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ScrumHalf-Wit33 karma

When I win the Powerball tonight, what would you guys do with the million dollar slice I would donate to your P&R Department?

Edit: That is to say, if you guys had the funding you really wanted, what would you guys provide that you can't provide now?

Chera101449 karma

We can currently provide you with plans to upgrade P&R city wide for a cost of around $800 million. Past that, give us a few days to find use for the rest.

The majority of our funding need is maintaining current facilities. There was a time where maintenance was not a priority to those who decide where our funding goes. We are currently spending most of our funding on band-aid fixes, rather than more expensive permanent fixes or upgrades at all.

SanchySan26 karma

Do you work with any small government, libertarian types as extreme as Ron Swanson?

Chera101461 karma

Since none of us have seen the show, couldn't tell you about Ron Swanson extremest. But yes, all of us come from different political backgrounds. I don't think I would consider anyone extreme within our group, but we do have people within the city that have extreme views.

Newest hot topic brought up in staff meeting: Should we all conceal carry?

Jgooods2 karma

Is the actual day to day job as much as a comedy as its portrayed in the show?

Chera10143 karma

Never seen the show.

PhilSchifly2 karma

I just graduated with a BS in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences. Just out of curiosity, did any of y'all ever study under Dr. John Crompton? Or have him as a professor? Hands down one of the best Rec and Parks professors I've ever had!

Chera10142 karma

Everyone says nope! But congratulations on your graduation!