My short bio: Black kid who does youtube. For those asking, book link is here My Proof: I'm leaving now, thanks for all your questions :)

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callux81 karma

Why doesn't callux have 10m subs?

RealKSI91 karma

Because you never upload you douche. xD

SurvPimp68 karma

The one question everyone wants to know:
What happened between you and GudjonDaniel? Now that he stopped with youtube, I think you can tell us...

dkaroumi41 karma

In an interview with Gudjon some guy asked about who he has done collabs with for example like KSI and Gudjon said who the fuck is KSI. But if you wanna hear the full story you should really buy "I Am A Bellend"

RealKSI47 karma

This ^

KieranGY26 karma

Hi KSI, I've been a big fan of yours for a long time since you was probably at a million subs and it's incredible to see how far you've came since then.

I have 2 questions for you,

What's been your biggest high and lowest point of your "career"?

and what's your actual opinion on the racism you receive through questions on your Q&A's and social media? I know you joke around about it but does it actually faze you in any way?

Cheers man and hope you're having a good day.

RealKSI102 karma

Racism doesn't faze me 1 bit. I find it hilarious. It used to faze me but after being on the internet for so long, you become numb to racism lol. Biggest high was defo paying for my parents debts and buying them a house. To hear them say how proud they were of me made me the happiest person alive. Lowest would probably be me failing my AS levels lol. I was in the toilet when i got the text message of my grades from my tutor ( I got a C, D, F and U) and i felt like shit wondering how i was gonna tell my parents how badly i did. Yo, i was in there for hours lol, my parents kept asking if i was trying to shit out my intestines. But yeah i told them and obviously, Nigerian parents, they freaked out. Understandable since they spent so much money to put me into a private school. Like they were in debt because of me, had to ask for loans, mortgage their house, and for me to fail them like that...Ah man. But yeah, that was defo my lowest moment.

Puttyx21 karma

Hey KSI I got just one quick question:

is there anything you regret doing in your youtube career ?

RealKSI44 karma

Trusting certain people. A big problem with me is that i'm too nice, so i have been taken advantage of quite a bit in my years, meaning ive lost a bit of money because of it. Other than that though, i have no regrets really.

Distant_Quack21 karma

You alright?

RealKSI32 karma

yeah lol you?

RealKSI21 karma

And i am done, twas awesome answering all your questions and will defo do another AMA soon :)

FatJokes10120 karma

What was the first thing you did with your first major paycheck?

RealKSI57 karma

I got £100 from machinima and bought an Armani suit. The exact one Giggs was wearing in Game over. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and back then i had no dress sense. I just worse my dad's hand me downs so i looked like a right nonce haha. So to finally be able to buy my own piece of clothing was one of the happiest moments of my life.

LiamConroyBrown19 karma

Yo JJ,

Arsenal fan to Arsenal fan here. How much do you just fucking love Alexis Sanchez?

RealKSI30 karma


LeBumbaclot19 karma

Are you ever annoyed by the fan base?

RealKSI54 karma

Of course i get frustrated but i think that's because i try to please everyone. Sometimes i make a video that i think people will love and it flops. Then i make a random video which i think will just do ok and it absolutely kills it. And then there are the people that just complain about everything lol. So ive come to realise that you just cant please everyone.

AndyDufresne-18 karma

Hey KSI, will you ever do another "KSI being awkward in public" video again?

RealKSI65 karma

Let's just say i have a video ready for tomorrow that will fulfill your needs...

Flaszka16 karma

Hi JJ! I'm not a big fan of you, but I don't hate you either. Quick questions: how does it feel to be that big on YouTube? Are you preparing some big projects or you're just chilling after releasing book?

RealKSI30 karma

Not going to lie to you, it's very surreal. People treat me like a celebrity and all but i still feel like the 17 year old kid that just loves making videos. And i'm still human, so i still like and do normal things. I just never let the fame get me, yeah it's cool but i'm not stupid and i know fame can come and go quickly. So i just focus on my work. You'll be surprised how little i party haha. And yeah i'm releasing an EP as well as a movie soon. So i'm definately not chilling. Still gonna be making youtube videos for a while :)

AdriftMosquito14 karma

If you were trapped on a desert island and had to have one of the sidemen with you, who'd it be?

RealKSI36 karma

Ethan, because he has the most meat. Then i would just eat him looool. What am i on about xD

Ahmedgal14 karma

have you ever came across a really angry parents complaining about your 'influence' on their children ?

RealKSI28 karma

Surprisingly no. Most parents that come up to me let me know how much they like watching my videos too haha

chevroletsgetwasted13 karma

Have you actually ever been to Nigeria?

RealKSI38 karma

Nope. My parents had scared me from going lol. I heard it's really good now though, so i'll defo be down to go nowadays.

SoffeNation13 karma

What do you think you would do if you didn't do youtube?

RealKSI59 karma

Seriously, i have no idea. I didn't know what i wanted to do when i was 17, i probably would have just done a random uni degree then get a standard job that isn't related to my degree.

Rossisagod13 karma

Are you hyped for Fallout 4?

RealKSI22 karma

More hyped for Halo 5!!

H0tdog12 karma

Do you like black people?

RealKSI18 karma

LOOOL, yes xD

Ksiamaq11 karma

Whos the most famous person you've slept with?

RealKSI47 karma

hahahahahahaha touches nose

FearlessGT11 karma

Thank you for doing this KSI :D

My question is - What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

RealKSI60 karma


vbrg0210 karma

Will you ever follow your video schedule?

RealKSI36 karma

I have no video schedule lol

Tyrexx_Lannister9 karma

Something I've been wanting to know for a while: What's that watch I always see you wearing in your videos? It looks like it has a blue strap and gold face.

I'm a bit of a watch collector/enthusiast, been curious about yours for a while.

RealKSI11 karma

Hublot King Power “Special One”.Mine is the rose gold version though. Also, i didn't know it was a Mourinho watch till after i bought it :/

antparkinson9 karma

What is your best ever childhood memory?

RealKSI10 karma

Playing and recording toy wars with my bro when i was like 5 or 6 haha

humbertotan9 karma

What do you think about Youtube Red?

RealKSI13 karma

It's too early to make a true judgement. It could be cool i guess...

runningwoes7 karma

How have you dealt with investing all your money? You must have had to learn a lot.

RealKSI16 karma

My parents help me with all of that

idkrush7 karma

tits or ass?

RealKSI47 karma

Tits. I know i'm black and all, but it's definitely tits for me.

prateekprai7 karma

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

RealKSI22 karma


NayanWages775 karma

Would you consider dating a fan? ;)

RealKSI22 karma

If we get along and it's not awkward and she's of age, yeah sure haha

AFraggers5 karma

When are you uploading next?

RealKSI4 karma

A fifa video with simon!

catrrionamack215 karma

Can you do more omegle videos?

RealKSI17 karma

I will, i just need to find the right idea for it

jakewoods4 karma

What do you have planned for your channel in the near future? I have always been a big fan of you and your innovation on Youtube and am curious to see whats next.

RealKSI13 karma

I wanna focus on the music for a bit, mainly because the thought of performing really excites me. I'll always be doing youtube though. I'm not dumb, the main reason i'm here and people watch me is because of youtube, and youtube is constantly growing. So it would be stupid to leave youtube lol. I said youtube way to many times in this reply

prateekprai4 karma

Will you come to India anytime soon?

RealKSI10 karma

Of course. I'm always up for going anywhere really

jessfoster974 karma

Whats your favourite video you've ever made? I love you btw

RealKSI17 karma

This one :)

Had SOOOO much fun making this

badel3214 karma

Hey KSI, I have a question for YOU.

Do you often get recognized in public? If so is it annoying?

RealKSI17 karma

Yes i do, and no, not at all. Unless i'm taking a piss. Some guy wanted a photo while i was pissing and it was just so awkward.

milanoost3 karma

Best game you ever played (outside of any FIFA games)?

RealKSI20 karma

Has to be Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII on the PSP. Shit made me cry at the end but MAN, what a game.

slindner943 karma

Do you miss Shana?

RealKSI23 karma

No one ever spells her name right lol, it's Seana and we're good friends so it's chill haha

MrPielil3 karma

I'm from Watford as well what do you miss about it?

RealKSI19 karma

Definitely Oceana Mondays. The club is so shit but that's what makes it so good xD

Ozilwillassistyou3 karma

Who is your favorite youtuber?

RealKSI31 karma

Philip Defranco hands down.

Laripovic3 karma

Do you ever think about doing a r2d1 or r2g again? Or are you not consistent enough for that?

RealKSI5 karma

I really want to but i just don't have the time anymore. Fifa 12 R2D1 took me so long to do.

BrundonOwen3 karma

Would you ever collab with a small YouTuber?

RealKSI9 karma

Yeah, course. I always have lol

abcwjl3 karma

When are you dropping your track with JME?

RealKSI4 karma

Next month!

mclovinash3 karma

What is your favourite insomnia event you have been to?

RealKSI11 karma

The first one for sure. It was organised much better and we were able to see everyone, whereas the later insomnia's were run so poorly.

TheShockwave2k113 karma

Hello JJ big fan, two questions?

1 - Are you planning on releasing an EP or anything similar? 2 - If you could add 1 person to the Sidemen who would it be?

RealKSI13 karma

And EP is coming, and ive spent so long working on this. I'm really into my music and i've been rapping for years so i'm really excited to see what people think. And i cant choose haha. Maybe a girl.

ccap132 karma

United or city this weekend?

RealKSI5 karma

City for sure

therealplayer082 karma

what's 9+10?

RealKSI16 karma


omgathen2 karma

What your fave part of "Laid in America"???

RealKSI3 karma


JoeyAtko2 karma

Do you reckon the prime time to start creating videos and doing youtube has passed?

RealKSI6 karma

Na not at all. Yeah it's harder to get into youtube nowadays but there is definitely still a chance to make it as a youtuber. The most important thing is to not to care about your views etc, just have fun.

ItzNikhil2 karma

You created your YouTube channel in 2009, in those days if I remember correctly there were not many YouTube commentators around compared to now so WHO influenced you in doing Youtube?

RealKSI3 karma

I answered this but Hutch and Hjerpseth

canadianinukraine2 karma

Who inspired you to start off youtubing?

RealKSI19 karma

Hjerpseth and Hutch

seasand9312 karma

Why don't you come to India?

RealKSI15 karma

I've been to India before. I was there to help an orphanage a few years back

KhaloofbinD3ay2 karma

Who's your role model?

RealKSI7 karma

I don't really have one tbh.

MatTHFC1 karma

Did you know you could make a living out of making videos when you started?

RealKSI17 karma

Nope. It was literally just for fun. If you look all the way to my oldest videos, it's just me uploading random clips and doing montage videos. Back then i thought it was so cool to show people how sick i was with my fifa skills and then to add some badass music in the background just made me wet haha