Hello! We're Lab Zero Games, the team that made Skullgirls. We recently released Skullgirls 2nd Encore for PS4, and are working on finishing up the Vita version of it.

Skullgirls was released in April of 2012, was released again as "Skullgirls Encore" alongside the inclusion of its first DLC character Squigly. The fifth and final DLC character, Robo-Fortune, was released in July of this year alongside "Skullgirls 2nd Encore."

Most recently, we made a free-to-download prototype of an action RPG we want to make called Indivisible, and are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its development. You can view the campaign here.

Ask us anything!

Official team members:

/u/labzero - Company Account

/u/earlfriend - Designer

/u/Ravidrath - CEO

/u/personasama - Senior Animator

/u/labzero_brian - Art Producer

/u/labzero_mariel - Lead Animator (Skullgirls, Indivisible), Art Director (Indivisible)

/u/labzero_mikez - Design Director

/u/labzero_alex - Creative Director (Skullgirls), Lead Concept Designer (Indivisible)

/u/labzero_richard - Lead Clean-up Artist

/u/Kushami - UI & Graphic Designer

Proof image: http://imgur.com/D19VPgM

From @Skullgirls: https://twitter.com/Skullgirls/status/662044878579240960

From @IndivisibleRPG: https://twitter.com/IndivisibleRPG/status/662044878667296768

From @LabZeroGames: https://twitter.com/LabZeroGames/status/662049919918714880


UPDATE: THANKS FOR ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! The team is heading out for tonight! This was wonderful, thanks everyone! Some of the team may still come back to answer questions here and there and interact with people over the next few days but no guarantees.

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Sleepy04295 karma

Will this game have more original characters than guest stars? This happened with Runbow having a lot of guest stars than orginal characters.

labzero10 karma

Many more, yes. We've already revealed quite a few: labzerogames.com/indiv-incarnations

We answered a similar question here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3rk1x9/were_lab_zero_games_makers_of_skullgirls_ama/cworu7u