AMA with Indy Neidell from The Great War YouTube-Channel is doing an AMA at /r/History.

History lovers,

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We are happy to announce an AMA with Indy Neidell, host and author of the The Great War-YouTube Channel). The channel is following the events of World War I week by week, 100 years later in weekly episodes. Additionally, bigger topics related to World War I are explored in special episodes, important historical figures get biography episodes and we frequently answer historical questions by our viewers in Q&A videos.

You can start binge watching right here.

There is also the link to the Youtube channel directly.

They just celebrated their first birthday and thanks to the support from /r/History and other reddit communities, they recently reached 100.000 subscribers. So, they wish to say thank you from the whole team.

Indy is from Houston, TX, has a bachelors' degree in history, lives in Stockholm and is also a musician by trade.

Click here to go to the AMA at /r/History

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Riddle-Tom_Riddle3 karma

Isn't clicking on a link that leads to another link and commenting on that second one against Reddit's rules?

zptc3 karma

afaik only if it uses the np prefix

airmandan4 karma

The NP prefix is not an official reddit thing. All it does is enable a crummy CSS hack in subreddits that have specifically supported it.

This is, technically speaking, brigading. Ironically, the OP of this announcement was briefly shadowbanned for accidentally voting once in a thread he didn't realize he had wound up in via a subreddit that focuses on dramatic comment wars.

To say that reddit's rules on brigading are unclear is a massive understatement. This is a perfectly legit post, in my opinion, but making an identical copy of it in the metasphere (except for in the subreddit which shares an initialism with Supplemental Restraint System) would be an immediate grounds for a quiet yet permanent boot off the entire site.


davidreiss6663 karma

The difference here would be that (1) I posted this here asking people to come to /r/History. (2) I cleared it with the mods of /r/IAMA. (3) I'm a mod of /r/History and so I can confirm that it was okay with us. I was not a random user posting it here. In short, everyone involved was okay with it ahead of time.

In short, this really isn't anything that is unclear.

airmandan2 karma

Check my username, I'm on your side here. :)

I just wish the admins would cook up something concrete already so we don't have this question raised every time there is a community-specific AMA posted here.

davidreiss6662 karma

I know who you are. You have been on my friends-list for a long while now. I was just responding cause I don't think this one is unclear.