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Over the past year, we've seen the #BlackLivesMatter movement establish itself as an outcry against abusive police practices that have plagued communities of color for far too long. The U.S. government has taken some steps in the right direction, including decreased militarization of the police, DOJ establishing mandatory reporting for some police interactions, in addition to the White House push on criminal justice reform. At the same time, abusive police interactions continue to be reported.

We’ve also noted an alarming trend where the activists behind #BlackLivesMatter are being monitored by DHS. To boot, cybersecurity companies like Zero Fox are doing the same to receive contracts from local governments -- harkening back to the surveillance of civil rights activists in the 60's and 70's.

Activists have a right to express themselves openly and freely and without fear of retribution. Coincidentally, many of our most famous civil rights leaders were once considered threats to national security by the U.S. government. As incidents involving excessive use of force and communities of color continue to make headlines, the pressure is on for law enforcement and those in power to retreat from surveilling the activists and refocus on the culture of policing that has contributed to the current climate.

This AMA will focus on what's happened over the past year in policing in America, how to shift the status quo, and how today's surveillance of BLM activists will impact the movement.

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How can we bring those who assert #AllLivesMatter into the fold?

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We're asking DHS and DOJ to stop surveillance of #Blacklivesmatter activists. Don't forget to sign our petition: