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We are Rooster Teeth - a production studio in Austin, and creators of the longest-running web series, Red vs. Blue.

You might also know us from RWBY, Immersion, The RT Podcast, Achievement Hunter, Social Disorder, RTAA, or one of our other many shows.

We also have a movie coming out January 27, 2016- Lazer Team! It'll be in theaters and on YouTube Red.


We just released our first book- Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide. (with Dey Street Books) It's available here, and it's awesome. We have Eddy Rivas and Miles Luna; two of the writers, and a few RvB Cast members here to answer your questions.

Ask away!

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JoshOrnelas458 karma

Who is your favorite employee at the RT office, and why is it Josh Ornelas?

roosterteeth507 karma

Hey Josh. How's that RvB TV edit coming along?


ultimoGEARS223 karma

You ever wonder why we're here?

roosterteeth511 karma



roosterteeth288 karma

roosterteeth201 karma

Let's make out.


roosterteeth118 karma

You ever wonder what you're fighting for?


ultimoGEARS171 karma

Would you rather fight one Jeremy-sized Rooster or 100 Rooster-sized Jeremy's?

roosterteeth267 karma

Jeremy-sized rooster. That thing I could train. Jeremy, not so much.


cwdain159 karma

Miles. Why is Burnie always trying to write himself out of red vs blue? I don't wanna see Church go. We've seen him die by EMP, come back, almost die again, disappear for 1.5 seasons and now his future doesn't look too secure. I know you write the show but you've said in the past that you and Burnie lay out and discuss major plot points. Stop hiiiiim!

roosterteeth251 karma

It's because I smell and he doesn't like being around me.


SeanCanFly82 karma

Do you regret timing your AMA during Cards Against Humanity's AMA?

roosterteeth124 karma

Oh shit. Can you ask them if they have any more of those awesome box expansions.

lol but for real, those guys rule.


TheEspeonEX77 karma

Do you ever plan on telling us the first names of at least some of the freelancer agents? P.S. Putting South's status as "extra crispy" was a good choice, although very dark.

roosterteeth85 karma

Yay that was my joke. I wondered if it was a little too dark but I figured a fan would have a chuckle at that one. I answered this a couple of other places but we had to walk kind of carefully when it came to over-filling in TOO much backstory with certain areas of the show. You don't want to end up with midichlorians. The one name we DID have in there was Wash's last name at one point, but it eventually got removed (don't ask me what it is)


Subcriminal74 karma

What was the best idea for an RvB character or storyline that never made it into the show?

roosterteeth139 karma

I don't know if I'd call it the "best" idea, but I really wanted to be able to dive into more of Dr. Grey's backstory in S13. Through the use of audio logs (as established in ep4) I wanted Kimball to witness how the civil war affected the Feds. We'd get to hear Grey's descent into madness over the course of several logs. It would help to show Kimball that the Feds were victims too, they just happened to be fighting on the other side.

FORTUNATELY, we have a book now! So I got to put bits of that backstory into Grey's character profile. (How's THAT for a fuckin' book plug?)


Subcriminal18 karma

Thanks for the answer! That book plug was so good I'm now going to buy the book!

roosterteeth43 karma

Well my job here is done.


Incinirmatt70 karma

Rooster Teeth is expanding every day. You have a feature length movie, several new shows, and now Red vs. Blue is appearing on fucking television!

What big things can we expect to see from Rooster Teeth in the next few years?

roosterteeth102 karma

It is really awesome that we are accomplishing so many long time goals right now. This month we have the book (buy it now), next month RvB is on El Rey network and then in January Lazer Team hits theaters. These are all things we've dreamed about for almost 13 years now...it is time to come up with some new goals and hopefully accomplish them faster than 13 years.


ignohr68 karma

What is your favorite part about working for RT?

roosterteeth246 karma

I'm drinking a beer right now and chatting with people who enjoy the things I work on. Crazy world.


roosterteeth182 karma

Going to work with my best friends.


roosterteeth332 karma

BTW, nobody likes you.


roosterteeth285 karma

I like me.


ignohr50 karma

Awesome but he still has that hand print on your chest

roosterteeth135 karma

It was there for days.


LovelyConversations66 karma

I wanted to say how Red vs. Blue was a huge inspiration for me, and what lead to me majoring in Creative Writing. You guys and gals have been a huge influence on me, and I just wanted to say thank you. Also, I have a huge man crush on Miles.

But to stay on topic; What is everyones favorite pizza topping?

roosterteeth113 karma

There are only 3 types of pizza. 1. Cheese 2. Pepperoni 3. Pepperoni and Mushroom


97thJackle39 karma

So, Hawiian is antimatter, then?

roosterteeth195 karma

Get out.


roosterteeth62 karma

Pepperoni and Mushroom.

also, ;)


roosterteeth48 karma

I was also a creative writing major in college - keep writing!

Also I agree with gus but minus number 3.


TallRedditor58 karma

Is it a bit challenging interacting with fans that know so much about you?

...Let me explain.

Say I'm a part of RT and I'm regularly on the podcast telling my stories and people are telling stories about me. That's all great, we're having a great time. People follow me on twitter and facebook and see my posts.

I go to conventions and RTX and stuff and there are so many fans there to see RT and are happy to see me. And that must be an absolutely awesome feeling! To help bring happiness and joy to so many people like the staff of RT does.

However, this brings me to my original point - all of these people know...SO much about me but I know literally nothing about them. So I'd have to imagine a lot of people walk up to celebs and RT staff like they're good friends cause they know a lot about them, where I would just see a stranger/fan - but be friendly nonetheless (which is something else great about RT - I don't think I've heard about a single negative interaction between them and their fans - and that's damn impressive due to the scale of the RT fanbase and the opportunities for interactions)

roosterteeth151 karma

I've gotten used to it. Think of it as an opportunity to learn about the person who approached you. They know a lot about me, so it is my turn to learn all about them. I try to find out their name, where are they from, why are they there, what RT content do they like, how long have they watched, etc. I think it is really informative and helpful.


monsterror56 karma

Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?

roosterteeth91 karma

The last two pedals are for space and time (you'd know that if you read the book) ;)


abbazabbbbbbba56 karma

Any plans for more strangerhood?

roosterteeth230 karma


-miles, kyle, josh, gray, kerry, everyone

Etaenryu52 karma

This is the big question: Red team or Blue team?

roosterteeth131 karma

Red. Suck it, Blue.


Gorexn52 karma

This is for Miles:

Miles, at the start of RWBY, Burnie stated on the podcast that you had planned almost 3 seasons ahead of the plot of the show. Do you plan RvB's plot out as much?

roosterteeth95 karma

When I started writing for RvB, I planned out everything for the Chorus Trilogy.

Now that trilogy is over. I'm CRAZY excited for the anthology season we're putting together for next year, but as for what happens after that... I'm still not 100% certain.

To be blunt and honest, I love the ending to 13. It was something Burnie and I worked towards for a very long time. If 13 was the end of the series, I'd be happy... but then again, I said that at the end of season 5... and 8... and 10.

We're always surprising ourselves... who's to think it won't happen again?


Supernova652 karma

What is you favorite RvB quote?

roosterteeth280 karma

"You know Caboose, I used to not care. I just went along with orders, and hoped that everything would work out for me. But after all that's happened, you know what I've learned? It's not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to. I mean, you should hate someone because they're an asshole, or a pervert, or snob, or they're lazy, or arrogant or an idiot or know-it-all. Those are reasons to dislike somebody. You don't hate a person because someone told you to. You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they're red, or because they're blue, but because ya know them, and you see them every single day. And you can't stand them, because they're a complete and total fucking douchebag."

-Pvt. Leonard Church, Season 5


Phionex14146 karma

Miles, what's your favorite dinner from Olive Garden to go along with your unlimited breadsticks?

roosterteeth78 karma

Unlimited soup and salad. DUH.


DueTehDoo39 karma

Who's the weakest character in RvB that could beat Jaune in a fight?

roosterteeth50 karma



apeskyhedgehog37 karma

Do you think we will ever find out Agent Washington's last name?

roosterteeth58 karma

This was actually something we went around about when we (Miles, Matt, Burnie and I) started talking about the book. There were certain areas where it was going to be OK to tread and other areas where stuff needed to be held on to, either for future content in the show or because you don't want to midichlorian it a la the Star Wars prequels. We knew we needed to find a balance of new content and "first time ever" facts about certain characters without doing too much.


camcabbit31 karma

Do you plan to eventually make a RWBY: The Ultimate Fan Guide?

roosterteeth52 karma

I'll be the first in line to volunteer to write that thing but maybe next time we can make Kerry do the art, cool miles? Cool.


TheGunnSh0w30 karma

There's a lot of dirty reds on this AMA. Where's my Blue rep??

roosterteeth68 karma

Suck it, Blue.


tb-talex28 karma

Who's better when drunk: Burnie, Gus or Matt?

roosterteeth178 karma

Cheese Master


crescent-rain27 karma

For Miles, is Beacon Academy closer to a high school or a college?

roosterteeth55 karma

The age range is right in the middle, but in terms of the way the school works, I'd say it's much more similar to college.


DalekSkarr26 karma

What was the most stressful shot that you had to work with with the greatest payoff?

roosterteeth42 karma

"Freckles... shake."


Couchchicken25 karma


In all seriousness though have you guys ever had a moment where you felt completely burnt out from all the work load?

roosterteeth124 karma

When RvB season 3 wrapped I was so mentally fried that I had to take a break. I went to Japan and hid for two weeks and had zero contact with anybody I knew to kind of reset myself and mentally recharge. Back then mobile phones from the US didn't work in Japan so it was a really cool experience. I basically didn't speak or use my voice for two weeks and instead just observed people and the world around me.


roosterteeth119 karma

During the lowest point of Season 12's production, I was driving to work and I thought to myself "If I just get in a car accident, then I can't be blamed for taking time to rest and relax."

It was a difficult time, lol.


DemonicCorndog24 karma

What have been either the most difficult or easiest things to work with inside the Halo games? ie: lack of alert carry or use of theater.

roosterteeth81 karma

Theater mode is a gift from god.

Forge mode IS god.

But Spartans raising their weapons every time they move was like having my heart ripped out.

I was very happy to see that fixed in Halo 5, but then very disappointed to see the changes they made to theater mode :(


DemonicCorndog3 karma

What exactly IS the combo for alert carry?

roosterteeth17 karma

A, B, X, down on D-pad for about 2 seconds.

WAAAAAY easier than Halo 3's, A, click both sticks, hold both bumpers, down on the D-pad. (I think I remembered that right...)


HyperShot1223 karma

What was your vision of the future of RvB when you decided to make more episodes after it became so popular? Did you ever expect it to last so long?

roosterteeth85 karma

We never thought it would last this long or involve this many people. It is really humbling to walk into the studio and see how many people are involved with producing RvB. I can't speak for everyone else but my vision in the beginning was to do this for a couple of years until it died off and then I'd go back to working IT. Honestly at this point I have forgotten everything I used to know about IT so I REALLY hope we can keep doing this forever.


SparkG22 karma

Any celebrity you want to colaborate with on RvB?

Like Elijah Wood. :P

roosterteeth72 karma

I'd love to work with Edgar Wright. Like holy shit. Drop me a line sometime, mate.



izzyman11119 karma

Hi! thanks for doing this AMA. I have been watching RVB for a while with my brother and we both love it. My question is what retailers will have the RVB book? and also Miles what is the weirdest thing you have ever had to do for rooster teeth? Thanks in advance

roosterteeth23 karma

You can get the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the states here for sure. You can find the full list of retailers at redvsbluebook.com.


ShepardCom18 karma

What characters do you have the most fun writing?

roosterteeth45 karma

  1. Locus & Felix
  2. Sarge
  3. Dr. Grey

Caboose and Donut are EXTREMELY difficult.


roosterteeth25 karma

Between the book and season 10, Sarge and Donut hands down.


AdmiralAntilles16 karma


How you doing man? You good?

My question to you is who was your favourite character to include extra information on in the book? Something that was new to everyone.

roosterteeth26 karma

I know I'm not Miles but I will say that Miles COMPLETELY blew my mind when he sent me the bio he'd written for Hargrove, because that was the first I knew of that twist. I think I even emailed him in a frenzy like WAIT WHAT.


roosterteeth23 karma

Expanding on Dr. Grey was a lot of fun. It's such an incredibly sad background for a character everyone considers to be happy and joyful.


sidekickjoey16 karma

Miles, how much fun was it to voice Felix? Also, the song on the season 13 outtakes was a masterpiece, bravo

roosterteeth27 karma

I love playing Felix. He's pretty much the opposite of my day-to-day self, so it's incredibly fun.

He's just so horrible.


Kracadon14 karma

Biggest prankster at RT?

roosterteeth42 karma

Joel Mann, one of our animators, is definitely up there. He likes to make characters do awful things in Maya, then exports an image, takes that image, and makes it your desktop background.

You're a sick man, Joel.


IRCheesecake8211 karma

Hey guys! First of all, I want to say thank you for doing everything you do, watching and listening to all of the stuff that you guys do and make is always one of the highlights of my days. Life would be considerably less awesome without Rooster Teeth. Also, I can't wait to see the group of you guys who end up going to PAX East!

My question is: I'm doing everything I can to to attend RTX 2016 with a good friend of mine. While I know you always mention awesome spots around Austin in things like podcasts and other videos, which spots would you say we absolutely have to go to if we make it to Austin for RTX weekend?

roosterteeth22 karma

Don't think I've ever talked about it on the podcast but hit up Easy Tiger. It's a short walk from the convention center. Get the Italian Beef sandwich.


EnigmaFilms9 karma

Hey Miles, is there any chance of a RWBY Manga?

roosterteeth28 karma

Already happening in Japan, amigo!


SkylerPC8 karma

Let me just say you guys are an inspiration to a lot of people.

My question. Whenever you're at conventions people always ask how to get hired, and you always respond, "make stuff, make stuff, make stuff." But what then? How does one get more exposure? What would you tell a smaller channel to help them grow?

roosterteeth16 karma

As someone who got connected to Rooster Teeth because I made stuff, I'll say this: keep making it and trying to find the right audience for it. Everything has an audience somewhere. You just have to make sure and connect the right people to your work, and don't stop or get discouraged. Make what you want to make and do it for you, and do what you can to get better. Eventually, the right people will see it, and if they don't or that takes awhile, you've still gotten way better at what you do in the meantime.



Outside of RTX or any other "cons" that organically gather an interaction with RT fans -

What has been the strangest/most interesting fan encounter you have had?

roosterteeth60 karma

A dude bought me a drink at a strip club once back in like 2004.


roosterteeth55 karma

Anytime anyone cries.

Like... I just don't know what to do. I will never get used to having "fans", but I'm incredibly grateful and happy that I can entertain people.

But yeah, I just don't know what to do when someone cries, because I'm really a very mediocre person, haha.


Zoroark34968 karma

Machinimators on YouTube complained about Halo 4 for Machinima purposes. Does Halo 5 appear to have those issues corrected?

roosterteeth22 karma

Some aspects are better, some are worse. You just gotta remember that Bungie and 343 make games first and foremost. The fact that theater mode even exists is amazing.


Purplestackz7 karma

So can you guys give us any details on the next season of RvB?

roosterteeth26 karma

Coming 2016. Tons of short stories about any characters from RvB at any point in the RvB timeline. Multiple writers and directors. Multiple art and animation styles. Gonna be crazy to pull off. Gonna be awesome if we can do it. Get hyped.


no-homo-broa10 karma

Can we get a live action Vic story?

roosterteeth16 karma

You might get a live action something...


bfett257 karma

How many times did you guys Re-watch/watch RvB while writing this book?

roosterteeth42 karma

My wife never wants to hear another episode of RvB again. I basically had it playing on repeat for 2 months, with and without commentary. The nuttiest part was collecting all the statistics. I had 6 spreadsheets where I was marking off all the stuff that ended up in the book (Church's sniper rifle accuracy, the overall score/kills of both teams, # of freelancer kills, #of tank shots fired, # of grenades thrown, etc).


Ello08117 karma

Since reading the book and internally screaming that all the Freelancer's names are blacked out, will we ever find out their real names? Otherwise Agent Washington will just be David Washington and Agent Carolina will stay Carol Ina. Also I wanna say that Miles, you are amazing and a huge inspiration to me, so thank you for being so cool and funny and just being you <3

roosterteeth8 karma

I answered this earlier in the thread too but I'll answer again here! There was definitely a tightrope walk we did where we wanted new, interesting content for hardcore fans but not so much as to ruin some of the illusion/mystery of certain events or characters. We DID have a last name for Washington in there at one point, but it eventually got removed.


ATerribleNerd7 karma

Will we ever get a follow-up to "Greatest Episode Ever"? I loved the production value itself. The voice cast alone was amazing.

roosterteeth21 karma

Burnie does not like that I took that title. Haters gonna hate.


inhumanrampager6 karma

Who in RT has the best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression?

roosterteeth10 karma

Not Kyle. Despite what he may think.



Brickenstein6 karma

If Michael and Gavin were to get themselves into comas, who would replace them as lab rats?

roosterteeth12 karma

I mean, I assume we'd just puppeteer their bodies around...


DerpGamerFTW6 karma


bacon_pie9 karma

Because Gus.

roosterteeth10 karma



Mogar_the_Bear6 karma

We're there any challenges that come with writing a book that were completely unexpected or something you hadn't even thought about? How did you get past these?

roosterteeth11 karma

ART. The book required a ton of art assets, which I never really considered because I was more concerned with actually writing the damn thing in time for the deadlines we had. Then there was the issue of, "huh, what pictures are we putting in here?" I got a huge hard drive from RT filled with basically every art asset ever from RvB and had to go through all of it. And then I had to bug Miles and Koen for even more (sorry guys).


killklli6 karma

Eddy beyond the book and the know do you do any other types of writing?

roosterteeth19 karma

Yeah! I'm working on some novels, and I have a big Source Filmmaker project called The Leet World with my buds at Smooth Few Films. It's the sequel to a Counter-Strike show my friends and I used to make yeeeeears ago (and how Burnie originally connected with me, because he was a big fan of it - I actually write a bit about that in the book).


Obvious_Troll_Accoun6 karma

Will there be questions answered?

roosterteeth27 karma

Nah, just answers questioned


Papasimmons5 karma

What's the weirdest thing that's happened in Rvb during crunch mode?

Love you guys! <3

Edit meant RvB instead of animation my brain had a fart.

roosterteeth12 karma

Singing and listening to Brittany Spears' "Toxic" in 5.1 surround sound with our sound guy, Clayton, in the booth at 4am.


katelyne5 karma

What was your main motivation for writing the RvB book?

P.S. I've loved reading it so far!

roosterteeth13 karma

I won't completely speak for Burnie here (but I sort of will) that in our early talks about this book him and Matt really want RvB to have the same treatment that other huge franchises have. You'll find other franchises always have these great companion pieces with extra content for fans. A book (by one of the biggest publishers in the world, no less) is a natural extension of that.


tacticalpie5 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Church(Epsilon), Church(Dr. Leonard Church), and Church(Season 1)?

roosterteeth15 karma

What? No Yellow Church?

That's fucked up.


izzyman1115 karma

How many times have people tried to hit on you guys at RTX?

roosterteeth12 karma

Honestly, I don't think anyone has ever hit on me at a convention or anything.

Either that, or I'm completely oblivious... which is also true.


RWBYcookie4 karma

Will the book be released in book stores (for example: Chapters, Idigo, ect)? If so, which countries will it be availible in?

roosterteeth8 karma

It's available at Chapters/Indigo and Barnes & Noble for sure, as well as Amazon. I believe there's a full list of retailers at redvsbluebook.com


DueTehDoo4 karma

When drawing up the general plotline for Seasons 11-13, which Chorus characters came out really different to the initial plan?

roosterteeth10 karma

Vanessa Kimball.

Originally, she was going to kill Doyle in the battle of Armonia in Season 12, even after Felix's betrayal was revealed. I wanted to make a character that looked like they would do the right thing all the way up to their final moment... but then give into their hatred when it mattered most.

Over time, though, I just grew to love her, and realized I could make a much stronger point by showing her hatred in S13 and then having her change for the better.

Thanks for the great question! -Miles

you-know-whats-up4 karma

Any big plans already in motion for RTX 2016?

(P.s. seriously, love you guys for everything)

roosterteeth6 karma

Yeah, tons of ideas for events in 2016. We're really looking to grow our presence at events and really crank RTX up like crazy. If all our pie in the sky ideas and goals come true it should be a blast.


LotharLandru4 karma

Church can't ever seem to shoot anyone. I was watching and when it was revealed he is an AI, the thought immediately popped into my head that its not that hes a bad shot but litterally CAN'T shoot someone, due to asimovs laws of robotics. Was this the intention behind his inabilty to shoot people?

roosterteeth10 karma

I don't actually know the answer to this but I will say that Church's sniper rifle accuracy (included in the statistics part of the RvB Book) definitely surprised me. MUCH higher than I thought (he had a pretty good run in Season 5). I mean don't get me wrong, still terrible, but not what I expected.


Deadmanx1324894 karma

Hi RT! Thanks for the AMA!

What inspired you guys to make this book and what is it about? Thanks!

roosterteeth6 karma

The book is basically a companion piece to RvB. It's got all the info you'd ever want on characters, (nearly) every location/Halo map the series has ever visited, stats from the show, and some behind the scenes material. But my favorite part is all the new content and side stories. Speaking as a fan (I've been watching since Season 1 and wrote for the show in Season 10), the new content has some really cool in-universe stuff for anyone who loves the lore of the series.


bfett253 karma

Why in RvB s9-10 did we never get to see Wash's face?

roosterteeth23 karma

Wash is up there with the Blood Gulch Crew. He's been around so long, it's likely most people already have a picture in their head of what he looks like. It'd be impossible to meet those expectations, so it's better to just keep him in that helmet!


nyctoriptide3 karma

Say the character you voice (or your favorite character) is going speed dating. What's the first thing they say to their date(s) to really sell themselves?

roosterteeth14 karma

Well, Felix is a tough one to answer for, because he'd just say whatever his date would want to hear...

...until he got what he wanted, of course.


Lemonhead_273 karma

Have you guys already decided on the people that will direct Season 14 (or at least parts of it)? If so, what can we expect?

roosterteeth7 karma

We've locked in almost 90% of our writers and directors as of today.

Some people you'll expect, some will take you by complete surprise, and some you may have never heard of, but they're all gonna do some great things.


Sjanne3 karma

Where would you like to work if you didn't work at Rooster Teeth?

roosterteeth4 karma

Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, I think.


saintash3 karma

is there any chance that season 11 12 13 are going to be sold as a box set?

roosterteeth7 karma

I really, REALLY wanted to sell a Chorus Trilogy box set, but as of right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. That stuff's out of my control, unfortunately.

If we ever DO sell a box set, I've made it clear to our merchandise department that I'd also want to release the design of the custom box, so that people that already bought the discs could put them in the cool, collector's sleeve.


RaggedyEdgewalker2 karma

My question is for Eddy Rivas, the author: Did you remember most of the lore for the book or did you have to go back and watch and do a lot of research to make sure your memory was correct?

Love the book, great job!

roosterteeth9 karma

I had to watch a literal poopton of RvB to get this book going. Literally the entire box set on repeat with and without commentary. My wife never wants to hear Burnie's voice again.


GaMeBoTz2 karma

Is the red vs blue book available in canadian stores ?

roosterteeth4 karma

You can get it at Indigo/Chapters! It was at amazon.ca, but I want to say they were out of stock as of yesterday (though it could be back by now).


ab1ma2 karma

If you had to bring back one old (discontinued) RT show, which one would it be?

roosterteeth6 karma



JosieFlofx2 karma

Was there any content you had planned for the book that didn't make the cut?

roosterteeth9 karma

There were a few things that I really wanted to get in there but didn't for a variety of reasons. At first we'd planned on having a section written by Gavin, just to round out all the directors. We also had a flow chart we wanted to do about all the structural changes in both Red and Blue teams. There was also going to be more AI content. Some of these were cut for space (printing costs go up when you pass certain page thresholds) and some were cut for technical reasons/art issues.


JogarTheWise2 karma

What was the biggest difficulty while making the RvB book?

roosterteeth7 karma

Content, time and balancing the material that was yet to be written/released for RvB. Once the release date was set, deadlines started hitting quick and often. There was a massive amount of content to fit into the whole book (it's 220-ish pages long), and some of that had to cover things that hadn't happened yet. Miles was AMAZING on this front, and sat down with me early and often to talk out what was going to happen in the future. I learned about THAT ending to Season 13 well over a year ago. /feels


roosterteeth6 karma

Trying to gather art assets, write supplemental material, and provide Eddy with facts and trivia for the book all while working on seasons 12 and 13.

Then poor Eddy had to put that shit together. God help him.


madguitarist0072 karma

First of all, thank you guys for doing this! You guys have been a huge inspiration to me in my own creative life!

After watching RvB, I was inspired to create my own MAchinima series, which has now seen the release of part of its first season.

So I have a few basic questions.

What advice would you give to an new Machinima creator?

What have you learned through the years that you wish you knew when you started?

Do you have any tips for telling a story through machinima as opposed to other media?

What's the typical production schedule for a season of RvB?

roosterteeth7 karma

My advice isn't just for a person working in machinima but is good advice for a new creator in general.

Develop a release schedule and stick to it. When you first start, make sure you have several episodes done and ready to go before you start releasing. You want to make sure people know when to expect your content.


ye_olde_jetsetter2 karma


Hi Rooster Teeth! I’m Darlene. Me and my friend Jessine love you guys and put together a list of questions that we hope to have you answer.

How do you avoid burning out when making creative content? The idea of being creative as a career has always seemed appealing, but terrifying.

Jessine and I produce videos and skits, but are struggling with branding ourselves. This early, should the focus be getting into the habit of regular content, or should energy be put into establishing who we are first? How long did it take for the RT brand to come together? Did you dive headfirst into creating and then figure things out from there, or did you plan things out way before even generating content?

How did you guys get started? Who of you began the company and how did you come to know each other? Did Rooster Teeth begin as a single project, or as a series of projects?

Do you feel that the kinds of people involved with Rooster Teeth have had a major impact on the company’s success? What things do you feel have had a major impact on the success of the company?

How large of an impact do you feel that your fans have on your work? When you create content, how much thought do you put into your audience? Are you ever concerned about the audience reaction, or, for example, with RvB, do you simply create story according to what you feel is appropriate for the characters?

Do you believe that a location is crucial to a company’s success? If Rooster Teeth were located anywhere but Austin, do you think the company would be more or less successful than it already is?

How important is it for a creative company to work in specialized teams? That is to say, do you have separate staffs for writing than for animating or editing? Or does everyone in the company have a general knowledge for all creative media? Is it better to have specialized teams working on a project, or to have people who can do a little of everything?

What were your inspirations starting out? Did you ever want to work for an already-established company? What decisions led to the creation of an entirely new company?

Thanks very much.

roosterteeth9 karma

Avoiding burnout is an interesting thing...I'm lucky enough that I don't focus on any one project. I'm always bouncing around between different things so that is really helpful.

We dove into creating first. Rooster Teeth was I think the third (or fourth) website we created. Before this we'd never really branded ourselves beyond the name of the website. I think content is definitely first. RvB launched in April of 03 but I don't think we officially took the RT name on until a couple of weeks in once we realized it was getting really popular.

How did we get started? Well, I'll give you my perspective on it. Burnie, Joel and Matt collaborated on a movie together while they were in college and after college Joel and Matt moved out to LA. Burnie, Geoff and I worked at a call center doing tech support and we'd get really bored. Geoff and I started making goofy websites to entertain ourselves and our friends and Burnie liked the idea so he also started making websites with us. As a result of making the movie Burnie had a video capture card so he started recording Halo gameplay and decided to write a narrative using Halo to tell the story. Burnie had no other friends so he asked all of us to do voices and help out with RvB and people really latched on to it and it took off like crazy.

Yeah, people are a HUGE impact on the company. Luckily when we started out we all had a diverse set of interests and skills so we were able to kinda fill all the jobs we needed just amongst the initial few guys. As we've grown we really think about each new member of the team and make sure they understand what they're getting in to and that they'll be a good fit.

Fans definitely have a huge impact on me. When we first started out we decided we needed to meet people who liked our work so we started attending every event we could around the US in order to meet fans and try to connect with everyone and spread our work. Above everything else, we are also fans of stuff and we always think about things we are a fan of as a motivator for how to approach things.

Location...in the early days we figured that an internet based company could be anywhere. We thought about buying up a bunch of cheap houses in Detroit and moving there. Ultimately though we were lazy so we stayed in Austin. There's definitely something special to the city of Austin but I think people can start up a successful business like ours just about anywhere.

For a long time we operated with a very generalist attitude where everybody did everything. I think that was fine in the beginning, but I'm WAY more happy with the results of our work now that we have specialists working on things. I could never do 1/10 of what the crew out in the animation department does. Those guys are constantly killing it.

When I was young I wanted to make video games. Then the internet took off and I wanted to start a tech company in Silicon Valley. I settled for this. I guess this will work out.


TripleABatteries2 karma

What is your favourite RT video?

roosterteeth4 karma

RT Tour Video, probably. That or Catch.


Mason_Newell2 karma

How long do you plan on making RVB content? Will there be more seasons of RvB made?

MF_984 karma

They've said in the past that they will continue to make RVB as long as people watch it.

roosterteeth9 karma

Burnie says almost this exact thing in one of his BTS sections in the book!


queenedgar2 karma

Regarding the RvB Book: Why is Florida/Flowers never mentioned? It would have been so cool to learn more about the "Mysterious Blue Guy," plus he was the only Freelancer without a page

roosterteeth3 karma

He's mentioned juuuust a little bit in other people's bios and in the timeline I believe, but there were a few concessions that needed to be made for space (print gets more expensive past certain page thresholds). Part of why South/North were combined on a page together.


Charlemagne_III1 karma

Does it contain information on the RvB "canon," so to speak?

roosterteeth3 karma

It does! There's a first ever Official timeline (you know it's official because I capitalized it), plus some facts about where the Reds and Blues were before their assignments to Blood Gulch.


zleek1 karma

When are you guys coming to Portland/Eugene Oregon next? I want to buy you guys some drinks and chill. And even though you give Oregon a lot of shit in the podcast, I still love you. I rep my Grifball Athletic Department hoodie everyday on campus.

Also what's your nacho topping of choice? Besides queso of course.

roosterteeth2 karma

Love Portland. I believe Alaska Airlines is about to start up a nonstop AUS-PDX flight so I may actually head out there more frequently for fun now.