We are a punk rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that believes in standing against racism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism and bigotry of any kind. We have a new record, American Spring, a collection of songs about the work to find a place where we are free to be ourselves, challenging the status quo, and trying to live with empathy in hopes to leave things better than we found them.


Friends, here you will find some Proof: https://instagram.com/p/8Iff4eNHJR/



Thanks for that everyone! Really appreciate the time. Be excellent to each other! - ANTI-FLAG

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Danimaltanimal124 karma

  1. In 2002, i hugged justin and he smelled like mitchum sport deodorant. Being an impressionable teen, I went and bought Mitchum deodorant. Now being almost 30, I still wear that deodorant because its what I've always used. Although I cant relate as much to your lyrics now, I still think of antiflag every morning when I see that green stick of deodorant. So the question that I've wanted to ask, but was always too ashamed, is... Justin, was it mitchum deodorant or am I living a lie? Please ease this heavy burden that im reminded of daily for almost 15 years now. End my pain!

  2. Chris head is looking pretty excited the older he gets. chris head, Do you find yourself getting tired of touring? Is there a reason you never appear excited?

  3. Pat, do you use your tongue to keep beat? its always sticking out wiggling.

  4. number 2, in the song "I dont wanna" you say you don't want to wait for the ps4. Do you own a ps4 and if you do what games do you play and can we be ps4 friends?

  5. who we voting for fellas? is it gonna be Sanders errr?

Anti_Flag83 karma

Not Mitchum, just my powerful manly scent. The scent of a winner! I've always loved Bernie. We shall see...

Anti_Flag40 karma

1) Justin can hopefully comment on this and put ya at ease... Head says he thinks you're correct 2) Head looks excited? touring can be pretty arduous... depends on when you see us ya know... 3) truth 4) nope... I waited too long, got bored, wheres the 5? 5) it seems that of the candidates Sanders is by far the best one


kayyteaa6 karma

This may be the first question here, but I can already tell that it will be the best of them all.

Anti_Flag10 karma

grumpy cat / chris head question is my jam! -#2

fatlizardgoth60 karma

Are you PC Bruhh?

Anti_Flag21 karma

I believe in being respectful and kind to people. I try to have empathy and put myself in the shoes of others. I do my best to follow the golden rule. - Justin

Anti_Flag20 karma

No but I believe in Justice and freedom -P

conkersquirrel21 karma

Hey guys! After seeing you guys nearly 20 times, I still find myself drawn to yet another tour of yours. What do you think makes your shows so different and gets people to come back again?

Anti_Flag28 karma

I like to believe that its the feeling of being free to be yourself at our shows. creating a safe space in a world where there are not many of those. identifying that you're not alone is a pretty powerful thing... its what keeps us wanting to tour and a big part of what I believe keeps bringing kind souls to the shows. -#2

Anti_Flag13 karma

We try to create a space where everyone has an equal opportunity to have fun. As long as everyone is respectful to the people around them then they're welcome to be themselves and have a good time with us. We definitely try to make our shows a celebration of the punk rock community and the positive ideals within the scene. Often I feel like or shows are a reminder to people that they aren't alone in what is often a difficult world to navigate/survive. And of course we give our best every night to put on a high energy show. I think all of these things contribute to a lot of our shows being special. -Justin

Anti_Flag12 karma

I don't know why others come back, but i keep coming back becasue there are not many places I go where people are looking for to something bigger than themselves, are where poeple realize that all of us together are stonger than we are alone. Thats what makes me come back again and again, it gives me hope that things CAN be different than they are now. -P

ShortandFeisty18 karma

Hi justin this arnie. Nadini's son and your brother micks stepson. Just wanted to say that your band is awesome and when are you coming back to Florida?

Anti_Flag18 karma


Not sure when we will be in Florida again but when we are I'll see you in the pit!

just-insane17 karma

Me and my gf are sticking togheter for 12 years and we gonna get married sooner or later. Best gift we can ask is our favourite band to be our guest and play a small set in our best day ever. Would you consider doing that please?

Anti_Flag27 karma

I second this link congrats! I love, love! -#2

Anti_Flag5 karma

You never know. You know how to contact me! Congrats buddy! And... I'm with 2, I back this link and Mike Park big time!

x_kid17 karma

Hey guys!! Long time fan here.. You guys are known for being huge animal rights activists and vegans. I've been extremely interested in becoming vegan. Any tips for a newbie?

Anti_Flag38 karma

being a vegan is much easier than it was before, which is awsome!!! there are a lot more foods choices now than there once was. My tip is do what you can, try to eat vegan for a couple days a week see how it goes, if it works for you, try more. Every meal people don't eat meat or use animal products is a win for the animals that aren't being killed or exploited that day.

Anti_Flag30 karma

it is so easy to be a vegan right now. just eat lord of the fries, spak brothers and cinnaholic every day and live happily ever after


Anti_Flag11 karma

Being veg/vegan just gets easier as you go. Don't be too hard on yourself and feel like you have to be perfect to start. Search for local veggie and vegan food to try out and to get an idea of what you like. Find recipes on the web. I find that the longer you're vegan the easier it becomes because you know what you like and where to get it. Personally, at this point in my life when I crave food, I crave vegan food. I don't miss meat at all. One weak spot though, cheese pizza!!! I'm 100% vegetarian but I'm not a perfect vegan. I sometimes eat cheese pizza because it is delicious!!! -Justin

TheWTOKillsFarmers16 karma

Do you guys think that there's a way to function normally without any help from slavery, cheap labour, capitalism etc?

Anti_Flag26 karma

Yes exploititive capitalism is not the only economic system, we are just taught it is. There are many others and the more we realize that the better chances we have of changing it. -P

just-insane15 karma

Shouldn’t be easy to make 10 records in over 20 years of activity without any lineup changing. How do you feel if a long time fan would think American Spring is the best album you ever released in your career? Does it sound disrespectful for your previous works?

Anti_Flag31 karma

thats awsome if you connnected with American Spring, thats great if you like that one best, if you don't connect with one of our records thats ok too, we don't really care, we didn't write it for you, we wrote it for us- P

Anti_Flag15 karma

obviously you want whatever your most recent creative outlet is/was to be your most successful... not meaning successful in a dollars and cents way, but achieving the goals you set out to at the beginning of the process. I really like that through our records you can hear us getting closer and closer to figuring out what we want to sound like and what the best way for us to share and capture the agendas of the band. I think American Spring is our best record, so in no way is that sentiment offensive.


Anti_Flag12 karma

Definitely not disrespectful. I take it as a compliment. As a song writer or band I believe the goal is to craft a better song than the one before. In general know that we are better musicians and song writers now than we were in the past, so it's logical to have the expectation that our releases will maintain or get stronger. In the end, I'm grateful that we are able to write music that people are able to find meaning in. And I'm thankful that I'm not alone with my feelings and insights regarding what is happening in the world. Justin

TheWTOKillsFarmers11 karma

Justin, how does it feel to have your entire life spread out into one article, on Wikipedia?

Anti_Flag11 karma

It isn't my whole life. Not even close. But I'm cool with it.

LaffeSommerpels10 karma

I was wondering... Since you have a song called "SKATE" from The General Strike EP, is the skate part of the lyrics just sort of a metaphor, or do any of you have any history skating? At least for me, skating has always meant a great deal. It's been an escape from everything, yet still helped me process things. So I was just curious to know if you've had any relation to skating, and maybe if you have some good memories of it to share?

You're music makes great skate music however! Always loved your music. About 7 years I actually got a mohawk because of you guys, and I still have it. :3

Also; when I saw you were doing an AMA, I stayed up all last night to make you THIS. (It's meant as a tribute, but if you're not a 100% okay with it, let me know and I will take it down.)

Either way; you guys are a huge inspiration! :)

Anti_Flag15 karma

head and I just watched that youtube video and now at 2am on a Monday morning we are fucked with that thing burned into our brains.......

also, Head was big into skate boarding, I dabbled. but there lineage between skate boarding and punk is a powerful one. -#2

Anti_Flag11 karma

Wow! That remix is intense! Now we're ready for the club!

I was intensely into skate boarding for a good few years. Unfortunately, my best trick was falling down. -Justin

Senray10 karma

I bought American Spring, and it's a really great album (holy fuck Believer is awesome), but I was a bit bugged by the website linked about Fukushima. It looked sort of like a pseudoscientific scam selling iodine pills. What happened there? Been a fan of AF since....I dunno, 10 years or so.

Also, Bright Lights was a really divergent album. What do you think of it in retrospect?

Anti_Flag6 karma

that link has some strange stuff and some important information for sure...

I love bright lights, we got to make a record I never thought we would, we had no business being in the studio we were in, with Tony Visconti, playing orchestral instruments... but 4 kids from Pittsburgh pulled it all off to varying degrees of success.


Anti_Flag4 karma

Bright Lights was a record that we were excited to make. As artists we experiment, push ourselves, try new things to see where they go. I certainly don't want to make the same record over and over again. The outcome of Bright Lights is just where our musical heads and hearts were when we made it. I think there's a lot of exciting elements to the record and overall I really love it. If I could go back and do a few things different I would - some of the songs are too LONG!!! But I'm proud of that record.

parentskeepfindingme9 karma

Hey guys, big fan!

Firstly, you guys came to the basement in Columbus not too long ago. I work there, and at that point had never seen photos of you guys but I knew your music, due to that I ended up trying to ID Justin to get back into the venue, sorry about that!

What do you guys think is the biggest issue facing all of America as of today?

Anti_Flag13 karma

I'd chalk it up to my boyish good looks! ;)

It's hard not to see the way that humans are polluting and destroying the planet as the biggest issue facing the human race these days. If we keep it up at the current pace all life on this planet is in big trouble. We can turn it around, but we gotta do it fast! -Justin

Anti_Flag9 karma

The biggest problem is how young Justing looks that he still gets ID'ed!!!!

TheWTOKillsFarmers9 karma

have you guys seen High School Musical, did you like it?

Anti_Flag34 karma

i havent... but i watched pitch perfect on an airplane once, does that count as the same thing?


heyimagypsy9 karma

Hey! I saw you guys a few years ago in Montreal when you opened for Billy Talent and that's when I really started getting into your music.

My question for you is, how exactly does the dynamic work between Justin and Chris #2 in live shows, seeing as both of you sing? Would you say that both of you are frontmen for the band?

Anti_Flag21 karma

We have 4 front men in the band some are just louder than others. -P

Anti_Flag19 karma

we draw straws every show to see who will be the front man... its really unfortunate when its pat.

jokes aside, we don't really think about, aside from comments to one another here or there to make sure each person has room to get out anything they may one to say or share in the live setting.


An_AlaskanBullWorm7 karma

Hello Anti-Flag!

Just wanted to let you know that your music means a lot to me! It's been very influential in making me the person I am today!

  1. If you could play any of your songs at maximum volume inside the New York Stock Exchange, what song would you pick and why?

  2. Chris Head, how did you come up with the idea of the gun star? Did you have a feeling it would become such a big part of Anti-Flag's image?

  3. Do you have any songwriting tips for us aspiring punk rockers? You guys have a great blend of being direct and poetic, but in my attempts I feel like I'm just writing an essay.

  4. Chris #2, will you join my NHL 16 (Xbox One) hockey team? You can play whatever position you want. Just let me know.

Anti_Flag7 karma

clampdown pat came up with the idea, head created it. just keep writing until you find what clicks i don't have that. i wish i did though.


Anti_Flag5 karma

Thanks for the kind words!

The Economy Is Suffering, Let It Die - just to let them know that we know they're crooks.

Yeah, the gun start was Pat. First just the idea of a broken gun and then a star. I see a lot of people with it as a tatoo and that is always an inspiration to me.

Like any other skill or exercise, song writing is something you get better at with practice. So just keep writing!


Jere_Miad6 karma

This is for Chris #2: as a fan of Thomas Barnett's songwriting, how do you like the new Great Collapse songs?

Anti_Flag8 karma

I back it. tom is the best. fan is an understatement. hoping we play a ton of shows with them and hoping i can convince strike to do a 10 years of change is a sound tour with us -#2

Pthomascnj6 karma

Hey guys! I saw you with the Bouncing Souls awhile back! Who are some of your favorite bands who are active today?

Anti_Flag8 karma

Right now, hands down the best live punk band is Rancid!!! They are just too fucking good!!!! In the overall world of music it is hard to think of a better live band than Refused. They're a force that inspires! -Justin

kotula535 karma

Did you guys have trouble coming up with a 30 second song for the album "short music for short people"? I totally love what you came up with regardless!

Anti_Flag6 karma

That one came easily! I like it alot too! Thanks! - Justin

ShottyBoobaLotty5 karma

What happened to Andy Flag?

Anti_Flag9 karma

He has a wife and a couple of kids and lives in pittsburgh. I don't think he is playing music any more

Anti_Flag6 karma

I have not crossed paths with him in many years but I have good feelings towards Andy. He was a fun, nice and thoughtful person and he was a great musician. -Justin

conkersquirrel5 karma

Any plans for a new solo record of Justin (and maybe an european tour? 2011 with Hello Piedpiper was fun!)? Or another 7"?

Anti_Flag7 karma

Songs are always being written. I can't give a specific time frame but I think a new solo record will happen sooner than later. Thanks for the interest! I've enjoyed the solo stuff to date so I hope to do more. JUSTIN

EffThisLake5 karma

Hey, guys! Being from Pittsburgh, do you watch the Steelers? How do you think their game will go today?

On a more related note, are any of you voting in the presidential election this coming year? If so, who are you voting for and why?

Anti_Flag25 karma

hockey has begun. there is nothing else. ask head and justin about the steelers.

in the primary I believe Sanders is the best option, how things shake from there we will have to see


Anti_Flag8 karma

Growing up in Pittsburgh it is hard not to be a Steelers fan - even when I know that sports are the modern day bread in circuses. It's a guilty pleasure but I don't live and die by any sports team these days. Just can't get overly enthusiastic about which millionaire or billionaire's team wins or loses a game. That said, Steelers are gonna beat The Rams. Justin

maximum_volume5 karma

Any chance of a U.S. Tour with Refused? A girl can dream.

Anti_Flag14 karma

so can 4 boys -#2

Anti_Flag8 karma

Pleeeeease! - Justin

micrtb5 karma

Justin, I know you love Harry Potter, so what house do you consider yourself to be in?

Anti_Flag3 karma

It's all about Gryffindor!!!!!!!! -Justin

just-insane5 karma

each of you guys can you list your top 3 bands ever?

Anti_Flag11 karma

Beatles Clash Green Day

Dead Kennedys


Anti_Flag5 karma

Clash Sex Pistols Ramones Rancid


chrislopez_5 karma

How did you like touring with Billy Talent for their first albums 10th anniversary? Your show at the Metropolis is Montreal was amazing. You guys had us moshing before BT came on!

Anti_Flag11 karma

BT is probably my favorite band that we play shows with. their audience is beyond receptive to us, the band themselves are fantastic humans, but their songs are incredible and they're an amazing live band.

if we could play every show with BT here on out, we would


Anti_Flag5 karma


DallOfCuty4 karma

Hey guys, I know you are coming to Glasgow next month! I jumped out of my seat with excitement when I saw that, then realised I couldn't go! I was wondering, are you guys going to be out and about in Glasgow throughout the day?

Also, I love American Spring! I've been listening to it every day since it released!

Lastly, Chris #2, do you have any tips as a bassist? You're one of my bass guitar heroes. And you favourited my tweet a couple of days ago! That made my day!

Anti_Flag12 karma

can't go? whack!

play bass as much as you can, use your pinky, and get a sansamp.

thanks homie! -#2

Anti_Flag4 karma

Sorry that you can't go! That sucks! I love Glasgow and I'll likely be trekking around the city if I have some free time. Any where I should goto hang or see that you'd recommend? - Justin

kayyteaa4 karma

Hey guys!

So, I've been a fan of you and of the podcast Citizen Radio as completely separate things for years now, so it made me pretty excited when I saw that they were in the suggested reading/listening/etc section of the new album booklet.

I know Pat has been interviewed on the podcast before, but are there andy plans for you guys -- all or individual -- to go on there again? Between your guys' political views/answers to questions and the hilarious vibe of the podcast, it'd be fantastic.

(Or, maybe even to participate in the album Jamie has planned since he's adding music into his comedy now? Though I suppose that's wishful thinking...)

Anti_Flag3 karma

jamie and allison are fantastic! i am hoping we can do some shows with jamie in 2016, his set is super fun and creative, would make for a cool vibe at a punk show -#2

OptionK3 karma

Do you like guacamole?

Anti_Flag9 karma

I love guacamole!!!!! but justy avacado and lemon juice hot peppers make me angry -p

Anti_Flag3 karma

Avocados make every meal better!!! I eat chips and salsa with guac at least 200 times a week!!!! Nom nom nom... - Justin

dis_my_name3 karma

I just wanted to say you guys killed it on your recent tour with The Homeless Gospel Choir. I'm looking for jobs in Pittsburgh... If I move there, can we all be best friends?

Anti_Flag9 karma

hell yeah pittsburgh is the best -#2

Anti_Flag7 karma

Of course! Pittsburgh is a great city and everyone should move there! -Justin

punxrox693 karma

Chris head how,much mountain dew is too much mtn dew? XD

Anti_Flag13 karma

we don't have a computer smart enough to quantify

just-insane3 karma

This is for Chris#2: I know your mom and your grandparents came from Italy…which part of italy? Do you usually come here to visit it besides the band touring?

Anti_Flag9 karma

I haven't visited in a long time my family is from a town called pacentro, I hope to spend some time there every summer but we usually end up on the road... alas 2016 it is!


Obamaramabama3 karma

Whats up with Chris Head being the grumpy cat of punk rock?

Anti_Flag12 karma

ask him yourself... oh wait, you can't. chris head doesn't have time for shit like this -#2

Anti_Flag12 karma

Chris Head is the grumpy cat of punk rock, but he isn't deformed like the grumpy cat he moves like a gazell

skeletonkilljoy3 karma

I'm going to be at my first Anti-Flag show in november (november 7th in hannover in case you're interested) and I wonder if you usually meet fans after the show? It'd be really great but I am looking forward to your show very much anyways :)

Anti_Flag4 karma

Usually after the set I'll come down to the front of stage to talk to people, take pics, etc. And if you wait around long enough after our set I'm always out in the venue to chat. Interacting with the awesome people who come to our shows is one of the best things about doing our shows. So yeah, come say hi! -Justin

conkersquirrel2 karma

Most of the time they're sticking around after the show

skeletonkilljoy2 karma

I've seen someone asking a similar question and they said that as well. I am looking forward to the concert even more now. Thanks :)

Anti_Flag3 karma

yeah! come say whats up! -#2

thatsuchathing3 karma

What do you guys do with all the polaroids #2 takes at the shows?

Anti_Flag8 karma

I am trying to take a photo of one person at each show we play on American Spring. thats about all I can say for the project now, but if I took your photo, it will see the light of day soon


Lecros3 karma

Hey guys! I've seen you guys twice in Amsterdam in the past and I really enjoyed the energy and crowd interaction. I don't listen to your music as often anymore but I have listened to it A lot.

For my question: What caused you to write one trillion dollars?

Anti_Flag8 karma


trillion was written about how much military spending there was in the world in 2004 I believe. the following year the US spent 1 trillion on their own.


Anti_Flag3 karma

It just came to me one day when I was strumming my guitar. I was thinking about the fact that endless amounts of money are pumped into the arms trade that could be going to help people. The USA leads the charge and I think that is really disgraceful and unfortunate for a country that has the potential to bring so much good into the world. - Justin

RyanWBentley3 karma

Hey guys! I heard from a friend once that you toured with Green Day. Is this true? And if it is, what was that experience like? Did you find that they were as politically conscious as you?

Anti_Flag8 karma

I am the biggest green day fan

we did a warped tour run that they were on and a few dates on the american idiot tour.

they are kind. humble. and as cool as you would hope.

we didn't interact on a political level at all, but I assume they're on the correct team


Anti_Flag3 karma

We only did 2 shows with them. They were really nice and put on a great show! I'd love to play with them again! -Justin

chrisieg663 karma

Being in this industry for so long and performing with some of the most prominent bands....Can you tell me honestly: Is performing sets drunk/high as common as us fans think? Do you guys ever perform high or drunk on occasion, or regularly?

Anti_Flag9 karma

we have never played a set not sober.

head and pat are nailed to the X.

but yeah, most bands, they're as lubricated as the stories lead ya to believe -#2

TheWTOKillsFarmers3 karma

is it bad I tried to sell one kidney and some blood on the black market to pay for a ticket to go see you guys? it obviously did not work, but I have about 11 days to make $1500, I think I could do it.

Anti_Flag11 karma

save the kidney

there will be other gigs


Anti_Flag3 karma

I sold a kidney once and I regret it to this day. I advise against it. -Justin

burn_the_calories3 karma

How did you guys meet Fat Mike and how is your relationship with him now? Thanks!

Anti_Flag2 karma

we met when pete from the bouncing souls sent our record to fat. he called, we almost released a new kind of army on honest dons... we opted not to.

we met in person on the warped tour in 2000.

mike is a friend for sure, always has been -#2

astink3 karma

Hi Guys,

Longtime fan from Chicago, as well as a bassist, Chris #2, i know you tend to change your bass tones from album to album, but on Blood and Empire tends to be my favorite tone, any general settings you can say to use to emulate? Also you detune a half step right?, does that add to the bouncyness of the tone?

Anti_Flag2 karma

half step down light gauge strings light picks, .50 or .60 pick with your hand resting on the bridge

all those things lead to a brighter tone

Chanthrax3 karma

Are you guys voting in the US 2016 presidential election? If so, who do you want to win?

Anti_Flag0 karma

of those with a shot I think its pretty safe to say Anti-Flag is for Sanders -#2

charlie_cat19812 karma

What song are you most proud of?

Anti_Flag5 karma

Believer off of American Spring


Anti_Flag4 karma

Die For The Government. Underground Network. Turncoat. Press Corpse. Fabled World. -Justin

Obamaramabama2 karma

What do i do my school is full of right winged idiots that yell "sieg heil" when entering the class?

Anti_Flag10 karma

well standing up to those who are morally bankrupt can be difficult, if there is the fear of violence, or the worry of how it will impact your daily life at school.

the only thing I can say is be yourself, know that there are so many others that think that kind of bullshit has no place in 2015. look for them at your school, try and find solace and community. from there hopefully you can challenge the ones who are spreading ignorance and show them that there is an alternative.


YourFavBarPunk2 karma

Hey guys! I just wanna say thanks for doing the 2 night 20th anniversary show in Pittsburgh recently, and for turning me on to the world and politicizing me at a young age. That was my 13 & 14th time seeing you and always excellent show. I gotta ask, how hard was it for you to put the set list together for those shows?

Anti_Flag2 karma

Thanks! Your words give me inspiration!

Not too hard! Hah! -Justin

NorbitGorbit2 karma

best/worst places to eat while touring? most memorable meals or their aftermath?

Anti_Flag3 karma

Austin! So many delicious vegan tacos!!!! Worst, any fast food. -Justin

TheWTOKillsFarmers2 karma

what's your guys' favourite jokes??

Anti_Flag17 karma

what did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

wheres my tractor?

nielsulrik2 karma

What is your favorite song to play live?

Anti_Flag14 karma

i have a few

project for a new american century got the numbers press corpse brandenburg gate


Anti_Flag8 karma

right now all the all the poison all the pain is my favoite song to play live. -p

Anti_Flag6 karma

Turncoat. -Justin

mostinterestingtroll2 karma

How do you feel about eating insects to help combat the meat industry? Its been shown to be much more sustainable and even a good source of protein.

Anti_Flag15 karma

I personally don't see the difference between eating a cow, a human, or an insect, all of them are just like me, they are doing everything in their power to not be killed and eaten, therefore I would try my best not to kill insects and eat them. But thats just me, we all need to make our own choices about where we draw the line of what is above me, and what is below me. -P

Anti_Flag11 karma

I don't know anything about eating insects as a dietary plan, I know that I am for most things that get us away from the current status quo. as per actually eating insects, Im not sure I have the stomach for it.


Anti_Flag4 karma

I don't eat anything with a face. I don't animals. I believe that it is cruel. Furthermore, it's just not necessary or sustainable for the planet. In my opinion the science shows that a whole foods plant based diet is the most healthy for people and the planet.

Have you seen Forks Over Knives? It's a really interesting documentary. I highly recommend it. -Justin

Jere_Miad2 karma

Also for Chris #2: Do you know the band Woahnows from the UK? They were opening for Lemuria on their European tour. (If not, check them out!)

Anti_Flag2 karma

they're awesome

also check out the lippies from grand rapids.

circlesRround2 karma

Hey guys!

Any plans to do smaller shows at places like The Slit in town again?

And Pat, you haven't stopped in my store at PIT airport in a while, I miss you!

Anti_Flag4 karma

Ill be flying a lot in the next couple weeks maybe Ill see you at the airport. Im not sure what store but if you see me come say Hi!!!!

would love to play the slit again it was a fun show!!!-P

Anti_Flag2 karma

Small shows rule! We do as many as possible! What store do you work in? -Justin

DayoftheDead2 karma

There are many different types of flags with many different meanings. Why be Anti Flag? Isn't that a bit like being anti sign, or anti nametag?

Anti_Flag2 karma

The name conveys a message that causes most people to pause and think. That was the goal. Mission accomplished. -Justin

Anti_Flag1 karma

You must not live in the states, In the USA the Flag represents everything. Each culture has a symbol that the people in power use to control the population. In the US its the flag but it could just as easily be something else in your culture. figure out what it is and you are better able to withstand the propaganda when it comes. -P

Helcolina2 karma

Hi guys, Uhm just wondering whether there´ll be any chance to meet you guys in Stuttgart (11.05)? (I dunno at the venue or earlier on in the city, like you did in Berlin or something...) I´d give anything to have my records signed :)

Anti_Flag6 karma

of course. we hang out pre and post most shows... just come up to us and say hello. it aint scary -#2

Anti_Flag2 karma

Sure! Just catch us after our set. We'll be around. -Justin

PrestonSR2 karma

Would you rather sit on a dick and eat a cake, or eat a dick and sit on a cake?

Anti_Flag11 karma

ah the old pitcher or catcher dodge.

punxrox692 karma

Chris head, you seem to have a really physically fit body. What sort of diet and exercise do you do?

Anti_Flag9 karma

none..well today he walked to and from lord of the fries in Melbourne, twice!

but he is handsome -#2

Quinquagesima2 karma

Are you guys afraid that that the citizens of the USA will become more right leaning as the average age of the population will increase which can result in more conservative way of thinking, for example, like it is happening in Germany?

Anti_Flag11 karma

I don't think it really has to do with age because I know a lot of older very progressive people and I think young people today in the USA are much more conservative than other generations were at 18-30. The real issue is that the job of progressives is never over, we need to continously fight for freedom and social justice because the entrenched power is always trying steal our power for themselves. -P

Helcolina2 karma

Do any of you watch/like Adventuretime?

Anti_Flag4 karma


The Adventure Time summary on IMDb is as follows:

"A human boy named Finn and adoptive brother and best friend Jake the Dog, protect the citizens of the Land of Ooo from foes of various shapes and sizes."

I've never watch it but that is about to change! It sounds AWESOME!!! -Justin

kotula532 karma


I literally grew up on you guys!

Quick question, do you guys put a little more effort on your shows in your hometown, Pittsburgh?


Anti_Flag8 karma

without absolutely pandering, I would say we do a bit.

our families are there, and thats uncommon, we are perhaps more focused when it comes to shows in pgh than other cities. but they're also way more stressful, and pre-show can be way less of a good time. all things have balance


SeeYouNextTuess1 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan, started listening to you over ten years ago when I was super impressionable and I feel you had a huge impact on my current ideals. I just want to say thank you for what you have always done and continue to do.

  1. If you couldn't be musicians what else would you be doing?

  2. Why does Chris no.2 just continue to get better and better looking with age?

  3. Favorite world news source?

Anti_Flag2 karma

ice hockey player for the pittsburgh penguins. (same thing I wanted to do when I was 10.) photoshop gets better every year. democracynow.org


Anti_Flag2 karma

Thank you! Your words are really inspiring to me!!! XOXO



cuntalist1 karma

Big fan.

When you guys next in the UK?

Anti_Flag4 karma

october -#2

Justanother420punk1 karma

Hey guys! Just wana say thanks for the show in hull,Quebec this year. it was one of the best shows I'd been to.

My question is this, what do you guys enjoy doing when you have some time off or a day off while on tour? Also what's your favorite food while on tour?

Anti_Flag4 karma

Hopefully tomorrow im going to rent a motorcycle and ride up the coast of Austrailia, and I love vegan chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!-P

Anti_Flag4 karma

I love history so I like to see as much of a city as I can and learn about its history. -Justin

TheWTOKillsFarmers1 karma

Is American Spring your favourite record in the sense that you feel freer when you play it than your others? sorry that doesn't make too much sense. Do you feel a sense of relief whenever you play American Spring? like it finally feels like you're playing the right music?

Anti_Flag5 karma

thats a fair assessment. its a bit of that, the feeling that you've still created something worthwhile. but for me these songs are really personal and theres a lot of therapy in them.


scarecrowman1751 karma

Besides Donald Trump, who do you guys feel is the most ridiculous politician / personality running for President?

Anti_Flag3 karma

the field is certainly an interesting one. all with varying degrees of danger levels to them.

Jeb! is pretty ridiculous though -#2

skeletonkilljoy1 karma

Do you have any tips for a starting musician? (i've learnt playing guitar in primary school, then stopped and just started again a few months ago, also considering buying a bass)

Anti_Flag2 karma

It can feel reeeeallly hard to learn an instrument in the beginning. My advice is simply to sticl with it and practice as much as you can! At some point you turn a corner and it's a lot easier and a lot more fun! Don't give up! You can do it! - Justin

J_Strange1 karma

Hi guys. Thanks for having a great message, and for always putting on great live shows.

How has punk rock music changed in the last 20 years?

Anti_Flag3 karma

The best thing that punk did for me was to show me that I wasn't alone and that inspires me every day! Thanks punk rock! - Justin

nnnnnnnnnnm1 karma

Anti-flag? that doesn't mean anti the American flag, does it?

Anti_Flag6 karma

Niiiiiiccccceeeeee!!!!!! -Justin

tireworld1 karma

I saw ya'll open for Pennywise earlier this year and quite frankly yinz guys were the better band on the bill.. Anymore plans to tour the US, more specifically HOUSTON??!

Anti_Flag4 karma

yeah! thanks...

we plan on a houston date early 2016 peace -#2

Longrodrington1 karma

Anti-flag? Against patriotism? Count me out.

Anti_Flag6 karma

You're entitled to your opinion. Personally, I am against patriotism in the extreme sense of what patriotism seems to represent to most people in current day America and in many places around the world... I don't need it to define or to know who I am. It is simply dangerous. Patriotism, nationalism, religion, flags... They are used by people in positions of power (usually politicians acting on behalf of corporations) to coerce every day citizens to do things that are not in their best interest. The Iraq war is one of the most stark examples of this phenomena in recent history. - Justin

NebuKadneZaaar1 karma

Who let the dogs out?

Anti_Flag2 karma

some times Jesse goes over to heads house while we are away. Head is the only one of us who has a dog that needs let out.