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Golemfrost4 karma

Sooooo i guess there won't be any pics?

Catjm10 karma

Move along.

Golemfrost5 karma

Well i tried,..for science.

Catjm5 karma

And I respect that.


Il ask for the group... Do you have a picture of the double vagina?

Catjm8 karma

Never gunna happen.

quantum_man3 karma

Have you ever been double penetrated in both vaginas? Just curious

Catjm4 karma

I've never been in a situation where that would be possible.

Raphael28483 karma

This is truly facinating. Do you all your friends and family know? If they do, do they make fun of you or call you names in a fun and playful manner? Something just between you guys. Also, did your parents had a choice to do surgery when you were born, and if they did, why did they choose not to?

Catjm3 karma

Not everybody knows. It doesn't come up much! No one has ever thought it appropriate to make fun of me. People who know just think it's normal. My parents didn't know when I was born. But they never made any decisions for me as to whether I should have surgery or not. That was my decision to make.

Wazoisme2 karma

Serious question, what is a period like with two vaginas?

Catjm3 karma

Painful and annoying. Same as anyone really!! Just have to use 2 tampons.

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Catjm6 karma

That's not why menopause begins but I have the same amount of eggs and I ovulate left, right, left, right just like most women, so that's not a problem in any way :).

Malkalack2 karma

Can you be pregnant in both at the same time? (sorry! bad question, I know.)

Catjm3 karma

Not a bad question at all - yes I can :)

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Catjm3 karma

And this is the sort of ignorant comment I was talking about. No. I have not. It would be boring for everyone because you wouldn't be able to tell, since I look like anyone else from the outside.

666isbad-2 karma

May I please see your vaginas? I'm perplexed

Catjm9 karma

No. Imagine one vulva but with two entrances inside. That's basically it.

oksennus1-2 karma

So you only have one set of labia majora? That's actually a bit disappointing. It's like if the double dick dude only had two peeholes instead of two dicks.

Catjm1 karma

Exactly right :).

Kewl_FedOra420-7 karma

How does the pee work in your case? Does it come from one side only, from both, or from the middle?

Catjm25 karma

Ok, fair question but for everyone who doesn't get this: Pee does not come out of a woman's vagina. The urethra is situated just above the vaginal opening.

I only have one bladder and therefore one urethra.

hugebonzibuddyfan-33 karma

did you REALLY need to tell the internet about this?

Catjm14 karma

Why wouldn't I? The internet knows everything else about me, ha. And hopefully someone else with UD will read it and know they're not alone. It's just a medical condition - sorry if you find it gross or intimidating. You don't have to read about it if you don't want to.