My short bio: Ten- time MILF of the Year award winner Tanya Tate launched a thrilling adult entertainment career in late 2008 when the former office worker decided on a whim to spice up her life. Tanya quickly became a popular performer in the MILF genre. When the Liverpool born beauty starred in the controversial Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland, she found herself spotlighted in the headlines of the mainstream press. A sex scene that featured Tanya and an Irish pro-athlete became tabloid fodder across England and Ireland. Capitalizing on her skyrocketing career, Tanya ventured to the adult entertainment capital of the world; Los Angeles. There, Tanya began filming for top tier adult companies such as Digital Playground, Vivid, Wicked Pictures and Brazzers. Tanya has also been an FHM magazine cover model and seen in the theatrically released documentary, Aroused, from acclaimed photographer Deborah Anderson. She was seen across the UK in Channel 4’s nationally broadcast reality program Date My Pornstar. After firmly establishing herself as an in-demand performer, Tanya made the move to the director’s chair, specializing in lesbian-themed erotica for Filly Films.

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punerisaiyan651 karma

What's your strategy for defeating ISIS?

TanyaTatexxx707 karma

Inject them all with a love drug and fuck them all to death.

IRunFast2459 karma


TanyaTatexxx214 karma

I absoultely was. I was confering with my future Secretary of Defense.

WTFkidsGAMEPLAY396 karma

Would you have sex with Kassem G?

TanyaTatexxx268 karma

Now that would be telling........

MargretTatchersParty294 karma

Will you ever thank Joe from "Joe Goes" for making you a star?

TanyaTatexxx437 karma

No, because he told everyone to tweet me, "I hope your dog runs away."

MattBaster190 karma

Hi, Tanya!

Because every Adult Industry IAMA gets this question, could you please provide your obligatory James Deen opinion, just to get that bullshit out of the way?

But what we really wanna know is: Which cosplay-themed XXX parody would you like to tackle that hasn’t been done yet?

TanyaTatexxx320 karma

After everything that has happened, James Deen is now on my no list.

Mary Poppins, and of course I'd be Mary Poppins.

punerisaiyan151 karma

Would you ever do a scene with a fan if the amount of money was reasonable ?

TanyaTatexxx236 karma

I already did - Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland and Tanya Tate sex Tour of Scotland, and the Tanya Tate Casting Couch which was based in London UK, which can all be found on and hotmovies.

punerisaiyan147 karma

What's your best sexual experience on set? What's your worst?

TanyaTatexxx257 karma

So many best sexual experiences. I have a lot of fun and a lot of chemistry.

I was directing a scene once and the girl pooped in the other girls mouth.

arethereanynicksleft110 karma

Favorite word for penis?

TanyaTatexxx226 karma


punerisaiyan92 karma

What are the best and worst aspects of the porn industry?

TanyaTatexxx186 karma

the best aspect is the hair and make-up, made to look beautiful and get to enjoy having sex. the worst - it can be really long days and really tiring.

FearlessGT74 karma

What is your favourite position?

TanyaTatexxx168 karma

Missionary with my legs spread so I can play with my clit!

zoidboob70 karma

Cats or Dogs? And why is it dogs?

TanyaTatexxx107 karma

I have a boxer dog called Millie and a himalayan cat named Josie. But Millie is my favorite because she came first and she gives me the most licks.

piewdiepie61 karma

Do you really like the taste of cum?

TanyaTatexxx126 karma

Depends. Some guys taste sweet and some guys taste of coffee - and I hate coffee. It's awful.

Some guys eat pineapple before a scene and I think that makes it taste sweet.

punerisaiyan60 karma

if your male co star is having trouble getting hard do you help him BTS with a blowjob or rubbing your giant booty on his dick to help get him hard or are you more of a leave me alone and get it hard yourself type of girl?

TanyaTatexxx92 karma

You've got to do what you've got to do whether the camera is on or off.

Sgt_DogNasty42 karma

Of all the presidential candidates which one would you fuck and why?

TanyaTatexxx349 karma

I played Sharon Osborne in Fuck the Trump, so I'd have to do it for real and give him a heart attack. I'm sure a lot of people would thank me.

Sisiwakanamaru36 karma

Hello Tanya, welcome to Reddit.

I have three question for you:

  • What is your most anticipated movie from comicbooks in 2016?
  • What are some of your favorite Disney Movies?
  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you

TanyaTatexxx73 karma

Batman vs. Superman

Mary Poppins, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.

White chocolate chip macadamia cookie - hot, with vanilla ice cream!

eamoniscool_29 karma

Do you like seeing what people accomplish with your action figures?

TanyaTatexxx27 karma

Of course, I love to see what they do with them! They send me the pictures of my action figure via twitter and instagram! I want to see!

punerisaiyan25 karma

You are born in Liverpool.Do you follow soccer and if yes, which team do you support?

TanyaTatexxx53 karma

I support Liverpool football club, and if they followed me on twitter, they'd know that!

punerisaiyan23 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! What scene did you enjoy most and/or was your most intense orgasm?

TanyaTatexxx82 karma

College Cuties, Milf Beauties. Veronica Avluv and Belle Noir. One of them was licking my pussy and one was licking my ass.

I have a lot of intense orgasms, but that's the one that just jumped to mind.

doobie21120 karma

Can you describe your perfect dick? Like the dream dick that you would want to fuck

TanyaTatexxx43 karma

Dicks aren't that nice to look at, to be honest. As long as it's clean, feels good and the guy knows what he's doing.

YourFavoriteAuD18 karma

What are your long-term goals in the industry?

TanyaTatexxx28 karma

Move from performing to directing and continue acting as a publicist.

Lidicap18 karma

Hey Tanya love ya! *Two questions: *1. How is it to shoot porn after the regulations in 2014? *2. After getting older than 30 what are the ages of the youngest guys that you have fucked onscreen and offscreen? *Cheers.

TanyaTatexxx40 karma

I believe it's all down to performers choice. He's just some guy trying to make political money. He's using charity funds to fight his political cause.

Youngest guys, 18 year old on the Tanya Tate Sex tour of Ireland.

Eamondoh16 karma

What are some of the most memorable moments you have taken from the porn industry, good and bad?

TanyaTatexxx15 karma

the most memorable was the Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland blowing up in the press. I was front page of the newspaper along side a guy named Greg Jacobs and then he came to London and shot on the Tanya Tate Casting Couch. He was a pro athlete, full of stamina. And see worst above. *edit links

shumweezy14 karma

What's the smallest you've been with? And does size actually matter?

TanyaTatexxx41 karma

the smallest is when it's an innie and you have to squeeze it to push it out.

As long as you can feel it and the guy knows how to use it, that's all that really counts.

degenerate_DJ13 karma

Hi Tanya

Huge fan of your work, especially for Girlfriend films! Anyway, I know you're a big Liverpool fan, who is gonna win on Sunday, Man Utd or Liverpool?

(I'm a huge United fan!)

TanyaTatexxx27 karma

Don't want to answer you because you admitted to being a huge United fan!

ArchangelPT12 karma

Do you regret your boob job? Do you ever think about having it redone or removed?

TanyaTatexxx20 karma

Never! I love my boobs!

thedanks11 karma

Want to grab dinner if you're ever in Denver, then sex?

TanyaTatexxx43 karma

...and then he woke up from his dream.

UnknownZen10 karma

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

TanyaTatexxx44 karma

Walt Disney. I am an annual Disneyland pass holder and I collect loads of Disney stuff including Funko Pops. I even took to opening 80 of them:

BannartheBeserker10 karma

Tanya, I might have my first college date here soon, what do you recommend I do?

TanyaTatexxx19 karma

Have perfect manners and treat her like a princess. Don't forget to take a shower and brush your teeth!

SupremeGoblin6 karma

What's your favorite type of pizza?

TanyaTatexxx11 karma

Chicken and red peppers

Cow16ii6 karma

What does your friends and family think of your profession?

TanyaTatexxx19 karma

They are all fine with it. Sometimes my cousins make me take a load of signs pictures back to give to all of their friends. Or we'll be sitting in the pubs and one of their friends will show up to get a selfie with me.

azza_pazza6 karma

Favourite Liverpool player?

TanyaTatexxx14 karma

All true Scousers - Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler and Jamie Carragher.

dengerino6 karma

When are you and Joe Goes going to get married?

TanyaTatexxx16 karma

drzurkon5 karma

Hi Tanya, big fan here. I know you are proud of being a Liverpudlian. As an American, I know that people from that part of the country are sometimes called 'scousers'. I just want to know if that is cool to say, or is it derogatory?

TanyaTatexxx8 karma

I love being a scouser. Proud to be born in Liverpool.

Horageous5 karma

What are your thoughts on Alan Rickman's passing?

TanyaTatexxx10 karma

Very sad, loved his work, especially in Harry Potter.

SithSquirrel3 karma

How would you respond to feminist critics of porn stars, and do you think that by putting yourself out there and being open with your sexuality (the same way guys can be without stigma) you ARE being a feminist?

TanyaTatexxx10 karma

I do the things I do because I like them. I don't respond to other people's negative opinions.

goodhotchill1 karma

Hello there sexy :) i have two questions for you.

Do you try to go the extra mile to please your partner? What are some of your limits in the bedroom?

TanyaTatexxx1 karma

I love to please my partner

I just do whatever i'm comfortable and wherever the mood takes me in the bedroom.

Qjell1 karma


You're doing the lords work, and I salute you.

My question, what is the craziest thing you've done in the porn industry, being in a scene or outside?


TanyaTatexxx3 karma

I did a scene with Marie McCray, and came and knocked down my door and wanted to talk about the lord. So i took her inside, bent over my knee, spanked her with a bible and taught her to fuck the lord.

I actually auctioned off the bible after on ebay.

lecoque691 karma

What's your favorite sex toy to play with?

TanyaTatexxx4 karma

hitachi, hitachi, hitachi, hitachi!

[deleted]1 karma


TanyaTatexxx1 karma

That is actually me.


paulatina81 karma

There's a lesbian scene you have with Katerina Kay where you're wearing a gorgeous red and white dress. Where did you get it from? Great scene btw. Cheers x

TanyaTatexxx2 karma

I can't remember where exactly, it was a store in England. scene 3

Jafar_Goldblum1 karma

How do you minimize the discomfort of anal?

TanyaTatexxx3 karma

Don't do it on camera! In personal life just be relaxed, use plenty of lube and be into the person.

The_Real_Pill_Cosby1 karma

Who are some people you wanna work with?

TanyaTatexxx5 karma

Lexi Belle and Jenna Sativa, both of them are very hot.