Hi. I'm Richard Edwards from the band Margot & the nuclear so and so's. I like old movies and NBA basketball. I've been making records for 15 years or something. I'm working on another one now. More importantly, myself and my bandmates are gearing up to release a FIVE LP box set of rarities and B-sides from the past decade on Joyful Noise this Winter. Yikes. I'm actually going to JN to listen to the test pressings after this AMA! I'll calm down.

Feel free to ask me anything. Especially about the NBA, film noir, or the box set. But do what you want. The dirtier, nastier, and darker the better.

EDIT: Gotta wrap it up and go to Joyful Noise to check out the test pressings. Hope I got to everyone, I can do more sometime if not. Here's the first song we're releasing from the rarities box. "Black Demon" from the Buzzard pre-production sessions. Kisses. Thanks for stopping by.


Proof: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Margot-the-Nuclear-So-and-Sos/110817058938538

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BionicHeehaw28 karma

Hey Richard,

I needed some extra money when I was in college, so I sold Harmony Korine's out-of-print book, 'A Crackup at the Race Riots', on eBay, and you won the auction.

What did you think about the book? Weird, right?

richardnuclear27 karma

Dude! I got it signed by him! It's hit or miss, but got a lot of funny. Shit! I'll give it back if you want.

Landonech10 karma


Indulge me as I assume the role of "that guy". What is the theoretical dollar amount you would require to get Margot to play a wedding?

richardnuclear21 karma

Oh man, prolly not that much

shanemorgan9 karma

Hey Richard! Can’t wait for the box set and hopefully a tour here soon. After Dust and even after Animal your lyrics have gotten so beautifully fucking weird. What is your songwriting process and what sparks your story telling? PS What the fuck is a Tiny Vampire Robot? Thanks

richardnuclear14 karma

I don't know! Wrote that song on booze. Man, for the past few years I've mostly had a phrase or song title beatin' around in my head for awhile, and eventually I'll come up with a melody to house it. Then I expand from there.

saurar8 karma

Also, did you personally have any of that coffee that came out with Tell Me More About Evil? Because it wasn't very good and I was expecting better

richardnuclear3 karma

I don't drink coffee, but Tyler helped design it so I'll yell at him!

maap998 karma

Hey Richard,

I am a gigantic fan. Your songwriting has really helped me become a better writer myself. I'd personally say that you're my favorite lyricist of all time. Ever.

That being said, I notice a lot of reoccurring themes in your songs. (i.e. "paint our teeth green" and "your sister"). What's the story behind "your sister"?

Thanks for everything!

richardnuclear11 karma

Thank you! That song was about a crush on an old girlfriend's friend. Seemed like a boring topic, so I tried to write a more exciting fictional version. Do that a lot.

dopevibes8 karma

richard, why is your voice like butter?

margot is everything i love about music wrapped up into one perfect band. just want you to know how your songs have gotten me through the worst of times. also, you killed it at the bowery ballroom. please come back to new york. we fucking love you. <3

richardnuclear5 karma

Thank you, I love NY more than anything.

Riotsquad90006 karma

If you were stuck in a sitcom "locked door" situation with Jimmy Page and Jimmy Carter, which Jimmy would you cannibalize first to stay alive?

richardnuclear4 karma


carptiger6 karma

Missing You As Bombs Fall is one of my favorite songs, is a Margot album with a similar sound to I Was An Astronaut a possibility in the future?

richardnuclear5 karma

Oh man, I don't think that will happen but I'd love to make another big pop/rock kinda record. Tried to do that with Rot Gut a little bit. I don't think I could get back that teen sound if I tried!

asiansplenda6 karma

Hi Richard - I know you have a very devoted fan base. Have you ever had issues with fans that cross the line from devoted to stalker/scary?

How good is your memory for remembering repeat concertgoers from tour to tour? I always wonder that about bands that I've seen repeatedly, if you really remember and recognize people (not specifically me) or if you allow the illusion of recognition?

I always feel a bit awkward whenever I see you b/c a) I don't want to be mistaken as a nutjob and b) I never assume musicians I've met remember me... I know you talk to a LOT of people out on tour!

richardnuclear7 karma

I have! But only two or three times. It was a bit scary. Most everyone else is really great though.

I do recognize a lot of the fans, especially the ones who have said hello multiple times at shows. I know who you are!

alexjanen6 karma

Hi Richard! Biiiig fan. I've been listening for about 8 years or so.... saw you for the first time at the Troubadour in Los Angeles when I was 18 years old. I don't really want to say that I've "grown up" with your music, because that doesn't sound the way I mean it, but my entire adult life I've been growing up with it. Each album kind of happens to mirror what my life is like at that point. It's pretty amazing.... Anyway, I know about the health issues you've been having, and I'm truly sorry that that's happening to you. Sending good thoughts your way. Any plans to tour again in the future, or does that depend on where your health goes?

richardnuclear8 karma

Thanks so much. Depends on the health, but I've actually got a team that gives a shit for the first time in a long time and they're really trying to help me.

chasingbreakers6 karma

What the hell happened to the La Blogotheque film?

richardnuclear5 karma

Those bros wanna finish it. Supposed to help them with it this Spring.

goodnewsbadnews4565 karma

Hello Richard! I was wondering if you (and the band) had any future plans with 16mm film? Music videos, longer format films, etc?

richardnuclear4 karma

I would love, love, love to do more. It's so expensive that we'd have to work that side of it out. It would absolutely wonderful, though.

drugsorwhatever5 karma

Hey Richard, love your music.

Do you ever revisit songs you once threw out?

You like NBA, have you had the same favorite team the whole time? Do you hate me for liking the Spurs? I hope not

richardnuclear11 karma

I love you for liking the Spurs. I love the Spurs. I occasionally do revisit thrown out songs, but these days more to give to someone else for co-writing on a non-Margot thing. Skeleton Key and Shannon were both thrown out songs that I ended up finding on a demo tape and recording.

Sbarrita5 karma

Does Margot plan on touring in California anytime in the near future?

richardnuclear8 karma

I sure fuckin' hope so. Miss it.

Victory335 karma

The old Archer Avenue record always reminded me a lot of Weezer in the Pinkerton era...was that at all an influence for you guys? I still think "Jolene, we almost never met" is the best song you've written.

Another question...you ever plan doing a reunion show in Indy with the old crew from Dust and Animal? I loved the whole band and sound you guys produced together with horns and cello and such.

richardnuclear5 karma

Loved Weezer way hard, sure they were a huge inspiration. I don't think that band will ever play together again, but I could see playing with a bigger group for a tour or something if we could afford it

mojavis5 karma

Hi Rich, my wife and I are new fans of roughly two years. We were really looking forward to seeing you guys last year in Austin, but the concert had to be cancelled. Any chance we'll get the opportunity to finally see you live in the future? Preferably at Fitzgerald's in Houston? :)

richardnuclear10 karma

I really hope so. The health is still a bit of a wild card, but we're really trying to get it together.

Ralph_Finesse5 karma

Hey Richard! My best friend and I have been fans since Dust and get together every time you release a new record to experience it together. I have great memories of getting stranded between two flooded streets in the rain the night Buzzard dropped as we came home from getting it, regular trips to Chicago to see you guys, and buying our first fake IDs to see you play The Cactus Club.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened had you not taken more ownership of your bands' sound? Obviously Dust is a really commercial-sounding record in comparison to the rest of your work, closer to the old Archer Ave. stuff than any of the recent Margot stuff.

Also how do you /really/ feel about Kacey Musgraves?

richardnuclear5 karma

Sometimes I wish I hadn't taken control. I really do love pop music and think I could actually make a good pop record with the right help. But I'm too stubborn to do anything different, probably. I want to feel real ownership of my shit, for whatever reason. I like Musgraves! I wish there were a couple more bangers on those records. Feel like she's got a really good record in her. Needs a little more heartbreak.

KilgoreTrout225 karma

Hey Richard, I'm a huge fan from Salt Lake City who was heartbroken you couldn't make it out this far. Any plans to come out this way again? I will travel upwards of 2 states to see another love show. Also, what current/new bands have you been rocking out to?

richardnuclear6 karma

I'd love, love, love to. Not sure when the body will let me tour, but I'm stir crazy.

Don't know tons of new music, but I really enjoyed Natalie Prass' single, that first song on that record. So good. Always like Kanye. Yeezus was/is my jam. Also a really good band called Assateuge (SP?) and Writer. Cool newish band called State Bird.

clumsymoon4 karma

I noticed in Broadripple that the demo version and the album version have different lyrics. In The Ocean is Bleeding Salt also. What was your reasoning for changing the lyrics? Are you happier with the album version or previous versions?

richardnuclear3 karma

I can't remember those specific lyric changes, but I almost always revise at least a bit from the demo, and am generally happier with the result.

musicofjbursich4 karma

What is the most bizarre thing you've found inspiration in?

richardnuclear9 karma

Whatever it was I wrote Beating off in public about.

srowella3 karma

What album has been the most fun to write for you?

richardnuclear10 karma

Buzzard! That was the most free I ever felt writing.

chasingbreakers3 karma

Did the Pacers do Hibbert dirty, or was it time for everyone involved to start anew?

richardnuclear4 karma

kinda, but he was so bad...

shoshbox3 karma

How long do we have to wait for this box set? Will it include any additional/alternate versions of songs from Dust or Not Animal tracks?

ps. My husband and I played "Wedding Song" during our wedding ceremony and it was beautiful. <3 Margot, <3 Richard, and missing Sweet Baby Kang, always.

richardnuclear10 karma

Thank you! I miss SBK too! Looks like Nov/Dec on box. LOTS of alternate Animal era stuff, and a few early demos from Dust.

Draper33 karma

What's your favorite liquor(brand) or drink of choice?

richardnuclear7 karma

I like Hopslam and Zombie Dust and Pliny and all that real hoppy double IPA stuff. I'm boring.

CornyCorn3 karma

Hey Richard, I just wanted to say that Margot is my favorite band of all time. No matter how much I listen to your music I can always come back to it and it puts me in a good mood.

Your music has changed quite a bit over the years so I'm curious, what made you transition from the "Dust of Retreat" sound to the style you had on Rot Gut Domestic? Also what do you think the next album will most resemble?

E: Also, come to Florida soon please!

richardnuclear8 karma

Thanks so much. Just got bored and wanted to change it up, I guess. Playing stuff like Dust on the road does get a little boring. The new one will kind of be like SSTH mixed with Gut, but with a little cello again. It actually doesn't sound much like any of the records to me. Lots of catchy falsetto hooks.

zigzidane3 karma

Margot's pretty notable for having a rotating line-up. What has your favorite line-up for the band been?

richardnuclear7 karma

I love the lineup of the past couple years. Ron, Tyler, Chris, Cam, Kate. Just an incredibly solid rock and roll band, and a total pleasure to play with. I hope we all can again soon.

iamjustyn3 karma

Let me first thank you for your wonderful music. You tweeted recently about a sort of epiphany you experienced regarding your song writing. What happened? Do you find that you have to deal with spells of writer's block from time to time? I can't wait to sink my teeth into what you and your band mates cook up next. Again, thanks!

richardnuclear6 karma

Lots of block, but mostly I think because I'm really trying to do something I haven't done before. I can write the same old song pretty much daily. I'll tell you what, I was watching Ride the Pink horse, and started reading about Wanda Hendrix. Suddenly I wrote a song from the perspective of her WW2 scarred abusive husband. I then wrote one about Gene Tierney trying to decide whether to jump off her balcony. I think I'm going to try and get inside the head of frustrated women and try to write from that place. It's opening up melodies that I didn't have in me before.

chasingbreakers3 karma

It seems like more and more bands are having to shift to fan service to cover recording costs and stay afloat in the music business. Turning to tactics like pledge campaigns, meet and greets and super secret double limited edition vinyl pressings to counteract lost revenue streams from reduced phsyical sales and a boom in streaming.

Do you think this is sustainable and what's your perspective on it as an artist with a pretty devout fanbase? Is it better or worse than the traditional label model?

richardnuclear8 karma

I'm not sure it's sustainable, but when done classy, I do think it's kind of beautiful. I just pledged for the final movie Orson Welles shot and the Don Herztzfeldt blu ray, and it felt really good to do both things. It made me feel like part of something I gave a shit about.

Dacanadiancatfish3 karma

Hey! I just want to say your music has got me through some tough times in high school.

Do you have any plans to play in Canada or New Zealand in the future? Thanks!

richardnuclear3 karma

Thanks so much. I sure hope so, I love it there. New Zealand would be a dream.

grahamiamiam3 karma

Hey Richard,

You recently employed Shannon Hayden to give some strings to the new album. Any chance we can hear those sweet sounds on tour? I'm catching her at the Bishop in Bloomington soon.

richardnuclear4 karma

I sure hope so, love Shannon

jokinglyserious3 karma

Hey Richard, you played a show at Musica in Akron a couple years back. I introduced myself and thanked you for an interview I did with you in college. You spent the next hour plus drinking beers, smoking cigs and bullshitting with my two friends and I. On top of that you got us into the next show in Pittsburgh for free. I just wanted to thank you for that experience and for all of the wonderful music you've created. As for a question, any plans for Mr. Eric Kang to appear on any future Margot works?

richardnuclear3 karma

Right on! I hope so, love sweet baby Kang.

Modest_McGee3 karma

Hey Rich, I've been a huge fan since my Sophomore year of high school.

I've noticed a good chunk of Heaven's Gate references. Are you just particularly interested in the topic or is there some sort of underlying message/connection?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what was the cause of your tweet saying something like "Done playing live shows forever." (Sorry if something's off, I'm too lazy to scroll back that far to find the actual tweet.)

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a tour announcement.

richardnuclear3 karma

Maybe I was bummed about sometihng! Sure hope I play live again, but sometimes it doesn't feel like I will.

I was real into cults for awhile. Don't know why so much. Lots of books and videos laying around my house from those times, though.

ba_long3 karma

Hey there Richard,

I'll go ahead and ask some hard questions. What's your go to beer, if money/seasonal availability is of no concern, and what is your staple brew? Go to whiskey? What do you listen to, watch, or read when you feel creatively stagnant? Also what was it like to play on Conan?

I can't wait for the box set and to hopefully see you guys live soon. Hope all is well and thanks for taking the time to do this!

richardnuclear5 karma

Conan was actually kind of like a high school AV club. It's such a small studio, it doesn't really feel like being on TV. Hard to be nervous in that setting. He was the nicest person ever.

Hopslam, probably. I actually don't hate the Rampant IPA thing from New Belgium, I think? Don't drink much hard liquor, but I'll take a shot of anything you wanna give me.

chasingbreakers3 karma

What's a guy/gal gotta do to sell some records these days?

richardnuclear16 karma

Make friends with Taylor Swift.

RandomTask833 karma

So did you ever end up watching Ghostbusters?

richardnuclear7 karma

Fuck, not yet

Shiloventi893 karma

"I do" is one of my favorite songs. What is the song about? Can't make out some of the lyrics- jocker scrub or trucker scrub? Sucker club or soccer club? Trying to decipher although I get the sense that it's as if you are looking through pictures. Probably completely wrong I just love this song. Thanks for the amazing music.

richardnuclear5 karma

sucker club. I do was about the early days with my wife.

iamjustyn3 karma

In Fisher of Men, you sing "and we can talk about The Master and what it takes to believe". Are you referring to the PTA film? I wonder about that every time I hear that line.

richardnuclear3 karma

Oh yes

RandomTask833 karma

It seems lately anytime you've talked about Dust you almost have a disdain toward the album. Personally, I think there are some great tunes on that album just as I enjoy all Margot albums. What is it specifically that you dislike about that collection of songs?

richardnuclear5 karma

My youthful sense that every little thing is a bummer, and my voice which hadn't really changed yet. THere's good stuff about that record, I'm just a crank.

casher983 karma

What is the hardest think you have had to overcome in your song writing career?

richardnuclear4 karma

The lack of money

probably-baumer2 karma

Hey Richard,

Big fan over here - first time i've used reddit. My question is, favourite hitchcock film?

richardnuclear3 karma

Strangers on a train or Psycho. I actually really like Rope, too. I like so many of them.

casher982 karma

hey, i was wondering is there going to be an underlining theme in your next album?

richardnuclear10 karma

Hmmm. I wrote it sick in bed, but it's not really about that. I was really out of it, watching Isis sweep through Iraq and Syria and men leaking nude pictures they stole from women on the news. I guess you could say it's a bit dark and full of dread. But also funny.

ilovematnsas2 karma

Hey Richard, I just want to start off by saying that your music is amazing. I quit writing awhile back and when I first listened to you guys, I was so inspired and started writing again.

What are some of your all time favourite albums? Also, are you guys planning to tour after your next record? Will you guys be coming to Vancouver, BC?

I'm assuming you're a pacers fan, do you think they'll make the playoffs next year?

Hope you're doing better since the last tour.

richardnuclear3 karma

Thank you, friend. I hope we can tour man. Not gotten as better as I'd hoped, which is frustrating. I love Vancouver and can't wait to get back. I think they'll squeak into the playoffs, but don't have real high hopes.

Albums. Graceland by Paul Simon. Anything by Abner Jay and Chuck Jackson. Ditto to Randy Newman. Pinkerton by Weezer. Sister Lovers by Big Star. Like flies on sherbert by Alex Chilton. Mama tried by Merle Haggard. Car wheels and anything else by Lucinda Williams.

l33tmeerkatslol2 karma

I think I remember reading that your favourite city is San Francisco. I've never been, but will be going there for a few months for work. What are some places that I should check out?

richardnuclear4 karma

I actually haven't spent a ton of time in San Francisco, but I love it. Drive out to the Russian River brewery.

Devasaurus2 karma

Hey Richard!

I was curious if you ever take influences from other mediums (books, movies, etc.) and apply them to your music, and if so where are these influences shown?

richardnuclear5 karma

Lots of movies, but I'd say mostly the tone. I'll try to write songs that mirror a feeling a movie gave me. A new song "Postcard" was my attempt to capture what it felt like to miss someone in the way a recent film I saw did.

JunktheEater2 karma

Hey. I think your brain is great. What is your favorite breakfast food? And, would you like to see a picture of my cat?

richardnuclear3 karma

Hey, thanks. Don't eat breakfast but I really like biscuits and gravy.

whine02 karma

Richard! I love your songwriting. I've been a fan for YEARS and have actually met you once or twice.

I have a question - where do you find the inspiration to write? Your writing is so completely raw and different, it's refreshing. Would you consider a writer or a singer more?

What other hobbies do you have?

richardnuclear2 karma

I just write! But sometimes I do feel really inspired, it's almost always seeing a pretty girl on TV or at the store or something. Pretty silly. I'm inspired by women. I like to try and write from their perspective some, too, as I get older. I think of myself as a writer, but I'm actually really into the voice I've developed over the years. Didn't always like it. I love watching old movies and playing basketball when the stomach allows it. I also love reading.

gentlemancallerrules2 karma

Hey Richard,

I was wondering how much artwork will be included in the boxset?
I really enjoy Mrs. Novak's artwork, and I think her work really added something to your early albums, really completed the package. Any chance of working with her in the future?

Also have you listened to Love Coffin yet? Who is the greatest musician ever and why is it Doog?

richardnuclear2 karma

She did a painting for every album in the box set! they are amazing, she is amazing. Lots of Novak art in the box. I LOVE love coffin, and I love Doog.

_zoidberg-2 karma

Hey Richard! Super stoked your doing this. I don't have much to say, just wanted to thank you for your music. First song I heard from you was A Light On A Hill and fell in love. Picked up guitar and started teaching myself just so I could play that song haha. Your music has gotten me through a lot of tough times. I've struggled with addiction for awhile now and your music always calms me down when I feel like using again. Wish I could see you perform live, if you have any plans to play somewhere in New York then let me know. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

I know you were having some medical problems which caused some cancels in tour dates awhile back. How are you feeling now?

richardnuclear1 karma

Oh man, I'm glad to hear it's helped. Stay strong, brother man. Know it's not an easy road. When we come back to NY email us and we can put you on the list. I'm a little better, but wish I was a lot better.

nfarreller2 karma

Oh Richard, which song of yours would you consider the most successful? and can I be successful too? also which artist/band do you listen to the most?

richardnuclear4 karma

The best song I've written so far is probably lazy. As far as commercially successful, it's definitely Broadripple. Yes you can/are! I listen to Randy Newman the most.

maggiecripe2 karma

Richard, Will you be doing any performances happening in Indy any time soon?

richardnuclear2 karma

I hope so!

Aflo24902 karma

Hey Richard, my wife and I love singing along to your songs in the car and refuse to skip any. What's your favorite song or band that you just cant skip?

richardnuclear2 karma

Thanks! Randy Newman, for sure.

hellish_halcyon2 karma

Hey Richard! Thanks for doing this. Do you have any favorite ((fucked up and//or funny)) stories from being on tour? Also, do you plan on coming to Pennsylvania anytime soon? You guys have a bit of a fanbase going on in State College. PS, I absolutely love your lyrics. Have a great day!

richardnuclear3 karma

I would love to come. Our bus caught on fire on Easter Sunday and a preacher came and brought us eggs and tried to take us to church with him.

saurar2 karma

Richard, what's your favorite animal? Asking for a friend who'd like to know

richardnuclear3 karma

mouse, easily

Gracen2 karma

Hey man! Margot was my musical awakening in high school. Beyond stoked to hear some of that upcoming stuff you've got in the works. Now!

Desert island media time: What are the 5 movies, 5 books, and 5 albums you'd bring with you?

richardnuclear6 karma

night and the city barry lyndon macgruber the room viridiana

graceland pinkerton some abner jay sister lovers by big star mama tried by merle haggard

100 years of solitude 5x

maggiecripe2 karma

What is your favorite movie?

richardnuclear3 karma

Night and the city.

palindromers2 karma

Heyoo! I've been a fan since I was in high school like eight years ago. Thank you for making such amazing music!

so I'm assuming you've been in other bands before or maybe even during Margot, and I was wondering if there are any specific things you think set Margot apart for you, like if there were any moments that you were together with your bandmates and thought "this is really special"? I hope that doesn't sound hella convoluted. Again, thank you for the amazing music!

richardnuclear3 karma

I remember it was really nice to be in a band with adults, who didn't treat being a musician as a side gig to partying or being in college. Andy Fry was really helpful in that way. They were also much better players than my kid bands. Mind was blown when Chris Fry started playing the drums

MyGearAPM2 karma

Hey Richard! Do you know if/when you might come around to performing in New York? Also, what are your favorite movies?

richardnuclear3 karma

I hope so soon. Night and the city. The man from Laramie. Ride the pink horse. Barry Lyndon. Macgruber.

Stopthatcandace2 karma

I just want to thank you for my favorite band of all time. I can listen to any Margot album any time of the day without skipping a single song. I read somewhere that Luis Bunuel is one of your favorite directors. What is your favorite film of his?

richardnuclear3 karma

Thanks! Hmm. Maybe Viridiana and one called El that I don't think is on DVD.

NameRhymesWithBerry2 karma

What is your favorite place to play in Chicago?

richardnuclear3 karma

loved the empty bottle, but I love playing everywhere in Chicago

ayyy_sup2 karma

Hi Richard!

Huge fan here. Been listening since DoR and will continue to listen to anything you make.

My one question: what does painting your teeth green mean?

Also I told a friend i'd ask a question for her, and she just asked for a dick pic, so there ya go.

Also your handwriting is beautiful.

richardnuclear3 karma

Never sent a dick pick. Could be fun. I have dreams about green teeth!

thekillerkev2 karma

Have you met/talked to Sabonis? Do you think he has any inkling that you immortalized him in song?

richardnuclear3 karma

No, but someone made it sound like he was into it. I would love to meet him.

leahduce2 karma

hi richard!

big fan - actually discovered your guys' music when i started working for epic records 4 years back. (disclaimer: i still work here but i swear i'm one of the good ones.)

that leads me to my question - what have you found is the fundamental difference between putting out a record with a major label versus doing it on your own?

i'm gonna be the asshole that asks two questions, because who knows when i'll have this chance again? "broadripple is burning" is one of my most favorite songs. what city are you referencing in the song? aka where the hell is fountain square?

thnx so much for doing this. i'll continue to support everything y'all put out and attend every ny/bk tour date you have.

richardnuclear4 karma

Thank you! I loved so many people at Epic, it was a cool experience. I guess I prefer to do stuff myself because no one tells me what to do, but they really did have some good suggestions. Y'all can hire me over there, I know hit records just can't make 'em. I wish the records had sold more at the time, maybe we could've made more. It's a little area of Indianapolis, I'm referencing.

iandtangledspines2 karma

Thank you for making the music that you do. The song that brought me to love you guys was, of course, Broadripple, though not either of the released versions. It was the demo version, and it is the only song in this world that can move me every single time that I listen to it. The last few weeks have been the worst of my life, and I've been listening to your music non-stop, and it has helped me more than anything. So thank you for that.

So, here are my questions:

  1. Have you ever dealt with soul-crushing depression, or suicidal thoughts, etc? If so, how did/do you deal with it?

  2. Any chance that 'Open Your Eyes' might be in the box set?

If you answer these, thank you so much! If you don't, keep making amazing music. I really hope you guys can come to Philly sometime in the future!

richardnuclear3 karma

Thank you so much. 1. I've had some depression here and there, but nothing I'd stack up to anyone's real depression. I think I felt semi-suicidal on occasion when I was much younger. Closest I've come to it was when I got sick last year. I was sick for so long and it was really painful to even be awake. There were many times I didn't want to wake up and feel that physical pain anymore.

Music is what's gotten me through all of that. I always believe I have some dumb record to write. If that ever goes away I'll be in real trouble.

kbringel2 karma

Who would win...the 1992 Dream Team or a "best of" 2015 NBA All-Star team?

richardnuclear5 karma

Dream team

JeremyEye2 karma

Hey Richard! Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a huge Margot fan.

I'm a 24 year old musician (Been playing for ten+ years) and am releasing my debut album in September. Your music is a huge influence of mine (Planning on covering A Light On A Hill at my release party!).

Any life advice for staying sane and finding joy in the music industry that you can share? I always love picking the brain of artists that I'm a fan of when the opportunity arrises.

richardnuclear3 karma

I think if you just focus on the next song you're gonna write, you'll be ok. Congrats! Hope to hear it.

bunzofunzo342 karma

Hey Richard, can't believe you're actually answering questions! I love seeing how the progression and history of you and the band is reflected through the themes and sounds of the albums. I'm just wondering, is there any song that stands out for you particularly hard to write, be it musically or conceptually?

Thanks again!

richardnuclear3 karma

The devil and Mariel's Brazen overture were kind of tricky. "Lazy", though not structurally or musically complex, took a lot of living to write. I had to go through a lot to get a song with that kind of emotional currency.

ngfalcon2 karma

Hi Richard! I'm a huge fan, so thanks for doing this!

My question is about the songwriting process. Do you find yourself coming up with a melody or lyrics first? Or do they sort of happen all at once?

richardnuclear3 karma

Melody almost always, although ideally the first whiff of melody comes with a decent bit of lyric to build on. Doesn't always, though.

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jtm19671 karma

Do you have the track list for the box set yet?

richardnuclear6 karma

Yes I do, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to post it in its entirety. Any specific songs you're wondering about?