Hi everyone!

We are Psyonix, developers of the PS4/PC “soccer-meets-driving” action sports game Rocket League! BTW, you can find the game’s dedicated subreddit at /r/rocketleague.


The reddit community’s continued response to our game has been very cool and encouraging, so we wanted to do another AMA to show we’re still here and listening to all of you! Feel free to ask us anything (as the name implies) and we’ll answer whatever we can to the best of our combined abilities.

Here are some details about who you will be talking with today:


Psyonix_Dave aka Dave Hagewood, Founder and Studio Director of Psyonix. Inventor of Unreal Tournament’s Onslaught mode. Eater of steaks. Drinker of drinks.

Psyonix_DunhamSmash aka Jeremy Dunham, VP of Marketing and Communications at Psyonix. Former IGN editor-in-chief and senior designer at Zipper Interactive. Hulk nut. Boxing fan.

Psyonix_Corey aka Corey Davis, Design Director at Psyonix. Tweaker of ball physics and veteran Twitch chat troll. Lord of the Seven Stadiums and Protector of the Realm.

Psyonix_Thomas aka Thomas Silloway, Project Lead for Rocket League. Original SARBC team member. Master of Scheduling. Avid runner.

Psyonix_Kyle aka Kyle Lemmon, Social Media Marketing Manager at Psyonix. Former EEDAR Game Analyst and journalist for Pitchfork and Kill Screen. He digs scary movies and Fulton balloons.

Psyonix_Josh aka Josh Watson, Community Specialist at Psyonix. Industry Veteran since 2005. Independent Musician. Aquaman Fan. Burrito Aficionado. Good at Aerials, Bad at Bios.


(NOTE: Our AMA will last from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. Pacific Time on November 3, but we will continue to check back and respond afterwards as well – just not immediately.)

Let the AMA BEGIN!

***EDIT: We're signing off! THANKS so much to IAmA for hosting us! Thank you all for joining us and for all the wonderful questions! Feel free to follow us at twitter or Facebook. Make sure you check out the official Rocket League subreddit

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Psyonix_Adam1944 karma

Can one of you guys please bring me a coffee?

Psyonix_Josh837 karma

Shoo Adam...

xd1936378 karma

I've had more fun with your game in the last few weeks than any other game I can remember. So thank you.

My question is: Will you ever consider Steam Workshop support for custom gamemode variants, arenas, etc?

Psyonix_Josh310 karma

This is a conversation that we still need to have. We have heard the requests and we are definitely interested in the possibilities of Steam Workshop. However, we haven't made any decisions about IF or HOW we would support it.

danlg164 karma

Hey Gang,

Plain and simple - are you working on the following things?

-replay naming system

-saving car configurations

Two QOL changes for the game that would really satisfy long time players and I KNOW the RL subreddit has been quite vocal about these two things in particular.

Psyonix_Josh184 karma

Hey there!

  • Replay Naming: We definitely want to do this, it's a nice QoL thing that players could really benefit from. We don't have a definitive timeline for it though.

  • Saving Car Configuration: We are looking into this one as well. It seems like a simple fix on the surface but it requires quite a bit of Design and UI work. We just haven't been able to allocate those resources just yet

bossman-CT94 karma

As a long time ice hockey player and Rocket League fan, what can I expect from the DLC featuring hockey pucks and ice this December? Any surprises, NHL team flags, etc on the way?

Psyonix_Josh139 karma

We've got some cool stuff coming in December, but we can't quite share all the info yet. I can say that sadly, NO NHL team flags will be included

Mr_Lovette1 karma

I'd like to add to this as to why the hell is it up to the community to keep this as a seasonal thing? That makes no sense to me.

Psyonix_Josh4 karma

Hopefully I can shed some light on it:

  • Every time we add another playlist to the online menu, we divide the player base further, keeping it seasonal would allow users to have a greater base while the mode is active

  • When we stated that it was up community response, we simply meant that we would monitor the numbers and if it proves to be incredibly popular we would reassess the move to make it seasonal

cretos63 karma

why am i so bad?

Psyonix_Josh160 karma

It's the controller man... ALWAYS BLAME THE CONTROLLER

Robert59359 karma

Will there ever be more advanced pitches? Like in the prequel

Psyonix_Josh150 karma

Absolutely, unusual maps are on the way

LKA1152 karma

Are there any plans for adding wall training? Or even better, a customizable training?

Psyonix_Josh44 karma

Currently we don't have any plans to add wall training or customizable training modes.

TheRealDeathSheep41 karma

You should add customizable training modes to your list; Dont add it to the top, but add it somewhere. Being able to aim a ball launcher how i want to practice aerials, or off the wall training would be amazing.

Psyonix_Josh84 karma

We have a master list of player suggested features to consider and I assure you, it's on that list.

Kuniv44 karma

The feature I'd love to see the most would be some improvements on replays. I make montages every month or so and each one misses out on whatever highlights I forget to save. Constantly I score an amazing goal in the first minute of the game, and by the time it ends I have long forgotten it happened. I always remember shortly after it's too late and it sucks! I am proposing a safety net for people like me.

I'd like to have the last 5 games played to be automatically saved in their replay folder. When you play a new game, the 5th replay is deleted and replaced by the new one. I have no idea what you all at Psyonix have to work with, but this is something I would really love to see changed. What do you think? Is this something that could happen?

Psyonix_Josh27 karma

We're definitely looking into some sort of remedy for this exact problem, we hear it come up a lot. We don't have any specific details or timeline at the moment, but we are looking at making this better.

Hobo_Crow33 karma

Will you add a Bob Ross Afro topper to the game? Edit: changed had to add

Psyonix_Josh75 karma

I'm not sure we have the tech to capture his afro in all of its majesty

free_mustacherides25 karma

How much more content can we expect in the future? Or will the focus be on polishing and making it more of an eSport game? This game has been a huge pleasure to play, thanks for all the work.

Psyonix_Josh49 karma

Thanks for playing, glad you're enjoying it. The simple answer: We are committed to both creating content and polishing the existing features of the game. I'd say we'll keep doing both for as long as players stick with us!

MarkG125 karma

Will you ever make another Lemmings game?

Psyonix_Josh108 karma

We thought about it but we decided Psygnosis might be upset we stole their game! ;)

Wrong_Way_Woody23 karma

I like the idea of a hockey mode gameplay as it'll be a nice refreshing change(hopefully, I may hate it) If it proves a success would you plan on taking it further with a basketball, Volleyball, or Rugby mode, or will you just stick with hockey? :)

Also can you give any hints as to what some of the non standard maps will contain? Like will there be some similar to SARPBC maps, or completely different obstacles that have not ever been seen before?

Psyonix_Josh33 karma

Our main goal is to keep the game refreshing and fun while staying true to what we have created; so we're open to exploring all types of game modes as long as they don't stray to far from our core game.

CloudFuel22 karma

Don't forget quidditch! ;)

Psyonix_Josh50 karma

Accio Firebolt!

alvarpq17 karma

A few things:

  • When is the Linux port coming out? I've been playing on my desktop, but I want to play it on my Ubuntu laptop.

  • What is your hope for the eSports scene? Where do you see it going in the next 6 months-year?

  • If there was one thing you could change about the way you developed the game, what would it be?

Psyonix_Thomas29 karma

If I could change one thing, I would want to have more of our talented team working on Rocket League! We bootstrapped and self funded the game with a small team over a long period of time. Just imagine if we had been able to utilize our full 30-40 person team at the time!

alvarpq13 karma

I didn't realize it was a smaller group working on RL! How many people were working on it initially?

Psyonix_Josh23 karma

I didn't realize it was a smaller group working on RL! How many people were working on it initially?

About 8-12 depending on the time frame

zorkzorz7 karma

What is the roadmap for competitive garage mode, will there ever be a ranked garage? Has the garage been discussed as an e-sport yet?

Psyonix_Josh13 karma

Competitive Audio Menu is the highest priority at the moment