My short bio: I'm a professional Scottish BMX rider and have just released a new BMX riding film called Kaleidoscope. I'm here for you to ask me anything about riding, my life, tattoos or anything else you want!

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semi5onic8 karma

Ever think about somehow doing a video with Danny Macaskill?

KrissKaleidoscope9 karma

I would love to do a video with Danny, he is super creative as well and it would be really cool to do something different away from a normal BMX video. If he would be interested I would down with it. I have looked up to him a lot, he's a good friend of mine so anything can happen.

Yem882 karma

What do u think about LZ joining the stranger team and Augie and Ricany quiting? Is this LZ's fault?

KrissKaleidoscope4 karma

I thought it was pretty funny to be honest. Im not if its his fault but I think it definitely had something to do with it.

Maddudehahaha3 karma

Hey Kriss, youre my favorite rider and you have the best style ive ever seen.

My question is do you think youll ever do another web series with red-bull?

Keep flaring the world bro.

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

Yeh I was actually just talking to someone downstairs at Red Bull about it. I had so much fun doing each episode of riding shotgun, would love to do it all over again. So hopefully next year you will see something pop up.

Zicarion3 karma

Hi Kriss, this new video is absolutely crazy! I thought at first it was all CGI added after shooting...

How long did it take to design the whole place? In what ways did you participate in the design?

KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

I was involved from the beginning, it has been the best part of a year to get it where it is today. A lot of planning and preparation. I was also able to build anything I want, but I feel like I've built the things I have wanted too and made the best of the opportunity.

I worked with Ben the designer who helped me get my head around it. We through ideas back and fourth, you can see a bit more here:

andy_bmxx3 karma

Hey Kriss, any plans to come to Germany? (Hannover) Thoughts about German BMX scene, riders or spots?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

I would love to come to Germany and ride the mellow park as I have seen that a lot in videos growing up. Also the street riding over there looks amazing. The scene in Germany looks amazing, and I'm sure ill be coming over at some point soon.

akaFayde2 karma

Best Trip u have been on?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

recently I did a trip to Cape Town in South Africa, then we drove over 3000 miles over deserts and mountains and made our way to Namibia. Then we were riding big drainage ditches that were like skateparks in the middle of nowhere. I find it crazy that my BMX takes me to these amazing places.

KrissFan2 karma

I don't know if I'm too late, buddy, but I loved your latest edit. :) After filming something that awesome, what would you love to film next?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

Thanks very much, I wish I was doing it all over again, I had so much fun working on this project. I have a few ideas of what I want to do next but we will just have to wait and see.

CouchPotato06082 karma

Hi kriss, big fan here, just wanted to ask at what age did you realise you had the ability to get sponsored and how did it affect the way you rode? Also is dan paley getting a signature frame with geometry somewhere in the middle of the ALVX frame and the WZA?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

I was super fortunate to get sponsored by Nike when I was 14 years old, since then more and more amazing companies have really helped me out and made my dreams become reality. If it wasn't for these guys i would be where I am today. It doesn't really effect the way I ride, even if i had no sponsors I would still ride the same every day. Ive seen his frame and it looks really nice and should be hitting the shops soon.

einszwei72 karma

Hi Kriss, there were so many incredible webvideos this year (the garrett reynolds edit, dan lacey in above below, just recently brock raifords what could co wrong section,...) but this one definately stood out as it's so creative.

I hope my question is not inappropriate: How do you earn money? Do you get paid by redbull,bsd etc.? If so, is it enough to save up for a life 'after bmx'? I mean, you know you won't be able to ride on a professional level forever. Do you make plans for the future, i mean what do you want to do after a riding career? Something completely different maybe?

Keep up the good work!! Would love to meet you one day when traveling (i travel to bcn to ride whenever i have enough money to go)


KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

Yeh i earn a decent amount that I can get by on and its enough to keep on letting me doing my dream. Yeh I make plans for the future and would like to be a bmx team manager or something within the sport, but ill ride until I physically cant any more.

Ambiguite2 karma

Hi Kriss, first you are my favorite rider just so you know haha My first question would be, have you ever tried riding mtb? like dirt or slopestyle bikes, or even big ass freeride rigs? Second, how do you like Brandon Semenuk? Last, no barspin in Kaleidoscope (awesome vid btw) ? Thanks !

KrissKaleidoscope5 karma

Yeh I ride mountainbikes sometimes, living in Scotland there are so many amazing places to do it that are close to me. Its fun to do other stuff outside of BMX. I haven't done and much dirt or any slope style. Brandon is insane, it seems like he can ride anything and just doesn't care about hurting himself. No barspins, I'm not very good at them, I always miss my hands.

andy_bmxx2 karma

What is your favorite trick? Cheers dude!

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

i really enjoy doing flairs, they just feel great and look awesome. I always try and look for small things to flair, I just have a lot of fun doing them.

You can play around with the gif clip here:

Repeatloot2 karma

Hey Kriss, big fan, how did you start getting into Bmx?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

I first got into BMX through my brother as he used to ride, it just looked like so much fun and I wanted to do it. I got my first BMX for my 10th birthday and I just haven't looked back since. I still get the same feeling as I did years ago when I get on my bike.

xshortx2 karma

Hey Kris, how scary was the flair out the up rail? Did you think you'd get as much coverage as you've received? Last one, which if any one trick do you think Rodeo Peanut are gonna call you out for?! Loved the video man, best thing in BMX for a long time.

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

the flair was one of the hardest clips in the video. I had to pull so hard off the rail and it was pretty scary as I fell of the back of the rail a few times as well. Ive been totally blown away, I have never had anything like this before and hopefully it just keeps on going. Im loving every minute of it and cant thank you guys enough for all the good feedback. They can call it whatever they want, but probably the trampoline as its really different.

aMTBicyclerider2 karma

Hey Kriss, what't the best street spot you've ever ridden? Stranraer's got sod all, anything in Glasgow?

KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

the best street spot I have ridden is Israel, there are a few gems in Glasgow like the gnarly bowl which is a big cobbled quarter pipe. Probably the best street spot in Glasgow, when its not raining.

aMTBicyclerider2 karma

is that the one up at cowcaddens subway station?

KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

Yeh thats the one, enjoy. Its a lot of fun, just watch out for people throwing eggs from the windows of the flats.

TotallyABot2 karma

Hey Kriss! Which move in your new video took you the most tries, and how many tries did it take? Also, who are your favourite riders right now?

KrissKaleidoscope4 karma

the double peg grind to flair, took me by suprise as I thought it was going to be alot easier than it was. Took about 120 tries. I landed it few times but wanted to get it perfect. I had to pull as hard as I could of the end of the rail, but it all worked out in the end.

Check it out here:

belezs2 karma

Who do you like the most from the BSD team to ride with? And why?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

probably Alex Donnachie as he is super motivated like myself and just wants to ride all of the time and we like to ride the same kind of spots. He a really good friend of mine.

GrubyKociol2 karma

Hello Kris! I'm bmx rider for 10 years to, but not so good like u are of coz :D 1. What do U know/think about redbull teamrider Dawid Godziek? 2. U know somethig more about Polish bmx scene ? 3. U thinking about visit a Baltic Games in next year? (with Jason Phelan ofc.) 4. Can u visit and like mine skatepark fanpage ? :D

U are one of the best rider in the world :) My english suck, i know. Srry :D

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

That awesome man I have been riding for 13 years. Yeh I know Dawid, he has come over to Scotland before and I rode and hung around with him for about a week. He seems like a really cool guy and his riding is insane. I have had the invite to the Baltic games a few times. I have been super busy and unable to come but if I was free I would to come. I have a look at the fan page once I am off of here.

MingyMogar2 karma

Is there currently any plans for what's happening with the set?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

Everything has been pretty much taken down and to pieces. All the wood is getting recycled for the new hall 2 at unit 23 and I have kept a few of my favourite pieces.

Lysebjerg1 karma

Hi kriss, i am a huuuge fan of you and I Would like to ask you:

Are you planning on going to Denmark?

And which one of all the bikes you have had is your favourite?:)))

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

Ive been to Denmark twice and its a lovely country. I rode the street dome park which is a really unique skatepark and I really enjoyed it. I have seen a few more parks from there that I want to go and visit. My favourite bike was the bike I used in Kaleidoscope, it looked awesome and rode really well and it helped my land some of the tricks I have always dreamed about.

JamesBartlett171 karma

How much did it hurt your hand when you got the BSD tattoo?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

The hand was one of the sorest, more than I thought it was going to be but well worth the pain as its one of my favourite tattoos to date.

FumCatial1 karma

Hey Kriss, first off i'd like to congratulate on the Kaleidoscope video, i knew it was going to be awesome when the trailer first came out but it exceeded all expectations. You've dropped 2 incredible edits in less than a month, so my question is... whats next for you ? Personally i really enjoyed the Riding Shotgun series, is there a chance we'll see something like that again in the future ?

Anyway keep shredding and doing what you do best !

Kind regards from Estonia.

KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

Thanks very much really appreciate all the good feedback that everyone is giving me. It was alot of fun to make the video. I got to meet and work with some really cool people and it was an awesome opportunity. Whats next for me.......probably head back to San Diego as soon as possible and get away from the Scottish rain. I had alot of fun doing the riding shotgun episodes and would do them all again tomorrow. I am looking to do something similar to that next year.

JoeBroooks1 karma

Who is your all time favourite rider?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

Chase Hawke for sure. He has always been a favourite of mine since I was a kid and still is to this day.

bonghiterfourtwenty1 karma

Who is your favourite rider?

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

Same as above....Chase Hawke for sure. He has always been a favourite of mine since I was a kid and still is to this day. Cant wait to ride with him again.

Ryansmith30041 karma

How do u overcome your fears and do u have any tips on how to overcome them and how do u come up with some of the stuff u do? Keep up amazing video do stop just progress

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

I have to visualise it in my head before I try it. If i cant visualise it i wont do it as thats when i get hurt. Usually its in my head and all goes to plans. I come up with the stuff I do........I guess I dont mean to come up with the stuff I do its just whatever works out at the time and whatever I think is fun and cool. Thanks for the support.

ride0751 karma

hi kriss! congrats for the amazing video... everytime when i got ask for my favorite bmx rider i answer >>> kriss kyle :-) so thats my question: who is your favorite bmx rider / influantial person in bmx? all the best louis

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

thanks very much for supporting me my favourite riders that I look upto are Chase Hawke as he has been one of my favourites since I was a kid and Dennis Enarson as I think he is insane on a bike.

Ryansmith30041 karma

Hi kriss what a beast edit! How do u overcome your fears and do u have any tips? Also have u ever thought about an edit with Harry Main that would be beast two of the best riders teaming up to be amazing but it will be hard to beat this edit how did u think of any of that?;)

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

I just visualise things in my head to get over my fears. If I cant see it in my head I wont do it. I have rode with Harry a few times and he's a cool guy. I would do and edit with Harry as his riding is crazy.

elen65411 karma

hey kriss first of all i love you, what makes you wanna ride the most?

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

thankyou, I just ride every day because I purely love it. The feeling I get riding my bike is like know other. I like trying things for hours, the satisfaction of landing a trick that I have tried for hours just keeps me going back for more and more.

tobyford1 karma

do red bull make you personalised cans filled with irn bru???

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

Luckily Red Bull has been in Scotland for a few years :)

MingyMogar1 karma

Awesome video Kriss. roughly how long did it take to design and build the set?

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

We spent about 6 months designed, finalising all ideas and bringing them to reality. Lucky I had such a good team of friends at vision ramps who helped make my dreams come true. They spent 6 months building and testing the features so we were ready for the two weeks of filming.

yungsnacklord1 karma

Can you do Wheelie on any bike? Track bike? Roadie? Recumbent?

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

Yeh haven't tried to many different bikes but I feel like the bigger the bike the harder you need to pull up.

bonghiterfourtwenty1 karma

How many bikes do you own because i ve seen you in Kaleidoscope and in Bsd halloween video with different bikes?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

At the moment I just have 1 bike. I used two bikes to make Kaleidoscope and am currently riding my new colourway (fools gold) for next year.

JamesBartlett171 karma

Hey Kriss, massive bmx fan here, The new video is incredible! I've only ever ridden in the UK and Barcelona and I was wondering where's your favourite place to ride out of all the Counties you've visited?

KrissKaleidoscope3 karma

Im lucky enough to get to travel all over the world and live my dream day in day out. Some of the places I have visited and scene through riding my BMX. For me my top 5 places to ride are unit23, Sandiego, austin Texas, south Africa (Cape Town), buenos aires and also Barcelona because as you know the street spots are insane.

Check them out here;

PsychoNautJohnII1 karma

How many more AMA's will you do?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

See how this one goes..........

PermTrouble-2 karma

How many hours you put into Fallout 4 so far?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma


bmxboy1231 karma

would you ever give harrymain a game of bike

KrissKaleidoscope1 karma

Yeh that would interesting. He would probably win.

Letmeneckbeardbro-3 karma

Why do you spell your first name like a douchebag?

KrissKaleidoscope2 karma

I changed my name when I was a kid and thats the way I have always spelt it.