Pokémon: Phoenix Rising


Hi Reddit, I'm posting on behalf of a small indie team that I lead, and we're making a Pokémon fan game as a means of stepping into the game development industry and learning more about it. We've been developing this game casually for about 5 years and anticipate a release early next year. The game will completely free, and will be for PC (other platforms to be announced later) created using RPG Maker XP and the Ruby scripting language. To get a good feel for what we're doing I recommend checking out our first trailer.


What we're doing differs from other Pokémon games because we're going against the conventional "collect all badges" route, and are focusing on RPG elements and story driven gameplay. To see some of the work we've been doing click this link to our imgur album.


More about the game:


To aid with the AMA, those of us involved have bio's listed below. Any general questions will be handled by /u/seveneveratenine and some by the team members listed below. You can direct a question specific members if you wish!


Approved team member accounts:

/u/seveneveratenine (Game Director)

/u/supahsanti (Pixel Artist)

/u/TheMightySpinda (Concept Artist)

/u/WackyTurtle (Concept Artist)

/u/Urnighter (Sub-Reddit Admin)



Name: Gav

Position: Game Director

Portfolio: http://gavdesign.com & http://callmegav.deviantart.com/

Favourite Pokémon: Sigilyph

Location: Ireland

Bio: Gav has been developing games for over four years. His main area of interest is in Level Design, and Team Management however he works in almost every area of the game and oversees all development. He is currently studying Multimedia Programming & Design and hopes to enter the game industry permanently once he is finished this degree. His main interests include gaming (duh!), skiing, drawing, web design, and more.

Reddit: /u/seveneveratenine



Name: Josiah Kunz

Position: Programmer

Favourite Pokémon: Gliscor

Location: USA

Bio: Josiah is an American programmer in charge of the scripting code. His real-life time is spent working on his Ph.D. in Physics (accelerator and computational), but he also loves programming Pokémon fangames! Phoenix Rising enjoyments include adding new features, updating user interface, and maintaining the game (debugging). Other enjoyments include almost any Blizzard game, competitive Pokémon (on Pokémon Showdown!), and admiring Gav.



Name: Wackyturtle

Position: Gameplay Developer

Favourite Pokémon: Gengar

Location: UK

Bio: Wackyturtle is an English game developer who has been working on fangames for over three years. His main project is Pokémon: Legends of the Arena, and his role on the Phoenix Rising team is to write and develop the gameplay itself, as well as contribute to storyline development. His interests include watching obscure foreign films, eating bread and getting in arguments with strangers over the internet. One day he hopes to become president of a small island nation or, failing that, a film/video game journalist/screenwriter.

Reddit: /u/WackyTurtle



Name: Santi

Position: Pixel Artist

Favourite Pokémon: Serperior

Location: USA

Bio: Santi primarily works with pixels, but is trying to branch into new mediums. He started out doing horrible pokemon splices back in the day, but has been making sprites from scratch since 2011. Currently studying to become a mechanical engineer at uni. While pixels and art are but a hobby from him, they are hobbies he loves. Interests include gaming, eating, sleeping, breathing, drawing, pixeling (?), and procrastinating.

Reddit: /u/SupahSanti



Name: TheMightySpinda

Position: Concept Artist

Favourite Pokémon: Spinda (obviously)

Location: USA

Bio: Spinda is an American Artist with a history of spending way too much time drawing, reading and writing when he should be sleeping or eating. When he isn’t doing one of those three things though he spends a large amount of time working on a few game design endeavours of his own, and plans to one day become a game director or writer; when he figures out which he has more fun doing. A recent addition to the Phoenix Rising Team; Spinda mostly covers character sketches and concept art for the game.

Reddit: /u/TheMightySpinda


Looking forward to your questions!

Edit: This AMA is over now, thank you so much for your questions!

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jinjew23 karma

how is this legal?

seveneveratenine28 karma

The game is free. It will not appear on any store ever. We are doing it as fan art, the same way you might see an illustrator do a drawing of Mario. Pokémon/Nintendo/GAMEFREAK have the right to send us a cease and desist at any point, but we do not ever wish to make a profit from this or damage their brand.

akesterson28 karma

Save yourself a lot of time and contact Nintendo legal now before you get too far down the road with this. A project being free has never stopped them from issuing a C&D before.

Here is all the contact info you need to get started:


(Disclaimer: I work for NOA, but not in legal, I can't help you with this, my opinions are my own and do not represent my employer, etc)

seveneveratenine1 karma

We're aware of this. However countless fan games have been released in the same method we're doing so without a C&D. As far as I know, an RMXP created fan game has never been shut down. The software isn't versatile enough to threaten Nintendo, or anyone. We can't port to mobile, or any other system. Not with ease, nor do we plan to go into mobile for example.


I appreciate the concern, but we're doing this to learn more about game development and improve our skills. In the end we hope to have a fun game for people to play, but we don't intend to stop on the note of what could happen. If it does, it does. We're aware of the risks.


With that in mind, I don't imagine contacting Nintendo legal would do much good, what do you think? Nobody I know who's made a game with RMXP has done so, and they haven't been sent a C&D.

nguyen_11 karma

We're aware of this. However countless fan games have been released in the same method we're doing so without a C&D.

There are also plenty that were completely smacked down. IMO it's really naive to expect to base a game (even if free) on somebody else's IP and expect to not get a C&D because "other people did it". Do you really want to put a couple thousand man hours into a project only to have to abandon it because of legal technicality?

There's a well known game laywer who is an active Redditor. I'd send him a message or a tweet before putting any more work into this thing.

seveneveratenine0 karma

As far as I'm aware, there hasn't ever been a fan game made with RPG Maker XP (what we're using) that has been shut down. I did a lot of research on this and have been in the fan game community for over half a decade. The games that get shut down are the ones that try to sell their product or port to mobile (there's a whole lot to say on that part). One of which we're not doing, and the of which is impossible as our software is over 10 years old and only makes games for PC.


Over 50 games have been released with the engine I'm using. Some were pretty basic, others got a lot of traction and tens of thousands of followers on various social media sites. I'm not saying that's a legal defence but for the 6 or 7 years that fan games have been made in the way I'm making this one; they've been safe.


With that in mind, a legal representative would be a great thing to have. However we're going to work on the project regardless. We do it because we want to make a Pokémon game, but also because we all want to learn more about making games. This is a learning process for us before we create our first IP. If we end up receiving a C&D and become the first fan game made with RPG Maker out of hundreds to get shut down; it'd be a real shame. However the experience and skills we've gained from this experience are paramount. If something like that happens we'd do our best to make it up to followers of the project.

nguyen_6 karma

As far as I'm aware, there hasn't ever been a fan game made with RPG Maker XP

Completely irrelevant. TPC doesn't care what engine is being used. Why would they? They care about their IP being used. If it gets enough exposure, you can be almost certain you will hear from them.

The games that get shut down are the ones that try to sell their product or port to mobile

You've been in the fan game community for a while so I know you know that isn't true. What about Pokenet? That was free and open source and PC only. Shut down.

If we end up receiving a C&D and become the first fan game made with RPG Maker out of hundreds to get shut down; it'd be a real shame. However the experience and skills we've gained from this experience are paramount.

Nah, you care about making a Pokemon game more than anything. Otherwise you wouldn't take the risk of losing all your colleagues' work and just call it something else and not use TPC IP. You seem to understand that are you infringing on copyright (hence you not wishing to contact Nintendo "just in case"), but hope survive by skating by unnoticed. I'm not well versed on trademark/copyright law, but I'm certain Nintendo/TPC has a strong case to be able to shut you down. Shit you even used their registered trademark, almost completely unmodified, in your logo.

Best of luck to you, I guess.

seveneveratenine2 karma

Completely irrelevant. TPC doesn't care what engine is being used. Why would they? They care about their IP being used. If it gets enough exposure, you can be almost certain you will hear from them.


I'm not saying they won't, I'm complete agreement with you here. I know the risks, I'm aware games have gotten shut down. Rest assured I absolutely get what you're saying. In 6+ years thousands of fan games have cropped up for RPG Maker XP, over 50 have been released, zero have received a C&D. I'm not saying that we can't or won't. Plenty of exposure has been given to fan made games made in RPG Maker XP, from the likes of Kotaku when they covered Pokémon: Insurgence, Pokémon: Uranium, and more.


You've been in the fan game community for a while so I know you know that isn't true. What about Pokenet? That was free and open source and PC only. Shut down.


MMO's have been shut down a lot too, actually. PokeNet had A) the ability to monetise, which they did through ads and B) threaten Nintendo's profits by essentially opening up their game to a mass audience who can all play together. MMO's are absolutely a bigger threat to them than we ever could be. Once again, not arguing that we can't or won't be shut down, but believe it or not Massively Multiplayer Online games and single player fan games are two different animals.


Nah, you care about making a Pokemon game more than anything. Otherwise you wouldn't take the risk of losing all your colleagues' work and just call it something else and not use TPC IP. You seem to understand that are you infringing on copyright (hence you not wishing to contact Nintendo "just in case"), but hope survive by skating by unnoticed. Best of luck to you, I guess.


We could debate about what I'm interested in for a long while here, but I started making a Pokémon fan game when I was 15 and never put it down. Simply because I like to finish things I start. I'm still learning about what it takes to make a game, I've created smaller projects such as this and this which aren't strictly original either. It is in fact, a massive learning process for me personally. Of course I'm making a Pokémon game and I have been doing so for quite a few years now, but I don't think it's fair to say I value something over anything else.


With all that said, you're right. I hope I never seemed like I was disputing that. The risks are there and we're choosing to accept them as a team. We all know what we're involved with and we personally don't feel there's much of a chance that the game will be shut down, there's bigger games like Insurgence who have been fine. There have been plenty of articles such as this which do nothing but show that this is one big grey area. The statistics are there to show that RPG Maker XP games have been quite safe for the better side of a decade, but there's no guarantee that we're okay. At the end of the day making a fan game has its risks. It's something we want to do, and people following the direction we are have been fine so far. If we get a C&D, life goes on and we'll work on a new game and set aside this dream. It's not ideal, but the game is due out early next year and we've been working on it for 5 years. It's worth seeing it through for the next few months.


Thank you for your comments, apologies if I came across as any way dismissive. We get this discussion quite commonly so it's probably time we make some official stance on it.

Edit: Okay I don't understand all the downvotes here, I really don't. It is ​completely​ relevant that hundreds of other fangames have been made and never shut down. It's called a precedent and it helps us humans predict future outcomes. I'm sorry if we, or I came across in any way non-understanding. But copyright infringement is an issue in fan art. From the moment you draw a picture of Pikachu as a 10 year old you're infringing upon TPC's copyrights. We're merely doing this to improve our skills and become better in various areas. For the same reason someone might sketch a Pokémon to improve their drawing skills.


If you really want to slap someone with copyright infringement arguments, go speak to the YouTubers who make thousands off playing both fan games and official games alike. Or the illustrators who sell their designs on t-shirts. I don't fathom why fan games get such a negative backlash while being free, yet those who try to sell their work on a clothing site are considered fine. This may be a mild case of copyright infringement that we do not wish to make money from ever, we understand the implications and the chance that we could be sent a C&D. If we are, we are and we can move on and take the skills we learned elsewhere. But I don't think there needs to be a witch hunt, really and truly.

akesterson3 karma

It puts you in contact with legal counsel early, so that if they are going to have a problem, you know before you dump thousands of hours of effort into it. And if they develop a problem later on, it builds goodwill early and may help soften any negative reaction they develop later.

But hey, it's your creative skin not mine. Good luck!

seveneveratenine3 karma

It's one of those forks in the road, should I consider following the path of other fan games who haven't had any legal problems who are developing the same way I am and just release, or do I contact Nintendo Legal and have them potentially ask us to stop completely? I feel like drawing attention to ourselves would cause more problems, but at the same time I don't wish to do any of this in bad will. Who knows what way it would go, really.

Bumi_Earth_King2 karma

Dude, Nintendo doesn't even allow lets play's of their games online, even though it's both free and nondamaging. What makes you think that they'll leave an entire game made with one of their biggest IP's be? Especially one of this scale? This isn't a small flash game or a short rpg. Do you honestly think they'll be fine with this?

seveneveratenine-3 karma

I know what you're trying to say, and I appreciate the concern. If the game gets shut down it'd be a real shame but I'm actively trying to avoid getting into hot water, I don't wish to step on any toes. There have been over 50 fan games released that use the engine I do. Many of them finished. A couple have a bigger following on Reddit and in other social media sites than we do. So while I don't think Nintendo are "okay" with fan games, I don't think games made by amateurs in archaic software over a decade old which isn't versatile enough to port to other systems actually threatens them too much.


I'm aware of the risks, and it'd suck if all the hard work ended up in the game being shut down but as I say, I know dozens and dozens of games that haven't had an issue. We're following the same route.


If we get shut down, it would be a first for fan games of this kind and we'd have to roll with the punches. We've learned a heck of a lot from making this game and that is invaluable. We'd take those skills and work on our own IP.

lululag1 karma

Man, you have actual former Nintendo employees advising you on how to proceed legally, and you're still ignoring it. That's some serious denial.

seveneveratenine1 karma

Not ignoring it, actually have taken out some of their council already. Why people assume I'm ignoring it because I'm offering some insight to my own experience so far I do not know.

synapticimpact3 karma

how worried are you given the history with these kinds of projects? do you have a response?

seveneveratenine-3 karma

As I mentioned a couple of times above, there's been thousands of fan games started in RPG Maker XP. Many have been released (over 50), zero have received a C&D. In over half a decade. It doesn't mean we can't or won't be shut down so there's still that risk. However history has told us we should be safe. There's a couple of fan games made with the same engine that have gotten a lot of traction. Kotaku and other well known game journalist sites have showcased them with no problem.


The software we use is over a decade old. It's a struggle to make it do anything as it is. Never mind porting to mobile. Which is a big thing for Nintendo. The games I've seen shut down were either MMO's or had the potential to be ported to mobile. I've not seen any other type of Pokémon fan game shut down. We've gotten a lot of questions about legality, a hell of a lot. While I can't ever confirm that we're going to be just fine, the hypothesis is that if we follow suit as other games have in terms of not monetising and not porting to mobile: we should be okay.


At the end of the day, if we do get shut down it'd be a real shame. We're not doing this in any sort of malicious or selfish way. We just love Pokémon and want to make games. However the skills we've learned from making this game are priceless, that's what's most important to us. If Pokèmon: Phoenix Rising becomes the first Pokèmon fan game made in RPG Maker XP to ever get shut down in the 6+ years they've been around, then we just have to accept it. We'll take the skills we learned from this experience, and of course the lessons, and follow our dream of creating a brand new IP.

dIvorrap13 karma

Will Ho-oh have some kind of preevolution,because of the fenix reborn thing, or mega/alter form?

seveneveratenine8 karma

Without spoiling anything, we have something in store for Ho-oh to make it a more interesting experience for players within the story. However it will be a little while before we officially reveal this. You're onto something though!

Urnighter7 karma

For each dev, what made you want to join the Pokemon PR team?

Roughly how many hours is the game worked on per week?

seveneveratenine2 karma

For the first question, I founded the game so I never had the opportunity to "join" it per say. With that said, I hope that the guys and girls on the team have joined because we have a really great team atmosphere and are very supportive of one another. We really enjoy working together and it's an honour to be on a team with so many talented people.


I spend at least a couple hours a day personally. Over the years I've put a couple thousand into learning and developing for this game. Back in August I bought RPG Maker XP on Steam (I had it by other means before) and this is the amount of hours I've clocked in it since apparently. With that said, I've loved every minute of making this game!

plette646 karma

So you stated that you aren't going the convention way with collecting badges. But how do you want to go? I read something about school/ college? What is your the players motivation than to wander/ explore the world?

seveneveratenine15 karma

Pokémon: Phoenix Rising begins with a player’s intentions to go to University. Having a father who is a teacher in Trinta University, it stood to reason why our hero chose to attend it. The player is given a gift of their first Pokémon to make their way to Romanti Village. Professor Lotus happens to be a good friend of the family and was eager to see our hero get involved with Pokémon research and battling. The player will attend university and choose a discipline. Events differ depending on which discipline is chosen and the overall qualification the player receives will be relevant to it also. The career path the player graduates in will affect their overall gameplay and buffs.


During this you end up getting involved in the affairs of "Team Chance" who are led by a man claiming to be a descendant of the old tyrant King of the region. The High Oracle of the region has seen your performance in the University and your ability to yield Mega Evolution, so she enlists your help her and the other Oracles prevent Team Chance's goal of causing the "Phoenix Rising". This is a myth which involves resurrecting Ho-oh, who the self proclaimed heir to the throne (calls himself King) feels will recognise him for the ruler he believes he should be.


The player will be heavily wrapped up with the affairs of the region's Oracles, and this will incorporate a bulk of their motivation to travel the region completing quests.

lildil374 karma

Hi so I feel like I should give a little background before asking this question. I am one of those game players that will play for a while then put the game down for a month or so. Then when I pick it back up I have no idea what I was doing. I believe it was fire red and leaf green that had the.... I dunno flashbacks I guess? Where it would go through what you had been doing previously. At first I thought this was stupid. Then I realized I wish they would have kept it. Long story short will your game have this 'flashback' feature?

seveneveratenine6 karma

Ah, I completely relate! Right now we have no plans, but I can totally see how this would be useful. I was thinking of doing something like this where the game displays a flashback or journal log if you haven't played in a couple of days.


With that in mind, the player will have access to a journal which shows all current and completed quests. At the very least this would be useful!

Larkman223 karma

1) What made you want to start on this project?

2) If our Pokemon is shiny, I imagine it will follow us being shiny as well?

3) Anything about multiplayer interaction?

seveneveratenine5 karma

1) The desire to see my ideas in a Pokémon game some day. I love the franchise, and always wanted to be a game developer. Skip forward a couple of years and I've learned so much and am still developing and playing Pokémon!

2) Sure will!

3) We're working on it, single player is our priority, but we want to get some multiplayer content out there for you guys come release, or not too far after.

Neo-Dragon2 karma

What aspect of making a pokemon fan game in particular is the most "attractive" to you? (Another way of asking -What is the most fun about developing a poke-fan-game and keeps you attracted to doing it)

seveneveratenine1 karma

Hey Steve! I guess one massive thing is that you're working on a tried and true formula, right? So for me this is my first "major" project before I go into game development as a career. Working on an IP that works and has a pre-defined fan base gave me a chance to see what it was like to lead something that could gain a lot of traction and a fan base without really getting into marketing too heavily. Naturally in the future I hope to work on a new IP that I'm officially a part of, but right now working under a well established name gives me some experience in marketing and game design that I would struggle to experience if I was a lone indie developer.


I've made a bunch of smaller games but always wanted to build something a bit bigger. Again I could have went with an original IP, but I love Pokémon. I love the world, the designs, and the nostalgia it always gives me. So it was a case where I had an opportunity to make a bigger game, but also work on something that had some tried and true formula that I didn't need to create all over again from scratch. I feel like now I'd be ready for a game that I could build completely from the ground up with the same ambition. Pokémon: Phoenix Rising for me is a game I will always hold close, but I consider it as one big learning experience.

ImNovy2 karma

That's what you get for liking questions. Thanks for answering them so detailed!

  • 1 What's your favorite music genre?
  • 2 Will our answers/choices have effect on the game?
  • 3 Did you plan every feature/area/event in before or did you make them from scratch?
  • 4 Will there be some kind of lessons at the university?
  • 5 Can we buy stuff for us to use ingame (like an mp3 player that plays your own music, outfits or furniture for our room) in cities/stores?

seveneveratenine3 karma

1) Mine is electronica, believe it or not. I also really enjoy Chillstep. I do a lot of listening to music when working so these genres really help keep me motivated while creating things!

2) Nothing more than minor changes I'm afraid. Creating such an extensive tree branched system is a dream of ours, but we feel it would be slightly out of place in the game we have planned.

3) We did both. So areas and so on generally have a sketch and/or concept before they're created before I go and map them. However sometimes we come up with ideas we want to add, and so we do our best to use them when redoing or revamping our locations!

4) There will be :)

5) Outfits are a definite, however other mechanics such as that are being considered. If we have time, we'll add more things such as those!

dIvorrap2 karma

Do you know how many dialogue lines aproximately it will have? Will the story have a heavy presence in the game?

seveneveratenine1 karma

A couple of thousand, but no more than 5K overall I imagine. It's hard to be exact as our script isn't 100% right now. Very interesting statistic if I knew it off hand, so I'll probably gather it at some point!


Because we're avoiding the conventional route of "collect all badges, beat the league" we wish to give more emphasis to the overall story. I can't say it will be on par with games like The Witcher 3 (obviously!) but we really hope to give it a decent representation and give the game as much depth as we can.

pokemaster_winter2 karma

I played a knockoff game through an emulator once and there would be a built in dialogue between player and NPC. Like "NPC: Battle me! Player: Get ready!" and that was just weird to me. Is there going to be something like that or will it be like the other games where there are not responses to the NPCs?

seveneveratenine5 karma

The protagonist will be silent, yep!

PineappleInTheMist2 karma

What would it take to get an npc in the game named after me?

seveneveratenine5 karma

What's your name? I'll add it to the list. If anyone else wants a trainer named after them I'll add them to a big spreadsheet and draw from them when making trainer battles :]

PineappleInTheMist1 karma

I suggest you do it like Red in Heartgold or Soulsilver where a single trainer is in a remote location (in that case a mountain). No words are spoken, you just battle. And in my case, you could make a character called "Pineapple" that just says, "My parent's weren't very creative :("

seveneveratenine4 karma

Duly noted, I can't make promises but I'll do my best to add something for you!

IronElephant1 karma

I've been following this game forever. It would be really awesome to be an NPC.

My name is Aravind and if I was a trainer I'd have a Donphan or Phanpy.

seveneveratenine1 karma

You'll be happy to know that line is in our dex, I've added you to the list!

LunarAzumarill2001 karma

  • Will we be able to pass down TMs through breeding?

  • About how long will the first demo be in terms of time?

seveneveratenine1 karma

Most breeding mechanics (including move inheritance) will be taken from gen 6! The first release's details are to be announced later this month.

TooManyHobbies281 karma

So, most of my questions have been answered just by reading through this AMA, but I've still got 2 more:

1) Since this is a PC game, and doesn't run through an emulator, I was wondering what the minimum system requirements might be? I play on an old, really lame laptop so I'm always worried these cool games will be unplayable for me.

2) I saw a Riolu in some of the pictures in the OP. Since Riolu and Lucario are two of my favorite pokemon, I wanted to ask if they will be catchable in the wild, or are they going to be locked behind only being given as an egg later in the game like in Diamond/Pearl?

seveneveratenine2 karma

1) We're not too sure what the minimum would be just yet, but we can't imagine they'll be too high. We've been doing a lot of optimization to ensure that you get a smooth experience. If you've got a dual core laptop with at least 2GB's of RAM, I imagine it should be fairly playable.

2) They'll be catchable, and obtainable fairly early too. Hope that's good news!

Enforte1 karma

If I wanted to express my support for this project by donating to a charity of your choice, which charity would that be?

seveneveratenine1 karma

We recommend Child's Play charity, thank you so much for considering to donate!

RedShadoww1 karma

Will there be a rival? If so, any info you could give about them?

seveneveratenine1 karma

One rival we have released is Perrin, who's signature Pokémon is a Braviary. They are an intelligent scholar and vagrant, seeking more knowledge and interested in the myths in the Hawthorne region.

booobp1 karma

Aren't you guys worried Nintendo might sue or have this taken down?

seveneveratenine0 karma

Suing, no. We're not doing this for profit, and countless fan games have been released in the same way we are releasing (RPG Maker XP .exe project). We've been doing this for 5 years now and have seen many fan games released. If we get sent a C&D, we would have to oblige. For now, we'll keep working on the game and learning more each day. It'd be a real shame if we received any sort of message, but there's not much we could do. We'll just continue to follow the route other fan games have in terms of how they released and hope for the best.

makegr6661 karma

Do you plan on having a donation button on your page though? Some people may want to give you guys some money

seveneveratenine1 karma

You can find out more about donations on one sub-Reddit over on /r/pokemonphoenixrising. However we always operate at a loss, which is what we want regardless, it's all about the experience and what we can learn from the project :]

Alushia1 karma

Still reading through all the links, but if I want to do fanart of the protagonists, where would be the best place to find references? I understand there's a wardrobe system, but any sort of "starter" looks?

EDIT: Nevermind! Perused enough links to have found it : >

seveneveratenine1 karma

Glad you did! Be sure to show us if you do anything!

Merckseys1 karma

Should I and can I play your game?

seveneveratenine1 karma

A release will be available next year, I highly recommend giving it a go when it does and seeing what you think!

thecatsaid1 karma

Will there be a lugia side quest, or a game based around lugia?

seveneveratenine1 karma

We have an expansion planned for Lugia, but it could be some time before that comes out!

Weirdguy1491 karma

What is/are your least favorite Pokemon?

seveneveratenine1 karma

My favourite is Sigilyph! I must say though, I think the Lillipup line is my least favourite... Does that make me weird?

IronElephant1 karma

I rewatched the trailer and...

How often will your Pokémon follow behind you? Would you say most of the time?

Are all Pokémon capable of following?

Can it be toggled, like in zeta and omicron?

seveneveratenine1 karma

It can be toggled and you can choose any Pokémon you have caught to follow you!

MiitchKay1 karma

How did you decide on your starter Pokemon? Huge fan of the Petilil/Lilligant choice!

seveneveratenine4 karma

Wacky is totally right, but also Professor Lotus (who gives you your first Pokémon) studies Pokémon Philosophy and Theology. At the very moment, she's trying to discover why Pokémon evolve from evolutionary stones, so she has caught three Pokémon who do evolve from them and is currently studying them. For me, Arcanine is also one of my favourites, so there's a little bias thrown in with function!

timebomb_baby1 karma

Looks great! And for free? I'm definitely gonna be looking into this!

Will there be any major differences from other pokemon games?

EDIT: and will it be multiplayer?

seveneveratenine3 karma

Free! Always will be once it's out. There will indeed me more mechanics and differences, from full controller support, to the removal of the "collect all badges" system, to a "Let's Play Mode", focus on storyline, and much more. There's plenty of things we have added and plan to add for release of the game. In the OP you can find plenty of links to learn more about new additions and features that you can check out. But feel free to ask some follow up questions about those at any point!

We are also working on P2P multiplayer, hopefully that goes well.

timebomb_baby1 karma

Will there be any other p2p parts? Or other money related things? Lots of ads? Limited playtime in a day like Candy Crush?

seveneveratenine2 karma

We're working on P2P elements, but single player is our priority! We certainly would love to include them though.

As for the rest, the game will be totally free, no ads, no microtransations. Nothing like that. Once you download the game it is yours to play and enjoy at your leisure with no strings attached.

Penndawg171 karma

How can I do something to help make this game happen? lol

.... (I'm kind of serious though)

seveneveratenine1 karma

Feel free to support us by subscribing to our sub-reddit, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook and offering your feedback on development. We always like to see support, it keeps us motivated!

willo88man1 karma

In summary of a few questions already posted, will all 6th generations be included, and more importantly 6th generation mechanics?

seveneveratenine2 karma

6 generations of Pokémon will be included, but not every Pokémon (at least not in the base game). We hope to add as many 6th generation mechanics as possible, unless they truly do not fit the style of the game. As well as some of our own Mega Evolutions and mechanics!

Silbaersche1 karma

Hey, I'm again. How many savegames I could use/create?

seveneveratenine1 karma

We're adding multiple, at the moment I was considering 3, but we could extend that beyond of course!

JohnathanCrow1 karma

Any character customisation? Can we rename the player character?

seveneveratenine2 karma

We've got a functional wardrobe system that we spoke about in one of our streams before, so we're working on expanding that and hopefully it will be fully functional in game!


As for renaming the player, I'm sure we could allow you to do that after you've chosen your name! I'll jot it down as a potential addition!

ImNovy1 karma

I hope it's ok to ask more than one question here ;)

  • 1 How much playtime will the game probably have?
  • 2 If you guys are playing ORAS and/or XY, can we have your friend code and name? (I'd donate some pokemon <3)
  • 3 Can we choose or even create our own character?
  • 4 What is your favorite feature/thing in your game so far?
  • 5 What is your favorite planet?

seveneveratenine2 karma

1) We hope to make it around as long as the official games. However we'll see exactly how long it is once we begin beta testing!

2) Sure! My AS friend code is: 0104 - 1603 - 7368, gavlol is the name. You can let me know if you want to add me and I'll be on after the AMA :]

3) You can choose from two characters as of now, both of which will be customisable!

4) The LP Mode

5) I've always liked Pluto, even though it's small and "insignificant". I love how it looks. I mean, aside from Earth of course!

Dickdude90001 karma

What's the new thing you gave that it's not there in the original games ?

seveneveratenine0 karma

We have a brand new story that doesn't involve a Pokémon League or badges for starters. We are aiming for a game that has more RPG mechanics, and a more in-depth storyline. In addition we've added plenty of new features, Mega Evolutions and mechanics too!

Silbaersche1 karma

Hey, what about a translation? Or Pokémon: Phoenix Rising should be only in english?

seveneveratenine0 karma

We hope to add more languages. If not at release day, certainly thereafter!

Silbaersche1 karma

I could translate into German, just a suggestion. :)

seveneveratenine1 karma

Thank you, I'll take your name down for future reference!

ImNovy1 karma

I could help translating it into german, too. My english isn't too bad (solid A, awesome) ;) Also, community translations are always a nice thing to have!

seveneveratenine1 karma

Also set a reminder for myself! I certainly agree, I'd love to see some community translations. I'll consider a way for people to do those without needing any knowledge of the game's software!

ImNovy1 karma

I have some more, i hope you are still willing to answer them :)

  • 1 What's your favorite time of the day?
  • 2 How many easter-eggs did you hide? ;)
  • 3 What is your favorite pokemon game?
  • 4 What was the original idea behind your game?
  • 5 Do we get new ways to travel instead of running/biking/flying/surfing like cabs/trains?

seveneveratenine3 karma

Of course Novy, the more questions you have the better!

1) I really enjoy early morning and late night. Depending on whether I'm just getting up, or just going to sleep. Dawn is beautiful for waking at, but I also love the hours between 1AM to 4AM if I'm still awake. Lonely hours are haunting, but serene.

2) Only as many as can be found.

3) I'm a lover of Hoenn, it's by far my favourite region and the games have my favourite story. Simple, without too much craziness. However I absolutely love the gameplay in BW2!

4) Originally it set out as a mission to find your father, the game was called "Pokémon: Forever Lost". I was 15 and had no idea how to make a game. Not that I'm much better now, but I hope that there's a better story in Phoenix Rising at least!

5) Nothing major planned just yet, most things are fairly typical. However we love to innovate and make new things, so who knows, maybe you'll get a scooter!

IronElephant1 karma

Who's currently working on music? I know Dasgust and TheGuitahHeroe did a lot of work the first time round but it seems like the tracks are still being changed and tweeked.

When could we expect a final OST album? ... because that would be an awesome hype-building tool

seveneveratenine1 karma

Kamex is also working with us. TheGuitahHeroe (TGH) currently works on remastering.

We plan on releasing an OST with the game itself, but you can check out the playlist on YouTube if you haven't already! (It's in the OP)

Zik1zik1 karma

What engine and/or language are you using to make it?

seveneveratenine1 karma

RPG Maker XP, and Ruby. The information on that is found in the OP, but those are the tools used to create the game!

MinervasRaven1 karma

Hey, I was wondering if you guys will have demo's/Betas available any time soon? Also, would it be possible to work something out to play test the game for you guys?

seveneveratenine1 karma

The game will be released next year, more details regarding that much are to be announced later this month! We'll also be doing beta sign ups closer to release.

Salt_Lord-2 karma

Well the logo ever change? I'm just curious because it seems a bit bland. But if it isn't that's okay, it's just a logo. Okay enough talking.

seveneveratenine3 karma

It's a pity you found it bland, however there's only so much you can do with a Pokémon styled logo. If we come up with something better, we'd certainly be okay with changing the current.