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TheFAPnetwork71 karma

Probably me just being a pervert but, any of the women show any kind of sexual attraction? Would it be hard to wed a north Korean woman?

AlexinDPRK170 karma

Talked with my guide about it. Strictly no sex before marriage. Sorry man.

mehimagoat13 karma

What did they think about gay people? Would it be okay to mention my boyfriend to a guide?

AlexinDPRK30 karma

My guides were very very homophobic. I asked them about homosexuals in North Korea they said they've never heard such things. And then for the rest of the trip they were cracking jokes about gay people. The country is not progressive enough for minority groups.

potatoslasher8 karma

have you seen Monkeetime documentary on North korea??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J2q5AwNzvQ

I think its pretty good, and if you did it also inspire you to make yours???

AlexinDPRK14 karma

No, I didn't know about it. But it does look pretty cool! I saw all the Vice ones and the National Geographics one before I went.

AddontheDespoiler6 karma

so question on a scale from 1-10 with one 1 not brainwashed to 10 being almost zealot like devotion to their leader who brainwashed are the N. Koreans ?

AlexinDPRK12 karma

It's hard to say.

For average citizens who have no access to outside world, I would say 10 since they grow up with the Propaganda.

On the other hand, for people who are relatively well off and get to go to China and stuff. I think they support the regime so that they can maintain their luxurious lifestyles. They are aware of the dictatorship and all of its brutality but not willing to sacrifice their own life to revolt against it.

fuckyoumartinez3 karma

Can you please being me back some dirt? I am an arenophile, but north Korea might be a bit difficult for me to get...

AlexinDPRK7 karma

HAHA. Go to South Korea then its probs the same thing.

DrFeelgood422 karma

Wow. That was a very powerful documentary.

How did the visit change you, as a person?

AlexinDPRK2 karma

Thank you!

I think i started to cherish a lot of things that I used to take for granted more after the trip.