My short bio: Hey everyone! This is Eric LeGrand. In 2010, I wore the number 52 as a DT on the Rutgers University football team and I was paralyzed after making a tackle in a football game against Army.

I am now the proud founder of Team LeGrand, radio host and still rep #52. RU RAH RAH!

I’m here today to answer some of y’all’s questions so feel free to ask about my injury, paralysis, life in general or the fact that I bELieve that one day I will walk again. A little sports talk doesn’t hurt either.

Can’t wait to get started so…Ask Me Anything

My Proof:

UPDATE: Thank you all for tuning in to my Reddit. Hope I gave you guys some good insight on my life, my recovery and the future. I appreciate all of your support. bELieve me – it does not go unnoticed.

Remember, today is Giving Tuesday so support nonprofits and visit or text “Legrand” to 20222 to donate $5. Every dollar counts.

Keep on supporting and keep on bELieving until that day comes. Love you all! Peace out homies.

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tlhamilton185 karma

Hi Eric, my daughter Devon was paralyzed in a car accident Christmas 2009 at the age of 18. One of the toughest obstacles she faces is depression. Oddly enough, she's not depressed over her injury but more from lack of socialization. Friends stopped coming by and she doesn't get out much. How do you deal with those times when you feel down? She has tried making online friends her own age but misses the interaction. Any suggestions on how I can help her? She's been reading about your story and finds you to be an inspiration. If you look on YouTube under "used to be" Devon Hamilton you can learn a little about her as well. Thanks for any advice you can give us!

EricLeGrand52344 karma

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. This injury never gets any easier to deal with. But there are so many resources. First, I would recommend connecting with the Reeve Foundation's Paralysis Resource Center and requesting a peer mentor. Someone who is around your daughter's age and is living with paralysis. Second, I would ask the PRC about facilities in your area that may have activities or physical therapy to get her out of the house and moving around. The people I have met at Kessler rehab, I consider a lot of them my best friends. Please tell your daughter to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. I would be happy to help where I can. This injury may not get easier, but there is hope.

eddiesimo121 karma

Whats up E, It's your old intern Ed. Just wanted to say hello and ask what your favorite dish at Jose Tejas is? Also how you feeling about Brock at QB in Denver. Hope all is well.

EricLeGrand52122 karma

What's up bro! And I gotta go with the chicken quesadillas with only chicken and cheese with a side of fries. you know I'm extra picky lol. As long as my Broncos are winning I'm happy.

MRC198676 karma

Big E! Rutgers Class of 2009 alum here! Upstream Red Team!

What are your feelings about regenerative medicine (e.g. - stem cell therapy, synthetic nerves, etc.)? Is it something you, your family, and your physicians are considering as this technology and approach matures?

I'm currently a PhD student in molecular biology, and our lab studies a set of genetic bone diseases. It's been inspiring to see our patient community, keeps me motivated to work hard in the lab. And I'm always inspired by you, keeps me motivated as well.


EricLeGrand52109 karma

I have huge hope that regenerative medicine will help get me out of my chair someday. But until I know 100% that it's going to work I am not trying anything right now. There's so much happening in research and I believe that there will be a breakthrough very soon. I'm trying to raise funds for The Big Idea ( which is epidural stimulation of the spinal cord. Four guys can now stand and move their legs because of epidural stimulation. But what's even more exciting, is that they can also now regulate body temperature as well as their bowel, bladder and sexual function. Thank you for contributing to this very important field of research.

deception4265 karma

Rutgers student here - do you think Flood was doomed from the moment the scandal involving him going to a teacher came out? And who do you think should replace him?

EricLeGrand5281 karma

He put himself in a tough situation since everything went so public. It was hard for the university not to react to it.

huazzy63 karma

Let's settle the important questions.

  1. Where exactly are the borders for South/Central/North Jersey?

  2. Hoagie or Subs

  3. Pork Roll or Taylor Ham

  4. Best Restaurant in Central Jersey?

EricLeGrand52100 karma

  1. For me, it is where I live, Avenel, is the last part of North Central Jersey. And South Central, I would say the last part is Trenton.
  2. Subs
  3. Taylor Ham
  4. Steak House 85 along with many many diners

Parajika47 karma

Hi Eric, in Believe you wrote a lot about the role that Christian faith has played in your life since your injury. Does it still play a prominent role in your life today, and if so, in what ways?

EricLeGrand5284 karma

Yes, I pray all the time and I'm so thankful for the blessings that God has put in my life. I will never take them for granted because the stuff that I see almost on a daily basis makes me realize how fortunate I really am, and to not complain but help where I can.

axpmaluga40 karma

Eric - longtime RU fan and big supporter of yours. Can you update us on how your recovery is going? Do you still have breakthroughs? How do you stay motivated when it seems like you are doing so much work for what may be little gains? Keep it up!!! BELIEVE!!!

EricLeGrand52118 karma

Yes, I am working on a lot with a lot of stim on my back and trunk by using a standing frame to try to help balance myself as much as possible. I have recovered movement in my shoulders, my trunk. I have full range of motion in my neck. And even get some fingers to twitch every now and then. Every day, I'm hopeful for more breakthroughs, which is why it is so important to keep focused on the future and advancing research for spinal cord injuries. There's no such thing as little gains or little wins - everything leads to the big victory of getting out of my chair.

judehaz29 karma

Eric, you've been a huge inspiration! It was great to see you on the ESPYs and elsewhere.

My question: Can you describe the moments right before and right after the injury? What did you think/feel as it was happening? Perhaps a stupid question, but did it "hurt" in the traditional sense of stubbing your toe or twisting your ankle, or was it more surreal?

EricLeGrand5256 karma

Right before, I was just trying to make a big play because of the situation of the game we were in. Not thinking about getting hurt at all. Then to right after, not knowing if I was going to be living to see another day. Honestly, I felt no pain at all, which I am kinda happy about because I can imagine how excruciating it could have been. I did have trouble breathing which was the scariest moment of my life.

TankHandsome24 karma

Eric, hailing from central NJ like you, which is your favorite mall and why? Woodbridge, Menlo, Freehold, or Bridgewater?

Keep chopping dude!

EricLeGrand5235 karma

I gotta go with my hometown Woodbridge since it's only 5 mins. away from my house.

bertie34321 karma

Hey Eric! A fellow Rutgers grad here. So I gotta ask, what do you think about Barchi's decision to get rid of Coach Flood? And do you think Coach Schiano is coming back?

EricLeGrand5241 karma

I think it was really tough because I really do like Coach Flood. But in this generation of football, it seems like if you aren't getting 10 plus wins per year, you're gone. We shall see...

rosenhoser20 karma

It seems like Rutgers has been behind you the entire time. Do you ever see yourself working in some capacity with the football team in the future?

EricLeGrand5226 karma

Yes, they have always had my back through everything and I can't thank them enough. I really enjoyed working on the Rutgers Radio Network with them as I expand my broadcasting career.

ebevan9120 karma

Who would you put in the top 4 if the College Football Playoffs started today and who will would win it all?

EricLeGrand5239 karma

  1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Michigan State

Westray3116 karma

Hi Eric, what do you miss the most since your injury?

EricLeGrand5261 karma

Not being able to take care of myself is definitely the hardest. And also not being able to regulate my body temperature, which means most of the time I am very cold and living up here in Jersey isn't always the ideal temperature.

slowsupra15 karma

Eric you have plenty of supporters, who's the one you were the most starstruck by?

EricLeGrand5255 karma

Yes I have met a lot of people. But the only person I have been in the presence of twice and have yet to go up to him because I was starstruck is Michael Jordan.

papabobbo15 karma

What's you're favorite Grease Truck and sandwhich?

EricLeGrand5243 karma

Even though I do have one named after me and didn't eat 5 of them in 45 minutes, sssshhhhh don't tell anybody haha... but my favorite one is the Fat Bedi Boy no marinara sauce with ketchup. That consists of a cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks, grilled chicken, french fries and ketchup.

BucsCapacitor14 karma

Hey Eric! Thanks so much for being so vocal and positive. It's such an inspiration!

I'm a diehard Bucs fan, and proud to call you a former Buc. Do you follow the team at all, still? Or has Coach Schiano's departure led you to not caring (or possibly even disliking) the Buccaneers?

EricLeGrand5223 karma

I definitely am proud to call myself a former Buc. And I do keep up with the team checking to see if they're winning and whatnot, even though I am a die hard Denver Broncos fan. But the Buccaneers will always have a place in my heart.

The_SlayerSaint8 karma

Die hard Broncos fan? You think Peyton's done for the season (which would presumably be his career)? Is it time to hand over the reigns to Brock?

EricLeGrand5219 karma

I love Peyton Manning and I want him to come back and be successful, again. I want him to go out kind of like Ray Lewis did. But, if Brock keeps on winning I am very happy with that, as long as we get a ring at the end. Bring the Lombardi back to Denver lol

HookEmTexx10 karma

Do you still enjoy football? I know personally there are two or three hits/injuries a year where I genuinely think I might have seen someone die on live television. It's weird to enjoy a game so much, but not know morally if I should even be watching it. Just wondering if your experience being so critically injured in a game has changed your appreciation or fandom of the sport.

EricLeGrand5226 karma

I love being around the game of football. Football has made me into the person I am today. When it's football season, my excitement for life goes up even more. Gotta love football Saturdays and Sundays. Every time I see an injury I always pray for the person because I know how serious they can be. Safety is important and the game is doing everything it can to make it more safe.

MaplewoodNectarine10 karma

Hey Eric - I remember your injury, and have been very impressed by your positivity and strides since then. I follow you on Twitter.

Question is, did you pull a lot of tail at Rutgers before your injury? How were the girls at Rutgers?

EricLeGrand5243 karma

My mom just read that, lololol

football8fan8 karma

Hey Eric! What are some organizations that are raising money for spinal cord injury research? Which ones do you support and how can we get involved?

EricLeGrand5213 karma

I support my foundation, Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. You can get involved by going to and joining my team and being a part of my foundation to raise money. Team LeGrand works directly with the Reeve Foundation to move research forward and help get people out of their wheelchairs.

Duck_Puncher8 karma

Hey Eric. Your story has always been an inspiration. I love watching your broadcasting career grow. Did you always have an interest in broadcasting, or did that grow out of an interest in staying connected to football and the program?


EricLeGrand5220 karma

My dream was always to have a long career in the NFL, retire and become a sports broadcaster. My favorite people growing up to watch were Chris Berman and Kirk Herbstreit.

axpmaluga7 karma

Erin Andrews once told a story about how she was feeling sorry for herself on her birthday, but got a call from you and you made her feel better. Do you guys still keep in touch?

EricLeGrand5215 karma

Yes, Erin is a great friend and my first actual celebrity tweet when I created Twitter. She reached right out.

samansam7 karma

Proud Scarlet Knight here! RU RAH RAH! Keep up all the positivity...

What has been the best and worst advice you have heard since your injury?

EricLeGrand5211 karma

The best advice? Live life to the fullest without letting the injury hold me back from doing what I want to do. The worst advice was telling me that I wouldn't be able to do stuff and to get used to it.

philckd7 karma

Was you ever depressed when you got paralyzed? If so, how did you find the strength and courage to stay positive? I was depressed for a long time and finally beat it last year or so.

EricLeGrand5214 karma

No I've never been depressed from this injury. I think about people that have it 10 times worse than I do which keeps me positive and motivated to help where I can help and live life to the fullest. I also have a great support system with my family, friends and people I don't even know who send messages of encouragement.

kunderthunt6 karma

Hello Eric. As a Tulane grad, I was wondering if you've ever met Devon Walker? All the best to you.

EricLeGrand5214 karma

I've yet to meet him but my mom has talked on the phone with his mom a few times after the injury. Hoping one day to get down to NOLA and connect with him.

kupcayke6 karma

Do you do any therapy of the non-physical variety to help keep you motivated and focused / deal with the really tough days?

EricLeGrand528 karma

My mental stimulation is travelling to somewhere warm and living the dream. I know I'm very lucky, I have incredible opportunities and there are always tough days. But I have a great support system. It's hard to be down with everything I have going on. I am blessed.

Marcruby5 karma

Hey Eric, inspired by all that you do. Can you comment on the role physical therapy has played in your recovery? Thank you very much for all that you do !!

EricLeGrand5211 karma

Therapy has been great. It's played a huge role in my recovery. Without the NeuroRecovery Network, I don't know how much progress I honestly would have made. I still see recoveries to this day.

AyoGeo5 karma

Hey Eric,

I met your dad a few years ago, we had a mutual friend. He was a really great guy and seemed so proud of you! I can tell where you get your positive spirit from.

How important has your family been in achieving your success?

EricLeGrand5212 karma

My family is everything. This injury has brought us all so much closer. Makes me realize everything happens for a reason.

emkateultra5 karma

Hi, Eric. Thanks for being here today. Is there is a particular thought, quotation or individual that offers you solace or encouragement?

My second question: would you be willing to be interviewed by our nonprofit, HelpHOPELive? We help people with spinal cord injuries to fundraise for their medical expenses. We try to offer advice, tips and encouragement to people with spinal cord injuries or catastrophic illnesses on our Blog and would love to get your firsthand perspective to share with our followers.

EricLeGrand5212 karma

Christopher Reeve once said, "I dream of a world with empty wheelchairs." I dream the same thing each and every day and I bELieve it will happen in my lifetime. I've heard of you guys through the Paralysis Resource Center. Thank you for all that you do and please reach out to [email protected] and I'd be happy to offer my perspective.

drbatman10315 karma

Hi Eric, Rutgers alum here. Just want to say that I was at the game where your number was retired and it was one of the most touching moments I've ever seen. What are your professional plans for the future?

EricLeGrand5215 karma

I want to keep on expanding my broadcasting career to hopefully make it on College Game Day one day. And I also want to travel the world with my motivational speaking career, especially once I get up and walking. I will always put Team LeGrand first and keep focus on fundraising for cures for spinal cord injury.

Squishyfaced5 karma

What is your pump up song?

EricLeGrand5217 karma

I have many many pump up songs that make me want to run through a brick wall. But I would have to say Lil Wayne, Sky is the Limit.

YouMake4 karma

How has your life changed for the positive or negative since your accident? What's your NFL playoff predication from wildcard on? Who you got winning it all? Coolest person you ever got to meet? Have you ever been starstruck? GO BUCS!

EricLeGrand528 karma

There's so many positives it's hard to keep track, which is a great thing. Negative thing is that I have to learn patience lol. I know I'm lucky to have so many opportunities and positive moments in my life. My NFL prediction will always be the Denver Broncos winning it all. I've been starstruck a few times. Lil Wayne was definitely one of the coolest. And Beyonce.

ghettobacon3 karma

Ayyy Big E, I always do you type during the AMAs and such? You're always so active on social media!

Question 2: Have you gotten a chance to met Patrick Hobbs the new RU AD? What is our impression of him?

As always #KeepChoppin #bELieve52

EricLeGrand529 karma

I use a universal mounting system which attaches to the arm of my wheelchair. Then velcro my cellphone to the mount. I put a stylus pen in my mouth and go to town lol. Most people living with paralysis will use a stylus pen or dictation software. People don't realize how helpful social media is to someone living with a disability. It allows us to connect with family, friends and supporters.

ArcturianMegadonkey3 karma

Hey, Eric! Alum and fan here. Your unrelenting positivity continues to be hugely inspiring. What's you favorite NJ day trip? Keep choppin!

EricLeGrand528 karma

Nothing like being able to go down the shore on a nice summer day.

buttgers3 karma

It's always great to see you on TV with such a great message to everyone. Thanks for being so positive.

Have you worked with the WM Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at RU for research on spinal cord injury?

EricLeGrand528 karma

I donate money that I raise at my walk every year to his work and I really respect everything he does.

Quarentine3 karma

Youve done an awesome job on the Rutgers radio broadcasts. If you were to broadcast another sport which would say is your second choice?

EricLeGrand5210 karma

Hmmmm... I know in baseball you have to fill a lot of time in so I would have a lot of stories to tell. haha

theayejay73 karma

Eric- Huge fan here. You are a big inspiration to me and a lot of other people.

How is the progress of finding a cure so people that are paralyzed can walk one day?

EricLeGrand528 karma

Right now there's so much progress with The Big Idea and epidural stimulation. It's helped four guys move their legs again and stand and even restore functions like temperature regulation, bowel, bladder and sexual function. I have no doubt that more treatments are on the way. In the meantime, there are resources through the Reeve Foundation like the Paralysis Resource Center ( that was really helpful for me and my mom when I was first injured. No matter the question, they are always there to help me through any complication.

idontknowbest3 karma

Hey Eric, as a fellow Scarlet Knight Grad I'd like to say thanks for doing this!!!! My question is what do you think is your best accomplishment to date? Thanks again!

EricLeGrand5214 karma

Graduating from RU baby!

_rajivvv3 karma

I know you're a Broncos fan, and the Bucs have done good things for you... So, If Broncos and Buccaneers play each other, who are you rooting for??

EricLeGrand526 karma

Broncos all day baby.

ShylosX3 karma

Do you think college football will always be around? I feel like we're starting to see the beginning of the end, for better or for worse, due to the issues faced later in life to people who have suffered one or more concussions and/or sub-concussive hits, injuries to the spine and neck, paralysis, etc. What are your thoughts on improving player safety and how the football community can accomplish that?

EricLeGrand5213 karma

Nah, college football makes way too much money for universities to just disappear. The football world is doing everything they can right now to help with injuries and making it safer. But football is a violent game and every player knows it.

Westray312 karma

Eric, is there a form of therapy that you enjoy more than others and one in particular you really would like to try but haven't had the opportunity to yet?

EricLeGrand524 karma

I do enjoy the NeuroRecovery Network mostly because I am up on my feet in a harness and it feels like I am walking again. It's called locomotor training and I saw huge recovery from that therapy by doing over 500 sessions. Most people do not have the opportunity to have so many sessions or even access this type of therapy which is why I stay focused on Team LeGrand so that we can raise funds and bring this therapy to anyone who needs it.

_rajivvv2 karma

Osweiler or Manning??

EricLeGrand527 karma

I'm Team Manning but I'm not upset about getting Ws with Osweiler.

charcoil232 karma

What advice would you give to someone like Devon Gales who suffered an injury similar to yours?

EricLeGrand526 karma

Stay positive. Lean on your support system even when you may not want to be bothered. You'll eventually realize the people that really want to help you in life and that's one of the most important things.

rockychunk2 karma

Eric : (I'm an RU alum too!) Many of your former teammates have expressed incredible admiration for you - rightly so. Which of your former teammates (Either high school or college) do YOU admire most and why?

EricLeGrand526 karma

I don't know if I have a specific player, but the best part about my teammates is how we can all come back for a game, practice or at someone's event for their foundation and it's like we never missed a beat. And that's across all ages. We truly consider ourselves R family.

Longvols2 karma

Hey Eric, throughout your recovery process what would say was or is the toughest part of it all and how do you manage to stay as positive as you always seem to be?

EricLeGrand529 karma

It is definitely dealing with the cold - I can't regulate my body temperature as a result of my spinal cord injury. It is a minute by minute thing so I'm always looking for 70 plus degree weather or travelling with a portable heater. I stay so positive because of all the opportunities in my life and all the people who look up to me. I take this on as a responsibility to be that person they can look up to in tough times.

Devilsfan1182 karma

Fellow Rutgers grad here, you're an inspiration man.

A question for you - what are Chris Carlin and Ray Lucas like off-air? Ray doesn't hide his bias very well during broadcasts (which is awesome) but Chris tries to be at least neutral as he calls the game.

Was there ever a time where Chris let loose about a call or play after you guys cut to commercials?

EricLeGrand526 karma

I look forward to working with them every game because there is never a dull moment and I pretty much am belly laughing every time we go off of air at Ray and at Chris trying to control Ray. It is amazing. That needs to be on reality TV haha.

wesmaisterr2 karma

Hi Eric, thanks for doing this AMA!

You mentioned that you will walk again and I'm rooting for you. We all know that if natural recover didn't occur chances are slim. What is going to get you up and walking again ? Epi-stim from CDRF or is there something else you keep your eye on? May science and your efforts to get money for research help all living with paralysis.

EricLeGrand524 karma

Epi stim from the Reeve Foundation are helping people get up out of their chairs and would improve my life considerably. But there is so much excitement in the field that I know there are cures within reach.

[deleted]1 karma


EricLeGrand525 karma

Yeah, that's a great race. Wings for Life is a great organization. If you find yourself in Jersey in June, definitely hit up Team LeGrand's A Walk to Believe.

BigRedMoose86221 karma

Do you think that the playoff format should be expanded to 6 0r 8 teams? And how would the playoff bids work if they did expand? Also, I love listening to you on SiriusXM.

EricLeGrand524 karma

If they were to expand, only to 6 teams so the first two could have a bye. And we can get more teams in there which means more college football games.