Hi! I'm Milana.

Long time redditor, first time AMAer. I'm so happy to get to here because this place means a lot to me.

I recently made a short doc about my time with the refugees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlsPcYFYaG0 And I'm using it in hopes of bringing awareness and getting people to take action to help these people. Because, you know, they're people. You can find out more about that at https://www.CantDoNothing.org.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/MintMilana/status/694226538414215169

EDIT: That's all for me, friends. I'll swing back a little later and try to finish up some of the questions. You make me want to be a better man.

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Yepswab453 karma

Have you been to /r/milanavayntrub ? Thoughts?

mlnt800 karma

I have, yes. Thoughts include but are not limited to: "Wow, that's really freaking kind" or "Where did they find that picture?!" or "But I don't want to go on a diet!"

spaceship-earth330 karma

Did you get paid less for the commercial with the animation instead of live action?

mlnt445 karma

nope :)

BornNRaised415304 karma

Do you want to keep the A's in Oakland, or are you indifferent if they move?

mlnt2488 karma

I personally don't care, but it's going to be weird getting used to calling it Oklnd.

mlnt1155 karma

  • a joke my dad would make if he could read.

VaginalGandalf299 karma

Is it weird I want to see one where Lily has a meltdown and admits she hates her job?

mlnt615 karma

I think the sick thing is Lily actually loves her job. Maybe too much. I'm pretty sure she sleeps in the store.

mufkuh69261 karma

What new opportunities have opened up for you since becoming super famous?

mlnt1163 karma

(Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy. Don't write pussy.)


jackwoww258 karma

I love you.

Do you love me?

mlnt1159 karma

Probably. I have very low standards.

fuigus257 karma

Do you yourself use AT&T? Do you like the service? Freebies from them?

mlnt504 karma

Yes. Yes. Slaves.

tdh999251 karma

Did you really play point guard on JV in high school and if so how awesome were you?

mlnt1357 karma

No. I dropped out of high school. But I was so very awesome at smoking weed and avoiding my feelings.

uacudder246 karma

Hellooooo Milana,

We both love corny, stupid, jokes and we both know Big Al (Roll Tide!). With so many similarities and connections when is our first date? What kind of underwater wedding will we have? What will we name our first kid? Will this work out even if I have Verizon? Thanks for your time to read this.

P.S. I think what you're doing with refugees is super dope.

mlnt1364 karma

Guys, please. I'm really just here to talk about Rampart.

kevo31415213 karma

Woah we got an experienced redditor on our hands here!

jsmooth762 karma

Her account is older than yours (and mine too).

mlnt122 karma

I'll have to find her then and settle this... by becoming best friends.

JohnnyRyde225 karma

Hi! Any chance of more seasons of Other Space? Loved that show...

mlnt239 karma

Man, I hope so. Paul Feig, the creator of the show as well as Freaks & Geeks, and other bits of brilliance, says there's hope. I believe everything he says, but as of now, there are no plans. So glad you liked it. I had the best time on that thing.

AceN12211 karma

What made you get into acting and what's been your favorite project to work on ?

mlnt649 karma

MONEY. The ones with the money.

mlnt410 karma

But really, it's just the thing that makes me happy. I love creative collabortation. I love the way my brain feels when I'm making things that'll make people laugh or feel. And the money.

tdh999126 karma

"Collabortation" is either an awesome made up word or the cutest typo I've ever seen

mlnt257 karma

everything i don't know is adorable!

Bluestarrz178 karma

Just one question: Matt Damon?

mlnt528 karma

I agree. But also: Rampart?

jbOOgi3172 karma

How often do you use Reddit?

mlnt661 karma

It ranges from 1-36 times a day, depending on how much writing I have to get done. The more work I have, the more time I spend in the blackholes of the internet. I wish my computer could yell "What the fuck are you doing right now?!" every ten minutes or so.

theguusisluus165 karma

I clicked your account and went to the oldest post. 4 years ago you posted a link to buy your fleshlight, i clicked the link but its all in chinese. when are you making an english version of the site?

mlnt194 karma

It was my first time being mentioned on Reddit and I thought it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I made this video then, thanking you all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmMZrzPHb2o Remember, reddit?

HardRainsAGonnaFall155 karma

Are you going to go on the If I Were You podcast again? You were a great guest!

mlnt166 karma

Thanks! I love those guys, for real. I'll be back anytime they ask me.

logicatch150 karma

Hi Milana, will we ever see a new episode of Live Prude Girls? Do you keep in touch with Stevie?

mlnt209 karma

Meh, it's unlikely. But maybe! But probably not. I mean, it could happen. But don't hold your breath. Stevie and I are still tight. She'll always be like family to me.

Terry_Carlton67149 karma

Neil Casey is the smartest/best improviser I've seen. Is he a robot?

mlnt611 karma

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Sausage_Linksys144 karma

What type of soap do you use? I recently switched to Dove bar soap and I find that it makes my skin slightly dry. I imagine your skin is always silky and smooth

mlnt358 karma

Dear Sausage_Linksys, I'm so glad you brought this up. I, too, use Dove and have been less than satisfied with the results. But what has been most helpful, is my daily post shower workout regimen of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2keIfaPHgw. Quite lubricating, indeed.

Many blessings, Milana Vayntrub

jyu650140 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

mlnt504 karma


Sneezure136 karma

Thanks for doing this! What happened after this photo was taken? http://m.imgur.com/NWHXcOw

MattsHungry135 karma

Hi Milana! What's your favorite sitcom of all time?

mlnt298 karma

Fresh Prince

mlnt288 karma

or Friends!

mlnt839 karma

I don't know. Leave me alone.

ANudeItalianGuy119 karma

Why do you look so much like Beyoncé?

mlnt366 karma

I think mostly genetics.

calzone21115 karma

Hey Milana. You're awesome and I was/still am a huge fan of Live Prude Girls. What kind of projects do you have up and coming (that you're allowed to talk about)?

mlnt156 karma

Thanks. I miss the LPG days too. I'm focusing almost all of my everything on this social campaign of #CantDoNothing right now. But I'll be in a couple episodes of LOVE, the new Netflix show coming out on Feb 19.

atlrockr108 karma

Do you and Flo share an apartment? Is the "Can you Hear Me Now?" guy your neighbor?

mlnt241 karma

No, he's the landlord but he's constantly traveling

PunkyBrewsterPHD106 karma

Hey! If you were a subreddit, which one would you be?

mlnt609 karma

Frajer98 karma

What was it like working on Silicon Valley ?

mlnt152 karma

It was rad. I've known a lot of those guys because of the improv world in LA so getting to make stuff with them in front of a camera was just taking it to the next level.

JohnnyMnemo90 karma

Did you need to run this kind of political activism through ATnT handlers first? If so, were they supportive?

I found you from the ATnT ads, naturally, and learned of your other work from your fan sub, as well as your syria video. Do you think your self-generated content was responsible for your ATnT placement, or was it just a cold audition?

What's next for you? Hopefully bigger roles! Do you plan to continue your activism?

mlnt149 karma

Not really. I told them about my time in Greece and showed them the doc, as I did with lots of people before releasing it. They were supportive and inspired to help.

My audition was just like any other, but I think getting to practice acting helped. And learning to edit, that was a big one. I edited almost all of the YouTube channel and having that sense of timing, helps with comedy.

Up next, I'm in this show called "LOVE" on netflix for a couple episodes. I'm also directing a music video and editing new stuff- some of it I don't release because it's garbage. I'm thinking about a trip to Jordan with an organization called The Syria Fund that provides education to kids in the refugee camps. But I may be most useful spreading the word here. Not sure how it will unravel.

likedatyall2 karma

What Johnny Said. I just wanted to say Hi Milana!

mlnt3 karma


marineturndlegofiend79 karma

Milana, how does it feel to be advertisings "it" girl right now?

mlnt198 karma

Kind of like when someone waves at you from across the room, but you're not sure if they're actually waving at the person behind you. Like a constant "Me? Oh, you mean her? Wait. Me?" I'm sure there's a gif to better describe this.

mlnt290 karma

Agent64367 karma

Hey Milana! big fan here

In the Can't Do Nothing documentary you mention that you were a refugee and came to the US when you were very young. Do you remember what your first years were like here in the US?

Also will there ever be any more Live Prude Grils episodes?

mlnt139 karma

I remember about as much as most people remember of their first years alive. I remember having an unhinged closet door fall and break my lip when I was 3. Ahhh, my first American memory.

rawd_unda63 karma

I really enjoy your twitter account. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I'm Ron Burgundy?

mlnt146 karma

Great story. Compelling and rich.

Bukkakeith63 karma

Hey there! What was it like working with Max Landis on Wrestling Isn't Wrestling?

mlnt93 karma

He's got a brilliant brain and it's fun to watch it work. I had fun, but was spitting up chunks of plastic confetti for weeks. It's cool though, Max says he'll cover my medical medical bills soon as I stop bleeding internally.

jham4162 karma

Are you planning to go back to Greece in the near future?

mlnt99 karma

I'm thinking about it. Not 100% sure. We'll have to see what happens with work here. Right now, there's a loose plan to go to Jordan in the spring and check out the refugees camps there. One of the charities I'm working with at https://www.CantDoNothing.org is The Syria Fund- they provide education, among other things, to kids in the refugee camps. I just find that to be so cool.

that_is_so_Raven54 karma

Sushi got popular recently. What's the next niche food to have massive popularity?

mlnt273 karma

Cream whipped by the paws of tiny squirrels trying to escape™

mrspuff20253 karma

Hey Milana! Love your work on Other Space and Collegehumor.

What was it like growing up in Uzbekistan? It was really cool to watch you speak your native tongue on Other Space. Any major culture shock difference?

mlnt106 karma

Hi! Thank you!!

I actually grew up in the States, but felt what it's like to have a foot in each culture. All the normal immigrant/child of immigrants stuff: My lunch was weird and smelly, we fought loudly, and I still volunteer as a part-time translator for my folks.


Hey Milana! I asked you a couple years ago through email if you would go to Honduras with me and a group of college students because I saw you did work in Africa. I don't know if you remember this conversation or not. But you politely turned it down but said I'm glad awesome people like you exist. I just want to say thanks for even slightly considering it. and I hope you much success in your work with volunteers and helping people in need and also your acting career! Where do you plan on traveling next?

mlnt102 karma

Hiiii! I absolutely remember this. It was Student Helping Honduras, right? I think Jordan is next on my list. I'm not quite sure yet. I may be most useful using my voice hear in the States for a bit. I still feel grateful that you exist. That's not going anywhere. xo

rurlysrsbro47 karma

Do you rinse your toothbrush + paste combo before brushing or nah?

mlnt137 karma

Not the combo, nah. Just the brush, bro. Always just the brush.

Philtoriouz46 karma

What's your favorite smell that isn't an edible item and why?

mlnt186 karma


EDIT: Money

jvrusci45 karma

There are many causes, both in the US and elsewhere in the world, that one could devote time and resources to. What compelled you to get involved with this?

mlnt80 karma

I'm involved with a few causes, but I just happened to be on vacation in Greece and had a "Can't Do Nothing" moment. I felt like if I went home, I'd regret it. But also, I'm a refugee. I have a sense of what it means to be an outsider, you know?

mew5175_TheSecond42 karma

I have seen your work with "Let's Talk About Something More Interesting" as well as your recent documentary on refugees. I feel like a lot of people are not aware of your great work outside of the AT&T commercials... do you wish you were more well known for your other things rather than just being "the girl who plays Lily?"

(also... you never tweet me back :( )

mlnt106 karma

Hey, Sorry about the tweet thing. I want to promise it'll be different, but I also don't wanna lie- so I'm torn. Moving on! I'm pretty good with being recognized as Lily. I love that character. And being recognized for Live Prude Girls is the best feeling because I'm so proud of that little YouTube show I made in my friends living room.

jham4139 karma

Have any major network news outlets reached out to you since documentary and CantDoNothing.org werre launched?

mlnt79 karma

Hi Hamster! I was on Good Day LA this morning. But that's it so far.

TheWestMichiganMan35 karma

Are you attracted to fat guys ? :D

mlnt109 karma

Not exclusively.

HailHeinch29 karma

hi milana my brothers and I love your dry humor in your videos and commercials! was wondering if you'll get into a bigger role in comedy in the future maybe a tv show or somethin?

mlnt129 karma

I think we can all confidently say I've peaked.

liamquane27 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

mlnt73 karma

Be excited. Laugh with me. Make me feel free to be my spontaneously bizarre self.

NadesicoND00127 karma

Milana, i just found out yesterday at the Effin funny show that Sandeep is engaged! Any plans like that for you in the future?

mlnt173 karma

Sorry, it's really hard to type and cry at the same time.

epfeffin24 karma

Tina on Other Space was a brilliant character with such a distinctive and hilarious darkness. Who would you cite as comic performers (or characters) you admire?

mlnt52 karma

Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell, Elaine May, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, the Grandpa from Up, Meryl Streep.

saeldaug24 karma

Hey Milana.

Great seeing you bring attention to those in need. The idea of helping on Lesbos is intriguing, but I feel I might end of becoming more of a nuisance for those with usable skills, like medical training.

Would you say it's best to go down there and provide extra hands or to give monetary contributions so that more suitable people can have more resources to work with?

mlnt33 karma

I think both are really powerful. Money helps and goes a long way, but if you feel the pull to go down there, you definitely should.

Toofanboy23 karma

Hi, are you coming to Las Vegas for anything?

mlnt157 karma

I hope not.

ElBrownSound22 karma

Hey Milana, I follow you on instagram and have seen some of the great things you've been doing for your people and country. What can an average person do to help specifically?

mlnt35 karma

You can visit CantDoNothing.org and find ways to help. Then post about what you did on social media, hashtag it #CantDoNothing, and challegen 3 friends to do the same!

bluetuned20 karma

Why do you think so much of this country had such an outright negative reaction towards the recent refugee crisis? It seems so hypocritical considering the history of the US.

mlnt61 karma

I think people are scared of what they don't know.

jham4118 karma

What is your reaction to the response to your cause so far?

mlnt38 karma

I'm so happy about it. So far tens of thousands of people have gotten involved. The charities we're working with are flourishing. It's been less than a week and we've already helped with set up new first aid centers and have opened a lot of eyes to the crisis.


What's your drink of choice?

mlnt55 karma

Tequila or Mezcal. Something spicy and lemony but not very sweet.

betterhappier6 karma

(Great Video!)

1: Do the refugees feel/think they will return to Syria one day?

2: How much do the refugees know about the countries/cultures they are fleeing into?

3: At what point did the refugees decide they HAD to leave Syria? (I wonder because I see people still there, amidst the broken buildings, who have lost neighbors, and I think, at what point do they say, gotta go)

4: What do you think about the sexual assault charges in Cologne, Germany (supposedly by male refugees)?

5: Do the refugees have a "voice"? I read about them every day, I've seen snaps, videos, photographs. I hear about them on NPR/BBC. But I haven't heard from them directly. What are they saying? Is there a leader?

Cool what you're doing.

mlnt40 karma

Hey! First of all. Making any assumption about a large group of people is a mistake. Right? It's so easy to paint with a broad brush stroke "Refugees"- but actually it's millions of individual stories with different hopes. So to answer your question- Some would like to go back, some would like to find a new home. But the truth is, the home they once knew is long gone. About the charges: We are talking about people who once had real lives, with friends, food and a roof over their head. Now, many are essentially homeless, hungry and often unwelcomed. I think it'd make me nuts and desperate too. And there are bad eggs amongst any group of anything. Doesn't make what they did ok. But definitely doesn't make all of the people fleeing in hopes of safety, criminals. I just want us to have compassion for what they're going through.

D-----2 karma

who yo man is?

mlnt4 karma

Good question. And where?

GebRoth2 karma

Dare to use this forum to give an official endorsement? Are you Feeling the Bern?

mlnt5 karma

I am! And there ain't no curin' it.