My short bio: Hi there! I'm Rich Fulcher, star of Might Boosh, Snuff Box, Drunk History and my brand new Comedy Central series Questionable Science. Watch full episodes here:

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orbchat93 karma

Why can't you bring back Snuff Box, you stupid idiot?

NotYouFire110 karma

It's not up to us, dumbo! Ask BBC3 to bring it up. But Matt and I are trying to do an animated sequel.

M_McFly40 karma

What does Matt Berry smell like? What about Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt?

NotYouFire63 karma

Mystique sea air

dangerscott35 karma

Love you Rich! Will the Boosh movie ever happen?

NotYouFire73 karma

I hope so. It's almost all written, or outlined....well, there's paper involved. no, we were close a few years ago but things fell through and people got busy. it's hard to get everyone in the same smelly room. but I hooooope it gets made. it needs to get made.

Lorcav31 karma

What is your favourite Bob Fossil bit?

I like it when he doesn't know the names of animals. The black eyed Chinese people that eat sticks.

NotYouFire74 karma

I don't know why but I like it when I say I'm going to take up golf and then mime doing archery. it's just a stupid thing that i made up but sometimes those are the best. also, i love pocket cup because that too was random but I had to push to get it in the show.

Berlchicken23 karma

I saw the Mighty Boosh live in London in 2008 and you did a bit in which you essentially coughed for 5 minutes straight as Bob Fossil. Were you just buying time for a costume change for Julian and Noel, I always wondered about that?

NotYouFire32 karma

when you're on tour you try different things each night just to make it interesting. so i told someone backstage that I would go for the record. it's either that or I had a bug in my throat.

ShunStanpike20 karma

Hi Mr. Fulcher! You are my favorite comedian on this planet and I am super psyched you are doing this AMA. Thank you.

  1. I have always been impressed by your ability to come up with the funniest possible combinations of words. Words that most people would never think of seem to flow out of you so easily. Where does your vocabulary mastery come from?

  2. Did you have much experience performing or doing comedy growing up?

  3. You've spent a lot of time in England doing British shows. How did you decide you wanted to be based there? EDIT: You already answered this one elsewhere. T'anks.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Golf War. Were any further episodes planned? If so, what sort of shenanigans would Stuart and Len get up to?

  5. Do you like questions?

Thank you for everything, Mr. Fulcher! I am LOVING Questionable Science. It's genius.

NotYouFire29 karma

  1. i'm a nerd.
  2. i was a late bloomer. i did most performing in chicago in my 20s
  3. it just happened naturally after meeting loads of comics and then when i was asked to do shows like 'the mighty boosh', i just spent more and more time over there.
  4. you're the one! we wanted it to be a show. it was sort of a pilot. we had loads of ideas for stuart and len to do like play all sorts of pranks on matt.
  5. love 'm. oooh, m'tits.

max_dobberstein19 karma

Any chance of another Fulcher/Berry colaboration? Snuff Box was one of the greatest shows ever.

NotYouFire20 karma

thanking you. we have tried a few things but just haven't cracked it yet. hopefully soon. we're trying to do a snuff box animated sequel and are trying to pitch it around.

Cykagatsu19 karma

Is there any news on the return of the boosh? And with the recent news of pluto would you be happen to return to the role of King flippy nips in Rick and morty?

NotYouFire19 karma

not yet. but i will keep you posted. absolutely. justin hasn't asked me because of my moist towelette affliction. but hopefully soon.

ksirb9417 karma

Have you ever drank baileys from a shoe?

NotYouFire20 karma

whoever hasn't deserves a sock on their rocks. tastes like melted snake.

pantalonesgigantesca17 karma

Bob Fossil's animal name amnesia descriptions are one of my favorite comedic bits in history. I even named tracks on a record to celebrate your brilliance (The windey man / the long mover). Can you tell us some others that never made it to the show? I want a comprehensive children's book of animals named by you.

NotYouFire24 karma

i have a book with some of the names. can't remember a lot of them. we definitely picked the best ones. I think giraffe was leg throat or something.

NotYouFire13 karma

you are asking a tough one. i think we were goint to call the giraffe the leg throat or something but it just didn't stick. we picked the best ones for sure. i have them written down somewhere.

Psyduckman13 karma

Hi Rich,

As an American, how did you get on the british comedy scene through shows like Mighty Boosh and Snuff Box?

NotYouFire38 karma

It all started with the Edinburgh Festival -- the BEST festival in the world. I did an improv show out there, got a manager, and just started meeting lots of like-minded comedians like Julian and Noel and it just sort of evolved. No real planned thing.

windsostrange7 karma

Did I read somewhere that Sean Cullen was involved, too? Or did I misread? Or did they miswrite? Or am I Miss Right? Hey, gorgeous.

NotYouFire16 karma

Yes, Sean was going to be in The Mighty Boosh stage show in 1998 but he had to do a show that year so he wasn't in it. We all did a sketch show together called Unnatural Acts.

RustinSwohle6 karma

Unnatural acts rules. The museum sketch where Julian has you licking the paintings and touching the security guard still cracks me up when I think about it.

NotYouFire13 karma

i like that one too. that's a very underrated show.

DudeExclamationPoint11 karma

Loved you as King Flippy Nips on Rick and Morty. You on any season 2 episodes?

NotYouFire26 karma

No. Justin wouldn't let me. He said I whipped it out too much on the voice console but I WAS JUST AIRING IT OUT! it has to air out!

Veryfancydoily9 karma

Hey Rich, how much of the mighty boosh was improv? Was it 100% is everything you do 100% improv? Can you read a script? Can you read Rich??

NotYouFire22 karma

mes caints readethes.
TMB was scripted, of course, but then it would go off into improv land a lot. sometimes, it would take over. i'd say the script was a jumping off point, but it was necessary. they let me fuck around a lot.

Neith-O9 karma

Rich! I love you! How's the underwater language academy?

NotYouFire24 karma

Prrrrrrrrrrettttttttty Goooooooooooooooood.

NotYouFire14 karma

Prrrrrrrrrrettttttttty Goooooooooooooooood.

lizbeth0109 karma

If this comedy thing doesn't work out for you, will you go and practice law?

NotYouFire10 karma


NotYouFire9 karma

ha. never.

GirlGargoyle9 karma

Hi Rich,

What if moist?

NotYouFire31 karma

then sog.

JP099 karma

Will Gone Riffin ever come back? Even the old ones? I loved it. Also loved Mr Scoops. You're my comedy hero!

NotYouFire11 karma

thanks. i loved doing it too. Abed and I have talked about doing it again and hope to soon. also, we want to release the old ones. podcasts allow me to do all the sharting material I can't do on TV.

Vic-Boss9 karma

When Snuff Box is going to get a season 2??

NotYouFire18 karma

BBC3 dropped us like a rock. there was an article recently where the producer of Snuff, Charlie Hanson, said that 'Snuff Box' would never get made on BBC3 today and he's right. it was too out there. but we would be game to do one. it's just getting the networks to agree. i get this all the time about series 2 and I always say that fans shouldn't be getting on us about a new series -- we want one -- it's the networks who make the decisions. i know it sounds weird but we'd have more of a chance to do it in the U.S. we're trying to do an animated sequel so we'll see.

Vic-Boss15 karma

What about crowdsourcing or Netflix? They are pretty good on greenlighting cult projects that have a strong following. Funny how 10 years ago British channels where more daring than USA's and now everything goes on American networks. Wish you success on all endeavours! The new series looks pretty funny

NotYouFire17 karma

yes, you're right about that. it has done a fliparooni. also, not as many UK outlets as there are in the US. thanks for watching.

StephensWalking8 karma

On a scale from 1 - 10, why can't you go for that?

NotYouFire18 karma

that's a trick question. 1-10 is a range of numbers, not a scale. aha ha ha ha ha.

NotYouFire13 karma

that's a trick question: 1-10 is not a scale, it's a range of numbers!

evantheterrible8 karma

hey rich, big snuff box fan. i saw a while back you did a "cgi" interview with will arnett for the ninja turtles movie. it was absolutely hilarious! even will couldn't keep it together! can we expect more fulcher interviews in the future?

NotYouFire12 karma

don't know. i did those for regal cinema. if they want me to do more, my number is !$%@&%!.

firstsip8 karma

It seems like you've been on a break for awhile -- what's been going on the last few years?

NotYouFire25 karma

i've been eating shrimp sandwiches from various dirt shops. no, i'm developing projects. i tried to do a pilot in the uk which didn't happen and then i've done lots of drunk history, another period, jon benjamin has a van.....lots of little things. is this MOMMY?

pastelbirdbones8 karma

Do you have/need a personal assistant for personal assistance? I mean, why should a mega sizzling star such as yourself have to load your own peach cannon, or cut your hot dogs into small pieces when your hands go numb?

NotYouFire12 karma

i would love a pa. my cannon is always accidentally getting stuffed with macaroons and pears, not the PROPER PEACHES. and my hands, oh, don't get me started on the fucking hot dog agony of fighting with my ever-increasing frozen fucking hands! i will need references.

BingoBoingoBoy7 karma

Hello Rich,

You have the sweetest comedy language I have ever heard. Like a jelly pie full of cheese words. Was there a specific comedian / group of comedians that inspired you at the beginning of your career?

NotYouFire15 karma

i love loads o' comics. naturally Monty Python was my main inspiration. but i also loved peter sellers and got into george carlin, steve martin. more current I loved mitch hedberg, todd barry, louis c.k., tig notaro....i'm leaving too many people out.

Hitchcocknballs7 karma

Rich. Heeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo.

One of the greatest pleasures in my sad, long, life was to witness the reformation of the Boosh on stage at the Festival Supreme a few years ago.

I don't want to ask about things you've done, but rather your plans for the future.

  1. What networks in America do you think could handle your stank?
  2. Which comedians working right now are inspiring you?
  3. And which religion will you be converting to in old age?

NotYouFire6 karma

  1. there are lots. comedy central, adult swim, f/x, netflix, hulu. there's tru which is new. you'd be surprised how many pop up every day...the lamp network.
  2. other than people i've worked with, i love tig notaro. amy schumer, key and peele, louis c.k., sarah silverman, will ferrell, the list is too long and there are sooooo many good people coming up. i just worked with jamie demetriou in the uk who is amazing. there's a denvier group i'm working with called grawlix who are so good. it's just a real boon (boom?) for comedy right now.

Rasalom7 karma

Rich, where did that awful blue suit in the Boosh come from?

NotYouFire15 karma

we wanted to get something weird. the first few stage shows, the suit was brown but when the show came up, the color was changed. I think it was a combination of Noel and Julian's request and the costumer came up with this weird polyester color never before known to man.

Mwunsu7 karma

Who wrote the Mighty Boosh theme rap?

NotYouFire13 karma


Toasterbuddha7 karma

You've been on Rick and Morty. Just Dan Harmon smell as terrible as I've always assumed? What about Justin Roiland?

NotYouFire13 karma

both smell of salty hobos but that's a good thing.

refs0n1c7 karma

When you were filming the killeroo scene when you do that delectable dance to I don't like cricket.. how many takes did it take you ? Me and my friend are writing and filming a comedy and I just wanna say snuff box and the boosh are our biggest influences. WE FUCKING LOVE YOU. Big love from the UK!

NotYouFire17 karma

THANK YE! to be honest, i don't remember doing more than one take. we were actually about to move onto another scene and i said, 'can i try something?' which is great because that's what the whole process was about. so i did it and then everyone said, 'that's the take'. i think. or maybe i was high on bogey fumes.

thatjessgirl6 karma

Wooo! Hey! How are you doing? I mean, emotionally. I hope you had a nice breakfast today

NotYouFire14 karma

I forgot to eat so i'm sucking on arm pie today. mmm, lippy!

Tarantulas6 karma

If you refuse to talk about your new show, will you at least talk about your new shoes?

Seriously, are those Florsheim's? Because they look nice.

NotYouFire13 karma

I will talk about my new show. It's called Questionable Science. We explore weird hypotheticals like 'What if Sneezing Were Racist' and 'What if Matthew McConaughey Could Fly'. Here is the link: my shoes are from Gary's Gnip Gnop Shop.

Miss_Noir4 karma

I saw you on FB ;)

NotYouFire12 karma

I saw you on BF. wait, i was looking into a mirror.

Frajer6 karma

What was it like working on Drunk History?

NotYouFire23 karma

so much fun. it's a lot harder doing the reenactments because you have to get all the drunk intonations and belches and whatnots. when you do the drinking, it's kind of stressful at first but then you don't care....sort of like gum disease. halfway through doing it I think to myself, 'I can't believe I'm getting paid to puke'.

Gary_Kingofthehumans6 karma

What if porches could hear our thoughts?

NotYouFire14 karma

i would let dogs poop on my dreams.

refs0n1c6 karma

In the directors cut on the Boosh DVD your improv is OFF DA CHAIN. Do you have any tips for improv? How do you make these amazing sentences happen?!

NotYouFire13 karma

don't think. seriously, dooon't tharnk.

Deriving6 karma

What was your favorite scene to shoot from Snuff Box?

NotYouFire20 karma

well, i loved rapper with a baby. it was fun turning a coffee shop into a crack den. i also like the first scene i shot. it was me making love to a stuffed animal. i remember thinking, 'i went to law school to do this?'

korovyov6666 karma

What does a nun sandwich taste like??

NotYouFire10 karma

it tastes divine.

NotYouFire6 karma


NicholasTanek6 karma

I loved your book. Since it has been published, have you discovered MORE Almost-Legal Ways to Stick It to the Man?

NotYouFire11 karma

loads. i write them down in a book nook. i'm hoping to do another book one day. i was trying to develop it into a series but no one has taken it up yet....still trying.

nbarratt76 karma

Who is the tall guy in Questionable Science? He looks like your brother? or son? Or the son who went back in time and gave you a brother! So, is he your stepfather?

NotYouFire12 karma

Steve Agee? he's a tremendously funny friend. Another comic who people say we resemble is Dave Hill. Dave and I are going to do a pilot together where we both play Campus police called Campus Po.

bowmanisgod6 karma

That you go way back with the UCB blows my mind. Do you have any improv you enjoy or recommend currently?

NotYouFire7 karma

gosh, i haven't been doing improvomania for ages and unfortunately, haven't been watching it much. ASSSSSCAT is always amazing at UCB; Beer Shark Mice - must see; Opening Night the Musical at IO West and Dasariski are the ones I'm familiar with that are out now. But there's so much good stuff out there.

Simonfree226 karma

Hi Rich. How did you get to meet Matt Berry and work with the BBC? Was it anything similar to your background story in Snuff Box?

NotYouFire15 karma

I met Matt through the Boosh. we then decided we wanted to work together on something. at first, it wasn't a sketch show. it was BBC3 that brought up us doing a sketch show so that's when it all happened.

Joelroll236 karma

Hey Rich, Did you know technically you're not a peeping tom if it's one of your relatives?

Note to self: Pocket Cup.

NotYouFire6 karma


NotYouFire5 karma


sippingongin275 karma

What was your favourite/most memorable Snuff Box sketch? I liked Mastermind. But basically, any where you were silly.

Also, there were a lot of fit/pretty extras in the show, did you hire models? i.e. this one

NotYouFire9 karma

I loved so much of them. one of my favorites was 'henry, person of the year' because it was just so bizarre for the actors to watch and matt laughed. to get matt to laugh is an achievement. yes, there was a long and involved casting process. the women with the snakes were sisters and I think their mother was their agent. snake people!

NotYouFire3 karma

I loved so much of them. one of my favorites was 'henry, person of the year' because it was just so bizarre for the actors to watch and matt laughed. to get matt to laugh is an achievement. yes, there was a long and involved casting process. the women with the snakes were sisters and I think their mother was their agent. snake people!

NotYouFire3 karma

I loved so much of them. one of my favorites was 'henry, person of the year' because it was just so bizarre for the actors to watch and matt laughed. to get matt to laugh is an achievement. yes, there was a long and involved casting process. the women with the snakes were sisters and I think their mother was their agent. snake people!

haikyoboy5 karma

Hi Rich! how often are you recognized in public in the UK versus the US? also have you ever eaten your own pubes in a birdbath?

NotYouFire12 karma

good question! now get off my anal! no, it's still the UK but the US is catching up fast. I think it's because of Snuff Box being on Netflix. there's almost more people that know me for that in the US than the Boosh. But it's still mostly at places like Amoeba or the Mac Store or a Dolphin Jumping House where I get noticed.

NotYouFire15 karma

oh, and not in a birdbath but i've eaten my pubes at a Nickelback concert.

LadyDeathMasque5 karma

Did you have a favorite Mighty Boosh character? It's certainly more than ok to say Bob Fossil, although we will judge you mercilessly for it.

Second question if you have time, what is the optimal level of drunk I should be to watch Drunk History? Third question if you don't have time, will you ever guest star on Another Period? Please say yes!

NotYouFire12 karma

  1. i love tommy nooka, only it hurts to do because i'm on my knees the whole time (that's right people, i'm not that tall!). another one I like was the crazy sailor in milky joe. there was a scene at the end where I laughed about a minute but it got cut. of course fossil....there's always fossil. and the blue men. i love them all.

Simonfree225 karma

What kind of music are you into? I know Matt likes his classic rock, prog etc, as seen by the piss takes in Snuff Box. A bit of Elton John perhaps? (although you and Matt did murder him)

NotYouFire11 karma

love the elton, hall & oates, ska, trip name it, i'm into it.

spaceyraygun5 karma

today is my birthday. if you could be my birthday cake, what kind of birthday cake would you want to be?

NotYouFire11 karma

silver fruit varnish with coffee drippings on a huge hot burial vat of chocolate slab muffins.

ilied845 karma

In the Mighty Boosh Live DVD, you spat in Noel Fieldings face while dressed as a Mexican. I'm guessing that was not scripted? The spitting I mean, not the Mexican outfit. Was Noel mad afterwards or did you have fierce monkey sex?

NotYouFire15 karma

the monkey sex is a given. i did it as a joke and i was surprised that noel liked it. the audience was so shocked when i did it that laughing was almost a release. what he didn't like, was one time near the end of the tour (it could have been the last show) i poured custard on his hair. no touchey noelie hair!

iandeq5 karma

Hi Rich! LOVE your stuff! Was the transition from US comedy circuit to the British scene difficult or was it a case of just finding liking minded fools to do stupid stuff with?

NotYouFire13 karma

probably the latter. my sense of humor (humour? who cares!) is really stupid and lends itself to the british style in many ways. not that there isn't stupid US comedy, it's just more niche. standup is a lot more professional in the UK so i had to learn to actually do material or I'd get verbally molested.

placeholder5 karma

Can I get olive oil on that?

NotYouFire11 karma

only in France.

GhostOfWhatsIAName4 karma

Don't you think Questionable Science AMA! is a weird name for a TV series? And what does reddit say about that title?

NotYouFire8 karma

ha. it's just Questionable Science. did I f it up? I like the title. It's like Science but it's questionable? what?

Simonfree224 karma

Might we see more of your 'complete history of' series?

NotYouFire7 karma

i hope so. again, it all depends on response and pencil shavings we can gather.

NicholasTanek4 karma

I loved SNUFF BOX. Will you work with MATT BERRY again?

NotYouFire14 karma

of course. we actually have tried a couple of things after Snuff. one was a sherlock holmes/watson thing for adult swim which got axed and we are currently trying to do a sequel to snuff box. it's an animated show where we committed acts as hangmen 'too horrific to mention' and are assigned to Tower Bridge to work as secret agents for the Queen. so, fingers crossed.

TheTownHunk4 karma

What else can Matthew McCounaughey do besides fly?

NotYouFire10 karma

he gives great acting and he likes to breathe and he is amazing at pancakes and party fartin.

NotYouFire10 karma

he gives great acting and he likes to breathe and he is amazing at pancakes and party fartin.

NotYouFire8 karma

he gives great acting and he likes to breathe and he is amazing at pancakes and party fartin.

Mrlinkwait4 karma

Is this a question?

NotYouFire11 karma

no. it's a question about a question so it cancels out. i just made two statements so that has now made it a question.

FOjweowfjo24 karma

big fan. How much of the 100 year old birthday boy in Noel Fielding's sketch about birthdays was yours, if any? It's the best birthday skit I've ever seen.

NotYouFire14 karma

thanks. i'm a big fan of birthday skits. i also like pies made of wooden dreams. but i really loved that skootch. noel had the idea and we fooled around a bit but it was noel's vision. lots of makeup and i got three diseases.

ElectroMod4 karma

Hi Rich! Love your work!

Two questions; if your knees bent forward, how would you sit on a chair?

And what is the status of the Mighty Boosh movie? Noel cancelled a standup tour in 2009 to write it and we've heard nothing since! Thanks!

NotYouFire8 karma

  1. it would be a prayer chair.
  2. it is still in the works. it's alwasy pushed down the road. once, julian had a tooth groomsman who told him to stop the movie. no, really, we will do it one day. who knows? 2024?

NicholasTanek4 karma

Would you ever consider calling in or being a guest on THE BEST SHOW WITH TOM SCHARPLING?

NotYouFire4 karma

I love Tom and will call in now that you have said that. do the numbers on the phone represent that actual numbers? how does that work?

SESHHHH4 karma

What was your favourite Boosh character to play?

NotYouFire12 karma

i loved all of them but sometimes it's the little ones you have the most fun with. like the bartender in the spirit of jazz. noel and julian just say who you are and you make up the rest.

brownmagician4 karma

Hi Rich,

My question is unrelated to anything you do:

Top 3-5 places to eat in your opinion? What should I order at each of those places?

NotYouFire8 karma

  1. order barley soup at Canters in L.A.
  2. order Roscoe's chicken and waffles in L.A.
  3. order ribs from some place i can never remember in Omaha

thatjessgirl4 karma

If you could be the star of the biopic of anyone , who would you choose?

NotYouFire4 karma

I just mentioned Benny Hill earlier but that's a jokey. I guess some genius idiot person is someone I love in film, like Chauncey in Being There. but as a biography, i guess that person would be ryan seacrest? no, ha.

GurtNips4 karma

How many?

NotYouFire8 karma

4, but come to the back door and I'll let them out of their caged ice packs first.

jackalopecowgirl4 karma

Do you have any tips for someone interested in improv comedy? I've always wanted to do it as an outlet for my inner weirdness that I can't get out through theatre alone. You've inspired me to unleash it.

Also are you a Weird Al fan? I'd love to see the two of you get together. That'd be a lot of weird! XX

NotYouFire7 karma

yes. just take classes somewhere. most cities have them and if you're in L.A., IO West or UCB you can't go wrong. just go from there. i am a huge weird al fan. i would love to do something with him is he doesn't mind my attraction to frog birth videos.

SunflashStrummer4 karma

Hi Rich, you are brilliant! Thank you for being you, cheesy but true. My question is: Have you ever been to South Africa?

NotYouFire8 karma

no. i'd love to go. would be great to do a gig there. do i need to buy a plane? I like teeth that are not on fire.

nugelz4 karma

Whats your favourite type of biscuit?

NotYouFire11 karma

I like a digestive with any type of swirl, preferably the dinky brand.

blackwonderland4 karma

What's an existing character from a tv show, movie, book, etc. that would you love to explore?

NotYouFire11 karma

Columbo but he's too much of an icon. if anyone touched it you would be vilified. I love detectives. someone said I should do the biography of Benny Hill but I don't see the resemblance. Hmmmm, I like being a Batman villain but most of the good ones have been taken. King Tut?

lfn1024 karma


NotYouFire11 karma

Does a wasp have tits?

RenobMan3 karma

Do you like my cat

NotYouFire9 karma

your cat is stained, which i like. may i take your cat to the furniture symposium? cat, cat, cat.

steampunkjesus3 karma

Rich, we all know that Bob Fossil doesn't like cricket, but how do you feel about it?

NotYouFire8 karma

i like cricket when i'm looking for ways to get over my coffee jag. ha! it's all right I guess. i just have never gotten into it. i hate to wear white and i'm always getting wisps o' crap on my pants.

MattyShants2 karma

Let me just say Snuff Box and The Mighty Boosh were freakin' genius! If Old Greg challenged you to a fight to the death, what would be your weapon of choice?

NotYouFire3 karma

why dirt cigarettes of course....and a gun.

manofthe90sB2 karma

I am a big fan of yours, I love Snuffbox, and I'm always excited when you turn up as voice talent in cartoons that I watch. Will you be appearing in Toast of London at any point?

NotYouFire5 karma

not that I know of. they are doing the 3rd series right now. it's a brilliant show. i should be in a few more animated things coming up. yay!

[deleted]1 karma


NotYouFire7 karma

I pray that these boxes are not vaginal for I would be fired.