This is not his AMA, please follow the link to participate.

Mitchell Land AMA

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edit: Looks like his AMA is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

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shabutaru11858 karma

700 upvotes here but only 35 on the actual post? yeah right, reddit admins we know yo uwanted to change AMAs but your blatant vote manipulation is retarded.

AleccMG35 karma

Yeah ... either major vote-fuzzing, or people are respecting the linked subreddit by not voting there if not participating. who knows. It'll be interesting to see the final number on this post in a day or two though.

shabutaru1186 karma

off the front page of /r/iama now, after being #1 for a moment,

user21962 karma

I still see it at #1.

shabutaru1181 karma

ah I reported it to the mods for vote manip, i think thats why

AleccMG2 karma

Wish I had a good answer for the numbers, but I can assure you that there was no manipulation from within the community. None of the posts that went out to social media linked to this thread, they all went to the actual AMA. The only way people would come by this thread is if it was in their feeds.

My guess is vote fuzzing gone amok, but who knows.

MrMoustachio-3 karma

Why not /r/tabletop?

AleccMG2 karma

I'm a mod of /r/hexandcounter. We coordinated with Mr Land to do the AMA since we're a sub dedicated to tabletop wargaming.