I've been working in television & films since "Sabrina" ended - last appearing on Under the Dome. My new feature, "Echoes of War," is set in the South in Texas after the Civil War, and involves the repercussions of war when it gets come.

"Echoes of War" opens in select theaters today, as well as on VOD & iTunes: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/echoesofwar/

Victoria's helping me out with getting started today. AMA guys!


Thanks everyone for your interesting questions. It's been fun chatting with you. Don't forget to go out and see "Echoes of War," it opens tonight and is a beautiful film.

Stay healthy & be kind!

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Frajer27 karma

Was it ever weird or awkward interacting with Salem ?

BethBroderick38 karma

It was not weird acting with him Salem was played by a few live cats and three different animatronic cats. I often petted the puppets forgetting that they were not real

chooter19 karma

I gotta ask - what was it like acting alongside Salem?

BethBroderick26 karma

Working with Salem was a blast. I often forgot that he could not actually talk. He was a very funny original character and the actor who voiced him Nick Bakay is fabulous

malatodivideopoker16 karma

Did someone of "Sabrina"'s cast keep Salem after the show ended?

Also, which is the type of character you've been mostly casted as?

BethBroderick26 karma

No the cats who played him lived with their trainer and were very well cared for and loved. Cathy Pittman would never give up one of her beloved kitties

operation_hennessey15 karma

How often do people ask you if you are related to Matthew.... and... are you?

BethBroderick15 karma

Yes people ask me that often and no we are not related. My family was involved in the hospital field

Fairy_floss8413 karma

Hi Beth!

Do you have a dream role ? If you could create that role, what would it be ?

BethBroderick22 karma

I would love to play an action hero.

courtiebabe42013 karma

Who is an actor or actress you would like to work with that you haven't already? Can be alive or dead!

BethBroderick19 karma

well I think heifer Lawrence is the bees knees. Also think Sean Penn is as good as it gets

BethBroderick14 karma


Ambassador_throwaway14 karma

Victoria, you're fired!

chooter14 karma

Beth is doing her own typing! I swear! (plus she's so funny and cool - you can't hold it against her!)

BethBroderick12 karma

Thanks. Doing my best!

BethBroderick10 karma

I know I am a goofball

pooptart612 karma

Hey Beth, I saw your boobies. Was getting naked on camera weird?

BethBroderick12 karma

Getting naked on camera is weird of course, but it is sometimes required for the role. I have nudity in " Echoes of War" that is not salacious but it is there to demonstrate my characters vulnerability

speedreisa12 karma

Hi! I love/d Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (and your role on Under the Dome). What was it like to kind-of reprise/revisit/pay homage to that role on Melissa and Joey last year?

BethBroderick13 karma

I loved working with Melissa again. She is very very dear to me and I have a great time on Melissa and Joey. She is a special wonderful person and I will always love her

speedreisa9 karma

Thanks for answering. What role are you playing in "Echoes of War"? I don't think I spotted you in the trailer.

BethBroderick10 karma

I play Doris. She is married to WIlliam Forsythe's character. Her oldest son was killed in the war and she has been driven mad with grief. It was a very challenging role. I hope I did her justice

orangecrushin12 karma

Who is your favorite witch outside the Sabrina universe?

BethBroderick21 karma

Aunt Agatha on "Bewitched" She was hilarious!

operation_hennessey12 karma

What was it like working on Lost? Do you have any cool behind-the-scenes stories?

BethBroderick20 karma

"Lost" was fun. I think evangeline Lily is a terrific actress and person. It was also fabulous to work in Hawaii. I swam and swam and swam

sonny411j11 karma

Hello Beth, thanks for the AMA. What is your favorite movie that you have worked on? You have an a very prolific career, which role are you most proud of?

BethBroderick15 karma

I loved doing Sabrina, but have several movies that I am proud of. "Fly Away" and the new movie "Echoes of War" are terrific. I have another film coming out soon "Two Step" - I am really enjoying doing independent film!

orangecrushin10 karma

Do you still meet up with the guys from Sabrina?

BethBroderick14 karma

Yes! Especially Melissa and Caroline. They are family to me. I loved Nate, Elisa, Nick and Jenna and the others as well.

reverah9 karma

Did working on "Sabrina" start any religious controversy?

BethBroderick14 karma

There were a few nuts who sent us bibles and told us we were going to hell, but "Sabrina" was embraced by cultures all over the world including very religious nations in the Middle East and India.

suaveitguy9 karma

Any stories about working with Brad Pitt in your early days'?

BethBroderick10 karma

Brad is a lovely human being. Super smart and sweet and a true gentleman. His success gives me great joy and I am so impressed with the way he conducts his life. He is a great!

s-mores8 karma

Which is better, hot chocolate on a cold winter night or cold ice cream on a warm summer day?

BethBroderick13 karma

Hot chocolate on a cold winter day!

operation_hennessey8 karma

What are your top five favourite movies of all time?

BethBroderick11 karma

" The Last of the Mohicans" " Argo" " Obvious Child" " The Godfather" " Beats of the southern WIld" " The Blindside"

suaveitguy7 karma

Has the internet changed anything about your job as an actor? In what ways?

BethBroderick8 karma

The Internet has made it easier for me to interact with fans and friends alike. Also I love being able to keep track of the projects my colleagues are working on. it is an amazing tool

suaveitguy7 karma

What was the atmosphere like on the Northern Exposure set? Was that a fun job?

BethBroderick7 karma

Northern Exposure was a very fun job. That cast and crew were delightful. I have a lot of fun and seattle is downright gorgeous!

Ethan24957 karma

I beth! I was wondering if u prefer to act on series or films? Would you consider becoming a series regular again on a series? If so which one would you like to be on?

BethBroderick9 karma

I love doing films, but have a special place in my heart for television comedy. I would love to do another comedy series on TV.

boludo547 karma

Ms Zelda, how does famous people use social network to comunicate with friends and family? do you have famous people in your social networks too? like everyday whatsapp or facebook messaging? if so, how long does it usually take for a conversation to kick in taking into mind that famous people agenda's must be super busy.


BethBroderick9 karma

Yes I have a lot of famous friends in my networks. we communicate the same way that everyone does. I have made a lot of great pals in the industry and love keeping in touch with them. We are all very busy, but manage to communicate quickly and easily. I am better at Facebook than Twitter, but I am working on that

BenjiTheWalrus6 karma

What do cats mean to you? Also, what is your favorite pie?

BethBroderick8 karma

I love cats, but right now I own a 100 pound dog who does not love them so much. I stay with my sister in LA when I am there and love getting to spend time with her two kitties. My favorite pie is cherry with vanilla ice cream

BenjiTheWalrus3 karma

Wrong, the answer is: all pie is good. Thanks for trying though.

BethBroderick16 karma

Well not ALL. Mince meat for instance is questionable

LoMigs6 karma

Hi Beth, I was wondering what it was like to honestly work with Melissa Joan Hart. Was she a diva, or was she pleasant to work with? She seems to be one who successfully avoided the typical child stardom path..


BethBroderick14 karma

Melissa Joan Hart was never a Diva. She is a hard working super smart woman and I adore her. She has a great family and knows what is important in life. She is a treasure

suaveitguy6 karma

What other shows were shooting on the lot when you made Sabrina? What's the relationship with other casts like? Softball games at lunch, BBQs on friday nights - or is it more like two companies in the same building where there wouldn't be a lot of interaction?

BethBroderick8 karma

"Sabrina" was a tough show to shoot. We often worked 15 hours a day just trying to get all of the special effects done correctly. We laughed a lot though and there were lots of bowling nights act. It was a tightly knit cast and crew.

suaveitguy5 karma

Austin is/was such a charming culture. I haven't been in a few years, but have read it is experiencing the biggest population growth in the USA. How has it changed in the last few years? Is it losing a bit of its focus? Blue Moon Bar!!

BethBroderick5 karma

Austin is growing quickly, but people here are determined to retain the things that make is such a special place. The new mayor Steve Adler is a very mindful person. He will work to make sure that the Arts culture remains vibrant and to protect our beloved green belts. 'Saxon Pub!"

CreativityLacking4 karma


BethBroderick12 karma

Like many other American industries, all of the profit goes to the people at the very tippy top of the business. There is not much in the middle. Young people coming in to the business are really struggling to stay in the game as there is very little money to be made for them. One thing has stayed the same. Roles for women over the age of 45 are rare. I feel very lucky that I am able to work as often as I do and on so many interesting projects

operation_hennessey4 karma

What project, if any, do you believe went under the radar? Is there a film or show that you are particularly proud of?

BethBroderick3 karma

I did a movie a few year ago called " Fly Away" that is a wonderful little film. Echoes of War opens today and it is beautifully acted and shot.. I have a bother movie called "Two Step' which is coming in June which I love!

suaveitguy4 karma

The Bonfire of the Vanities is a semi-notorious film. It had everything going for it. What was the feeling on set vs the feeling when the film came out into a bit of a storm?

BethBroderick6 karma

We had a fabulous time shooting " Bonfire of the Vanities" and we all believed that it would be a tremendous hit. Tom Hanks is one of the great wonders of the world. It was devastating when the movie failed to get good reviews, but I am still very proud of my work in it. It was a risky role and I love taking risks.

adarkfable2 karma

do you have any close latino/hispanic friends? if not, why not?

BethBroderick9 karma

Si yo tengo muchos amigos y amigas quien esta Hispanic. Hablo un poquito Espanol.

adarkfable4 karma

awesome. you always seemed like a woman that would have a diverse group of loving people around her. glad to have that confirmed, makes watching all your stuff that much better.

BethBroderick7 karma

Yes because i also do a lot of political organizing and social service delivery work I am friends with people from a ll different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. It makes my life much richer