Been at KFC 3.5 years, know everything pretty damn well, AMA


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dontfearthenoob8 karma

What are the 11 herbs and spices? Don't worry, it will be our little secret ;P

verpissdich1116 karma

I'm sorry I don't know, see the above answer, none of us know!

PresidentBananas6 karma

Ive heard that some KFC workers dont eat KFC themselves because of the "conditions the chicken is cooked in" (I assume all the oilliness?) Is this true? Do you enjoy KFC?

verpissdich1114 karma

I LOVE KFC, I don't have a problem with how it is cooked at all, we get fresh chicken deliveries everyday and we have new batches of product cooked every half hour at the least, and it tastes great

pm_me_ur_regret5 karma

It's been 20 years since I worked at a KFC but every single employee at that location ate KFC for lunch while at work. I worked there for two months, ate it every day, and sometimes for dinner when I'd hang out with friends on a Friday night after work.

verpissdich116 karma

Almost all of our full timers each KFC while at work, and the manager on shift gets a free meal, so we eat plenty of KFC

PickDK3 karma

Anything a vegetarian can get?

verpissdich113 karma

It depends store to store, but I know the store I have been working at lately is happy to make up vegetarian wraps

haseo1113 karma

What's your opinion on the new Colonel Sanders?

verpissdich1110 karma

There is and will only ever be one colonel

Theres_A_FAP_4_That2 karma

Do you gain wait just from smelling the food?

verpissdich115 karma

Luckily, no