I'm here getting reading for the #YAMSDAY show at Terminal 5 in Manhattan - while we get set up, Ask Me Anything!

Cozy Boys YAMS DAY @thecozyboys

Proof: https://twitter.com/asvpxrocky/status/689148044487561216

Volunteer moderator /u/courtiebabe420 is here helping me with this AMA today.

Edit: Alright I gotta ready for this show, so I'm out. Thanks for hangin here with me today. Check out the live stream of tonight's show on Yahoo - show starts at 8pm Eastern!

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asoiahats67 karma

How often do you get mistaken for Lou Bega? Do you appreciate the comparison?

ASAPLouBanga21 karma

I've never gotten mistaken for him, but I would appreciate the comparison.

oneeyedplatypus32 karma

what is it like when a$ap rocky and tyler the creator are in the same room?

ASAPLouBanga39 karma

It's hilarious. The energy is on 100.

Charlielasplace28 karma

YO WHEN IS YAMBORGHINI HIGH COMING OUT?!? Up vote to get to the top so he answers everyone wants to know ASAP FOREVER

ASAPLouBanga46 karma

Very, very soon.

staticaka17 karma

do you take calls from kanye at 3 am?

ASAPLouBanga36 karma

Hahaha Um... I'll take anyone's call at 3am.

onion_head347 karma

Can I call you at 3am to discuss food?

ASAPLouBanga41 karma

No, if it's not about money I'm hangin up on you.

Reactionzzz17 karma

Can I hang out with you guys even though I'm not swag and cozy down to the teeth?

ASAPLouBanga50 karma

Naw, you gotta get cozy bro.

SlySullyFTW16 karma

When are we getting this forthcoming Ferg album?

ASAPLouBanga33 karma

Uh, soon. Release date is a secret right now. But ya'll gonna fuck with it.

GoCrapYourself12 karma

You're kind of living every big fan's dream right? You were originally a huge A$AP supporter until they welcomed you into the mob. How exactly did them asking you to be part of it come about and what were you doing before that?

ASAPLouBanga9 karma

Before that I was in between jobs, and it just came about after I met them at a show. I started hanging out with them and becoming close. Rocky needed an assistant at the time and asked if I wanted to come on board and do that and I accepted.

mrwaffleboy9 karma

Hows does Yams family feel about what your doing for Yams Day, and I personally think its a great way to represent the man? Also I really liked your guys mix on OVO sound the other day!

ASAPLouBanga11 karma

They are all for it - they love it, they are gonna be in attendance.

aheller959 karma

are you still riding in a porsche?

ASAPLouBanga36 karma

Hehehe Naw. My license is suspended.

mattchinima8 karma

will you release explicit versions of the rocky tracks + yamborghini high from your ovosound set yesterday?

ASAPLouBanga10 karma

Yea, we'll release all those.

SmashAtoms8 karma

What city do you guys have the most fun in?

ASAPLouBanga33 karma

London. We the ends.


Will there be another cozy boy party in London ace hotel this year?

ASAPLouBanga13 karma


Um, I dunno about the Ace Hotel, but there will definitely be a cozy boy party in London this year. Ya get me?

orangejulius6 karma

What's your favorite song that you've been part of?

What do you listen to when you go home and just want to relax?

Favorite album this year?

ASAPLouBanga11 karma

1 - I don't make music, but my favorite song that I've been in the studio to hear and to witness is probably Yamborghini High.

2 - Future and like R&B - R. Kelly, Ja Rule.

3 - This year so far, it's still early in the year, so not really. Nothing that's hit me yet.

ohMars6 karma

First off congrats on everything you achieved so far, keep doing your thing. I have two questions. What can we expect from the Cozy Tapes? And is it still possible to get a ticket for Yams Day? R.I.P Yam$. Thanks.

ASAPLouBanga16 karma

You could expect that ol' Flaco, a lot of guest appearances, and you can expect that ignorant young turn up music. And a lot of exclusives from the Mob.

The tickets are all sold out - make sure you get your tickets early next year!

liamstfu5 karma

What's your favorite cozy clothing item?

ASAPLouBanga17 karma

My robe.

(Editor's note - that he's wearing right now.)

CJMRTN125 karma

What were you thinking when you got up on stage with the mob for the first time in NY? Did you think that you would become part of it?

ASAPLouBanga11 karma

Um, I didn't think I'd become a part of it. I was just grateful for the experience to be up there.

Machineeee5 karma

How big of an impact did Yams have on you personally and the entire crew?

ASAPLouBanga14 karma

A huge impact - I was with him almost every day, he was like a mentor to me.

lnjectWeed5 karma

Why did you guys decide to make the concert 18+?

ASAPLouBanga12 karma

Cuz of the venue. Wasn't our decision.

spanishbabe5 karma

WHEN WILL THE WHOLE A$VP MOB COME TO SPAIN? we're waiting for ya'l

ASAPLouBanga8 karma

We've been to Spain before. Hopefully we'll be back soon, I love Barcelona!

thegreatsi4 karma

Do you ever feel pressure to be better than other members of the A$AP mob?

ASAPLouBanga11 karma

Not at all. Everyone has their own thing.

Blaineashley4 karma

What is the craziest thing you and the mob have done while on a tour?

ASAPLouBanga9 karma


When we were on tour with Tyler, we had a HUGE water fight backstage - throwing buckets of water on people, water balloons, ice. All the cameras got wet. It was crazy.

JCMarino1234 karma

What's it like to be part of A$AP Mob?

ASAPLouBanga11 karma

It's amazing, it's fun. It's the funnest job I've ever had. I wouldn't change it for anything.

DinguSmith4 karma


ASAPLouBanga21 karma

I don't wear hats, it fucks my hair up.

nd204 karma

First of all, dope that you're doing this. You're funny as hell, I've seen you all up in the ASAP Rocky documentary series Noisey did.

Can you tell roughly when the Cozy Boys tape is coming out? Or is that top secret shit?

ASAPLouBanga9 karma

It's not top secret, but it'll be later this year.

LordxThony4 karma

First of all RIP YAMS the legend lives on. Is the A$AP Yams tribute album done or halfway done could we expect it soon?

ASAPLouBanga8 karma

Cozy Boy album is almost done. You can expect it later this year.

Discxple4 karma

Who is one artist/rapper you would want to work with in the future? Any artist you've worked with in the past that was super fun?

ASAPLouBanga7 karma

In the future... ummmm Whoever's hot, ya know. Whoever I find that's hot at the time.

As for the past - all the Mob, anyone who's associated with the Mob.

BuffIrelia3 karma

Now be honest, Rocky or Ferg, whose music do you like more?

ASAPLouBanga18 karma


Neither. They are both trash! Ha!

HouCarPhotography3 karma

Who is your inspiration?

ASAPLouBanga15 karma



eldoge973 karma

What happened to clams casino and asap rocky joints ?

ASAPLouBanga4 karma

They made the most amazing, beautiful album.

JoseDoobie3 karma

Who would win in a freestyle battle you or Tyler Grosso?

ASAPLouBanga8 karma

I would win, Tyler ain't shit.

bojorudge2 karma

cheers for being an inspiration to all us long haired, white boy hip-hop heads, what conditioner do you use to get your lochs so on point?

ASAPLouBanga8 karma

I use my own conditioner, it's called Luscious Locks by Lou Banga. It will be in stores Spring of this year.

coldirtybastard2 karma

Favorite new artist?

ASAPLouBanga9 karma

Playboi Carti.

kareemk92 karma

What's your opinion on Kanye West and his impact on the culture?

ASAPLouBanga2 karma

Kanye is dope. He has a huge impact on the culture, I think it's amazing what he's been able to do.

JoseDoobie2 karma

Do you still connect with any of your old friends from before you were A$AP or is it strictly Mob now a days?

Ps I saw you at the Lowell MA show and loved the sweatsuit

ASAPLouBanga2 karma

Naw, I still talk with my old friends and I've got some new friends too.

jackhmar3212 karma


ASAPLouBanga3 karma

Oooo um - probably my Palace sweatpants.

throwawayjose11222 karma

So how did ASAP start and become what it is today? Did you all just randomly come together or how?

ASAPLouBanga8 karma

I wasn't there in the beginning, but hthe Mob really started with A$AP Yams and A$AP Bari, and just throughout time and just runnin as a street crew, the other members joined and it became what it is today.

mondo_trails2 karma

What are the keys to a successful cozy boy lifestyle?

ASAPLouBanga10 karma

Get ya bath robe, get ya flip flops, and just get cozy.

OogieDaMilkMan2 karma

The drink for tonight?

ASAPLouBanga9 karma


JOSOSOSO172 karma

Will we ever see you producing? If so any projects coming up?

ASAPLouBanga2 karma

Naw, you'll just see me hosting projects. Cozy Boy Tapes coming up this year.

ohfuckoffyou1 karma

aye man, are you guys ever gonna come do a show in china?

ASAPLouBanga3 karma

We were just in Hong Kong not too long ago!

puffdaddy211 karma

As A broke 20 year old collage student How can I look fresh as you while on a budget? Also what's your fit today?

ASAPLouBanga10 karma

Find a friend with money that got some fly clothes and just borrow them.

harrypowa1 karma

Do you have any words of advice on getting to where i want to be in life and being the best at what you do?

ASAPLouBanga4 karma

Always work at it everyday. Make sure you're ambitious, don't ever stop or give up on your dream.

Asvpcjacob1 karma

Imagine you didn't go to the concert that day rocky brought you up on stage. How do you think your life would have been right now? Can you shoot a follow back on Twitter my name is @asvpxjacob ?

ASAPLouBanga5 karma

I think my life would a still been cool because I already had a good plan for myself. But it wouldn't be as dope as it is now.

Kevin_cozyboys1 karma

There's a live stream today for the concert right? And what time the concert start?

ASAPLouBanga5 karma

The live stream is on Yahoo, and it starts at 8 Eastern.

deadmula5191 karma

whats your favourite song or songs right now?

ASAPLouBanga5 karma

Yamborghini High, and Uber Everywhere by MADEINTYO.

MexicanInParis1 karma

aren't you from San Antonio Texas ASAP Lou??

ASAPLouBanga3 karma

Naw, I'm from New York.

charhaji1 karma

where's your favourite place to eat in London?

ASAPLouBanga2 karma

Jerk City.

phil_shaw1 karma

LOU! Hope to shoot with y'all again soon! when is the next tour?!

ASAPLouBanga1 karma

End of February in Australia!