What are your religious views/personal beliefs? As an atheist, I really like seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson on your show. The flat earth segment was beautiful!

thelarrywilmore206 karma

I'm a recovering Catholic. I also consider myself Cath-nostic.

What_is_Milkweed140 karma

Couldn't get away from that sweet sweet Jesus blood wine?

thelarrywilmore125 karma

That's exactly right. That's very funny

iconicchronicle66 karma

Hey Larry, I love your show and watch it every day that there's a new one on Hulu. I have a couple of questions; do you truly Feel The Bern? And if you had to vote for someone on the right, who would it be and why?

thelarrywilmore165 karma

I like Bernie Sanders a lot personally. I haven't made up my mind who I would vote for. There's no one on the right who I could see voting for right now.

vey32362 karma

I had no idea you were in your mid-50s! How come black doesn't crack?

thelarrywilmore119 karma

I know there's a scientific equation for it. I'll be sure to ask Neil deGrasse Tyson the next time he's on.

pm8k60 karma

Why do you feel the younger generation favors a comedic approach towards news? Do you find yourself in a position to report on news, or provide social commentary to other news outlets?

thelarrywilmore140 karma

I find many young people are turning more to comedy programs now than actual news. It's a trend that's been going on for the last 10 years. I think a lot of it has to do with authenticity. I think sometimes they feel like they don't know if they can trust the actual news anymore.

sippinondomperignon56 karma

When did you decide on the alopecia look?

thelarrywilmore146 karma

I believe that alopecia is a very underrated look.

VonnieTC49 karma

Larry, why do you get so many off days? I was a teacher and I think you get more off days than I did!

thelarrywilmore191 karma

Yeah, I'm really sorry. I first demanded 300 off days, but they wouldn't go for it, so this is what I'm left with. A brother's gotta recharge.

BitchHedberg35 karma

How can we get Obama to close Guantanamo?

thelarrywilmore100 karma

It's not gonna happen. He would've closed it already. Don't get your hopes up.

its_probably_fine32 karma

Waffles or pancakes?

thelarrywilmore97 karma


Roach279132 karma

Who is your favorite to have on the show?

thelarrywilmore69 karma

Neil deGrasse Tyson

ArsenalBullsFan29 karma

Are you a Dr Who fan?

thelarrywilmore90 karma

No, but my kids are, and they make fun of me everyday.

saturatedproper16 karma

Hey Larry, who are your top 5 black comedians? (Past and present)

thelarrywilmore44 karma

In no order... I'll just say these, no order. Richard Pryor, Cosby, Chris Rock, Chappelle, early Dick Gregory. And yes it pains me to put Cosby on that list

oreo4lyfe12 karma

What do you want your lasting legacy to be?

thelarrywilmore66 karma

A good dad.

bpurse8810 karma

Where are you right now and why isn't the nightly show on this week? I NEED MY FIX LARRY!

thelarrywilmore18 karma

I'm in The Nightly Show dungeon right now. That's where we are on off weeks.

Solarslave9 karma

Why the fuck are you not on this week? I need my dose man!

thelarrywilmore15 karma

Yo man I'm sorry. It's how Comedy Central scheduled it!

DutchRudderLover3 karma

Keep it real, larry. Who was your favorite guest and what was your least favorite panel?

thelarrywilmore5 karma

The most interesting person we had on was that sniper. It was just a very bizarre moment. Least favorite panel was the Mars panel.

kspmatt3 karma

i ask this at every AMA don't deny me /u/thelarrywilmore what is your favorite pizza toppings?

thelarrywilmore6 karma

My all-time favorite is sausage. Italian sausage

kam5452 karma

King Kunta or We gon be alright?

thelarrywilmore6 karma

We gon be alright

uke_traveler1 karma

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

thelarrywilmore3 karma

Mint chip

sparklypuppies0 karma

Why did you get rid of your 3-bulleted intro? I noticed you stopped doing it last week. It was one of my fav parts!

thelarrywilmore1 karma

Just in our efforts to keep tinkering and streamlining the show, we just wanted to get the show started. But you never know it could come back!

bushysmalls0 karma

What was it like working on In Living Color?

thelarrywilmore5 karma

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

ArsenalBullsFan0 karma

What do you think about the lightskin takeover of the NBA?

thelarrywilmore7 karma

I think it's fantastic. It's about time and I can't get enough of it! Thank you, Splash Brothers.

brianboucher0 karma

How do you like the news of Antonin Scalia's death? What's his legacy? How about the Repugnicans saying they won't even hear of an Obama nomination, despite Mitch McConnell's repeated past demands for "an up-or-down vote"?

thelarrywilmore3 karma

I was shocked by Scalia's death. There's nothing shocking about what the Republicans are doing. Republicans are just playing politics, both sides do it. Maybe this will be an opportunity for Clarence Thomas to finally speak.

bachbell0 karma

What do you think about President Obama for a potential Supreme Court Justice?

thelarrywilmore4 karma

I don't think Michelle will go for it.

eiselein0 karma

Who would play you in your biopic?

thelarrywilmore2 karma

That's hilarious. That's a good one. I have to go for Will Smith.