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Wanna Take a Ride? Art is returning to broadcasting his famous nightly paranormal talk show, starting July 20th. The new show entitled “Midnight in the Desert” will be LIVE from 9PM-Midnight Pacific, Midnight-3AM Eastern and will be streaming out FREE over the Internet at http://www.ArtBell.com bringing you the same great topics, same great music, Monday thru Friday. You can also listen to Art Bell on your smartphone or tablet using the great TuneIn Radio app. Download the FREE TuneIn Radio app and search for and follow the "Dark Matter Digital Network.” The new home for Art Bell. If you can’t stay up to listen LIVE for FREE, you can become a Time Traveler and listen the next day or weekend. Go to ArtBell.com, click on the "Join the Time Travelers" link, and subscribe for a low price of only $5 a month to access the past shows.New show name, New digital station, same great Art Bell! Check out ArtBell.com and join us for the best in overnight talk radio.

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Also, here are some fan made trailers that will give people new to the show a fun way to catch up and provide veteran fans some great memories.







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Real-ArtBell71 karma

Thank you all for participating in this AMA!

See you July 20th for Midnight in the Desert at 9pm pacific time at ArtBell.com!

solitarymoon65 karma

Does it still bother you that John Lear said don't go to the light?

Real-ArtBell100 karma

Yes, EVERYDAY. John said that to me, if you're faced with a choice when you die of going to the light or the dark, don't go to the light. If that doesn't bother you I don't what will.

Raindora57 karma

Will you be taking unscreened calls?

Real-ArtBell179 karma

Not only YES but HELL YES. As a matter of fact that's ALL im going to take, UNSCREENED CALLS.

So if you're tired of telling the call screener how manly and handsome you will say the host is before you're allowed to be on. Try Midnight in the Desert.

mobilebeta53 karma

Hi Art and mega-Roswells,

I've noticed that C2C regularly seem to get stuck in tedious repetition of low quality topics about angels and predictions... and it makes me wonder if they are completely out of touch with their audience, or perhaps it's just me.

I've always loved your shows and your selection of guests and topics, however I was wondering if you have considered adding a dedicated feature to your website to allow people to vote on discussion topics or guests and make guest and discussion topic suggestions?

My question was partially inspired by the "Most anticipated guest?" discussion topic on the Art Bell subreddit.

Real-ArtBell59 karma

We're going to do a test show on the 19th of July. And that will be the central question. What do you want to see. What do you want the show to be, it's YOUR show, I'm just the ring master....got tumeric????

Salmonandsteak43 karma

Hey Art huge fan from the UK, literally have stayed awake waiting for this AMA to open.

Just a few questions.

Have you ever thought about talking to Marc Maron on the WTF podcast?

Also that guy that called on coast to coast really panicking, talking about area 51 I think. Do you think he was real?

Also what happened to JC? I miss him. Will he be back!

Finally thoughts on the current state of C2C?

Real-ArtBell65 karma

Sure I'd be willing to go on virtually ANYTHING. I've heard good things about Marc.

Area 51 caller, at the time it occurred I absolutely thought it was real. There are others since, who have expressed doubts. But it sure as hell was good radio.

JC is around, JC plans to call my show, JC is a member of my Facebook page which has currently been met with a dastardly fate....so yes in sum I will be hearing from JC.

I've said this publicly, I think the current host of that show does it a disservice. The current state of that program is the genesis for Midnight in the Desert.

ADG1231199043 karma

Hey, Art! It was because of you and Phil Hendrie that I wanted to have a career in Radio (Although, Podcasts and Internet radio are the new radio). I was wondering, what was your reaction when you first heard Phil's Art Bell "Character"?

Real-ArtBell59 karma

Phil is funny as hell, and I have LOVED the impersonations of me. I really do, they are funny. Plus, I would like to have General Jameson on as guest.

246tyson41 karma

Most creepiest and unexplained thing you seen?

Real-ArtBell94 karma

I had a UFO sighting that would more qualify as a close encounter. On my way home from Las Vegas, late one night my wife at the time, noticed a light coming up from behind our vehicle and said Stop the car.

It was quiet enough out here in the desert to hear crickets at a quarter mile. Coming from behind, an extremely large triangular craft, passed directly above us at no more than 150 ft. It continued across the valley, toward Area 51.

A week later Pahrump Valley Times, carried an article claiming there was indeed a secret mission over the Pahrump Valley that night, and that it was a c130 aircraft. The craft I saw was completely soundless. And defied gravity. Not even close to a C130.

chefist38 karma

Is it true that some radio stations are picking up your show before it has even begun? How does that feel? Can I get it on my local radio station?

Real-ArtBell63 karma

Yes it's true and I think it's history. I am not aware of any radio program that has picked up 20+ stations before the show has even begun. The latest of which is the mighty KXL in Portland, Oregon. Right across the street from the competition.

To find out if your local station carries Midnight in the Desert go to ArtBell.com

hill_of_knives35 karma


Real-ArtBell48 karma

You WIN.

The Ghost stories that bother me the most are those that include SHINING RED EYES. I don't like those at all. And if anything keeps me awake at night, it's red eyes. I even wince a little bit at people who haven't had enough sleep.

imaginativeworlds32 karma

Many of us were avid followers of your programs with Father Malachi Martin and were both saddened and disturbed to hear of his suspicious passing. If you are at liberty to tell, do you know anything more about this? Is there anyone you have found who is able to continue the dialogues you and he had?

Real-ArtBell46 karma

All good questions. I'm afraid that Father Martin was one of a kind. I am actively searching for some one who could try and fill his shoes.

With regard to his passing, I was told he was pushed or fell down the steps. I'm suspicious too.

incriminified32 karma

Do you believe you have talked to a real time traveler?

Real-ArtBell58 karma

I believe I have talked to people who have claimed to have time traveled, and I am going to keep trying.

bigvig31631 karma

Art, I've been listening since 96. I was a young high schooler sneaking away with a radio late at night in the middle of Ohio to hear the magic of UFO's, Ghost, and Bigfoot. Your best programs were when your guest were the normal folks like Mel Waters, Mad Man Markem, and Bugs. Have you heard from or kept in contact with any of these guest and will they be on the new show?

Real-ArtBell29 karma

I no longer have the bigfoot map ;) ;)

But I do agree with you, the best shows have come from all of you. All calls will be unscreened, all fridays will be OPEN LINES!

lessthanjakesdad30 karma

Hey Art, who will be your first guest?

Real-ArtBell59 karma

Graham Hancock. Graham is the one who got bumped when I left SiriusXM therefor he will be number one.

guestee28 karma

Art, you are known for your bumper music selections; why is music so important to your show?

Real-ArtBell46 karma

That's a good question. For me, not just to the audience. It sets the mood, the feeling, of the kind of topics that I am doing. Make no mistake about it. I run my own bumper music for exactly that reason.

eraser827 karma

Hi, Art:

Did Ed Dames ever find that gold? Or, the other gold? Or, the other other gold?

Real-ArtBell54 karma

I'm still waiting for my gold....and the killshot.

imaginativeworlds27 karma

Congrats Art on your new upcoming show Midnight in the Desert. On behalf of many long, long time listeners we wish you the best of success! A couple of questions: 1) Are you considering broadcasting 7 days a week with a weekend host or guest hosts? 2) What is you main goal for the new show this time around? 3) Will you ever share your Ouija board experience? 4) Of all the subject matter you have covered over all these years, what is the one that your would like to seek and learn the truth about? 5) What is the subject matter that you have covered during your career that has rattled and scared you the most? Best of luck Art from all your long time fans!!

Real-ArtBell40 karma

  1. There will be shows on in my timeslot in the weekend, however this is a five days a week show and I am 70 years old so I am unlikely to do 7 days.

  2. To have FUN!

  3. I am NEVER going to share it. That one goes to the grave.

  4. Time Travel. Time Travel....Time Travel. Look for it on Midnight.

  5. The truth is, EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Specifically. The EVP's from children. They really are disturbing, I can take the adult stuff, but the kids....

standardbaz26 karma

Hi Art

Would be cool if you could answer my questions.

  1. Is there one solid case that you think proves the existance of extraterestial spacecraft/Beings visiting our planet?

  2. Do you listen to any of the radio/podcast shows that are availble at the moment?

  3. Here in the UK we have a fantastic podcast by Howard Hughes on the http://theunexplained.tv/ would you consider being a guest on this show, maybe the role reversal would be cool and give your fans more of a insight into your views and life in general.

Many thanks and good luck with your new show.

Real-ArtBell38 karma

  1. No, that's what we're in search of. If there was not reason to believe in things we cannot prove with Science, or touch. There would be no reason for my show.

  2. The truth is no, because I am always afraid subconsciously I'll pick up on things they say or do and use it. I did listen prior to becoming a talk host.

  3. I LOVE Howard Hughes.

imaginativeworlds22 karma

Are you still in contact with John Lear? Are you considering having him as a guest?

Real-ArtBell36 karma

I am in periodic contact with John Lear and I would dearly love to have him on the air.

WingsOfTin22 karma

Art, I've listened to Coast to Coast consistently for literally half my life (I'm 24!) and I want to thank you for displaying such a wonderful mix of critical thinking and genuine awe of the unknown. You are a luminary.

Who is your dream guest for the new show?

Real-ArtBell37 karma

The answer is Donald Trump. Not because I've decided he will make a good president, yet, but because he is infinitely interesting.

On that same note. Elon Musk.

Kazooguru21 karma

I remember a show on C2C about a giant hole that seemed to go on forever. I think it was in WA state. Have you ever heard anything else about it, and is it still there?

Real-ArtBell33 karma

It's my understanding the hole is still there. It's my further understanding that Mel suffered a bout with cancer and was last heard from in Australia.....I hope he is well.

chefist20 karma

Art, how does it feel to be FREE of the corporate overlords?

Real-ArtBell36 karma

It feels like the grand finale on the fourth of July which by the way is why I announced the blitz on July 4th!

drain_pipe20 karma

Hi Art, and thank you for joining us this evening. I am elated for your return to broadcasting, it's been way too long. Welcome back!

Can you give a quick rundown of the mic and signal chain that you will be running on the new show? Do you use the same model mic when using your amateur radio gear?

Real-ArtBell30 karma

No I don't use the same mic. I use a baer dynamic mic for broadcasting. For Ham radio I use a heil pr40.

I use a symetrix voice processor.

imaginativeworlds19 karma

Art, many of us loved your "guvment" snitch lines you had in the early days. Any plans of incorporating this into Midnight in the Desert?

Real-ArtBell26 karma


MidnightDesert19 karma

Hi Art! It's Bob from the Midnight Desert. What do you find to be the most enjoyable aspect of hosting a paranormal / conspiracy talk show?

Real-ArtBell31 karma

The fact that it's always different is the cherry on top!

art_throwaway12332119 karma

Hi Art! Long time listener. Which guest have you had that said something so profound, that thinking about it today still gives you pause. What was it they said?

Real-ArtBell17 karma

John Lear. See the post about the light.

azsincitymagic18 karma

Hi Art, my family and I have been listening in for years, I had a few ?s feel free to answer any or all, thanks!

1) Has anyone from the government sectors nudged you about steering away from a topic at any time?

2) Ever get a call or a visit by any agencies during or after a caller session?

3) have you ever visited a Paranormal location suggested by your fans and felt any disturbances? (Or places that just creeped you out)

4) Out of all the places you've traveled which do you like the best?

5) where have you visited that you get the most attention? (Aka Ever go to conventions?)

Best of luck!

Real-ArtBell31 karma

  1. I have had visits from the Government, however none of them attempted to steer me away from any other topic than presidential assassination. I have had three visits from the secret service. They are very serious guys.

  2. It's not a place but I LOVE ASIA. You might discern that from the fact that my daughters name is Asia.

Ja_Zen18 karma

Hi Art!

What will be the special Halloween program this year?

Real-ArtBell41 karma

This year it will be called Ghost to Ghost DIGITAL! The tradition continues.

ThatsN0Tit18 karma

Serious question. I know you hate hate hate cell phone callers. But now that the vast majority of your callers will be on a cell, will you be able to control your rage?

Real-ArtBell35 karma

I don't hate cellphone callers, I hate cellphones. There is a difference.

Also, we now have Skype. So if people wish to call using their smartphone, use the Skype app and they sound WAY BETTER.

ThatsN0Tit16 karma

Can you touch on what type of show Richard C. Hoagland will be presenting? Also will it be titled "One White Crow"?

Real-ArtBell20 karma

It only takes one white crow to prove that RCH is now our Science Advisor.

Richard will interview guests and take calls!

SnarkyTart16 karma

Art, do you watch The Walking Dead? If so, which cast member would you most like to interview?

Real-ArtBell23 karma

Tom! Yes I do watch. I don't miss an episode and I'd like to interview Tom.

nimbusdimbus15 karma

Hi Art!! I've been listening to you since 1997 and am wondering what drove you to make this comeback? Was it your fan base or did you just miss it? Also, of all of your stories and shows, which one has stuck with you the most or had the greatest impact on who you are today?

Real-ArtBell32 karma

The current state of the other show drove me to come back. I've said if George Knapp were doing the other show, I wouldn't be here.

meganhuntomaha14 karma

Have you ever been blackmailed or threatened to leave the air or retire? Any black suits ever knock on your door?

Real-ArtBell15 karma

Corporations have there own way of letting you know when you want to leave. Though that has never happened to me.

5crewdriven14 karma

Will you ever be able to release Pizza Punch?

Real-ArtBell13 karma

Pizza punch was Ramona's baby. We went to Italy and she tasted it there and somehow figured out the ingredients. I do not have the recipe.

MacabreGoblin14 karma

Given your knowledge and experiences, what advice would you give to twenty-somethings or other folks who are just now embarking upon a new career (not necessarily radio)?

Real-ArtBell26 karma

Be yourself. I know that's short but it's the only really good advice I can give. Don't try to copy me, don't try to copy anybody. Be yourself. You'll either collapse or succeed on your own, but you won't do it copying anybody else.

DivineRite13 karma

I know when on a long Cross Country Drive it has been wonderful to Tune In and listen all night. Will your shows ever run 24 hours a day? I think at one time in about 2002 or 2003 your shows repeated all day on XM. With so many podcast on today has Dark Matter Digital Network considered having two Streams? Dark Matter Live and Best of Dark Matter. DMLive BDM

Real-ArtBell16 karma

We have Darkmatter Podcasts. If you're a member of the Time Travellers, which is only $5 a month, you can listen any time you want. Join now at ArtBell.com

SpilltheWine7912 karma

Hi Art. I am so excited about your new show coming out. My questions, have you ever have any experiences with a Ouija board? How about shadow people?

Real-ArtBell19 karma

RE: Shadow People.......tune in to Midnight to Desert for a new development.

dngwall12 karma

Art, you are an absolute National Treasure. I have loved listening to your shows and I have subscribed to the new show and bought my brothers a subscription to. Thank you for your continued contributions! Are you ever planning on doing any live streaming some day? Any response would complete my life.

Real-ArtBell25 karma

Guess WHAT! This is a LIVE streaming show, absolutely live. Yes, there will be a podcast available afterwards, but we're moving the live show to the internet. Come join us! ArtBell.com

chefist12 karma

Art, your Facebook page went down right before this AMA...do you know what is happening?

Real-ArtBell30 karma

Let me say this. As I was posting to my 25k followers on Facebook about this AMA, I was locked out.

The other guy says, "There are NO coincidences." This must be another case of that belief.

Kazooguru12 karma

What is your favorite Scifi movie?

Real-ArtBell74 karma


It's not even a close call.

meganhuntomaha10 karma

You said in your autobiography that you often have panic attacks before a show. Have you struggled with any of that coming up to the launch of MITD?

Real-ArtBell15 karma

EVERYDAY for MONTHS. It's bad, because I can't go on the air. Once I go on the air, I'm good. It's this anticipation stuff that's driving me nuts.

bobborries10 karma

Hi Art! glad you’ll be coming back soon, I really enjoy your intelligent interviews and thought provoking commentaries. What do you think of the state of talk radio and other media today? In a sea of homogenized mediocracy and state sponsored news, can we handle the truth? Is America ready for information from an alternate source?

Real-ArtBell21 karma

I think we're hearing EXACTLY what the government tells the media what we should know. I have so much more to say on this. I will expand further upon this on the air on Midnight.

SnarkyTart10 karma

Art, is there any chance we'll be hearing a return of Madman Markum? One of my favorite guests!

Real-ArtBell26 karma

Glad you asked! I am in contact with Madman! Who is presently trying to stock a warehouse with things I'd probably rather not know about.

BlaqkJak10 karma

Hey Art! I listened to you for years on Coast 2 Coast, I had no idea you had a new show coming out and I can't wait to check it out.

Just wondering if out of all the EVP recordings you've listened to over the years if any still stick with you to this day? The creepiest one to me was when one of your guests was recording and turned on the light to a room and immediately after caught the voice of a young child saying "It's dark in here." Gives me goosebumps to this day.

I plan on doing some in a supposed haunted local cemetery coming up soon. If I catch anything I'd love to share them with you!

You were really accurate in predicting our current climate problems in "The Coming Global Superstorm." How do you feel about that and do you still think it will get as bad as you predicted in the book?

Real-ArtBell16 karma

Well, the book was fiction based on some fact. Whether it's natural or man made, anybody who doubts that we're in for big trouble, has their head firmly in the sand.

DivineRite9 karma

Art, Who was your biggest inspiration in getting you into Radio?

Real-ArtBell20 karma

The answer to that is really HAM radio. I began when I was twelve, and I was in commercial broadcast when I was 13.

First radio job, small fm ontop of a mountain in Franklin, NJ. Religious FM. Read the news every hour. Station manager didn't like people to close to the mic. So he'd come in and yank the chair out from under you while live on the air!

Mang90009 karma

Hi Art, what are your impression of the New Horizons probe currently whizzing past Pluto?

Real-ArtBell16 karma

It's the last great picture show. And in a few days we will know. Tune into Midnight in the Desert and The Otherside of Midnight with Richard for updates on ArtBell.com

NefariousBanana9 karma

Will we be hearing Cusco as bumper music on the new show?

Real-ArtBell17 karma

I got Cusco ready to go.

SnarkyTart8 karma

Hi, Art! On Dark Matter you said you'd be interested in hosting a debate between two guests regarding Fukushima. Might you do that on Midnight in the Desert?

Real-ArtBell18 karma

Yes. I am still not sure, and I don't think anyone is, the current status of Fukushima. I've heard some very disturbing things.

magick_faekin8 karma

Art, any chance of having Tess Gerritsen on MiTD? I really enjoyed your last interview with her.

Real-ArtBell8 karma

I LOVED that interview. In my opinion, Tess was ripped off.

Melancholyhill758 karma

Hey Art! I'm just curious, what is your opinion on the Wow! Signal?

Real-ArtBell17 karma

What a good question. It may well have been the real thing, that we missed. You know they never knocked that down, in other words, it's still WoW.

You may recall we sent out our own version of a WoW signal from Puerto Rico, and ours was very short, just like there's.

soniko_8 karma

Hey Art, if i wanna listen to you on shortwave, is the station broadcasting always on? so i can test the reception i'll have during your show.

Real-ArtBell10 karma

Stations that carry us will always be on when we're on live.

meganhuntomaha7 karma

Making popcorn in anticipation of your AMA. Do you recommend reusing the jiffy pop packaging to create a hat?

Real-ArtBell11 karma

Use it before it's too late.......

art_throwaway1233217 karma

Can you at least give us a HINT about the third secret of Fatima???

Real-ArtBell12 karma

No, I made a solemn promise to Father Martin. Unlike other people, I keep my promises.

mountaintracker5 karma

73 Art! How is your back doing sir?

Real-ArtBell7 karma

As I sit here typing, my heating pad is set on 1.