Hi guys, Steve Nash here back on reddit! Looking forward to answering your questions - and if you want to win the chance to play in my 8th annual Steve Nash Foundation Showdown with me (and have GNC Live Well fly you and a friend to NYC for it all), don't forget to enter to win here and support a great cause: http://www.prizeo.com/prizes/steve-nash/soccer-showdown Proof: https://twitter.com/SteveNash/status/601450757678768131

Guys - I have to run -- thank you so much for this! A lot of you asked about Showdown - we're back this June 24th in NYC (stevenash.org/Showdown), and giving someone the chance to play in the game with us. Love for someone from this chat to win! Enter now at prizeo.com/SteveNash -- and then enter again. Thanks for your great support!

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ank1613530 karma

Hello Mr. Nash. What does the Phoenix training staff do so well that manages to keep suns players so healthy during their stays?

urhedsonfire1564 karma

Nice try, Portland medical staff

SteveNashHere1043 karma


SteveNashHere403 karma

Education, emphasizing hard work, and integration.

Chief_Shareef507 karma

Sup /u/SteveNashHere Fan from NYC here. Thanks for taking the time to do another AMA. I always wanted to know….you never dunked in your NBA career, but if you had a chance to dunk on any NBA player who would it be?

SteveNashHere1517 karma

Dirk Nowitzki.

vvvdvvv486 karma

Can you caption this peculiar image of you and dirk? Can you comment on it as well?

SteveNashHere677 karma

Great times . . . .

NawabSnyder348 karma

Thoughts on Qatar hosting the '22 World Cup?

SteveNashHere1182 karma

I think it's disgraceful how they got it, and how many have died building the stadium. Awful.

Phantom-Shot344 karma

Who is the toughest point guard you faced during your career?

SteveNashHere833 karma

Good question. John Stockton.

arc_flash_hazard315 karma

Hi Steve! Quick question for you. You're basically the greatest free throw shooter in history. In your opinion, why does it seem that so many players now struggle with that aspect of the game?

SteveNashHere534 karma

Confidence and practice.

mark_evans1293 karma

Steve, hard hitting question - is Joe Flacco an elite NFL quarterback?

SteveNashHere342 karma

Pretty much.

jeric13xd286 karma

Good Morning Steve!!!!! First off, Congrats on a great career and I hope everything is good especially that back of yours.


1) Who do you think is better: Messi or Ronaldo?

2) Who ya got winning the NBA championship this year?

3) Who's the better shooter: You or Steph?

SteveNashHere765 karma

1) I think Messi is the best player of all time. 2) Golden State Warriors. 3) Steph.

DarkCuban268 karma

Best passer in the league now?

SteveNashHere454 karma

Chris Paul?

artmcqueen264 karma

You and Dirk get five penalty kicks each. Who wins?

SteveNashHere633 karma

I do. Every time.

DreamVsPS2200 karma

Barca or Juve? Also, will you please retire as a Sun?

SteveNashHere374 karma

Barca. And, thank you -- I retired as a Laker, but obviously the Suns is where I played my best basketball, and spent my most years, so I'll always feel a part of that organization.

Maddy_shak191 karma

Hey Steve, who would you say is your biggest competition for best soccer player in the NBA?

SteveNashHere450 karma

None. Ha.

djrealtalk190 karma

Hey Steve! It's pretty public that you're a soccer fan, so whose your team? What's your favorite post game meal? Also as a Lakers fan, thanks for mentoring Clarkson!

SteveNashHere398 karma

Tottenham - my whole family has loved the team for years. COYS!

kimmark179 karma

Hi Steve! Do you have any plans to remain with the Lakers organization, maybe as a mentor to the younger players or as a assistant coach? We would love to keep you around!!

SteveNashHere297 karma

I'd love to keep mentoring the young players, but who knows what my next career will be . . . .

5hunned162 karma

Hi Mr. Nash! Lately I've had a problem with shooting during a pick up game. When I practice before the game I can make them, but as soon as the game starts I forget all my mechanics. As the great shooter that you are, do you have any tips for me to remember my mechanics?

SteveNashHere291 karma

Get lower, and make sure you have your balance and legs to help with the shot.

Cumdodger150 karma

Steve your Suns teams were fun to watch, that being said, who's your favorite soccer player?

SteveNashHere275 karma

That's such a tough question. Spurs Christian Eriksen. I will say I'm beyond excited to have Alessandro Del Piero at my Foundation's Showdown next month (who's coming, by the way??) www.stevenash.org/Showdown

HammyFresh138 karma

Steve, thanks for doing this AMA!

You were on a lot of great teams through the years. In all your years in Dallas, Phoenix, and LA, which team (year and team) do you most wish could have won you a championship?

Also, thanks for kicking ass for me in 2K for so long

SteveNashHere213 karma

You're welcome.

twosixteen112 karma

Steve, I always loved destroying my brother in nba live with you and watching you making incredible plays on the court later that night. I saw a documentary of you where Kobe says you weren't the quickest, but just quick enough, not the most athletic, but just athletic enough ect. You were always praised for your IQ and vision on the court, but how hard did you have to rely on that to make up for your deficiencies of being short, slow, unathletic, and of course white as Dirk described you?

SteveNashHere223 karma

I've always relied mainly on my willingness to do the work. Hard work is pretty underrated as a tool.

TheMidgetCrusader110 karma

What's your favorite dinosaur?

SteveNashHere200 karma


viscaelbarca1899100 karma

Who's your favourite defender in soccer of all time?

SteveNashHere203 karma

Paolo Maldini. And Lezley King.

smross81896 karma

Remember that video of you driving into L.A. when you first came to the lakers, where those dudes tossed you beer on the freeway?

Just wanted to say that it was disrespectful to hand you such a shit beer.

SteveNashHere320 karma

Thanks! But I have nothing against cheap beer.

rlsN92 karma

Hey Steve! Big fan! What position do you prefer to play on the soccer pitch? You seem to be a classic No.10 kind of guy.

SteveNashHere150 karma

Why thank you -- I would have liked to be a No. 10 in my younger days, but probably more of a midfielder.

GetFreeCash89 karma

Hey Steve, glad to see you're back on Reddit!

My questions for you are:

  • What is the cheapest thing you know of that gives you the most pleasure?
  • What toppings do you like on your pizza?

That's all! Thanks again for being here!

SteveNashHere138 karma

Soccer! I don't eat a lot of pizza but prosciutto and mozzarella and tomato.

DarkCuban82 karma

Who would you want to throw an alley oop to in todays game?

SteveNashHere228 karma

Andrew Wiggins.

joelwhyrock73 karma

Hey Steve. I absolutely loved Seven Seconds or Less and became a huge fan of most of the players and coaches on that 2005-06 Suns team as a result.

How much do you keep up with teammates from that era? Are you pulling for Barbosa and Alvin Gentry on GSW? Or Marion on Cleveland?

SteveNashHere142 karma

It's hard not to pull for the Warriors with all the connections and everything they're doing there. But only wish the best for Shawn.

LyricalFajitas64 karma

25 years old here, expecting to enter fatherhood soon, any advice?

SteveNashHere359 karma

You are not your child's friend. You are the parent.

XDanger63 karma

Hey Steve!

You've always been my favorite athlete to watch, and watching you play is what made me first start to love basketball. Something I've always wondered about: who are some of the closest friends you've made in the NBA?

SteveNashHere106 karma

Thank you! Raja Bell, Grant Hill, Leandro Barbosa, Finley, Dirk, Rex Chapman -- lots of great guys there.

TheKeyNextDoor57 karma

Who are your top 3 Pgs in the NBA, Steve?

SteveNashHere139 karma

Too hard! There've gotta be four -- Chris Paul, Westbrook, Kyrie, and Steph.

Blaaa555 karma

Who would win in a 3 pointer contest Steph, Ray Allen, Reggie or You?

SteveNashHere114 karma

Now? Steph!

rsnl755 karma

Is Thierry Henry coming to the Showdown his year?

SteveNashHere66 karma

I'm not sure -- hopefully!

questop53 karma

Hi Steve! I just want you to know how much you've changed my life. I've been a lifelong Phoenix fan and I just want to say thank you for all the excitement you've brought to the team. I know that leaving Phoenix was a hard but necessary challenge, but I understand.

But I have one question though, what advice can you give your longtime backup point guard, Goran Dragic? I mean he just left Phoenix and he left on a not-so-positive note. I just want to know what's on your mind regarding his departure from the team knowing how important he was to the franchise?

SteveNashHere75 karma

It was sad to see him go -- he's such a great player.

constantlyoff51 karma

Steve did you ever sneak off during your NBA seasons and go play pickup soccer? Or was that too risky?

SteveNashHere103 karma

Never during the season, but in the offseason it's a big part of how I stay in shape. And Showdown (stevenash.org/Showdown) is a huge highlight of my soccer love. That's one of the reasons I want to give someone the chance to play with us this summer - you can enter at prizeo.com/SteveNash -- trip for 2 to NYC and time hanging out with us NBA and pro soccer players. Great time!

ShadowofLight1550 karma

Yo Steve, how are you today?

SteveNashHere80 karma

Great -- thanks!

StoneColdSteveNashty46 karma

How do you stay in shape now that your retired?

SteveNashHere112 karma

I play soccer once a week, beach volleyball once a week, get to the gym as much as I can, and run after my kids. And Showdown helps - keeping up with NBA and pro soccer guys is a blast.

Bill_Slimmons45 karma

Favorite movie?

SteveNashHere240 karma

Big Lebowski.

BeardedBroseidon45 karma

Hey Steve, as a fellow South African-Canadian you've always been one of my favorites to watch growing up. My question is: do you still have ties with South Africa in any way and do you visit there often? If so, what's your favorite part?

Also, who's one player that you didn't play with in your career that you wish you did?

SteveNashHere93 karma

I went to South Africa during the World Cup -- just that once -- I thought the entire country was beautiful, and Capetown was spectacular. I don't have lasting ties, though.

I_Need_To_Go_To_Bed42 karma

How did you find out you were going to be part of the 2010 Olympics? What went through your mind when you found out?

SteveNashHere64 karma

I was incredibly honoured, and excited -- still a phenomenal memory.

bustedracquet41 karma

Hey Steve! Great fan of yours! You obviously had to overcome a lot in your career like Dirk said, like being oft-injured, slow, white, and unathletic. Can you speak about how hard it was to overcome that challenge?

SteveNashHere174 karma

I'm still overcoming my race . . . the rest is hard work and determination.

jataba11540 karma

Hey Steve, thanks for this AMA. What's the best piece of advice you ever received? From anyone, anywhere, anything. Thanks again!

SteveNashHere107 karma

You're welcome! "Declare your intentions."

skinsballr40 karma

Hey Steve! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA.

Since you are a big soccer fan, what is your opinion about Lionel Messi? Is he potentially the greatest soccer player of all-time?

SteveNashHere74 karma


vvvdvvv39 karma

Can you tell us something about you and Dirk (the two of you) we don’t know about?

SteveNashHere133 karma

He's better than me at tennis.

runescapesucks38 karma

What do you feel is your biggest achievement in your career in the NBA? In life?

SteveNashHere91 karma

Playing 18 years in the NBA, and, in life, being a dad.

cornfrontation36 karma

What do you think when people compare Spike Albrecht to you? (For example: Spike Nash)

SteveNashHere62 karma

He's a good young player - flattered.

ismellliketuna35 karma

Steve teach me the secrets of dribbling and ball control please ?

SteveNashHere97 karma

It's really just practice -- but the lower you can play, the more on balance you're going to be and allow your skills to grow and that skill set to take over and prevail. Get low.

Decne135 karma

Hey Steve. Thanks for being such a great basketball hero in Canada.

What cities, outside of the ones you played in, were the most fun to visit on away games?

SteveNashHere59 karma

Thank you! Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, New York.

rappereater34 karma

Hey Steve I just wanted to start by saying you influenced my love for the NBA and the Phoenix Suns. I appreciate everything you have done for us.

My first question is did Shaq play any pranks on you or vice versa when he was in Phoenix? I know that Shaq used to hide Louis Amundson's bike in the area as a joke and he retaliated by filling Shaq's car with peanuts, but did you guys share any pranking moments?

My second question is who is your favorite rapper? I came across this video the other day of when you were on Rap City and you requested Nas back in your Santa Clara days.

SteveNashHere79 karma

I managed to evade Shaq's pranks. Favorite rapper is Nas - nice!

kereth33 karma

Ever think of running for office in Canada?

SteveNashHere72 karma


slemn332 karma

Beer recommendations?

SteveNashHere111 karma


SpiderRico31 karma

Hey Steve! You were my childhood hero growing up and are the reason i played basketball!

I recently moved to Victoria and go to Uvic, do you plan on visiting Victoria anytime soon and is there any chance ill walk into one of the basketball courts there and see you casually shooting around? haha

SteveNashHere36 karma

It's been known to happen. Enjoy Victo!

kbtwofour30 karma

Hello Nash. Are you still going to help the Lakers next season with mentoring the young players?

SteveNashHere61 karma

I'd love to keep working with them.

5hunned30 karma

Your quick thoughts on the hack-a-whoever strategy?

SteveNashHere92 karma

I would say eventually it should probably go away.

Blaaa529 karma

Hi Steve! Which NBA player did you admire the most growing up? Thanks.

SteveNashHere65 karma

Isaiah Thomas

obviousbicycle127 karma

Hey Steve, you were always one of my favorite players growing up. I also follow soccer really closely. What do you think the major reason English clubs struggle in Europe would be? Disappointing to see 0 premier league sides in the quarterfinal

SteveNashHere38 karma

I think it's a mini-cycle -- I don't think there are many teams that are firing on all cylinders at all this whole season.

noreallyimfull23 karma

Hey Steve, did you interact with Steve Kerr much when he was your GM in Phoenix? What qualities do you think make him a good coach? Any chance we see you on an NBA sideline someday (along with taking Team Canada to multiple golds)?

SteveNashHere54 karma

I did -- he's highly intelligent, honest, fair, and has lots of championship experience. And not likely -- we'll leave that to that other Steve.

Toddle522 karma

What do you think the chances are of the Vancouver Whitecaps winning the MLS Cup this yet?

SteveNashHere35 karma

Possible -- it's always a tough one to win, but we have a good team and it's possible.

captaincanada9616 karma

Hey Steve! You're the reason I started following basketball and you have always been my favourite player. I try to model my game after you but I can't really shoot so it doesn't quite work out. You're an inspiration to an entire generation. I love how you represented the Canadian team with pride and it's great to see how you're still involved. What are your goals for the current national team? Also, what are your favourite toppings on your poutine?

SteveNashHere30 karma

To qualify for the Olympics.

SteveNashTerryFox8 karma

Hi Steve! I am a proud Canadian college student living in BC.

I am a childhood bone cancer survivor. Eversince I got surgeries done on my legs, I abandoned even an idea of playing any sports. However watching you play in NBA inspired me and also fall in love with basketball. I watched the first round playoff game vs Lakers. Back then of course I didnt even know what the heck NBA was and who is Kobe or anything. I just remember that you and Marion stood out because you had a long hair and the name Marion reminded me of super Mario. I started out playing little by little and was able to rehab thru playing basketball. Of course I was really bad but just being able to shoot ball into hoop was a huge accompishment to me and it meant a lot for me. There were times where other basketball players would make fun of me or tease me for my lack of skill or sometimes threatens me to dont play the basketball by intentionally giving hard fouls but seeing how you played in NBA with such injuries allowed me to endure all these hardships and stil enjoy the basketball. But of couese I tried best to avoid playing with rough guys to prevent injury. I also admire your work ethics.

My Qs is this: How were you able to success in NBA where there are lots of rough guys and people with athletisim? Why do you think that you were able to actually do better after you got older? (Phoneix vs your times in Dallas)

Are you planning on having the long hair again? =)

Thank you

SteveNashHere13 karma

Congrats on your dedication and hard work. That's what helped me. And belief in my self. But not in that long hair (doubtful it returns!).

vvvdvvv6 karma

Any new project coming-up in the video-making world? What do you like the most about that and what can you share with us in these regards?

SteveNashHere6 karma

Lots of projects in the works, but nothing I can share yet . . . . I love filmwork as a creative outlet and as a means of collaboration with other people.

jimmyb155 karma

Steve thanks for your time. In grade school how much time did you spend practicing basketball daily outside of regular practice to get to an elite level by your senior year?

SteveNashHere9 karma

At least a couple of hours. We lived next to an elementary school, so had a court right in our backyard, practically, and I have a brother close in age that played, too.

bdrake255 karma

Hey Steve huge fan! Was sad to see injuries affect the last couple years when you were with the Lakers. I have a couple questions.

  1. Was playing with Kobe Bryant difficult or was his approach to the game more of a motivator for you rather than deterrent?

  2. I am a huge fan of sneakers and loved your "Trash Talk" Zoom BB II Low model back in the day. Is environmental awareness with sneakers still important to you or was the creation and endorsement of this model more of a press thing?

  3. And finally want to send a fan a signed pair of you shoes haha. Trying to build up a collection have a couple players already.

Looking forward to seeing what you do in retirement!

SteveNashHere7 karma

We have a pair of those kicks on prizeo.com/SteveNash now! It was absolutely born of my commitment to having a smaller "footprint" if you will -- loved that they could do it. Only a few left in the world now, from what I hear.

Sushi_ketchup4 karma

Hi Steve! What did you have for breakfast?

SteveNashHere4 karma