Hey, guys, I'm doing this AMA In the Middle of Anywhere, thanks to U.S. Cellular, and I'm excited to answer your questions. Besides basketball, I'm a fashion designer with my own line, and I have a foundation that is very near and dear to my heart. The Why Not? Foundation where we inspire children to never give up.

So, ask me about life as a pro player, growing up in L.A. or even fashion advice.

I have someone to help me write and navigate this crazy site.


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atomicinteus993 karma

Hi Russell! I'm a huge fan of the Thunder. My question is, if you could posterize anyone in the world, who would it be?

RealRussWest443597 karma


dinosaureatstrains443 karma

Russell, I grew up in small town Oklahoma and cannot tell you what the Thunder has meant to the state, especially in times of difficulty. What, if anything, have you gotten out of Oklahoma that you never expected?

RealRussWest44597 karma

How nice, supportive and good the people are and the fans are here

ShadyCrow313 karma

Let's get serious: would you rather fight 1 Kevin Durant-size duck or 100 duck-size Kendrick Perkins's?

RealRussWest44717 karma

I don't fight, I'm a nice guy

jk67200269 karma

Who was one NBA player you looked up to as a kid?

RealRussWest44567 karma

Magic Johnson was my favorite player growing up

account26268 karma

Russell, who is the funniest guy on OKC?

RealRussWest44529 karma

Stephen is the funniest guy in OKC

dallashenley252 karma

Russell, big fan I was wondering what is your favorite video game of all time? Thank you.

RealRussWest441206 karma

007 Golden Eye

Hollaman248 karma

Bestbrook! You are the man homie! Where did you get your fashion sense from?

RealRussWest44584 karma

My mom

Pr3tz3l246 karma

Favorite sport to watch other than basketball?

RealRussWest44606 karma

Tennis, basketball and bowling

inthepickles216 karma

Favorite go-to fast food joint?

RealRussWest44632 karma

Fabulous Burgers in LA. OKC? Chick-Fil-A

he_sed_on_reddit212 karma

Have you ever looked back on an outfit that you wore and regretted it?

RealRussWest44519 karma

I have not

ghostfacekillerr203 karma

As a college basketball player myself, how do you deal with all the criticism and doubt from others?

RealRussWest44411 karma

Self confidence is most important, believing in yourself - believing in yourself is key

Crazery175 karma

Favorite play of yours that you've done? Can be a specific dunk, game-winner, etc.

e_Hagz166 karma

Russell, if you were one type of kitchen utensil what would it be and why?

RealRussWest44646 karma


Pr3tz3l163 karma

Hey Russel! Huge fan! What's your favorite pre-game meal?

RealRussWest44629 karma

PB&J sandwich. Smooth peanut butter. Skippy all day. Strawberry jelly. Triangle cut.

Marijuanatoothpaste156 karma

Favorite Taylor Swift song?

RealRussWest44308 karma

I like a lot of her songs -- I have a lot of favorites of T. Swift

brob131 karma

Russ, huge fan here. What are you favorite basketball shoes of all time?

RealRussWest44225 karma

Pro models

STATnMELO650125 karma

Hey Russ, what's your favorite netflix tv show?

RealRussWest44278 karma

orange is the new black

nimster09121 karma

Hey russell, What music do you listen to to get you pumped for a game?

RealRussWest44293 karma

I listen to all types. T. Swift is on the playlist. I mix it up - old school/new school rap/ R&B/Pop...everything

america86876113 karma

Hey Russ! What would you be doing if you couldn't be a NBA player?

RealRussWest44334 karma

I would have gotten my degree and gone into real estate or fashion

babygrenade99 karma

Hi Russell, how do you like your eggs?

RealRussWest44188 karma

It all depends on what I'm eating. If I want a sandwich? Over hard. Or regular with cheese

JudgeJBS91 karma

Brodie, if you could, would you rather ride a dragon, a griffin, or a polar bear into a game?

RealRussWest44355 karma

I'd rather walk

Barneys_New_WestGOAT68 karma

Hey Russ, what are your workouts like?

RealRussWest44196 karma

Intense very intense

corujaamarela64 karma

Which guys (staff/players) from the UCLA teams are you still closest to?

RealRussWest44106 karma

All of them - still talk to a lot of guys

JLThunder50 karma

Whats your favorite Thunder jersey? Pumped for the orange ones?

RealRussWest44306 karma

Whichever ones we win the most games in

eceuiuc44 karma

Hey Russell Westbrook, how do you think Billy Donovan has changed the way the Thunder play?

RealRussWest4490 karma

He's coming in with his own system and we're all trying to adapt to it

michaelfunston39 karma

You seem like a person with a lot of of confidence. What advice would you give a person who lacks confidence but is trying to build it up?

RealRussWest4498 karma

Be yourself - don't worry about others may think or say about you

Strangebrewer34 karma

I've got a very important question,

If you had to choose between a burger with whatever toppings + (fries, tots, or onion rings), Pizza (with whatever toppings), Burrito or some southern comfort food... which would you pick? Please feel free to go into detail as I am on lunch and can't decide so I need some inspiration.

RealRussWest44116 karma

Burrito bacon cheeseburger

cub1227 karma

Hey Rus, do you ever feel overwhelmed with being a role model to so many people in the world? If so, how do you cope with it?

RealRussWest4455 karma

No never I just feel like it is my duty to set an example for people across the world

JudgeJBS2 karma

Brodie, favorite thing to grill?

RealRussWest446 karma

Hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks

JudgeJBS2 karma

Brodie, coolest place to chill out for an afternoon in LA?

RealRussWest443 karma

Beverly Hills