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Hi Reddit,

My name is Tim Brown. I am a retired NYC firefighter that barely survived the collapse of the WTC towers on September 11th 2001.

Proof Video

Proof Pic

On September 11, 2001 I was in 7 World Trade Center when the first plane flew over our building and hit the North Tower and by the time the second plane hit we knew we were under attack. Out of the 343 NYC firefighters murdered by radical Islamic terrorists that day, 93 of them were my good friends.

Since then, I have made it my mission to fight the ideology and the terrorists that led to their murders, as well as the murders of nearly 3000 innocent people.

Here is a footage of me heading back to the WTC towers on 9/11

Here are a few pictures from my life at the time as firefighter : on a burning building The team

A few more with Rob O'neill, the Seal who Shot Bin Laden with Vice President Biden

Ask me any conspiracy related questions you have about 9/11.

I was as close as it gets to the attacks in the Mariott hotel right next to the towers when the planes hit and was one of the early responders to the attack.

I am on the 9/11 Commission report and spent 20 years as a NYC Firefighter.

Ask me about the fight against radical Islam, Political correctness, and terrorism.

I worked with the 9/11 families to prevent the Ground Zero Mosque from being built in 2010, collecting several hundred thousand signatures, with 70% of Americans agreeing with us that allowing the GZM to be built there was an insult to the memories of our loved ones.

I currently work in a National Security unit of the government.

But feel free to ask me anything

Connect with me personally through my Website www.fftim.nyc

Youtube - Check out my Youtube channel for 9/11 Videos and exclusive interviews with American Heros on the Front Line https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRY0KCk9mWBva7gg0Sg0xlQ

Facebook - Check out my facebook for my opinions on what is happening in America and news the minute I learn about it https://www.facebook.com/fftimnyc/

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evilcounsel28 karma

What are your thoughts on Jon Stewart's view and then his followup interviews?

I thought he did a good job of creating awareness of the harms you and your brethren faced.

Tim_Brown14 karma

John Stewart was/is amazing for supporting our sick and injured the way he did.

evilcounsel9 karma

Thank you for all you offered on that day.

Tim_Brown8 karma

Thanks evilcounsel!

Tim_Brown6 karma

Thanks evilcounsel.

waiting_for_rain26 karma

Did you meet Steve Buscemi?

Tim_Brown10 karma

I have not met Steve.

dhopss14 karma

What is your go-to answer when anyone brings up the conspiracy that 9/11 was an inside job?

Tim_Brown11 karma

Thanks for the question. Just answered one rather similar. Check it out.


artixalpha13 karma

Before 9/11 America had wanted to go to war with Iraq, but the approval rates were low. After the 9/11 attack the approval rates were high? Do you think this event was staged just to advance what leaders wanted to do? (Bush and his daddy)

Tim_Brown2 karma

ReginaldLADOO3 karma

Great answer Tim! But you might want to get a new camera lol.

Tim_Brown6 karma

hahah tell me about it. We are uploading with 3 phones and 1 iPad to keep up. This was the iPad

Tim_Brown5 karma

Good advice Reginald!

Tim_Brown1 karma

Thanks artixalpha video answer on the way.

Siroucity9 karma

My uncle and cousin are both firefighters. Thank you for everything you've done.

How did this event change your outlook on firefighting?

Tim_Brown8 karma

Firefighting is the greatest job in the world. I appreciate your support. For me, it changed my life because I lost so many friends who I had worked with in my career. Luckily, there are a new generation of firefighters coming up behind me to carry the load.

Tim_Brown5 karma

Tim_Brown3 karma

Video on the way as well

NocturnalQuill9 karma

What went through your mind when you saw the building as you were entering? Did the firefighters know it would collapse the way it did as they went in? Does your training as a firefighter prepare you for anything on that scale?

Tim_Brown7 karma

Here is your video response. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wY1D8ebDgc

Tim_Brown1 karma

Thanks vid on the way.

ModernLoverr9 karma

Personally my opinion after reading your answers and thoughts I believe deep down you hate majority of Muslims. You blame Arabs for 9/11 and Islam as a whole. Just for your participation in trying to stop the building of the mosque by ground zero shows your ignorance to Islam and Muslims. You blame a whole religion on the act of some crazies. Do you think I or my family wasn't upset on 9/11?

You mention "Ask me about the Fight Against radical Islam, Political Correctness, and terrorism" - You proceed to talk about how you collected signatures against the ground zero mosque which shows you are automatically associating a mosque to be radical Islam filled with terrorists.

Also lets be real NYC Firefighters usually Irish/Italian ones are very racist especially the ones that probably have never traveled outside the country.... Maybe not in public but I can only imagine the convos had behind closed doors.

Tim_Brown6 karma

I'm not sure where I blame a whole religion, you're putting words in my mouth. I don't know you or your family, but I know many Muslims were upset about 9/11. We were against the radical Muslims who wanted to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. Imam Rauf, Sirraj Wihaj, etc...

Tim_Brown3 karma

Tim_Brown1 karma

Video on the way

DeviousNes7 karma

What is your opinion on building 7s collapse? No jets, much less damage than other nearby buildings, and a symmetrical collapse?

Tim_Brown5 karma

overattachedwife7 karma

So many questions.

*Do you now suffer from PTSD from the event and, if so, what steps have you taken to be treated?

*Have you found yourself becoming more racist toward Middle Eastern people? If not, why not? I don't mean this to sound the way it does, because I myself am not racist at all. I'm just curious.

*How do you feel about Trump's idea to "build a wall" to keep all Muslims from entering the US?

*Do you feel as if anything good came from this attack?

I know how terrible this day was for my friends, family and me; I can't even fathom how it was for you and your comrades. Thank you for your bravery that day.

Tim_Brown7 karma

Thanks overattachedwife. Video on the way. Couldn't do one for every question though. Thanks for asking.

Tim_Brown7 karma

I can only answer 1 by vid but will try to answer the rest here. I do have PTSD and continue to deal with today, including taking care of myself both physically and mentally. I am not now nor never was racist toward anyone. I live in NYC and have friends from all races and religions. It's only about good vs evil. Trump has a point with regards to controlling immigration, but he goes overboard. thanks for your kind words overattachedwife! Best, Tim

Tim_Brown4 karma

Here is the answer to your question.


tazack6 karma

Thank you Tim, for this AMA and especially your service. I am an aspiring firefighter myself. I am curious as to what you saw, heard or experienced as far as all of the stories circulating the net regarding "explosions" being heard on the lower levels causing the towers to collapse. Could you elaborate on any of that?

Tim_Brown2 karma

Thanks video on the way

FrakkinPhoenix5 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

Tim_Brown9 karma


loki_racer5 karma

I worked with the 9/11 families to prevent the Ground Zero Mosque from being built in 2010, collecting several hundred thousand signatures, with 70% of Americans agreeing with us that allowing the GZM to be built there was an insult to the memories of our loved ones.

  1. Do you not feel that this is a bit xenophobic? Doesn't this go against the idea of freedom of religion? I mean, technically, you're judging an entire religion based on the actions of a few. Following this logic, Catholics shouldn't be allowed near children because some of their priest are pedophiles.

  2. What do you believe brought down the third tower? The one that wasn't struck by airplanes?

  3. Have you ever visited a nation where the primary religion is Islam?

  4. Why do you capitalize random words like "National Security" and "Ground Zero Mosque?"

  5. You say you barely survived. What physical injuries did you have?

  6. Do you feel like the 10+ war that the US was dragged into was worth it? Even knowing that Bush used faulty information provided by Curveball to justify an invasion of Iraq?

On September 11, 2011 I was in 7 World Trade Center when the first plane flew over our building and hit the North Tower

I think you might have the wrong date. Seems like such an important date in your life would be something you remember.

Tim_Brown-8 karma

Hey Loki_racer, the third tower (WTC7) collapsed after being severely damaged when WTC1 collapsed and then suffered a severe fire that compromised the steel. I have not visited a nation that is primarily muslim. I am familiar with Sharia and it has no place here in America. I don't have any physical injuries, not sure what you are implying there. I have no opinion on your last question.

sheknitsandreads4 karma

From my 16 year old--What were your thoughts when you first heard that this occurred? What were you thinking as you were in route to WTC?

Thanks for doing this, you are a true hero!

Tim_Brown6 karma

I was in 7 WTC so it was very close. When one of my co-workers told me a plane hit the tower, I said "Holy sh*t," then I got to work. Please your child I said thanks for the question!

ReginaldLADOO3 karma

What are your thoughts on Bob Levinson being kidnapped in Iran? Do you think the Iranian government is holding him or some other group? Do you think he's still alive?

Thank you for all that you do!

Tim_Brown4 karma

I don't know enough about Bob Levinson to render an intelligent answer. I've heard both that he is alive and he is dead. No opinion on Trump.

El_Lasagno2 karma

Did you change the way of your thinking about the Islam from before to after the attack? If yes, in which manner?

Tim_Brown4 karma

I had no opinion bout Islam before 9/11/01, but I learned alot since then. I learned there is both good and evil in this world and you have to be able to call each what they are. Radical Islam is evil.

Tim_Brown-3 karma

Thanks video on the way.

Cancel-Idontcare2 karma

Do you believe the hijackings were a cover up from the government to blow up the towers and start a war in the East?

Tim_Brown1 karma

Thanks for the question. Thought this video sums it up.


jrr_531 karma

What one thing do you wish to be known for, outside of your service record?

Tim_Brown-1 karma

Tim_Brown-1 karma

Thanks jrr_53. Video on the way

mikeski3211 karma

When you say that 93 of them were good friends, does that mean you knew some of the other 250 people?

Tim_Brown1 karma

When I say 93 of them were my friends, I mean that they were firefighters and officers I had worked with over my career, including my two best friends.

flyyyyyyyyy1 karma

what would you say is the appropriate sentence for acting as an accessory to mass murder? hanging? firing squad? life in prison?

think carefully before you reply.

Tim_Brown2 karma

Thanks for the question. Video on the way

Tim_Brown2 karma

here is the video response.


Tim_Brown-1 karma

List of Video Questions and Answers so far :

What are your views on Islam and Muslims ?

Video answer

How did 9/11 change your life ?

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How did the building 7 collapse ?

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Did anything good come from the 9/11 attacks ?

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Do you think this event was staged just to advance what leaders wanted to do?

Video Answer

Do you believe preventing the mosque to be built at the ground zero is xenophobic ?

Video Answer

Are you satisfied with the 9/11 Memorial ?

Video Answer

Is Islam a Religion of Peace or Violence ?

Video Answer

What are your thoughts on people hearing explosions ?

Video Answer

What do you want to be known for ?

Video Answer

Should The United States continue supporting Saudi Arabia ?

Video Answer

Did you expcted the buildings to collapse ?

Video Answer

What was your reaction when the first plane hit on 9/1 ?

Video Answer

Do 9/11 conspiracy Theories make your blood boil ?

Video Answer

What's the problem with Islamophobia ?

Video Answer

Do 9/11 conspiracy Theories make your blood boil ?

Video Answer

Who do you blame for 9/11 ?

Video Answer

NoNeed2RGue7 karma

What a terrible way to do this.

Just type your fucking answers.

Tim_Brown1 karma

Patience my friend...

Tim_Brown1 karma

Couple of reasons for video :

  1. I can't go into too much detail if I end typing.

  2. I can't answer as many questions with text

  3. Videos last much longer than text and you can just play them back to back without hunting for my comments through all the comments.

Slow to get started but in 30mins or so it will be much faster

NoNeed2RGue8 karma

Every other AMA does just that and they don't run into any problems.

Is the person handling this really that lazy/bad at typing? Or do you just feel like getting Tim's face out there?

If you really do insist on this format, I'd at least recommend stopping the whole "video in a second" responses and instead simply post the video as the reply. Cheers.

Tim_Brown2 karma

You're right. The video are taking too long, I'm going to answer in text and then post a more detailed response in video. Thank you :)

LetsHackReality-1 karma

How long did you have to take iodine pills? Have you suffered any long-term effects from the radiation poisoning, like so many of your colleagues?

Tim_Brown6 karma

I never took iodine pills. I'm unaware of "many of my colleagues" getting radiation poisoning. They mostly suffer from illnesses related to inhalation of toxic fumes.

the_legion_commander-1 karma

4 questions:

What makes you think you are so special/exemplary to be doing an AMA because my Muslim uncle survived 9/11 but he just prays (to Allah) that something like that never happens again and gets on with his life and doesn't scapegoat an entire people?

Are you a Trump supporter?

Were you really able to see/hear the radical Islamic terrorists in both planes as the planes crashed? And in relation does it sometimes bother you to hear people whispering 10 blocks downs during rush hour?

Why should unity of all faiths in NYC not be the ultimate show of defiance against terrorists instead of hateful bigotry towards a peaceful group of people (nah, those terrorists don't count towards these people because they don't follow the same religion/culture)?

Tim_Brown1 karma

I answered one question via vid. As for the others, I guess we should all think we are special/exemplary, so I'm confused what you are implying. As I've said, there is good and evil everywhere, sounds like your Uncle is a good man. I choose not to talk about who I do/don't support politically. I think you are being very insensitive to the 9/11 families and survivors.