We are Comedians Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer. You might know us from shows like Human Giant, The League, Children's Hospital, Transparent and Fresh Off the Boat. We just made a new comedy special on a moving bus, it's called 'Crash Test' and its available NOW on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/crashtest

PROOF: http://imgur.com/DmeTbMl MORE PROOF: http://imgur.com/YZAOfZR

UPDATE: we are signing off now, thanks for tuning in!

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MaxSvalgard44 karma

Paul Scheer, do you remember when I asked you when NTSF:SD:SUV:: would come out on DVD/Blu-ray and you said "DVDs are Dead. iTunes and Amazon Prime forever."?

You should have responded March 17 2015

But you didn't

and I love you for that.

CrashTestSpecial45 karma

I Do remember and I feel like now we are old friends - Paul

atpocket_jokers29 karma

Will there ever be a biodome how did this get made episode?

CrashTestSpecial40 karma

YES! - Paul

3hmmmmm315 karma

Will there be a fourth season of Burning Love?

CrashTestSpecial20 karma

Maybe we should do BURNING LOVE in PARADISE! - Paul (Steve Ranazzissi has dibs on Joe)

CrashTestSpecial12 karma

Hmmm. I don't know. I hope so. That was a blast! (Huebel)

jarluch14 karma

Hey Paul, huge fan of you, June, and Jason on How Did This Get Made. Rob – love a lot of your stuff, especially your Improv 4 Humans appearances (go on again soon please).

Have you and the gang ever watched a movie for HDTGM and then decided not to record an episode on it because it was bad in a totally unfunny way?

CrashTestSpecial21 karma

Sadly no. We don't have that kind of time. If we are watching it. You are going to hear about it - Paul

Combative_Douche13 karma

How you weigh?

CrashTestSpecial24 karma

By judging my mass in context to my environment - Paul

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

put on scale--Huebel

thefinkasaurus12 karma

Any stories from Human Giant? Also, will Human Giant season 2 ever come to DVD?

CrashTestSpecial32 karma

WE've had a hard time getting Human Giant season 2 to DVD for some dumb MTV business-related reason. We keep pestering them. I'm hoping for NETFLIX!!


FailArmyU11 karma

Hey Rob - I think you hit on one of my ex-gfs at Birds after a UCB show... just wanted to ask if you guys are together or not, and if so, does she ever talk about me?

CrashTestSpecial51 karma

Wow. I haven't been to Birds in many years but that sounds like something I'd do. I don't think we're together. I'm married. Did you date my wife? I'll fucking kill you. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial31 karma

That's how Rob and I met too - Paul

3urritos11 karma

That college humor video you guys did where you pranked Amir into thinking he was a worthless piece of shit was incredible. Was it real?

CrashTestSpecial16 karma

Totally real. Everybody always asks. Haha

3urritos5 karma

Cool haha. I liked the two of you in hell baby a lot. I need to hit up that poboy joint sometime.

Do you remember the beer you were drinking in that scene? It looked like Nola. Love that stuff.

CrashTestSpecial11 karma

I Love drinking Abita (Purple Haze) and I think that's what it was - Paul

CrashTestSpecial12 karma

We live in fear Amir will one day get his revenge - Paul

VinnyTuscaderro11 karma

TeflAndre! With so much of the league being improvised, how hard is it to keep a straight face? You guys are hilarious. One more season and a movie?

CrashTestSpecial20 karma

We laugh all the time but to prevent it, we have people shooting paintballs at our junk when we break - Paul

The_Draids10 karma

Can u bring Rob to guest at NY show of HDTGM? If not how soon can u get him back on the show?

CrashTestSpecial41 karma

I refuse to work with Rob Huebel - Paul

CrashTestSpecial43 karma

I refuse to work with Paul Scheer --Huebel

jdnely8 karma

Hi Paul. Will Adam Scott be at the Furious 7 live show?

Shameless side question. Know anyone trying to sell an extra ticket to the furious 7 live show?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

YES! He will...Watch @Largo_LA Day of the show for extra tickets

Frajer8 karma

Paul- how did you pick which TRL episodes to do for Scheer-RL?

Rob- what's it like working on Transparent?

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

LOTS AND LOTS OF BORING RESEARCH - There are a few that didn't make the cut that were super fun. I got nominated for a streamy for that but I'm having a hard time giving the entire internet hand jobs to sway the vote - Paul

CrashTestSpecial10 karma

Transparent is so fun to work on. I feel really lucky. I'm so glad that people went nuts for the show. I've done a lot of things that nobody ever sees, so to work on a show that is really well written and says something super-important, that a lot of people watch ...has been awesome. --Huebel

2Heismans8 karma

Crash Test? How did THAT get made? AMIRIGHT?

CrashTestSpecial13 karma

HA! I see what you did. - Paul

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

On a bus. Wanna see how: vim.io/crashtest --Huebel

ohmygogh7 karma

If you both had to guest star together on any television show, what show would you want it be?

CrashTestSpecial23 karma

Empire - I want Rob to be Terrance Howard and i'll be Cookie - Paul

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

I would say some cool action show where we get to kick people's butts. Like if they still made the A-Team or Walker Texas Ranger maybe.. (Huebel)

kidlatham7 karma

Did you have to pay extra liability insurance for this show?

CrashTestSpecial30 karma

We killed 7 people but they all signed a waiver. We are totally cool- Paul

CrashTestSpecial18 karma

We don't worry about insurance but Paramount who produced it and Ben Stiller's company who also produced it, were probably VERY worried. Huebel

irmavep6 karma

Paul! You're amazingly talented and you make me laugh every week. The mini eps of hdtgm are so fun. If you were cast in the next Sharknado, what type of character would you want to play?

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

THANKS! I think I'd like to be The Shark God, kinda like Zeus but with Sharks - Paul

olsteen596 karma

Hey Rob, what ended up happening with Tuxedo Guys?

CrashTestSpecial15 karma

A lot of the Tuxedo Guys got killed when they wore their tuxedos into a steam room that was too hot and they got overheated and died. Pray for them.

credibit6 karma

Paul, why does it always seem like you're doing twice as many projects as all my other favourite comedians. Are you just insanely efficient with your time?

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

It's all out of fear - Paul

as8346256 karma

How much longer does the Matt LeBlanc/chimp/baseball movie need to be on HBOGO before you choose it HDTGM?

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

ED! is a masterpiece not since MVP (Most Valuable primate) has an animal made such a bold/Fearless transition to the big screen - Paul

davisescapeplan6 karma

Paul, does the HDTGM crew know about [Surfer Dude]? the trailer looks amazing and I cant imagine it disappoints. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv4DHA3YDMk)

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

We are aware . - Paul

dancedancedance19936 karma

Paul- how many fajitas did you eat while filming the fajita episode of Fresh off the Boat?

CrashTestSpecial10 karma

9 Billion - Paul

aydenberg6 karma

Rob, why don't you date chicks who look like Ray Liotta? Did you have a bad experience?

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

I will reconsider my policy on this thanks for following up! Huebel

MyHusbandKnows5 karma

Mr. Scheer,

Do you find yourself being verbally abused in public frequently due to your André character?

CrashTestSpecial24 karma

Thankfully no. People seem to like Andre - Also I travel with Jason a lot so people are probably afraid - Paul

chris12275 karma

Paul -- I was at the HDTGM live Theodore Rex show (apology accepted). It was fantastic!

I am convinced it is the WORST movie you guys have done. What movie do you think is the worst of the worst?

CrashTestSpecial15 karma

That one kinda takes the cake. The last Airbender is really the worst though..paul

Phogor5 karma

Who's your number one person you want to get on CRASH TEST?

CrashTestSpecial17 karma

well if we ever do more, I'd like to get Tom Cruise. like if we pulled up to a 7-11 and he's just leaning against his car in the parking lot eating a slurpy. that'd be huge. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

I'd love to get The Cast of Fast and Furious! - Paul

focuspuller5 karma

Hey guys... I heard you have a camera assistant that looks like Tom Cruise on some of your shows. Is he not the best or what!?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

If this is Danny the focus puller then NO. that guy is maniac. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

He's NOT tom Cruise - You can see him in the NTSFSDSUV mini Trailer (The 1st one before the show) and in Huebel's Dead Body - Paul

gittlebass4 karma

here's a Q to stick in your A, why are your NYC how did this get made tickets so expensive??? fuckin ay, this place is too expensive as it is, give us little guys a break!

CrashTestSpecial15 karma

We didn't set the price...NYCC Comic Con did and Ticketmaster is a bunch of ASSHOLES - They charge you a handling charge when you print the ticket at home. It doubles the price - I hate it but they own the venues - it's a double edged sword. Sorry - Paul

pw10wo4 karma

Hey guys, love Human Giant and still go back and watch the episodes to get a good laugh. Can’t wait to check out Crash Test!

In one of his standup specials, Aziz mentions that MTV wanted you to cut the “raped by a dinosaur” bit from a sketch, but it ultimately made it into the show. Can you recall any other jokes or sketch ideas from Human Giant that you really had to fight for?

CrashTestSpecial24 karma

Wow it was so long ago. We did a sketch where we drew a dick on each other's faces when we fell asleep. And we had like 10,000 emails and meetings about what the dick could look like. Couldn't have veins. Couldn't have hair. Couldn't have a head. Sooo dumb. I couldn't believe these lawyers who went to law school were telling us this dumb crap. Huebel

CrashTestSpecial24 karma

MTV hated HOT AIR BALLOON COPS - they said it didn't make any sense why someone in a hot air ballon would be assigned High Speed police chases - and we said exactly - That person was fired. --Paul

jakeupnorth4 karma

Paul: Would you rather have sex with your wife in Rob's body, or with Rob in your wife's body?

Rob: If you were a character on The Golden Girls who you be?

Also most logical HDTGM Halloween Ep. to beat out Sleepaway Camp, Pieces

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

Who was the slutty one on the Golden Girls? that'd be me Huebel

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

Hmm...I'm guess My Wife - Rob's Body - it would be too awkward the other way - Paul

chris12274 karma

Paul -- Who is your favorite Bachelor in Paradise cast member?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

Ooh that's a great one. Joe (The Ultimate Villian) also Tenley is a real sneaker upper - Paul

BaronVonStevie4 karma

I'm a huge fan of "How did this Get Made?". My girlfriend and I with our little Japanese Chin dog Jackie keep up with just about every movie. We know you guys have busy schedules and think it's so cool that you manage to get one out nearly every week. Please come to New Orleans sometime for a live gig. I guess I don't have a question per se. Great work on the podcast, Paul & company.

I think it's great fun that bad movies have become popular lately. There are your Rooms which are strangely watchable... safe for general audiences in other words... and then there are flicks out there like Battlefield Earth and Vampire's Kiss which, to me, are high art. You're doing god's work.

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

New Orleans is a blast - We should do the next Crash Test there and HDTGM

I Think Old Dogs is a pretty undated bad movie just like Green Latern - Paul

superfiedman4 karma

Paul, I saw you at the first Festival Supreme on the Santa Monica Pier! I want to to come over and tell you how much I love your podcast HDGTM but was struck with some kind of celebrity paralysis. I mean, you weren't even the most famous person I'd run into that day (no offense intended, I met Jack Black and Hannibal Buress and Reggie Watts that day as well) but I love your stuff so much that I was the most starstruck by you. Boy, I'm rambling. this isn't a question.

Here's a question- what is your favorite movie that you have done an episode of HDGTM on? Like, the one that you kind of felt bad about ripping apart?

CrashTestSpecial13 karma

First of all, you weren't star struck, I have a mystical force around me that prevents social interactions -- 2nd - Never felt bad -- we never get too mean...One of my favorites is the Twilight and Fast& Furious ones - Paul

BabiesGotTheBends4 karma

What are both your favorite memories with the beloved Scott Aukerman?

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

Back Massages in the orient and sipping Pina Coladas with him on the set of Mike Magic - Paul

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

I remember the back massages but what is Mike Magic? --Huebel

dillonjames004 karma

In 5 words or less, why should I watch Crash Test?

Huge fan! Thanks for all of the amazing entertainment!

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

Earl Sweatshirt! (and Jack McBrayer and Rob Corddry and Natasha Legerro and Aubrey Plaza and Reno 911 guys and Aziz Ansari and Ian Karmel and Zev from the audience and a huge bus explosion)

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Also GO HERE NOW: vim.io/crashtest

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

You'll die if you don't - Paul

CrimeBeat3 karma

Would Jeff Goldblum have been a good Scarecrow?

CrashTestSpecial3 karma


Action_Batch3 karma

Huebel, have you ever forgiven Sheer for making you watch Battlefield Earth for /r/hdtgm?

CrashTestSpecial7 karma

No I will never forgive him. No offense, Scientology people. --Huebel

agentdcf3 karma

Paul: Are there any HDTGM episodes you'd like to re-do?

And, what are your top five must-see terrible movies?

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

Redo? Probably not. Barring the ones with Audio Isseues. 5.) old Dogs 4.) the room 3.) zardoz 2.) roadhouse 1.) LOL

ayylol3 karma

Are either of you going to deep-freeze your body and/or head when you die and store it until technology advances?

CrashTestSpecial10 karma

I would think about it. Do you know a guy? --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial8 karma

Yeah, right next to Kanye - paul

tom584737583 karma

Who is funnier Tim Heidecker or Andy Dick?

CrashTestSpecial11 karma

TIM is a genius - Paul

Jiboo4203 karma

Paul, can you give me suggestions for my fantasy team this season?

CrashTestSpecial7 karma

Names or Players ?

megatom03 karma

Hey Paul and Rob I love all your stuff. I can't wait to watch Crash Test later tonight.

I wanted to ask Paul, since the James Bonding crossover, are there any other podcasts you would want to crossover with? You could do X-file: I Want to Believe with Kumail's X-filesfiles or Virtuosity with Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of all Time Period.

Also no word on NTSF:SD:SUV::?

CrashTestSpecial11 karma

VIrtuosity - is a great idea...We'll do it

NTSF is on indefinite hiatus, until our careers start failing and we need to rekindle old shows. So like in 4 months

476keith2 karma

Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. Loved you guys on TRL and the Arschuebelio Hall show! Will you give me feedback on my screenplay? Then finance and star in it? Keith

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Sure but I need Will Smith's Trailer and the movie has to involve Skittles as a major plot point. - Paul

ItsHarry2 karma

Hey guys!

Mr. Scheer, I recently did background on The League, and I noticed you have a lot of freedom to improvise. As an actor near the beginning of his career, I'd love to hear from both of you about this process as compared to improv on stage, which I'm a little more familiar with.

For on-camera improvising, are you mostly ad-libbing, or do you ever get to actually shape the scene and take it in a new direction? Is that too complicated for continuity/hurting writers' feelings?

Do you prepare for on-camera improv beyond the basic actors' work of analyzing & memorizing? If so, I'd love to know how. Do you just bring the playfulness and attentiveness necessary for stage improv, or do you analyze the script ahead of time and think of different ways the scene might go or things your character might do?

Thanks for doing this AMA guys! I'd love to hear both of your thoughts on this!

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

This is a huge question and I'll try to simplify it - improvising on stage, you are creating a world in which there are no limits, improvising on TV and Film, you can only improvise within the characters and the world - so you have equal freedom but you can't just change the show - for example Andre can't reveal he's been an undercover cop for 7 years but I can improvise about a date i've been on or my backstory. - Paul

CrashTestSpecial1 karma

Hmm. Well on-camera you have the benefit of seeing the script beforehand so you can kinda just come up with a bunch of alt-jokes for yourself to try. But obviously if there's other people in the scene you gotta give and take, so you just do it over and over until you feel like you've given them enough options. TV is all about editing. --Huebel

BlacckStaff2 karma

Kevin Smith is always telling his fans how bad his own movies are. Would you consider having him as a guest to do one of his movies?

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

He was on an episode - If he wanted to subject himself to that - I think it could be fun but most likely awkward - Paul Unless it was Cop Out

jarluch2 karma

Rob, why do you spell your last name incorrectly?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

I hope I'm spelling it right. Huebel. How do you spell it? Childrens Hospital has ruined me in that department. --Huebel

MunificentDouglas2 karma

How many nickels can you fit in the gap between your teeth?

CrashTestSpecial39 karma

Like 2 - but it would be a tight fit..How big is your mom's labia because that fit perfectly...I joke, I never went down on your mom. I got bored. - Paul

The_Iceman22882 karma

Paul - will you ever cover The Human Centipede on HDTGM? Strip away the horrible gimmick and it's an amazingly bad movie.

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

Yeah maybe - I don't think I could ever get June to watch. She could barely stomach Island of Dr Moreau and that just had naked pig ladies - Paul

bugas2 karma


CrashTestSpecial3 karma

Is it that bad?! - Paul

eateggs2 karma

Have either of you ever had a burrito so bad you felt the need to go back and give the vendor other business ideas they might be better at?

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

Yes, but then my family was assassinated by a Burrito gang - Paul

FalPalKalle2 karma

I love both of you guys in everything you do and you are some of my favorite comedians. Any advice for someone thinking about pursuing comedy as a career?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Go to UCB in NYC or LA

Or Do standup

or Make your own thing

There is literally no right answer. Just chase the stuff that makes you funny and seek out people to learn from and perform with.

You make the rules

Also try cocaine.


Nochberry2 karma

Paul - There's gotta be an upcoming HDTGM episode for the new Fantastic Four right?!

Rob - in the Human Giant crystal meth sketch, were those all improvised names for meth? My personal favorite was "Purple puppy penises."

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

Haa. No that was a sketch (if I remember correctly) that the great Patton Oswalt came up with. Most of those names were from his huge brain. He's the best. --Huebel

thephishfromvermont2 karma

First off, Crash Test was pretty damn funny.

Have you two ever considered doing a standup tour together? That would be great. Please come to Columbus, OH.

CrashTestSpecial7 karma

IF we do more of these specials, we may have to take the bus to Columbus. What's your home address? -Huebel

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

Thanks! Maybe we bring the bus to Columbus, you have a lot to see there, right? - Paul

ABlackOrchid2 karma

If you could each only be known for one role that would follow you around for the rest of your career (a la Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker), what would it be?

CrashTestSpecial14 karma

Wow tough question. Because no matter what you're gonna end up resenting that part. I'd say George Clooney's best friend in The Descendants. Because I never get tired of saying I'm his best friend. -Huebel

CrashTestSpecial10 karma

Darth Maul - Paul

Too_Hot_To_Handle_2 karma

Huebel, why is Chevy Chase such a dick?

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

Hmmm. I think he's just getting old. When he slapped me across the face he was trying to be funny I think. I was super-bummed. But in his defense it's what he thought would get a laugh in that moment, so he slapped me! Huebel

TexasStarForever2 karma

What is the phrase or sound when you see a DUI checkpoint coming up the road and turn quick down a side street Rob ?

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

I can't make it just by typing but you know what it is...

ChrisWoodsViolin2 karma

I just downloaded the Crash Test special, look forward to watching it. What's it like to be surrounded by funny people on TV/in movies all the time? Are you in a constant state of amazement or are you just used to it? Do you dream about funny stuff?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

It's pretty dang fun. I would not want to have it any other way. I don't dream about funny stuff. I have disturbing dreams. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

It's great to work with people that really make you laugh. One of my recent highlight was doing a bit with Will Ferrel for this movie Daddy's Home where we shot a scene during an actual NBA game and to do a bit for 40K people was so much fun and insane. It was a pinch myself moment. Hope that doesn't sound lame.

Ben Stiller who produced our special made such a huge impact on me growing up and he just did a bit at our NYC Crash Test show last week. He just popped in unannounced did this really funny bit and left. I love stuff like that

That's essentially the vibe we wanted to create with this CRASH TEST SHOW, just a different type of show where anything could happen and it didn't feel so polished or written. Like a new variety show -Paul

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

I think Paul is talking about this special: vim.io/crashtest


dd1zzle2 karma

Hey Paul huge fan!
How do you pick the movies for HDTGM?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

We have a big list and our interns Nate and Avril watch and we discuss, a film has to meet proper standards so it's kinda fun to watch.

jpropaganda2 karma

Paul and Rob! Been a big fan of your guys for years, ever since Paul and his gaptooth made me laugh watching I Love the 80's.

Do you have any advice for a fellow comedian/actor just trying to hustle and cobble together a career in LA doing the things he loves?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma


I'd just say, try to find people you like and that like what you do and work with them. Nothing is a waste of time if you are creating something you are passionate about.

Also sometimes - just tweet at celebs, "HIRE ME" - That works too


CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Fuck that 'hire me' advice. That doesn't work. I say get up on stage as much as possible. And make funny videos. If it's funny, it will get out there and people will notice. If it sucks, you keep going and make more until it doesn't suck. But also know it takes a long time usually. It just does. --Huebel

2fast2spurious2 karma

Would Crash Test have been better with Nicolas Cage and if so, as which character?

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

anything is better with Nic Cage. Scheer did a movie with him, so maybe he'll be in the next one if we do more! --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Nic Cage should be the 3rd host - paul

mrsoave2 karma

Rob, do you want to see a dead body?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

Yes please. I do. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial7 karma

Please don't make me the dead body - p

mrsoave5 karma


CrashTestSpecial3 karma

scoodledaddle2 karma

Paul, can you guys do The Running Man on HDTGM?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

It's on the list! - Paul

imthatguy252 karma

Other than you guys who is your favorite comedian?.

CrashTestSpecial9 karma

I really like Jerrod Carmichael, Paul F Tompkins, Amy Schumer, Steve Rannassizzi, and Bill Burr also Chelsea Perretti. - Paul

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

I am a huge Chevy Chase fan. But seriously Louis CK and Patton Oswalt and Bill Burr and Amy Schumer and Broad City ladies and Tig and Maria Bamford I could go on forever --Huebel

Baby-Lee2 karma

Paul: I cannot stop it, cannot shake it, but whenever I listen to 'Who Charted,' [and this is going on 4 years now] I picture you saying all of Howie's lines.

Worst news ever, or best?

P.S. - listening to you [the actual you] crack Gilbert Gottfried up as I type this.

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

HAHA! I'm in your head!!! - Just send me transcripts, it will be easier Paul

Urbsinhorto2 karma

Rob, did the country of Wales ever formally issue a protest after you instructed them to swim in your piss?

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

They probably did but you will notice they continue to swim in my piss...--Huebel

Vofflujarn2 karma

Hello Mr. Sheer and Mr. Huebel.

How are we doing today?

This is question is for the both of you. If you have a pie that is empty in front of you and you need a filling, would you choose wet sponge flavor or pineapple scented air freshener from a can flavor?

Been thinking all day cause i am in a sticky situation.

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

I gotta go Pineapple - Wet Sponge makes me sick. Moldy wet Sponge!!! UGH - Paul

dadmachine2 karma

Rob, are you going to make an appearance in the last season of The League?

CrashTestSpecial6 karma

Oh you bet your fat ass. (sorry about that your ass prolly isn't fat and even so it doesn't matter) --Huebel

Prax1502 karma

Mr. Scheer,

The Sylvester Stallone podcast was incredible. There was nothing I anticipated more than those 5 minutes every day for a month. A literal masterpiece. Do you have any intention to bring it back, or to do something similar on Wolfpop?

CrashTestSpecial5 karma

THANKS! Maybe we need to find another celebrity that needs his/her own podcast...The Jason Statham Podcast perhaps? - Paul

Elleanor82 karma

Hey guys! I loved Crash Test. How much preparation went into your bits on the bus. I think I heard you say that the bits with guests were planned but not very rehearsed. Is that correct? Also, after working together for as long as you have are you still surprised by each other or do you feel like you know each other's comedic voices too well? Thanks for all the laughs!

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

We kinda wrote out a lot of the bits and how we thought they should go (beats). But all of the folks on the show are all hilarious and we knew they would all improvise and make them even better. But yeah, we never got a chance to rehearse and we only had the bus that night, so it ended up being kinda like "we're gonna get whatever we can get in that moment". And some things were totally improvised and on the fly... -Huebel -Huebel

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

We improvised most of the bits - a great example of that is what we did at Hollywood and Highland -- But stuff like Rob C or Aubrey - they were loosely heated out and we just saw what happened when we arrived. - Paul

Everythingsthesame1 karma

Hey Rob and Paul. Is there any chance of a Human Giant reunion special?!

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

I can' t see Paul's answers as I type this. But yes there is always a chance. But now I'll read Paul's answer and he'll be like "fuck no". --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

We got back together for the VMAs when Aziz hosted but there are so many amazing sketch shows out there right now - I think it would be silly to try to compete. We would love to get a proper release of Season 2 with some Bonus Footage - Paul

2fast2spurious1 karma

Who played the porta potty guy, and was that pitstop disease-free?

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

That was the Great Seth Morris as Bob Ducca. Look up his podcast, Affirmation Nation. He's the best.

glacierface1 karma

Can you give me a list of your top 10 or so comic book/graphic novels for kids - lets say under 10 years old?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

10?!!! That's a lot Current or Old? I'm just going to say follow Bendis, Millar, Aaron, Duggan, Fraction, and Spencer


mrb15331 karma

Rob and Paul with the amount of content on the internet these days do you think you need to live in NY or LA to get noticed and get a job writing for TV?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

absolutely not. have a great twitter or instagram or tumblr or make hilarious youtube videos. --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial1 karma

I think you just need to do god stuff and people will hopefully notice. Jay Pharaoh was discovered for SNL from You Tube - so anything is possible. Just don't suck. (and if you do delete it) - Paul

nuxetcrux1 karma

Paul, which line is better from this season of bachelor in paradise: "a villain's gotta vill" or "gimmie dat roze"?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

I Like uh..uh...What's her name?

Too_Hot_To_Handle_1 karma

I'm in love with the Character Jenny MacArthur on the league. Is Aselton at all like her? The foul mouth?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Katie Aselton is the best! Even better than how she is on screen - Paul

ABlackOrchid1 karma

This is a three part question:

  1. When will we see more Human Giant?

  2. Why isn't it tomorrow?

  3. What about a spin-off centering on the afterlife of Bruce Penis?

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

1.) November 2027 2.) Because it's November 2027 3.) It's coming to Amazon Prime in November 2026 -Paul

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

These are all great questions. Don't think we will do more anytime soon as we all work on DIFF stuff now. But obviously we are all pals. And you never know...maybe we'll do a reunion sometime. Huebel

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Also have you seen this: vim.io/crashtest


Terry_Carlton671 karma

Favorite Harold team you were on?

CrashTestSpecial2 karma

Respecto Montalban --Huebel

CrashTestSpecial1 karma


jarluch1 karma

When you and Kroll originally did the Stallone bros. on CBB was that planned? It was one of the rare times on the show it seemed spontaneous.

CrashTestSpecial4 karma

I've never planned bit on CBB - Paul

Terry_Carlton671 karma

If you guys could only pick one other person to improvise with for the rest of your lives who would it be (excluding each other)?

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

Jack McBrayer - We used to do a 2 person show together that was a blast. And in every show we made a point of referencing the movie Ghost Ship - Paul

CrashTestSpecial3 karma

Other than each other, I'd say Rob Riggle. He's a machine and hilarious and easy to work with

evilsmurfer1 karma

If you could each pick one food that the other had to eat for the rest of their life, what would you pick and why?

CrashTestSpecial3 karma


CrashTestSpecial3 karma

ISIS --Huebel