Whatup Reddit!! Wes Walker & Dyl here. We wrote the song 'Jordan Belfort' that went viral at college campuses and ranked as the #1 College Song according to Spotify. We now have a record deal for the song and are full time artists. We've played 15+ shows at Universities and Colleges across the country this semester. We have lots of new music that we'd love to share. Ask us about our music, Dirty Money, Jordan Belfort, Party Schools, Frats, or ANYTHING else you can think of. We have no filters, bring on the questions!

Jordan Belfort is on iTunes, Spotify, or for free on Soundcloud. We also have a pretty dope video.

Follow Dyl on Soundcloud, Instagram and check out his website, "itslit.org"

Check out our new single "Side Bitch" !!

Here's our proof image http://imgur.com/PNPMFSE

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shaneration49 karma

How difficult was it making the decision to return to football and play for the Rams? Do you feel concussion protocol needs reevaluated?

Weswalkeranddyl23 karma

Well I'm not sure if everyone was on the same page with my physical health and my concussion history, but I feel like the Rams were a good matchup with my active skill set. We'll see how long I last.

wordpile12 karma

Honestly, how has it been coping with the recognition and attention and do you feel confident going forward? What are your goals with music? What do you want to accomplish?

Weswalkeranddyl11 karma

To be real, I love it. We both do. This is something we've wanted, but I guess we didn't really expect it. What's important is that we've always been prepared, so now that this opportunity is here we're ready to take it. Fame, Recognition, Attention, Controversy, bring it on. Personally, I want to make music that people can enjoy. Stuff that people can get behind because they truly like the sound and style. I want to get my hook game NICE, even better than JB. I want to show that I can make good music beyond one niche song. Whenever I make music, I want to make the listener think twice about my lyrics. It's that extra thought that brings people in.


belcherbutts11 karma

What's the deal with the Ciroq partner, how'd you swing that?

Weswalkeranddyl9 karma

A connection with Clinton Sparks and a friendly email about what we were doing, and they were happy to send us bottles and the OK to film. Thanks Diddy. -Wes

I still get Ciroc at every show. Rep rep -Dyl

FistingAsAVerb8 karma

Whats the worst thing that has ever happened at a show??

Weswalkeranddyl17 karma

Last time I was at LSU some kids were throwing ice at my head. It was pretty lame...but I must say that kid had an arm. Nailed me in the head twice fersureee. I knew which group of kids it was, but I didn't call them out. I figured I was getting paid enough to take a few ice cubes to the domepiece


OfficerDoakes7 karma

Do you enjoy playing fraternity shows? If so, how many have you done and which ones were your favorites?

Weswalkeranddyl7 karma

We LOVE playing frat shows. We're in our element at colleges/frats, this is where all of our performances have been. I'm in a frat myself. This is definitely our scene right now and I feel that we thrive because we can relate...we really are just regular college kids. I love meeting the whole frat, making personal connections, seeing the house. We want to get to know the people we're performing for, and we want them to get to know us!

We've done 15+ fraternity shows. Hard to pick favorites. Clemson was one of our early shows and it was huge (shoutout Braxton). I love the LA schools (UCLA and USC) and I love the AZ schools (UofA and ASU). LSU has always been great. UNL was surprisingly awesome. This is just to mention a few, I havent been to a school I didnt like. Feel free to ask more specific questions.


Weswalkeranddyl2 karma

Yesh indeed!! Frat parties are especially turnt up given that it is not a bar or a real venue with security or rules. Also Chattanooga, Tennessee has a special place in my heart (UTC). And Lawrence, Kansas (KU). Kansas secretly pops off. -Wes

YolandaYolandaBeCool5 karma

Who's boat was that in the video?

Weswalkeranddyl10 karma

My boat, obviously ... HAA I wish! The boat was one of the biggest hook ups we got. Our genius director (Yofray from CollegeWeekly) had already shot a video on that boat in the past. The previous video was for a sorority, and the boat belongs to the father of one of those sorority girls. We asked nicely...and he was the MAN. Seriously this guy was an absolute legend. He let us spray champagne on the decks, fly our little drones all around to film, and yes, we were turnt. Ciroc was all around and he even insisted that we use nice glass champagne glasses instead of from the bottle. Such a legend. He took us out for about 2 hours to shoot the boat scene. We didn't pay a dime for it, it was truly a priceless experience. We got to use the boat in ways that a rental company would not have allowed.

Towards the end of shooting I accidentally jumped off the deck with my iPhone in my pocket. Phone broke. 10/10 worth it & would do again


Patricksjs13 karma

Was that the boat from the DG Miami video?

Weswalkeranddyl2 karma

Yes...great call /u/patricksjs1 !! It's the boat from this video. I wasn't sure which one video it was from!

Frisbeetotheface5 karma

How easy is it to pick up chicks at those frat shows?

Weswalkeranddyl5 karma

Wes has a girlfriend!!


burninrock245 karma

Sup fam. Wes, our group of friends loved seeing you at the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis.

1). Do you have any pictures from the event?

2). When is pop the fuck off going to get on spotify?

Weswalkeranddyl4 karma

Dope!! Glad you guys enjoyed the show. I dont have any pictures from that I don't think and I don't own that beat, its from an old 90s rap song (Simon Says - Pharoahe Monche) :// BUT maybe i can get it on there anyways i'll see. -Wes

Pissed that I missed this show!! It was one of the only ones I didnt make it to.


AsianSuburbanFemale3 karma

So a bunch of girls in my sorority know you (Dylan) from middle school/high school/ceramics class etc. Do you guys have a normal home life anymore or do you spend every day gettin dirty money, sippin on Ciroc, poppin molly and such?

Weswalkeranddyl3 karma

I think I've always been down to earth & always will be. i'm very normal. my lifestyle hasn't changed much, i just travel more now. I try not to get overconfident or full of myself. Here are some of my recent thoughts to prove that i'm normal:

  • why havent i signed up for netflix yet?

  • i like pizza. the new marble cookie brownie from dominos is flames

  • i hate when all the links on reddit are purple and its only 1pm

  • i still think polo t shirts are sick.

  • When is Frank Ocean's new album coming out?

  • why havent i signed up for netflix yet?

I'm going to go make a Netflix account now.


coltsowned073 karma

How do you feel your experience growing up on the mainline has influenced your music?

Weswalkeranddyl4 karma

well living on the mainline and having kobe go to my high school made me learn how to slam dunk at a really early age. So the dunking was real, and the slam was progressive, but either way it was all about the scoreboard. -Wes

norlwn134 karma

whatsup saedi

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

HAHAH goteeem Saedi bruh you had that screenname back on AIM


Weswalkeranddyl0 karma

gold lol SUP BOYS. -Wes

giantism3 karma

I found Jordan Belfort on Spotify's Discover Weekly. I would have never heard the song without that feature. How important do you find stuff like that for starting to get more widely noticed?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

People in the industry actually refer to this as 'playlisting' and its HUGELY important. Getting music on these playlists is tough, just like getting on the radio. We ended up on those playlists organically because of the virality of our song. However, we have since learned of the true importance of these playlists. Record companies definitely pay staff to work on playlisting.


froggyman1203 karma

If you could collab with one artist alive or dead who would it be?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

ODB // Wu-Tang Clan // R.I.P. -Wes

toronadobk3 karma

do you guys have any advice for aspiring producers/DJs/songwriters?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

originality!! and to keep on creating. its all about new ideas and making variations of old ideas and to put out content consistently.

duradtherad3 karma

So guys, how do you feel about scooters? #ScooterGang

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

HUGE Scoot enthusiast I've been trying to get a Razor sponsorship for ages, I turn up on a scooter. All my friends know about the scooter lifestyle and it's various advantages. It's all in the book of Scooterelli. -Wes

Skippympb3 karma

What was it like to shoot the Jordan Belfort music video? Where did you film? Love that shit,

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

It was amazing! The video is pretty genuine. Everything was as fun as it looked. There are so many details and complexities that went into the making of the video, I will let them be uncovered through questions:). To answer yours, it was filmed in Miami, FL!


duradtherad3 karma

So guys, I can imagine you have a lot of hoes as a result of these shows, so my question is; was Breezy right? ARE these hoes loyal?

Weswalkeranddyl2 karma

These hoes are confirmed by unanimous decision as not loyal. One might say these hooooooeeeessss ... they for everybody


jck73953 karma

if you could have beef with any rapper who would it be and why?

Weswalkeranddyl9 karma

Drake. I'd love to sit down and eat a delicious filet mignon with the guy. A couple brews, and hell, I'd even pay. Steaks on me Drake. I am a huge Drake fan and I'd love to meet him one day


lucyarr3 karma

whatre u wearing?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

nothing but cackys made of cAsh and butternut squash -Wes

Gucci flip flops hbu


sportsbuffp2 karma

How much you guys cost to perform?

Weswalkeranddyl2 karma

It depends on demand, you can contact our booking agent Netan [email protected] for an accurate quote!

toronadobk2 karma

your video hit right before the hoveboard craze. i feel like if you'd made it just a little bit later, you'd be cruisin around on them. love them or hate them?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

i'm bout it!! Wouldnt buy one tho, not with my money...

for-mal-deh-yde1 karma

It's yer boy Benzoooo

What's your preferred brand of champagne? And whiskey? Have you ever had absinthe?

Weswalkeranddyl0 karma

CLICQUOT for dat champagne and then MAKERS MARK fo dat WHiSKEY@! w00p i wish i could attach a funny picture of me drinking absinthe with my sister and my face is priceless -Wes

Patricksjs11 karma

How much do y'all charge to perform at a fraternity party?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

It depends on demand, you can contact our booking agent Netan [email protected] for an accurate quote!

mixchel1 karma

super funny that you had to post in r/hhh. But Thank you so much for your musical contributions. What's next for you guys?

Weswalkeranddyl1 karma

Thanks!! I didnt think we had any fans in r/hhh, nice to hear some positive stuff coming out of there. We're doing lots of shows, building our following, developing our styles, and figuring out what works best! I think its important that I develop my skills before I work on a mixtape/album type project, so I'm just releasing singles. They're mostly on Soundcloud and I'm getting my best songs available on every outlet. I have recently posted 3 new singles to iTunes/Spotify!

Check out "Side Bitch" - Wes Walker & Dyl. This is one of our new releases together!


Keystone_Ice1 karma

Hey guys just want to thank you for helping me decide where to eat the other week. Hardy's was a dope choice. What did you do before touring?

Weswalkeranddyl0 karma

A ha! Glad you enjoyed your meal we're always happy to recommend dinner. I've been DJing since like 7th grade and have had a bunch of jobs. Dylan and I had an entertainment business where we did bar/bat mitzvahs and proms and such. Good times. -Wes