My name is Jack Douglass, and I've ran my YouTube channel Jacksfilms for over 9 years. After 2 million subscribers, 600 videos, and over half a billion views, I'm releasing my biggest video yet - the 100th episode of Your Grammar Sucks - this Friday, November 20th. Very eager to take your questions!

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EDIT: That's all I've got! Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, stimulating, and erotic questions. I'm going to take a long cold shower to wash your filth away, also need to finish editing heh heh. THANK YOU!!!!

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mt2oo81676 karma

It's been 9 years and you've never actually made a film. Why call yourself Jacksfilms? Why lie to your hardcore fanbase, JacksVIDEOS?

Jacksfilms3207 karma

Because I'm a filthy fucking liar that needs to be punished daddy

adobeflashcrashed994 karma

Do you ever get tired of repeated jokes on YIAY (Lightswitch, missing dads, gay jokes, etc.)?

Jacksfilms1188 karma

Mixed blessing. Sometimes yes, very much, when I'm trying to hunt down fun answers. But then I remember that, hey, this is a series that has its own catchphrases, and damn that's kinda cool. So I keep my bitching to a minimum.

ciarasdfghjkl634 karma

Fuck, marry, kill:

Donald Trump, Rick Astley, John Cena?

Jacksfilms2120 karma

Can I just fuck John Cena 3 times? DOOT DO DO DOOOOOOOOOO

Flaszka596 karma

After 2 million subscribers

You don't have 2 million yet.

Question: What are your plans for the future? Do you have another big project incoming?

Jacksfilms557 karma

How DARE you. But yea, true. GUH.

Plans for the future are to keep cranking them out at full steam. Specifically more parodies, sketches, and music videos, since they're my real passion. I have a few series that I'm working on as well, one that's coming fairly soon and one that's a tad further off.

FiveMinFreedom457 karma

When I first tried to get on YIAY, I tried for MONTHS. Every day, every night, and never was i featured. But then came Sad Stories in 10 Words, and my responds got picked. I was happy even though I knew it would only be a one time thing. But then, duing the next two weeks, I was featured four to five times, almost in a row. Then I decided to take a little break from answering questions, and when I returned, I found that I had to do the whole "process" over again. Is there there's reason for this? Did you just simply subconsciously pick me a few times in a row? Or do you think it was just sheer luck?

Jacksfilms719 karma

I can say with 100% honesty that I barely pay attention to the usernames - I focus purely on the answers. I don't ever pick "favorites" because I can't even keep track of who's been on before (especially when these videos get 10-20k comments each). So congratulations on having a string of awesome answers! KEEP AT IT

Maxiscoolerthanyou437 karma

Hey Jack! When YGS 100 comes out who are you going to be watching it with?

Jacksfilms1078 karma

Myself because I am shit at planning and didn't leave time to plan a release party. Good lord that's the saddest thing I've typed

ilackcreativity710412 karma

What's the most cringeworthy memory you have bich?

Also, thanks for putting me in YIAY parenting tips episode!

Jacksfilms923 karma

Tripping in middle school down a small flight of stairs and crying like a bitch in front of a pack of hot babes

tinybabyfishmouth1403 karma

did your forehead catch your fall

Jacksfilms1482 karma


Maxiscoolerthanyou355 karma

How was it working with NinjaSexParty for the video "Cookies!" ?

Jacksfilms424 karma

Magical. They're such down to earth dudes, VERY smart too. Refreshing to work with guys that well-rounded.

ColorCoatDrawing330 karma

Will Kermit and/or Chad be returning in YGS 100?

Jacksfilms386 karma

One of them will. Find out on Friday!

superbich325 karma

Hi Jack! I've been following you since I found your Super Bowl parody three years ago, and you've since become one of my favorite YouTubers. I've marked my calendar for YGS 100, and I've enjoyed the journey to it!

Feel free to answer any or all of these.

  • Do you remember your first AMA with Sean?

  • If you get to kill a man at 1 million subscribers, what's the reward for reaching 2 million subscribers?

  • How do I tell my friends and family that I got featured on YIAY without losing them?

Thanks for doing this AMA! You're the hunkiest.

EDIT: Removed privacy settings on the Twitter account

Jacksfilms309 karma

Thanks for marking your calendar!!

  1. Sean is one of the greatest people on this green earth. ALWAYS down to work together on something, is hilarious, AND has a winning smile

  2. You can tickle strangers and they can't get mad at you

  3. Tell them you lost a bet

xkev320x313 karma

Is YGS 100 randomly cut together or is there some kind of structure in this damn big video? :)

Jacksfilms794 karma

Good question! Haha syke that question sucks

Originally, YGS 100 was going to be one long movie with a cohesive plot, and most if not all of the dialogue would be made up of real comments with awful grammar. This ended up not happening because a) Jesus Christ that would take forever and b) the schtick would get old after 5 minutes, let alone 60 or 90.

So YGS 100 consists of over 60 sketches, 7 songs, 5 cartoons, and 2 drinking games, and the "structure" is that I (hopefully) cut everything together so that it never, ever drags. What I'm telling people is that if you don't like a bit, wait 20 seconds for something completely different!

LegendGames294 karma

Been a fan of yours for years, but I must ask: Do you see today's irony of this video?

Jacksfilms400 karma

Knew what it was before I even clicked on it haha. And of course I see the irony!

I made that video half out of jealousy, because back then none of my videos were ever sponsored. Pretty sure I had the mentality of "Psh whatever I don't NEED sponsors" before realizing that, no dude, sponsors are awesome.

But I also understand the frustration from the viewer's standpoint, so I always try to make the sponsored program nearly as enjoyable as the actual content.

TheCrusaderp284 karma

What was it like collaborating with Filthy Frank?

Jacksfilms591 karma

Appropriately filthy

MindOfOrangutan277 karma

Will you turn this into a special episode of JackAsk?

Jacksfilms444 karma

2 hours in and I never even thought of that. Wow. Genius idea, I just might!

Satanic_Ginger275 karma

Do you notice a difference between the reddit and youtube community? Obviously you're familiar with both, but from the youtube comments i've seen, it seems like they're stuck on the jokes that reddit was making in 2012ish. Is there a community you prefer?

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Jacksfilms699 karma

Not to suck reddit's dick too much, but I've always liked how the smarter, content-appropriate comments rise to the top. That's something you don't find on YouTube. But on reddit, when I see a breaking news bulletin, (like the Paris attacks for example), I don't click on the headline but rather the comments section. The top comment details the event in incredible detail, or debunks the news headline with a "This is from an old 2013 article, disregard." You don't find that on YouTube.

Needs_more_socks229 karma

Does the unrelenting pressure of never being allowed to make a grammatical error ever get you down?

Jacksfilms445 karma

Not really because I'm about to mak one BOOM pressure's off.

Edvoh221 karma

If you had a real job, what would it be?

Jacksfilms323 karma

I would say a production assistant on a film set, trying to work my way up the old fashioned way. That was honestly my game plan for a good while before YouTube took off!

TristanCorb206 karma

Hey John. Thanks for doing this. Two things:

Do you have a special dank meme folder collection? If so, screencap it (send it my way).

Two, in total, how many light switches do you have in your house?

Jacksfilms355 karma

  1. Why would I ever share my dank meme collection? I'm a hoarder.

  2. Fuck

squdlum202 karma

Hey Jack, I have a couple questions for ya, feel free to answer them at your leisure:

  • How difficult was it to get alllll of those YouTubers for YGS 100? Any you wish you could have snatched, but couldn't?
  • Your old miniseries-thing Maximum Occupancy was immensely enjoyable. I think if you did something similar now, it would turn out great. Have you considered a more serious/character-driven comedy series?
  • Who are your comedy inspirations?
  • When someone asks successful people for advice, it's usually pretty generic. Do you have any unusual/unexpected advice for someone who's just starting out on YouTube?

Thanks for doing this AMA.... m'Douglass.

Jacksfilms305 karma

Ugh gross a MULTI-question. FINE.

  1. Surprisingly not too difficult! Honestly it was a matter of just asking most of them, and very few people said no. I really wish I could've gotten Rhett, Link, and Smosh (they were understandably busy), but I'm very happy with the 50+ people I did get!

  2. Oh man, there's a blast from the past! Need to give my buddies Chris and Darren credit for writing the bulk of that series, so much fun. I DO actually have an idea in the works, and boy am I excited. Can't give too much away, except that it's animated...

  3. Tim and Eric! Early 2000's era of SNL! Patton Oswalt! NAMES!!

  4. Sarcastic advice - grab a time machine and go back 10 years when the site wasn't nearly as saturated, as it's frustratingly hard to break out now. REAL advice - a schedule really helps, as does viewer engagement! Interact with your viewers, and they will remember it.


Do people often recognize you in public? If so, what's the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Jacksfilms312 karma

Every once in a while someone will come up to me, and that's always fun. I honestly do enjoy that, never thought it'd happen to a dink like me. Weirdest thing, though? Guy once gave me and my girlfriend a long, uncomfortable story about how he hated being in the army. Totally unprompted, of course. I could hear the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" music play in the background.

BugByte14151 karma

Hey Jack, would you ever consider bringing back the 'stache? I miss it:(

Jacksfilms415 karma

My girlfriend won't let me. Can you believe that?! No taste.

Dulexo149 karma

What's your favorite amiibo?

Jacksfilms472 karma

Ben Carson

kwidem143 karma

Hey there, I'm a big fan of your stuff :)

  1. What are your plans for YGS after YGS 100? How can you possibly top it?

  2. What parody or sketch have you always wanted to do, but have never got around to doing?

  3. What was your favourite comment to read on YGS?

  4. Are you gay?

Jacksfilms287 karma

Hey big fan, I'm DAD

  1. Plans for future YGS will be revealed at the very end of YGS 100! Oh come on, I have to give you guys SOME incentive to watch the whole thing!

  2. There's a sketch called "Comment Wars" that I've been dying to do since like 2012. It honestly isn't that complicated, but I'm also really good at putting things off. Like if they gave medals for that, I'd get bronze easily

  3. There's one in like the 60s that made me absolutely lose my shit. It's one of those comments that is impossible to get through because I'm laughing so hard. Those come few and far inbetween but are the reason I do YGS at all.

  4. Ask my girlfriend. Wait don't because she'll say "yea"

kwidem164 karma

There's one in like the 60s that made me absolutely lose my shit.

Wild guess, is the clip this one?

Thanks for replying, dude!

Jacksfilms118 karma

Haha yup, that's the one!!

schimmdog23118 karma

When did you realize that you were famous or at the very least popular?

Do you ever get recognized in public?

Love your videos <3

Jacksfilms235 karma

I think the "famous" thing (if you can call it that) really hit me when I found out about my Wikipedia page. That truly was a surreal, scary moment.

I don't get recognized in public a ton, but maybe a couple times a month? It's always fun, doesn't happen frequently enough that I get annoyed/jaded by it.

Burnoutm181897 karma

What product do you use to buffer your forehead?

Jacksfilms226 karma


YarharALC96 karma

I've never gotten into your YouNow video calls, so I'll just ask a few several questions here.

  1. Does your family "get" what you do? (My YouNow question)
  2. Do you ever think about the longevity of your career? What would/will you do if your channel loses traction?
  3. Does the fact that at least 1.9 million (haha you're not getting to 2mil) people know you exist ever get to you mentally?
  4. What do you think about the U.S. Presidential candidates? Who are you liking so far? I like hearing you talk about actual stuff out of character.
  5. Holy shit you got the most popular YouTube creator (PewDiePie) to work with you. Do you get starstruck when working with people "higher up" than yourself, or is your ego bigger than your forehead?
  6. Can you give me an acronym for my username? That should fix all the serious questions I asked.

Jacksfilms198 karma

  1. I couldn't ask for a more supportive family. They totally get it, which STILL surprises me because I sound like a spoiled bumbling idiot whenever I try to explain to someone what I do for a living.

  2. Constant worry. The trick is to always stay relevant. Make content that people WANT to see. That sounds so simple, but it's always changing, so it's a constant game of catchup. If/when YGS or YIAY dies out, hopefully by then I'll have moved on to a more relevant series.

  3. FIGHT ME I mean not really because it's really hard to visually imagine 2 million people. It's one of those numbers that's too big to picture. When astronomers talk about how the closest galaxy is 6 trillion miles away or the largest known star is a billion times more massive than the Sun, it's like shut up nerd, those numbers are too big for my tiny Netflix brain to handle. Dumb it down.

  4. I'll be honest - no one really has my vote/attention quite yet. I feel it's too early, also WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME?! I'm the least politically qualified person on the planet! My dog knows more about politics than I do

  5. I don't get starstruck when working with other YouTubers because you have to realize, we're all just regular bozos! But I would absolutely get starstruck if I worked with, say, Tim and Eric or Ben Folds. NOT because they're celebrities, but because I admire the shit out of them. THAT would intimidate me.

  6. Yeesh, Acronyms Really Have Antagonized Reviewers. A Lovely Corpse.

esraatolba95 karma

Jack, have you finished editing YGS 100?

Jacksfilms229 karma

Nope hahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahah (99% done)

harveyhersey82 karma

Jack, I don't understand the whole John thing. Is it a running joke that started before I subscribed (it'd have to be pretty long-standing), or is it ACTUALLY your real name?

Jacksfilms182 karma

It honestly is my real name! But for whatever reason, "Jack" is an assumed nickname for "John." Virtually no one calls me John, and only substitute teachers ever called me that.

stonepa1180 karma

Hey Jack! Been a fan since 2013.

One of my favorite series you made is News in Hakuis. But even with your 2 reboots, you've never been able to make it a weekly thing. I remember you saying it has no replay value - but I think the complete opposite. It's pretty cool to look back at what happened - remember when Kim broke the Internet? I was wondering if you had any plans to reboot the series a third time.

Jacksfilms136 karma

I will never give up on News in Haikus! Hard part is actually making it happen, but damn it I really want to make it weekly. I suck at news but I'm really good at haikus, so to exploit that talent weekly would be a dream.

bengaldude54575 karma

Hi Jack! I was wondering. How many hours a day do you spend on editing videos?

Jacksfilms173 karma


Anywhere from 2-6 hours a day. I live on my laptop. It's...not a thrilling life

Lynac75 karma

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the workload of full-time YouTubing?

Also, your continued work towards proper grammar is commendable. Thank you!

Jacksfilms127 karma

Sometimes I do! People who dismiss YouTube as not being a "real" job forget the hours that go into writing and editing, especially the latter. I feel like 90% of my time is spent editing. I used to have a LOT more free time before I did daily (well, sometimes daily) videos, but now I consider it an honest 9-5 gig, if not more.

But I can't really complain because I love doing it. Having creative control over everything is unreal, so it counterbalances the overwhelming feeling pretty nicely.

MaxAreMe72 karma

Why do you keep mislabelling mnemonics as acronyms? Please check your privilege before I report you to the Tumblr police.

Jacksfilms96 karma

Damn it just let me have my FUN

bibliotaph67 karma

Hey Jack! Long time watcher. First video of yours I saw was the snuggie parody in my first year of high school and now I'm in my last year of college! Crazy! It's been awesome seeing you go through different content phases over the years. What has been your favorite regular series you've made? Also, what was your favorite YIAY question?

Jacksfilms76 karma

Enjoy your final year of college!!

Favorite regular series? Hm. It's tough to label "PMS" as a series because they're all very different, so I'm going to exclude this one, even though I prefer making sketches and such.

I'd say it's a tie between YIAY and YGS. Sure, YGS has been around longer, and I am proud of the songs and specials that have come from it. But YIAY is so much fun because it's still changing. Whenever I think it's getting a little stale, I mix it up with weird ones like "Can we make every comment the same?" or "My Music, Your Lyrics" or "Let's make a new flag for Antarctica". There's a flexibility in YIAY that I can't get in YGS.

Favorite YIAY question? I'm a sucker for "Roses are red...."

chsknght67 karma

After a collab with Ninja Sex Party, would you like to do a collaboration with the Game Grumps?

Jacksfilms163 karma

Um does Donald Trump love walls?!

Of COURSE I would!

MegaHetch65 karma

Have you ever gone through "writer's block" for a while, or, video block? =D

Jacksfilms130 karma

I can happily say that I never have, ONLY because I have a long, loooong list of backburner video ideas. Once that list runs dry, then yea totally, I'm screwed. But it'll be a while before that ever happens.

Waffleguy9657 karma

How many inches is your forehead?

Jacksfilms232 karma

All of them

Gipson556653 karma

Hey Jack been a fan for a long time now excited you're doing this.

So have you ever considered doing something other than YouTube? Like make a movie or write an album or something like that?

Jacksfilms84 karma

Down the road, my ultimate goal is to get into filmmaking. But I'd like to "hone my craft" a bit longer on YouTube if that makes sense. Plus YouTube offers a creative freedom that you just can't find in any other medium, so I'm not about to give that up!

NeckbeardDiaries51 karma

Why is your forehead so big?

Jacksfilms271 karma

Because it takes a lot of space to house an IQ of 64

XavierRV50 karma

Do you like Jack or John better?

Jacksfilms185 karma

Jack all the way, fuck Johns everywhere amirite

tinybabyfishmouth49 karma

can you make an acronym for reddit?

Jacksfilms240 karma

Reading Excerpts Daily. Did it Trend?

iStreeter44 karma

Sup nerd?

Jacksfilms124 karma

H-h-hey dad

CrackingOne93340 karma

What first got you into YouTube?

Jacksfilms86 karma

Boredom! I was a bored college student itching to make sketches with friends and dormmates, and needed a website to upload it all. "YouTube" just happened to have a nice name!

SprehdTehWerdEDM39 karma

You mentioned in your Draw My Life that your obsession with grammar came from English lessons. So do you also correct other people's grammar in public? For instance when you're hanging with friends or Erin?

Jacksfilms106 karma

Oh God, never. Nobody wants to be THAT guy. On YouTube, I get away with it because it's expected, and the comments featured are so outlandish and terribly written. But if someone says "who" instead of "whom" during conversation, I'd be a real dick to correct them.

MDOTz36 karma

Who are you voting for? What political party do you support?

Jacksfilms160 karma

Furry Fondlers

gabesoares5535 karma

Jack I've been watching you religiously since around 2011 and I've got one question for you, If you could say anything to us long term fans, what would it be?

Jacksfilms92 karma

Thank you thank you THANK you.

GamesinaBit35 karma

What's an genre of music that you listen to that would surprise us?

Jacksfilms100 karma

Folk? Is that what you'd consider The Tallest Man on Earth? Really love his stuff.

Also I'm weirdly into Christmas music. Like, hunting down FM stations in early November weird.

LegozForBreakfast35 karma

Good afternoon Jack, I have a couple questions!

•What are you most excited for in YGS 100? •How hard was it to get youtubers for the cast?

Thank you again, M'John!

Jacksfilms77 karma

There's a "3 dicks on a bench" segment that I'm just positively tickled about, as well as one of the cartoons that differentiates among THERE and THEY'RE and THEIR.

Getting YouTubers wasn't tough at all! Hardest part was scheduling, but reaching out was easy.

BugByte1432 karma

John Douglass, what is your favorite fruit?

Jacksfilms79 karma

Bananas. I feel like they're the desserts of fruit

BluLazer_31 karma

How old is Klondike?

Jacksfilms91 karma

About 2.5 years. Doesn't look a day over 2

skettuce27 karma

Which YGS is your favorite?

Jacksfilms60 karma

50! No, wait, 45! No, wait, 100!!

Terrance8d22 karma

Will you stop producing YIAY after YGS 100 comes out? If so, will you be doing more parodies, sketches and music videos?

Jacksfilms41 karma

While I don't have any plans to stop YIAY, I'm definitely shifting priorities over to parodies, sketches, and music videos after YGS 100. They're my favorite to make, and boy oh boy do I have some ideas

carlossolrac18 karma

I miss you making fun of Olga Kay's bad grammer. Do more bad grammer please?

Jacksfilms30 karma

Oh then you'll LOVE Friday's video :)

user283316 karma

Do you have anyone you consider an inspiration in either comedy or music making, also have any movies or events really inspired to make your videos?

Jacksfilms28 karma

Tim and Eric would have to be my biggest inspiration. Heavily influenced by Awesome Show.

And it was The Return of the King that really made me stop whatever I was pursuing at the time and go "That. I want to do THAT."

SaberCrunch16 karma

Hey Jack,

Big fan. I wanted to ask what was the most challenging video you've ever filmed. Was there anything in particular (time constraints, someone you worked with, etc.) that made it so difficult? Also, when are you planning on telling Erin that you're gay?

Looking forward to YGS 100!

Jacksfilms30 karma

YGS 100 has easily been the most challenging. It's juggling all of the songs, sketches, cartoons, and 50+ people that has proven difficult, not to mention editing it in an hour long video and keeping things moving. Orchestrating the whole thing has been a pain, but I realllllly think it'll be worth it. 2 days!!!

TheBurtmonster14 karma

This is a question that is unrelated to YouTube: I'm from Baltimore County, which is around your native Columbia. What is one of your favorite memories from Maryland?

Jacksfilms21 karma

Going to the Chesapeake Bay in the summer as a kid. Loitering around the Columbia Mall. Bar-hopping with the family on St. Patrick's Day in Canton.

ImKariemTheDream11 karma

So first of all, I love you to bits. My question: Have you changed your view on challenge videos?

Jacksfilms23 karma

Yea, a lot. I was pretty tough on them when I had absolutely no right to be. Challenge videos can be damn entertaining.

TheSilence138 karma

Hey jack, long time fan. I watched the entire YGS megacut in one sitting. What do you recommend i do next?

Jacksfilms18 karma

Give yourself a pat on the back and a nice massage

-sophie-7 karma

What is it about YGS that you think has made it stick around so much? Was it purely the promise of YGS 100? Usually when you made a series, it'd stick around for a few episodes and then it'd just disappear (like PMS), but YGS is the only series of yours that I have seen people I know actively sharing, even after I stopped watching the normal episodes and only watched the specials.

Jacksfilms14 karma

I think we all like to laugh at idiots. YGS is an excuse to feel pretty good about yourself, because at least you don't type like THAT guy, you know? It's why parodies are popular - we love to make fun of things that deserve to be made fun of.

svenskarrmatey7 karma

When's the next Jack's challenge?

Jacksfilms11 karma

Kicking it off later this month, then revealing the submissions late December!

Chainsofw0e4 karma

What's it like working with the Fine Bros/react team? Your reactions are probably some of my favourite out of the YouTubers

Jacksfilms4 karma

LOVE those Brothers Fine. Doing the React vids is always fun because we honestly never know what they're gonna show us. I'm still waiting for Deep Web shit. Bring it on, fellas

TheMiraculousCosmos3 karma

Hey Jack! I'm a huge fan. So, about YGS 100...

  1. How long did it take to make? (From gathering comments to video production)

  2. Are there anymore plans for YGS after Friday?

  3. Not a question... But visit /r/JacksFilms at some point in time!

Jacksfilms13 karma

  1. Been working on the songs and bits since February, and have been gathering comments since right after YGS 50 (so since 2013)! Actual shooting started in July, and I've been working pretty much nonstop on it since.

  2. This will be revealed at the end of YGS 100! Watch to the end to find out!

  3. I have! I look at it through cracked hands since they're very critical of YIAY. Not that I blame them! But if you're reading this, just know that the good stuff (parodies, music vids, sketches) are coming back in a BIG way.

Tacotaco733 karma

On average, how long does one of your Dubstep Solves Everything videos take to make from drawing board to upload?

Jacksfilms9 karma

The 3rd one took like 4 months, and I feel like the 4th one will take even longer. Oh boyyyyyy

-Leafious-3 karma

Top 5 Favorite YouTubers?

Jacksfilms11 karma

  1. Videogamedunkey
  2. Commentiquette Etiquette

that's it