Hi, I’m Zoie Palmer. You might know me as Dr Lauren Lewis in Lost Girl or The Android in Dark Matter. My latest film, Patch Town, is out today http://www.amazon.ca/Patch-Town-Sous-titres-fran%C3%A7ais-Jon/dp/B00YQTCY3C/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1438037057&sr=1-1&keywords=patch+town. I play Bethany who is thrust in a world where babies are processed in factories & transformed into dolls then sold to children. Here’s the trailer: https://vimeo.com/83271965 I’m looking forward to answering your questions from here in Toronto.

Proof: https://twitter.com/ZoiePalmer/status/631175944250769412

Edit: Thanks everyone!!!! Kisses to all!!!

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Vixx_128 karma

Hi. It's really great that your doing this. It's my first time using Reddtt.

Of all the characters you’ve played so far in your career, which required the most physical transformation (i.e.: physicality, appearance, etc.) and which character required the most psychological/emotional transformation?

ZoiePalmer7 karma

I did an episode of the show "Call Me Fitz" I played a woman who was missing one leg and one arm. I had to have all kinds of pieces fitted to my body to make it all look real. I even went to a hospital and was fitted with a prosthetic leg and had to learn to walk around on it. It was very surreal because I was on that floor in the hospital and there were real people there learning how to use their new limbs. It was an incredible experience, watching people with such strenghth.

silver2b6 karma

Would you play another LGBT+ character if given the opportunity?

ZoiePalmer15 karma

Perhaps. I don't take a roll or turn down a roll because of their sexuality. A characters sexual preference has such a little effect on how it would be played. Its everything else about them that determines who they are, how they would respond to a situation... the last way for me to get into a character would be through their sexual orientation.

musicmad105 karma

What are you most excited for Lost Girls fans to see in the final 8 eps? Any spoilers? ;)

ZoiePalmer14 karma

The final 8 eps is what I'm most excited for people to see. I am so proud of the show and of the way it ended. I never want to give even a moment of it away because it would be stealing from you all so much. You've all invested in our show and I want you to savour every moment.

queen_in_my_pictures7 karma

can I kiss you

ZoiePalmer15 karma

I don't know, can you?

PalmerFan34 karma

Lauren Lewis is an amazing character. What was your favorite part of playing her for five years? Is there anything that you learned from her?

ZoiePalmer10 karma

I love characters off the beaten path. The ones who surprise you a bit. I'm drawn to flawed people, I don't much want to play anyone perfect.

PalmerFan34 karma

I've really enjoyed watching Lauren's personal growth over the last five seasons. Are you happy with where she is at the end of the series?

ZoiePalmer6 karma

I am. I don't know that everyone else will love it. I think some will and some won't. But I think its great!

Wiseyness3 karma

I've heard you would like to do more comedy. Are there any comedic roles that you wish you had played? Or any comedic actors that perhaps inspire you to venture into that genre?

ZoiePalmer6 karma

One of my fave things about Meryll Streep is that she is both an extraordinary dramatic actress but also she's beyond funny. She has amazing comedic timing. I love comedy that comes from the dark, the pain, the hardship of life. For me thats where comedy lives... perhaps because I'm british, but I love comedy that strikes a truthful slightly painful chord.

inspireme1263 karma

Hi Zoie - first of all thanks for giving your fans the channel to talk to you and ask anything. I would like to know if you read your fanmails? And is there any chance you would write back?

ZoiePalmer6 karma

I do read fan mail, not every last piece but I try my very best. I'm so grateful to fans when they reach out, however they do it. I'll always feel that way. I'm employed because of all of you who tune and and care. So thank you! Thank-you a thousand times over!

PalmerFan33 karma

Your Palmer Army can get a little crazy. Lol! Do you read up on the things people say on Twitter? Is it weird to see so many pictures and gifs of you and Anna?

ZoiePalmer4 karma

I don't ready everything, because yes it is a bit weird. but it's also really flattering and strange and and and and.... so i do see some stuff but certainly not everything.

Andreia903 karma

Favorite pizza?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

I love pizza. the simpler the better.

anniethemighty2 karma

What are you looking forward to the most at DragonCon since so many of the Lost Girl cast and your peers from other shows will be there? Also, it has the best cosplay in the world! Can't wait to see you there!

ZoiePalmer7 karma

I can't wait to see the cast. We haven't all been together since that last day we shot and said goodbye to each other, to the characters, to the show. It will be wonderful to all be in the same room again. I miss them all like crazy.

jayseveneightytwo2 karma

As a mom (and as a human being), I'm moved by your exposure for William (Wednesdays and beyond). How did you hear about him/get involved?

ZoiePalmer5 karma

I read about William on the internet one day and my heart instantly broke. I know there are so many missing children and they ALL need help. I am trying to do what I can do to help this one boy....

Andreia902 karma

Any Spoilers for Lost Girl? (that question that we always ask but you can never answer :P)

ZoiePalmer5 karma

Lauren dies after the opening credits.

zcor32 karma

Looking forward to watching Patchtown on Netflix! Love what you have done on screen, other than the current Dark Matter tv series, do you have any future tv or feature works in the plan that you are allowed to share? Also, you have incredibly nice arms! What's your secret to those?

ZoiePalmer6 karma

I'm currently just shooting Dark Matter, and as I just came off Lost Girl, I'm very much enjoying some down time with family and friends. As for my arms, I have only my mother to thank, she had and still has incredible arms!

MysticZip222 karma

say whaaat? are we live?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

We sure are!

CathyL_662 karma

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

Both. depending. sometimes I'm up laaaaaaaate. Sometimes i'm up earrrrrrrrly.

7daysandsomeday2 karma

How do you prepare so that you'll bring the right amount of realism and emotion to a scene? As one of my fav actors, you are natural and realistic on screen whilw at the same time being interesting. You've portrayed dozens of emotions and I forget you're acting all the time. How do you prepare to accomplish performances like that? How do you prepare for a crying scene?

ZoiePalmer10 karma

I don't prepare for a "crying scene" You can't really. Scenes aren't about the emotion, the emotion is what comes out of the scene. The scenes is a break up, or its a death, or its so joyful one cries. You have to trust that the emotion will come if the connection with your scene partner is strong and you understand the scene fully.

tanzila20162 karma

What's your favorite food dish?

ZoiePalmer4 karma

pasta! I love pasta!! and Soup, but like a good hearty Irish soup!

vegan_gal1 karma

How is this experience with reddit AMA for you?

ZoiePalmer3 karma

fun and crazy and fun and craaaaaaaazy.

jayseveneightytwo1 karma

What do you take in your coffee? (Thanks for doing the AMA! :) )

ZoiePalmer4 karma

I just like cream. no sugar :))))

tanzila20161 karma

Would you like to work in a thriller movie in future?

ZoiePalmer2 karma


Inovrmyhd1 karma

Good Lord! Looks like playing an Android has given you super fast typing skills! Anything else rubbed off from your characters?

ZoiePalmer1 karma

I took typing in grade nine. I can type exceptionally fast. :))))

CathyL_661 karma

Without looking at the keyboard ;)

ZoiePalmer1 karma

Of course!

PalmerFan31 karma

You're amazing, and so good to the fans! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Would you recommend it to the other Lost Girl actors? :)

ZoiePalmer3 karma

Thanks everyone for coming out and saying hey and asking such wonderful questions. Love to you ALL Zoie!

Btferrar331 karma

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

choco la la

vegan_gal1 karma

Any ideas as to when we will hear if Dark Matter is renewed for another season? Also, you did a great Jamaican accent on one of the episodes. Actually, all the accents you did were great.

ZoiePalmer2 karma

We haven't officially heard whether we're going a second season yet. It's always that way with series. I loved doing the accents, it was a blast for me.

CathyL_661 karma

Do you play video games?

ZoiePalmer1 karma

once in a blue moon.

Starbuck1251 karma

How many pillows do you sleep on?

ZoiePalmer8 karma

One. I don't like thick pillows and certainly not two pillows. Actually I generally end up face down on the mattress. Hmmm, thats more info that you needed.

verb19701 karma

Hi Zoie, Postcards from the Edge is one of your favourite movies, and you have not been able to stay awake long enough to get through Zero Dark Thirty I believe, do you find that a lot of the most recent Oscar nominated movies are actually alienating their audience by being to existential and experimental rather than just telling a story like Postcards and of course Patchtown?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

No I think there's been some great films as of late, I recently watched "Birdman" and loved it! For me Zero Dark Thirty just didn't strike a chord past the first fantastic scene.

suaveitguy1 karma

Your new film features Julian Richings and Scott Thompson, two greats. What keeps them, and yourself, in Toronto?

ZoiePalmer5 karma

For me, I love Toronto and I've been lucky enough to have my career for the most part here. I think Canada is fantastic and the work coming out of this country gets better and better and more and more groundbreaking and I'm thrilled to be a part of that.

loloestsuper1 karma


ZoiePalmer3 karma

No. and no. Also no thanks. And not a chance. and ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

olansamuelle1 karma

Hi and thanks for doing this, Zoie. When preparing/creating a character, do you have a favourite part of your own creative process?

ZoiePalmer4 karma

I begin from instinct first. what hits me in the gut and then ask questions. Who is this person? why does she say that? what do other people think of her? how are we different? How are we the same? and so on. Its not the same exact process every time, but those questions are often asked.

nadjami121 karma

Hi Zoie, Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to tell you that you're not only an exceptionally talented actress, but you're a genuinely nice person who inspires kindness. Also, since this is an AMA, I thought I'd ask you if Dr. Lauren Lewis and Bethany were stranded on island, who do you think would last till the end?

ZoiePalmer3 karma

That's a great question, I think it would be neck and neck for a long while. Bethany has a daughter, which is her driving force in the movie. If waiting for her after the island was her daughter, then Bethany would fight tooth and nail to get to her. Dr. Lauren Lewis, is a strong exceptional woman and therefore I think they would make an amazing team.

PalmerFan31 karma

Are you reading any good books lately? :)

ZoiePalmer1 karma

I just started reading "The Girl On The Train" by Paula Hawkins. So far so good, I'll keep you posted.

barr4451 karma

Have you ever had a funny "America's Funniest Home Videos" type blooper on the set? Like accidentally hitting someone or tripping or something?

ZoiePalmer4 karma

In episode 1 of season 3 of Lost Girl, I went FLYING over a weight scale and was nearly airborne and Anna Silk and Tommie Amber Pirie burst out laughing... yes, at my expense.

blaketi1 karma

what about during fight scenes? i feel like I'd always be scared of getting kneed in the nuts or elbowed in the nose

ZoiePalmer3 karma

Fight scenes are so highly choreographed and there is always a medic on set. That said, people do get hurt from time to time. I was once punched in the face and well, it hurt a tad. Also, I don't have nuts.

8InchLongSchlong1 karma

What's your favorite condiment?

ZoiePalmer1 karma

mustard. but not Honey Mustard.

Paprika4321 karma

Hi Zoie! Very important question. Has this movie changed your feelings on cabbage?? It was never exactly a staple for me in the first place, but I don't know if I can eat it again after watching all that baby goo come out of it.

ZoiePalmer2 karma

I love cabbage. I love it cooked and raw. I hadn't thought about it until you asked the question and now I'm might be a tad worried that I'll bite into an arm one day.... so thanks.

CathyL_661 karma

Do you prefer indie films or TV?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

I don't have a preference. If its a good show or movie with interesting provocative characters and story, then I'm in. I don't care how many minutes are in it, or what the budget is.

grly201 karma

Hi Zoie Is it going to be release here (dvd,streaming) down under? And any plans coming back here...Con or meet & greet?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

I would love to come back to Australia, I loved it the first time.

zcor31 karma

If you were trapped in the room and you can only save 3 characters that you have portrayed in your career, who would you save and why?

ZoiePalmer6 karma

Ha, I would save Lauren for sure, I would save Carly Grieg and I would save Patsy Sewer. Love those three ladies.

V_North1 karma

We have read so much praise for you from co-stars and collaborators on projects -- My favourite is still Judy Davis saying to you that "You have the heart for this" after working with her on "The Reagans". What do you think makes a good heart for actors and what might you say was the best advice for those of us outside the profession in order to better understand your craft?

ZoiePalmer2 karma

empathy. A lack of judgement. You can't judge your character as good or bad. You're playing a human being (unless of course you're playing an android) but you're playing a person who has reasons for why they do what they do. You can't decide they're good or bad.