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theminimosher3230 karma

Me and my girlfriend have always said that we'd try and invite you to our wedding, so if we put you up and paid for your flights, would you genuinely consider it? (we're in the UK!)

h3h3productions3986 karma

If you pay for our flight and hotel?! What are you outa your moind? In short, fuck yes we'd come.

theminimosher1849 karma

Holy shit I didn't even expect a reply let alone this. Let me compose myself for a second.

Guys seriously it would mean the world to us if you were there, you're handsdown our favorite YouTubers but more than that we've bonded so much over your videos. We would most definitely be more than happy to pay for flights and stuff! Papa has blessed us.

h3h3productions928 karma

Sent him our email address, waiting for ya dawg, got my tux on my ironing board, let's do this.

ikealgernon1968 karma

Is Hila single?

h3h3productions3617 karma

I can't believe you've done this.

therealmerloc1002 karma

Are you both single?

h3h3productions1445 karma

I can speak for myself, but it depends how much chub you're tucking.

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h3h3productions1866 karma


Angrod9911637 karma

Is the "Finding DJ Khaled" Series you guys talked about going to become a reality? If anything you guys should still go to Finga Licking.

h3h3productions1967 karma

We just wrote his booking email a few days ago, waiting on a response. Pls Khaled, pls.

h3h3productions1927 karma

Well, I'll say this, you've got the confidence and pride of a man with much more chub than yourself. Obviously, like they say, its not the size of the chub, but how you work it.

R3DWonderZ1175 karma

How did you meet JonTron?

h3h3productions3110 karma

At a gay nightclub, he is a famous bear where I make my rounds. Nah, we honestly just met on Twitter. I sent him a little tweet sucking his dick nice and good, and to my surprised he actually answered, and there has been non stop cock gobbling ever since, true friends.

howdoilinux343 karma

To piggyback off of this question, how did you meet filthy frank?

h3h3productions635 karma

That was also an act of god! Frank just commented on one of our videos waaaay long ago, I think we had less than 50k subs, and I replied, and we became friends on twitter, and that was that. Twitter I gotta say is amazing for connecting with people. I wouldn't be friends with Jon or Frank without it. Papa bless.

rlythoguyz1062 karma

How did you get Michelle to do your intro? Love you guys!

h3h3productions2654 karma

I never wanted to reveal the secret on this, because it's funnier shrouded in mystery, but here is the truth. While we were working on our new intro about a year ago, we randomly came across this clip on vine of Michelle congratulating someone named Ethan on some kind of dance competition, and it was the most glorious thing we'd ever seen. We instantly decided that it needed to be in the intro. I always wonder if the first lady has seen our videos? Cracks me up, papa bless her.

ilu-mini-tea1001 karma

What did you do before Youtube?

h3h3productions2588 karma

I was a marketing stooge. I was the marketing director for some gambling related companies during my time in Israel, very shady business. But in Israel that's about all the work you can get as an English speaker, and it paid well enough. We were doing our videos as a hobby for the first four years, and during the last year, my boss offered me a huge promotion to become a partner in the company, he was asking me to invest money, so it was a huge life decision. It was probably the biggest crossroad I'll ever face in my life. Me and Hila both collectively decided that we needed to take a shot at what we loved before becoming so committed to the office life. So I told him "Thank you for the opportunity but I've decided to pass. And also to quit my job entirely." I just put in my one month notice and haven't looked back. It was thanks to the five years of soul sucking day job though that we were able to save up enough money to work full time on YouTube while making very little money.

Coyan94955 karma

How do you cope with your camera shyness Hila?

You both rock

h3h3productions1603 karma

I would say I'm still working on it. I can't stand looking at myself on camera! It's so weird! I'm trying to just go dead inside and not care about it... But it's definitely something you can work on, and I feel like I'm getting better at it, slowly. -HILA

Stastawars903 karma

Maybe this is a stupid question but do you only tuck in your shirt in your shorts like that for the video?

h3h3productions3088 karma

I understand where you're coming from, but I think you're missing the point of the Chub 'n Tuck. It's a lifestyle, it isn't a choice. I am the way I am because I am bold and beautiful and proud of my body.

KingLeatherBelly878 karma

What toppings do you like to put on your Subway™ sandwiches?

h3h3productions1779 karma

Well, seeing as I'm on the Jared Fogel diet, definitely no mayonnaise, if you know what I mean.

don_leno715 karma

What's Filthy Frank like in person? Any collabs in the oven that we should know about?

Who are your favorite standup comedians?

The content you lovely humans put out is excellent, and thank you so much for being the best.

h3h3productions1266 karma

Filthy Frank is honest to god such a sweet and gentle person. Totally unexpected, he is a cool ass dude. Any collab in the work?! I'd recommend tuning into his channel in like ten minutes :D

Snaber_712 karma

what was it like getting grapefruited?

h3h3productions1656 karma

Boi, lemme tell you bout that grapefruit boi. So juicy and sweet, god damn dat pussy stank. Slimy and acidic, all the right moves.

gt118624 karma

If a Goof + Gaff = A laugh, then why doesn't a Laugh - A Gaff = A Goof? (sorry, I flunked Papa Johns class)

h3h3productions1133 karma

Your grasp of the subject is good, because essentially a Laugh - A Gaff does = a Goof, what you are missing however is the key component: the Spoof. As we know the spoof is an imaginary laugh variable, so if you take the square root of a Spoof, you are bound to find a Laugh somewhere in there. HOWEVER, if you square root a Riot, then you may just find that the spoof was in the original equation the whole time.

MechaMatteus600 karma

Which one of your episodes are your personal favourite?

h3h3productions1689 karma

Both of ours is the MattyB reaction, gotta be. It's hard to shit on a 12 year old kid for doing his thing, so we knew we had to do something unconventional. We're proud of the way we found a creative solution. Also that shot at the wailing wall tho, its probably the best thing I've taken from Israel, besides Hila, of course.

matr1x168566 karma

I tried sporting the chub n' tuck look for my gf of 3 months. She immediately asked me to marry her. We then went out to the streets and women were throwing themselves at me.

How do I cope with all of this newfound female attention?

Keep up the great moves.

h3h3productions718 karma

The beautiful thing about the chub n tuck is that you can untuck your chub at any moment. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by female attention just put ya chub away dummy!

Lord_Gabe518 karma

Ethan we need advice on improving our chub and tucks, pls rate and give feedback. Also is it possible for the female form to master the chub and tuck? http://imgur.com/yDpPTkJ

h3h3productions800 karma

First let me say that I admire you young men for your effort and dedication to the Chub N Tuck army. Clearly you are men of high caliber and fine breeding. That being said, you guys GOTTA work on your chub. Don't even try to act like we don't see those sweaters under your shirts, come on! You've got the posture down and you are clearly very committed but you don't have to lie to kick it.

ExactlyPwned466 karma

How did you get so many connections to big youtubers like Jenna Marbles, and PrankvsPrank while being a relatively small channel yourself?

h3h3productions725 karma

I wouldn't say they are connections, they've only just tweeted that they like our videos. I've never even spoken to the PrankvsPrank guy. But Jenna and Julien are super nice, no explanation, just lucky I guess?

supertigik456 karma

What is the most exciting thing you and hila have done together?(no sexual intention lol)

h3h3productions1463 karma

The biggest one is probably when Hila first moved to Santa Cruz to stay with me. We had been in a long distance relationship for a year, and she just packed up, against her family's urging and raging, and moved in with me in Santa Cruz! Her dad almost had a heart attack, and it only took them about 5 years to finally decide it wasn't such a terrible idea, ok maybe they still didn't decide. It was a huge leap of faith though for Hila, she is an honest to god hero -- Left her country with no guarantee, just to be with some fat idiot with a patchy beard. God bless her soul. Anyway when she arrived it was just SO crazy for us to be together after so long, and since then, we haven't been apart for about eight years. Papa bless.

wandero454 karma

Hi Hila and Ethan! I know you're probably tired of telling this story, but I'm really curious after watching your video Q&A's about how you two met (I know it was at a Holocaust Museum in Israel). But what was the opening line? Who approached who?

Also, I am obsessed with your intro theme song. Thanks for that.

h3h3productions1515 karma

There is this thing called Birth Right which is a program put in place by Israel and rich Jews across the world that pays for young Jews to travel to Israel for free. It's a sick zionist ploy, and frankly its racist as fuck, but hey its a free trip so papa bless! So anyway, I was about 20 years old, and went on this trip. There was a group of about 20 of us, and the Israels usually send soldiers to go with the group to plant dat good zionist dream. It's some real life fiddler on the roof shit, all these young kids, strange ass, foreign lands... For hila though, being in mandatory military service, it was just an excuse to get a week vacation. So anyway, we were both in this group together for a week, and we just started chatting, a little of this, a little of that. We never hooked up or anything, it was pretty much just a nice friendship. We were hanging with eachother pretty much the whole time. By the time I returned to the god blessed USoA, there was a email waiting from me from you know who and the rest is history. I feel like a 13 year old girl typing this shit up.

RedFedoraNeckbeard427 karma

Do you think Michelle Obama is actually proud of you?

h3h3productions957 karma

I really hope so. I'm proud of her.

JWL1092412 karma

You seem to have blown up a lot recently, Why do you think that is?

h3h3productions723 karma

Honestly, I really don't know. Stars aligned? A lot of people have been giving us shout outs on twitter and even on YouTube, and that stuff helps SO much. Amazing fans and community, it's pretty overwhelming.

Aceathon410 karma

Have you guys reached out to Dj Khaled yet? I've dreamt about a Khaled/H3h3 collab since I was born.

h3h3productions565 karma

We answered this above, but in summary we just wrote his booking agent a few days ago, but so far no reply. We're flying down to Florida on first notice, pls Khaled.

tact8t88358 karma

What's the key to success, Ethan?

h3h3productions971 karma

Dove soap?

JWL1092346 karma

Where did you learn the chub and tuck?

h3h3productions854 karma

Well, it was introduced to the world by DJ Chub n Tuck of the band "Let's get Social 2014", it is a very hot album, very fire, I recommend checking that out.

LainIwakura320 karma

Any more collabs with JonTron in the works? You guys have good chemistry.

h3h3productions609 karma

It was awesome working with him, we call him Saint Jon, because he is a literal saint. We've talked about a lot of different ideas, if Papa wills it then let it be so.

Decrust250 karma

Ethan what do you do to relax when your not making videos?

h3h3productions926 karma

I play csgo, it makes me even angrier.

LikeARiotLikeARiotOh248 karma

Who created the h3h3 theme song? why is it so damn catchy?

h3h3productions274 karma

As they said, but it was our boy Major League Wubs, aka Holder, no idea how he made it so amazing. He just threw something together one day and and asked if we liked it? Honestly it was just magic, the guy is amazing! https://soundcloud.com/majorleaguewobs

KnawzR244 karma

Why'd you even make your channel, what made you start?

h3h3productions481 karma

At first we were just goofin, honestly just a hobby to pass the time. It was a nice outlet for me, since I was working full time at a desk job and didn't have much going for me outside of work. The reaction videos started from a place of genuine frustration, though. We used to watch these shitty videos on YouTube and I'd just fume and yell at Hila like I do in our current reaction videos, so we decided to bottle my anger. I remember the first video we ever reacted to, "Girls who read", I was so angry at this pudgy "sophisticated" trendy asshole who thought girls who read are attractive, and oh yeah, they also have to be ATTRACTIVE. (The girl in his video was beautiful, besides being a nutjob obsessed with books) I think I just snapped and we decided let's just record it.

PrivateRule34233 karma

What do you think would happen if you touch DJ Khaled's nipples at the same time?

h3h3productions444 karma

That's a really interesting question, thank you so much for asking it. I've thought about this a lot, and the only truthful answer is : WE DON'T KNOW. So far we can only speculate, but based on current models the best prediction is that he gains ten pounds...eating, A LOT.

seto007226 karma

Have you two ever been noticed in public?

h3h3productions1360 karma

Yeah it's happened a few times, more and more recently. Whenever we go to a busy part of Nyc is pretty much guaranteed to happen, but everyone has been SUPER nice and respectful, it's really nice actually. There is this weird phenomenon now though, where if people are looking at me, I don't know if they actually recognize me, or if its just because I'm an autistic manchild with my shorts tucked all the way up my ass.

ChiTownSuperFan225 karma

Will you guys ever appear on the Sleepy Cabin podcast?

h3h3productions268 karma

I hope so! We want to, just a matter of scheduling it.

Archangel40312213 karma

What was the worst threat you have ever received from doing your videos?

h3h3productions412 karma

Definitely from Fullscreen and Collective, ironically, not from any content creator, although we have had threats from them too. From a content creator I know it's just hot air, since they really can't do anything. If they remove our video on copyright, we can always reinstate it after ten days, but the networks are scary as fuck.

maroen47203 karma

Ethan, How big of a Fatlip fan are you?

h3h3productions297 karma

You know the routine, when you winnin' they're grinnin' All up in your face, like they was wit' you from the beginnin' But on the flipside, when you're washed up like a riptide Fools clown 'bout how you slipped and let shit slide

We love Fatlip, that is one of our all time favorite videos. He also has some other amazing ones, like "Worst Case Scenario", check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80GM64HkF5g

AND the documentary about him and the making of "What's up Fatlip" is honestly fascinating and heartbreaking, it's all on YouTube, check dat shit out boi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gPhF04KzIs

Njfritz152 karma

Ethan, Papa bless. One question, if you and DJ Khaled ever met somehow, what would you say to him?

h3h3productions398 karma

The DJ Khaled meme has evovled, at first he just seemed like the biggest clown ever, but slowly we've come to respect him for real. The dude is a living breathing meme, his snapchat stories, and the way he brands himself, he has become lovable. I actually think he is a cool ass dude, I actually really wonder what does he think about us?! He's probably seen our videos, right?!

Spencer_Drangus125 karma

Hi Ethan,

Do you have comedic aspirations beyond Youtube videos?

Papa bless

h3h3productions227 karma

I'd love to be on or make some kind of show, but I don't want to set our sights too high, just need to focus on the task at hand. Our huge unattainable goal as always been a million subscribers, and once and if that happens more opportunities will probably come around, so for now we're just keeping our heads down and grinding.

clxrke90104 karma

My name is also Ethan and I also wipe back to front. Can I be your friend?

h3h3productions149 karma

Fistbump me dawg

DharmaSubject481298 karma

Hey Ethan and Hila, could you elaborate on your video making process? How do you find the videos you react to? Are your reactions scripted or do you just turn on the camera and go?

h3h3productions234 karma

Back in the early days of our reaction videos they were just "turn it on and go", but that stopped working for us after doing it for a while. Our process changes a lot, but right now what we do is write up an outline with all of the important points, and do a ton of takes. My actual reaction is improvised, but we do a lot of takes. 90% of what we shoot is painfully unfunny, but those get burned and deleted forever.

patrickf22091 karma

What would you say is the biggest misconception about you as a YouTuber?

h3h3productions138 karma

I'd like to answer this question but I have no idea! I can't think of any!

skthelegend83 karma

Why did you decide to move to NYC??

h3h3productions343 karma

I'm happy to explain that now, since a lot of people seemed confused by it. I know we spoke about not being in the nicest financial situation after fullscreen jammed its nice thick cock up our tiny little assholes. The truth is that Saint Jon (aka jontron) had offered Hila a job producing his show, so we had the financial incentive to move to nyc, beyond all the personal reasons we wanted to live here. We love it btw, nyc is awesome.

PurpleBeanbag61 karma

Why h3h3? Is there a hidden meaning? Are you in a cult?

ntzm107 karma

They wanted hehe, but it was already taken so they replaced the E with 3 and voilà. They explained this in a previous Q&A I think.

h3h3productions127 karma

This guy knows. Thanks for explaining, but it isn't "hehe" like laughter, it's actually our initials. Ethan Edward + Hila Hakmon. h3h3!

jellyfuku60 karma

How long does it take to make a reaction video, not including editing and such?

h3h3productions115 karma

The editing is definitely the biggest part! The actual planning, research and writing takes a long time too, trying to find the right video can be a nightmare some weeks. But we usually record for about two hours the actual reaction, not including sketches, and the editing takes about 30+ hours usually.