Hey guys! Riley Reid here! So I wanna answer all your questions that you have but I really gotta thank TUSHY for setting this whole thing up for you guys! Showcasing my first ANAL scene, IR ANAL and DP in Being Riley was so freaking rad of them, and giving you the opportunity to AMA! So let's have fun!

Proof: https://twitter.com/tushy_com/status/644268043112087552

I'm here from 6-8 pm EST/3-5 pm PST :) You can check out my very NSFW first anal here: http://bit.ly/RileysFirstAnal! 2 of the scenes in my showcase are out already and the 3rd one (http://bit.ly/RileyTushy) is coming out on Monday! If you're more of a DVD person, they went on sale today here: http://bit.ly/TushyDVD

EDIT: OK YOU GUYS IT'S TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE! Thanks so much, this was a ton of fun! I have to go get ready to feature dance tonight in Los Angeles otherwise I'd stay forever! xoxox

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Iloveriley3851 karma

Do you fuck regular guys? Weirdest pick up line? Best pick up line?

Tushy_com4183 karma

best pickup line, you must have sharpened your kitty claws because girl you got me hooked! haha so funnyyyy. I also fuck regular guys. ")


What's the most unpleasant thing you've done for porn?

Tushy_com5696 karma

I swallowed 3 loads in one day on an empty stomach and couldn't stop throwing up for 24 hours lol it was weird and terrible. Moral of the story, don't eat cum on an empty stomach.

Mlthelasher3441 karma

Do you watch porn yourself?

Tushy_com5356 karma

I love anime porn!

ryan17173433 karma

Hey, what's your favorite ride at Disney land? 😄

Tushy_com4251 karma

I'm not telling you!!! That's the question to my september raffle you sneaky person you!! :D

PurpleCobraNZ3372 karma

Have you ever been to New Zealand? My friend swears he saw you a few years ago when we were at the airport but no one believed him

Tushy_com4153 karma

I spent a whole month in New Zealand!! It was the best trip of my life! I traveled the whole north and south island. Thats where I plan on moving when I'm old and wrinkly, somewhere by the beach ;)

Javi_in_1080p3134 karma

What convinced you to do anal on camera after so repeatedly stating you wouldn't do it? Other than $$$$?

Tushy_com4285 karma

well it was never something I enjoyed when I started and years after being in porn. It was only because of porn tho that allowed myself to even become open to the idea. Working in scenes where my partner would either lick my ass or finger my ass a little was just the beginning stages of working me up. At first if you licked my ass my pulse would pulse for attention and my ass was like meh i don't care. But after shooting so many scenes and having my ass played with, it had gotten to a point to where now my ass was pulsing craving attention too! It was such a change in my body and when I noticed the first time my ass actually wanted to be stimulated I was like whoa! thats new! So I had just gotten to a point where I felt that I was ready. It had nothing to do with money or anything like that otherwise I would have done it for a fat check sooner. TUSHY had just launched and seeing their soft and sensual anal scenes was something I thought I could actually do. My little ass can't handle a hard core evil angel or jules jordan ass fucking scene but TUSHY, she's all about that. Greg Lansky and I are personal friends and we talked about it and he was thrilled to hear that it was something I had considered because like you, he thought i'd never do anal. I also thought I'd never do anal but my ass just wanted to get played with so we made it happen!

Phil_Mike-Huntin3092 karma

Hi Riley,how are you?. My question is if you could fingerbang anyone in history.Who would it be and why? Thanks.

Tushy_com4180 karma

LMAO oh my gosh thats an epic question, I would finger bang Madonna, no questions asked.

nuhsing2939 karma

How important is size? Err... my friend is wondering.

Tushy_com4455 karma

I mean it depends on the girl and her vagina lol its important but like in the sense of sometimes too big is too big and too small is too small but every cock has it's missing puzzle piece vagina to match with it.

wbaker872584 karma

Netflix n' chill?

Tushy_com4020 karma

bike ride and picnic?

mining_for_more2344 karma

Do you enjoy cum as much as it seems?

Tushy_com3696 karma

haha so long as it tastes good I do! so make sure to eat your fruit! but i really think it's the whole idea that i made this person orgasm more then the taste of the actual cum itself. I have had some really tasty cum tho ;)

PrisonerofWawa692085 karma

Favorite position?

Tushy_com3740 karma

I love cowgirl! Grinding on the dick being able to use it deep inside me while rubbing my clit against my partner is mah fav

jeffshields2271603 karma

When actresses work with much older male actors, is the chemistry on film genuine, or do they block out the creepy factor to get through the scene?

Tushy_com2127 karma

No matter age race gender anything, chemistry is chemistry. You can't really help it.

atirblow1548 karma

How does it smell like on the set?

Tushy_com2079 karma

haha idk like a normal house or place. not a usual scent unless someone has like lemon scented candles

cadio1471 karma

Which scenes have you done where you have had a real orgasm?

Tushy_com2172 karma

Allie Haze for Reality Kings! So good!!

FuckMyDepression1463 karma

Hello Riley!

I'm a big fan, and I love how energetic and happy you are in all your videos. I also really enjoy your snapchat stories!

My question is: I'm a bass player myself, and I'm really interested in what your favorite song to play on bass is?

Tushy_com1700 karma

Hey thanks for being a fan!! and checking out my snaps! for those who don't already it's @ ohrileyreid. About the bass tho, I'm a new learner but my favorite sounds are a mixture between punk and blues.

darktemptation1385 karma

Riley! You're my favorite pornstar by a lot. How long do you think you'll stay in the industry? Also, if you date, how do the guys you see take you being a porn star? What's your favorite scene you've done?

Tushy_com1758 karma

I honestly am such a present day life person I could never say when I plan on getting out of porn. I guess when I found my other life calling is when I will leave but right now I love what I do and I don't plan on leaving even in the next 5 years. I do date people here and there and being in porn was never an issue. I'm a lovely little lady so the whole porn thing isn't even a subject of conversation. I also haven't had too many steady bf's in porn because well I like to play around a lot! haha. You can check out my website/blog for a list of my top 10 favorite scenes at ReidMyLips.com !

moaw19911362 karma

What is the weirdest fan interaction you ever had?

What kind of roles have you said "No" to?

Tushy_com3503 karma

oh man the worst was this guy who I met at a restaurant and I was nice enough to exchange my real name and invited him to the club I was working at because I was feature dancing that weekend. When he ended up showing up he was really drunk, yelling my real name out telling everyone I was his girl.. It was horrible and I told him I'd have him removed if he didn't start throwing $100 bills at me, which he did haha. so I guess it wasn't that bad. b.ut now he ruined it for everyone else in the sense of me opening up on a personal level with a fan. the guard is up.

Vasillas1077 karma

Hi Riley, Is there anything exceptionally nerdy or geeky you own that people wouldn't generally know about ?

Tushy_com2218 karma

haha hmmm... I really like puzzles, I do all my own website work, edit, design. I make the music for my site too. is that nerdy or geeky enough? lol idk I'm a crazy disney freak too and I love musicals and operas lol. Carmen is my favorite opera ;)

El_Colto1063 karma

What advice would you give to an aspring porn director/editor?

Tushy_com1530 karma

I would say that women have it the best in porn so if you're a dude you shouldn't really get in unless you have high aspirations in the industry, like directing and just not just being a male performer.

DrZedMD1006 karma

Does this look a bomb or clock to you? http://imgur.com/6zmeqHh

Tushy_com818 karma


poptartsrool1004 karma

I enjoy looking at your snaps. Am I allowed to send you snaps on snapchat?

Tushy_com1319 karma

you can always send me snaps!

threeeye333 karma

Will you reply to those snaps?

Tushy_com791 karma

sometimes i do sometimes i don't. usually not because theres just so many to respond too!

threeeye958 karma

What in your opinion is the best dick you've had? or what are the qualities of a good dick.

Tushy_com2854 karma

hmm the best dick I've had. There's a couple. Like one of the first dicks I had when I was like 17 but that's because I was so new, I hadn't had so many cocks so when you like someone and they have yummy cock it was just heaven but if I had his cock now idk if it'd still be just as good. My current favorite cock is not a porno dick, he's just an average cock but for me I really like that. Sometimes the best orgasms for me are when I'm just fucking the head of the dick, like a tip fucker, but the g spot is just right there so it almost feels better when its a smaller dick haha. Plus I hate being sore as fuck from a giant cock because then I can't enjoy your giant dick all the time! an average cock, I can fuck it all day every day!

ryan1717946 karma

Hi, Riley, what advice would you give a man losing his virginity? Like, advice for the first time?

Tushy_com3267 karma

Maybe jerk off first so you're not a two pump chump!

tehbezt856 karma

Hey Riley, I was wondering if you had never gotten into porn what would you have done with your life?

Tushy_com1404 karma

Let me go ask my alternate dimension self ;) haha I really have no idea what I would be doing with my life. I was in college to become a psychology professor but I also wanted to be a grade school teacher as well so who knows!

chasemcq1851 karma

What happened to the Fuck A Fan contest you had?

Tushy_com1225 karma

it's under construction.. The submit form was flawed so I'm rewriting it up.

stevenas41840 karma

Has that girl apologized yet for insulting you on twitter a few days back? The one who said she does not want to look like you.

Second question, did you get nervous before your first anal scene or did you treat it like any other scene you would normally do?


Tushy_com1267 karma

hahaha!! that girl will probably never apologize and plus I had fun with it because you know the next day she went to school and everyone wanted to ask her about it and blah blah blah, so it was charity work for me to allow her to have some attention ;).

I was SO NERVOUS for my first anal scene you have no idea! It was like shooting my first porno all over again but way more intense because I'm not even an analwhore in my personal life! I was really scared, I didn't know how it would go or if I would even really enjoy it but I did. It was never like any scene I had ever shot before, and after the first scene was done all the other anal scenes were a breeze. Just that first one was like oh boy!

quantum_sam694 karma

Do you prefer ink cartridge refill fountain pens or just disposable pens?

Tushy_com194 karma

The pen that is non plastic is my friend. PLASTIC IS BAD!

Javi_in_1080p496 karma

Can I send you dick pics on snapchat?

Tushy_com630 karma

haha hell yea!

hosefeet616477 karma

Do you have a stocking fetish?

Tushy_com912 karma

I wouldn't say I have a stocking fetish but I do think they are hot as fuck. I also love bare legs too and would hate if they were covered 24/7.

ChocoCrowbar470 karma

Do you plan on doing another Bondage scene or a bdsm with anal now that you've done it on a normal scene?

Tushy_com963 karma

maybe some day.. the anal scenes were't hardcore so I don't want you to expect anything like that.. My ass is a very tight little hole that I plan on keeping that way in tact for my life lol

its_that_1_guy468 karma

Hey Riley, it's Alvin! Thank you again for being such an amazing person & always treating me, as well as all your other fans, with so much love! This is why you're the best! Just wanted to know what ever happened to the Fuck A Fan contest you had on your site www.reidmylips.com? (shameless plug LOL)

Tushy_com491 karma

Hey Alvin!! I had to remove it because it wasn't working right, like the submissions forms. I am working on getting it right tho so it will be back up once I get the submission forms fixed up properly.

PineappleInTheMist365 karma

Hi Riley, what are your favorite things to do when you're not working?

Tushy_com685 karma

I love to cook yummy food! I'm like a serious cook ;) you don't even know. I love to play with my puppies and watch cartoons, and I dabble on my bass.

agb525283 karma

Hey Riley, thanks for the AMA. I saw from snapchat that you were in Atlanta the same weekend as Dragon Con. Did you get to experience any of it? If so, what did you think?

Tushy_com518 karma

I didn't get to do the dragon con so much because i was mostly there for family time but I saw a lot of the people and it was so awesome! such creative costumes but not enough slutty girls!

mythofdob273 karma

How you feel about WWE Champ Seth Rollins stealing your spine tattoo?

Tushy_com223 karma

haha wait what? lmao

koolcid999237 karma

Who are your favorite porn stars, male and female?

Tushy_com389 karma

dana dearmond is a babe for days.

Hi_I_am_Nick226 karma

After interacting with so many gifted penises, do average penises all seem underwhelming and boring to you now?

Tushy_com682 karma

never!! I always try to have fun. Unless you cum to fast then I'm kicking you the fuck out of my house

JimPheet119 karma

Hi Riley

Love all your work since day 1, and the Tushy.com stuff is great. so excited to see your DP

My questions are

  1. Will you be doing a gangbang?

  2. Who is your favorite female performer to work with?

  3. Is there anything you won't do in a movie?

Tushy_com244 karma

I do hope to be doing a gangbang in the future! That's one of my biggest fantasies! Mmm I love so many girls it's really hard to choose even just a handful! I would never do an anal food scene lol to me thats just gross. Nothing like milk or paint will be shooting out of my ass! haha!

massiveburrito34 karma

After getting a tattoo I took a huge interest in other peoples tats. In the industry of course you have a lot of people who wear ink, and imo i think must of them look dumb...

When i say youre one of my fav pornstars, its not because youre the hottest or your pussy is the best (new fav every day, go ahead and hate me) but the saying down your spine must mean something more than "hey i think it looks sexy". It intrigues me.

I know what it says. Why did you get it?

Tushy_com28 karma

I got it because it's my life motto. When Life Hands You Lemons Make Lemonade. I always try to stay optimistic and being said that I felt that if it was tattooed on my body it would be a daily reminder to live to that quote. Why i chose the chinese down the spine, just cause i thought it was cool lol

cptgonzo34 karma

Thanks for all the Great Work. Is it ever weird doing those brother sister scenes?

Tushy_com74 karma

haha all the incest scenes are always weird to me. The step dad, step mom, uncle this that it's always weird to me, but then I think about Dana Dearmond and Kimberly Kane and one scene they shot together in a role play like fashion like that and it was so hot to see them play pretend like that. So I always channel that within myself and remember it's me playing role play and thats all it would ever be.

alevin719 karma

Hey Riley, just wanna say your dogs are so cute hahah. Whats their names? You should put them in your snapchats even more.

Tushy_com29 karma

Awe thanks! They are Kilo Killa and Princess Kitana. Kilo is actually Kitanas dad! I will totally put them in my snaps more!

Plug-In-Baby16 karma

What's your favorite song to play on bass guitar?

Tushy_com28 karma

not really a favorite song but my favorite sounds are either punk or blues. I don't mind a bit of the metal either. That sound is just so good!!!

Professor_HasNoClue12 karma

Yo Riley, who's your favorite Disney princess?

Professor_HasNoClue13 karma

I need to know.

Tushy_com27 karma

I love Belle. she's a freaky girl being into the beast and all. It's so naughty!

TexasStarForever9 karma

Is hairy pussy making a comeback ?

Tushy_com5 karma

i couldn't answer that, I can only say that myself personally loves bush. I feel like a weird alien without a bush and I would never shave it off again.

ryebreadwithbuddr8 karma

  • How did you find your way into the porn industry?
  • Do you have any hobbies? Like do some sports, play video games etc
  • I know you love animals and i just wanted to say i love Kilo and Kitana hahah. How old they were when you first met them?
  • How many days do you spend filming in a month? It is hard work all the time or do you have huge amounts of time to have fun while not filming?
  • If you had a chance to film with one actor and one actress(non-porn) at the same time who would it be?

And for last i just wanted to say i fucking love you. You might be the most kind, spontaneous, funny and adorable person in the world. And your old neighbour was an asshole. <3

Tushy_com14 karma

Hey I like your handle! Ryebreadwithbuddr! Thats my Instagram name! It's kinda a long story but you can go to my website/blog for the whole story on how I officially got into porn at ReidMyLips.com

I love to cook and play with my pups. I play the bass, i do puzzles, I go to the beach, hang out with friends.

I rescued kilo when he was 10 weeks old, my sweet little baby! then when he was 2 he had puppies with a female pitiful and that's where I got Kitana! So they are father and daughter!

I shoot all the time lol I have every wednesday and saturday off and I'm pretty much working on set every day that I have open! It's kind of hard to not be a workaholic too since launching my own website. I find myself going to set working from 8 am to 6pm to then come home and sit on the computer to edit and work on the website until bedtime. I really have to force myself to not work lol.

I would love to film Madonna having sex with anyone! she's got to be an animal in bed.

Thank you for being such a fan! xoxo

Lexbooklover6 karma

Hey Riley! :) You inspire me to be more confident with my body and appreciate what I have :). My question is what are some movies you like?

Tushy_com5 karma

awe yay!! that makes me so happy! some of my favorite movies Night On Earth, pine apple express, and all the disney movies