Hi Reddit! It’s Sara Bareilles. (i promise) My new single “She Used to be Mine” released today on iTunes http://smarturl.it/SUTBM and my book, “Sounds Like Me: My Life (so far) in Song” is out 10/6! Whew! I've been busy. So now is the time.... ask me anything! (Within reason you cheeky monkeys)

PHOTO PROOF: http://imgur.com/m8Q4m3s TWEET PROOF: https://twitter.com/SaraBareilles/status/647055386273419264

Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to chat with me today. I am always amazed and beyond grateful for the presence of my fans in my life. You never cease to surprise me with your grace and your heart. Such a lucky girl am I. Peace and Love.

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Phallicmallet1143 karma

What would/does it take for you to write someone a love song?

Sarabmusic1174 karma

oh boy. this question. I sense you mean it earnestly, so I'll actually answer. I have to think I love you. In some way. Some love needs expression and then the song appears. That's how.

Leath_Hedger686 karma

Hi Sara! Will you ever record a studio version of your "Chandelier" cover? It was amazing. Loved you on The Sing Off!

Sarabmusic590 karma

I loved singing that song! She's such a gorgeous singer. I don't have plans to record at the moment, but who knows? never say never, right?

CaptCheckdown577 karma

One of my favorite skits on SNL recently was the one with your song. What did you think of it?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWRPBO8fYO0

Sarabmusic681 karma

Hysterical. So funny. I loved that it was showcasing all the incredible women on that show as well. I felt like i was there except I was home watching it alone. *cries into a hankie

Frajer472 karma

What did you make of the Brave / Roar controversy ?

Sarabmusic1343 karma

I felt like people got really excited about being angry about something. It was weird. Katy is an old friend and I had no beef with her. I was disappointed to see the feeding frenzy that developed "on my behalf", and i think it speaks to the misguided notion that music has to be competitive. It's not. There's room for everyone.

codybbaby407 karma

How often do people confuse you with Vanessa Carlton and what can we do to stop this mass confusion? Also, thanks for helping a younger version of myself not get down in the dumps after a break-up.

Sarabmusic1514 karma

Well, if there is a blog you'd like to manage I think that's the best place to start. I haven't had trouble opening any bank accounts lately but if there is mass confusion, I certainly want to know about it. here's how you can tell us apart. Vanessa has nicer teeth than me and she also has a baby. We both have hair though. So never mind. We're fucked.

RDefina351 karma

Basket Case is my favourite song of all time. What inspired it specifically? If you'd let me rifle through...

Sarabmusic675 karma

I wrote it for a man I used to work with. (mysteeeeerious, huh?) I was broken hearted when we parted ways. It wasn't romantic love, but it was love.

Mysaiah264 karma

What is your favorite pizza topping?

Sarabmusic904 karma

'roni. obvs.

mcgillycuddy412250 karma

I heard you wrote "Love Song" to spite your record label. Is this true?

Sarabmusic512 karma

yeah. sorta. nobody asked. but I was pissed at them and that's what came out.

coldize225 karma

Hey Sara,

who is your celebrity mancrush?

(everyone here at Reddit would love it if you said Chris Pratt)

Sarabmusic620 karma

Chris Pratt

balagopalkv205 karma

Hi Sara, you're doing a lot of diverse things! What do you have planned next?

Sarabmusic535 karma

sleeeeeeeeeeeep. (and by sleep I mean music video, book tour, album release, musical workshop, musical opening on broadway, next record)

Evy1607184 karma

Is the idea that everyone thinks they know you still strange, or have you come to terms with it over the years?

Sarabmusic443 karma

I think the real question is, does everyone who knows me still think I'm strange? And the answer is yes.

I don't feel famous except every once in a while. I'm glad I don't. I don't like it very much.

lindzlemon175 karma

These are a couple hard-hitting questions... :P Have you considered making a Snapchat (or do you have one?) or a Periscope account?

Sarabmusic389 karma

you sound like my management and label. haha. I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWW I SHOULD. I will! today! (No I won't do that today) but maybe soon? I bet it will be fun but I'm also old and I hate the technology.

dimplejuice161 karma

Did anyone pressure you to change your last name to something easier to pronounce when you were first starting out?

Sarabmusic298 karma

haha. I figured if people can figure out Aguilera, they can figure out bareilles. nobody pressured me, but I've heard it butchered in more ways than I can count.

Pattystubbs158 karma

Sara your fans love you for your sense of humour and quick witted reparte almost as much as for your music. Have you thought of turning your hand to comedy for either the stage or TV?

Sarabmusic312 karma

You're sweet. But I'm not that funny. I mean I'm funny kinda if I'm not trying to be, but I think writing comedy is an art form I don't dare claim to know enough about. I'd rather make somebody laugh over beers. Know any good jokes?

suzelsbernd133 karma

I loved your song with Zac Brown! How was it collaborating with him?

Sarabmusic312 karma

he's a dollface. He wears the beanie in the studio and we skyped while I sang. He has a wide, kind smile and a booming voice and I think he's the shit.

555-1212109 karma

Hey Sara. I've never heard of you before, but you appear to be relatively popular. Since I know nothing about your music, here is my question: What is your favorite flavor of Pop Tart? PS: Mine is brown sugar and cinnamon

Sarabmusic342 karma

this is so weird. I've never heard of YOU before either! Samesies! I like strawberry.

sebastianbcn96 karma

Hi Sara! How did you manage to find yourself? How can I find myself?

Sarabmusic415 karma

Have you tried mirrors? If that still doesn't work you might want to have that looked at. And try reading some Pema Chodron. She's my guru guide.

Mister_Veritas90 karma

Some friends of mine met you in Boston, heard you were really nice about it. How often do you get recognized in public/ how do you feel about it?

Sarabmusic245 karma

I'm so glad I was nice. Whew! I am always nervous I'll be in a weird mood or something and disappoint someone. I Love my fans more than anything and most of the time when people come to say hello, it's a sweet moment of connection. I'm grateful that anyone wants to take the time to tell me they like what I do. That's a champagne problem.

duckalucka79 karma

What's the biggest challenge when shooting a one-take music video?

Sarabmusic282 karma


kiddj5572 karma

Hello there Sara! I've been a huge fan of yours since high school, and your music has always seemed to correlate with whatever situation is going on in my life at that time. What song (doesn't have to be yours) hits home with you right now and your current situation?

Sarabmusic114 karma

There's a song called Everything Trying by Damien Jurado. i listened to it a lot on a boat.

duckalucka65 karma

Broadway baby! Was that always on your bucket list?

Sarabmusic135 karma

YESSSSS!!!!!! can't fucking believe it! I'm in a dream.

LasigArpanet56 karma

Hey Sara!

I've been a big fan for about 8 years now and am so stoked to see all the well deserve recognition you've gotten since "Love Song". Super excited to see where your career takes you from here and I can't wait for your book! It's coming just in time to make a stellar birthday gift for me. Thank you for your wonderful music. :)

My questions: What is your favorite breakfast food? Is there any chance of an appearance on SNL anytime soon? (A bunch of us have been hoping for that last one to happen for years now)

Thanks! And here's a shameless Mod plug for the subreddit dedicated to all things Sara Bareilles music, /r/sarabareilles .

Sarabmusic111 karma

I would love love love to be on SNL. it's a dream of mine. And as for breakfast, I'm an eggs kind of girl. Huevos Rancheros? Yes please.

blankeyteddy53 karma

Hi Sara, thanks for taking your time to share your love for music! I still remember the amazing performance you rocked at UCSD SunGod so many years ago!

How did you overcome any stage-freight or nervousness (if you experienced it before) when you first begun performing? What tip or advice could you share with us regarding how you create your unique stage presence?

Edit: typos

Sarabmusic100 karma

I sometimes like to just call a spade a spade on stage and let folks know I'm nervous if I'm nervous. But then you gotta let it go. It's a little like leaping off a cliff. You have to feel the discomfort and the fear and then do it anyway, with all you got.

jayb62252 karma

What made you decide to do the waitress musical? Did you love the movie? When I go to the book signing in LA, can we take a pic together?! I promise not to cry! :)

Sarabmusic67 karma

haha. I was invited to consider doing the musical and that made me say yes. I hadn't seen the movie at the time. I fell in love with the whole think over the last 3 years and it's changed my life. I would be happy to take a pic. that's what I'm here for! xo

porcupineBALLS50 karma

Just came here to say that I went and saw "Waitress" and I think its one of the best plays/musicals I have ever seen! It was very well done and I could hear your voice in every song! You absolutely nailed it! What would you like to work on next? Surely after something so great you must have producers dying to work with you!?

Sarabmusic62 karma

thank you so so much. My heart and soul is in this show for sure. I'm still very focused on the next phase of this show so I'm not sure what's next, but I would love to explore another opportunity in the theater! it's the MOST fun.

Earthnet4241 karma

Hi Sara! Love your music! Do you still have Bruin pride?

Sarabmusic71 karma

totes. (Insert 8 clap here)

The_Cool_Lamp40 karma

Hey Sara, I'm a pretty big fan of your music. As much as I love your big songs like Brave and Love Song, I also love your lesser known songs equally, if not more, such as Cassiopeia.

In an interview with Radio.com, you said that your inspiration for writing Cassiopeia was an astronomy book that was given to you. What other songs of yours have had unusual sources of inspiration?

Sarabmusic85 karma

Hercules was inspired by the name of a music stand I had in my studio. It's my story, but the spark came from a piece of metal.

duckalucka32 karma

Machine Gun is a fave of mine. How are the haters treating you these days?

Sarabmusic76 karma

I spend less time and energy on them, to be honest. I don't read reviews really and I don't look at comment sections of posts. I find it gets in my head too deep and I'd rather focus on putting out what feels authentic instead of how it might be received. But every once in a while something sneaks through, so I can tell you the haters are alive and well!

tman949425 karma

Sara, you're awesome! Brave is an amazing song..and in many of your other songs, your vocals are beautiful. My question is: when you write songs, how do you usually start out? Guitar, piano? Do you come up with the lyrics or the melodies first?

Sarabmusic76 karma

usually melody first. piano mostly. but I also love starting on guitar because i don't play that well and sometimes you find little surprises when you don't know what you're doing.

MITthrowitaway22 karma

Will - Like A Table - be on the new album? It's been in my head for like 3 weeks.

Sarabmusic37 karma

i'm so sorry! no. :(((( Too many songs to choose from and I love that you love it!! It's one of my favorite moments in the show. xoxo

mailinhhh21 karma

Hey Sara, I saw your old bandmates Dan and Philip at my buddy Kina (Grannis)'s release show! Hope Josh and Javi are well too! Is there a projected date that we should expect the cast soundtrack for "Waitress"? Also, any chance of a second LA book tour date? The troubadour sold out in a minute and scalpers are looking for $165+ a ticket ):

Sarabmusic29 karma

My boyz!! I love them so. Javi is sick today, so wish him well. and I'm so sorry to not have a second LA show, but I will be signing at the Grove! Cast album will come after we open in the spring. and hi.

jessibella619 karma

My fiancée and I are dancing our first dance to your acoustic version of I Choose You. Thank you so much for writing a beautiful song that lets us express our feelings so well. We couldn't have asked for a better artist.

We got the chance to see your musical in Boston. It was moving and beautiful (I cried, I can't tell you how many times). What was your favorite part of the writing process? And what was your favorite part to see come to life?

Thank you for all that you do. My fiancée and I both just adore you so much!

Sarabmusic13 karma

My favorite part of the writing process was jumping in blind. I had no idea what I was doing and it was so playful.

spicypepperoni16 karma

How do you pronounce your last name? Also is Matt Damon pretty cool to work with?

Sarabmusic38 karma


and yes!! oh my god, Matt is the coolest.

kgillum123415 karma

Sara! Thanks for taking the time to chat. :)
-What is it like working with Jessie Mueller? I must say that it was amazing to see her portraying your music on stage. Magical! -What are you currently listening to? Other than Emily King because...she's magic and I already know of her powers.

Sarabmusic22 karma

Jessie is one of the kindest, hardest working, most graceful and thoughtful human beings I've ever met. I would do absolutely anything for her and she gives a masterclass on acting and singing every night. It's a joy. I'm still on Miss King's new rekkid. cannot get enough!!

EvanNied14 karma

What process did you go through to choose the songs you would write about in Sounds Like Me? For example, Brave and Love Song are clear choices, but Red is a song that newer fans may not know. How did you comb through your (really really amazing) catalog?

Sarabmusic30 karma

I wanted to choose "chapters" in my life that needed representing. Italy was such a turning point in my life, and so many important things happened there for me internally, I wanted to commemorate that. Red was a song I wrote there, so there we are. :)

OhMyLisa14 karma

What was the inspiration for "She Used to Be Mine"? It's a really beautiful song!

Sarabmusic28 karma

I wrote it for the scene in the movie where the lead character, Jenna, feels like she's lost all hope of saving herself from her terrible situation, and she's reflecting on who she thought she would have become. I found myself in her story and it was the first song for the show.

milano_cookies11 karma

Hey Sara Bareilles! My good friend Aaron B. is going to be at your concert on October 6th and needless to say, he's a huge fan. He's one of the hardest working guys that I know and rarely takes any time off for himself, but he just informed me that he took the day off to sit FRONT ROW at your concert.

It also happens to be his birthday that day and I owe him big time for how awesome of a friend he's been over the past year (and not just to me, but everyone he knows). I have no idea if you'll see this or not, but he will assuredly die if you gave him a shout out at your 10/6 concert wishing him a happy birthday.

Could you please make that man's dream come true and wish him a happy birthday?

Thanks! You da best.

Sarabmusic34 karma

I will for sure forget to do this, so can you tell him right now that I'm wishing him the happiest, most front row, most awesome, most treat yourself birthday in the history of time? Happy birthday Aaron B., love sara bareilles

Evy160711 karma

2015 has been quite a year for you!! What can we expect in 2016?

Sarabmusic48 karma

Past the opening of the show in the spring, I'm not sure. I think I have to play some shows, don't you think?

patty310011 karma

Little black dress it is about a breakup, that it is clear. But did you really let the music die? Thank you for your music. It has helped me during a really bad divorce. Sorry about my english!

Sarabmusic24 karma

it was actually about someone I worked with. not a breakup! :) gotcha. but I'm so glad it helped you through your divorce! go go go.

micaeck1110 karma

What song/album are you most proud of?

Sarabmusic44 karma

That's tricky. it's really hard to choose, because they mean different things to me at different times. Right now, I'd say Brave is a song that I remain very proud of. It's taught me so much and the lessons have been a gift to me.

aspiretomalevolence9 karma

What are your favorite musicals (besides Waitress, obviously)?

Sarabmusic25 karma

Hamilton (!!)

oldaccountdoesntwork8 karma

Hey Sara! I saw the musical you helped create at the Art twice in the past two months and was absolutely blown away. Sad to see it go but I hope to see it again on Broadway, and I can't wait for the album My question is, will you have any involvement in the Broadway production past being credited as the writer?

Sarabmusic29 karma

I will be there for every minute of the whole thing. From the set design meetings to the merchandise choosing to the usher haircut party. I can't let this thing go. It's my baby.

greenmonkeys957 karma

Hi Sara! I'm a huge fan of your music :)

What's your current go-to joke? You always come off as a really funny and witty person during concerts. 10/10 would attend again.

Also, I'm being greedy but...any hints on when the next album would be? Can't ever get enough of your songs.

Sarabmusic17 karma

November 7th! The songs from Waitress is my next record. Beyond that I might need a minute. xo

NicoleAPena6 karma

Hi Sara! Thank you for making wonderful music and I can't wait for Sounds Like Me! In one of your Google hangouts you talked about maybe taking the plunge into Acting. Would you rather star in American Horror Story? Orange is the New Black? Or a Golden Girls reboot? (if yes, who would be the other 3 ladies?)

Sarabmusic18 karma

oooooh good choices. let's see. I think I would choose a cameo role on the show Togetherness. Go. Make some calls. Lemme know what time to show up on the lot. ;)

greetingsfromvenus6 karma

Hey Sara!! I'm a HUGE fan and I've bought all your albums and gahh your music just speaks to me!

My question is if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Sarabmusic25 karma

I love new york. it's my home for now. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. xo

area_fifty-one5 karma

Sara, how would you improve the online/streaming music industry in order to ensure that artists are reasonably compensated for their work?

Sarabmusic7 karma

fair rates for artists, period. unfortunately this is a legislation issue and that is going to take a lot of time and coordination. but I believe it will happen. (or it won't and we will have to get really creative about what to do then...)

duckalucka5 karma

Does it freak you out when fans get Sara inspired tattoos?

Sarabmusic15 karma

it hasn't yet. :)

duckalucka4 karma

You hear of the young ingenue being molded by the big bad record company. Was there something they wanted you to change and you adamantly stood your ground on and never gave into?

Sarabmusic37 karma

It happened in a few ways, but personal style was a big one. to be fair, they had some good ideas for how to help my fashion-challenged persona. But I'm just a stubborn little shit who will not be told what to do. that is the long and the short of it.