My short bio: So I was on a Disney Channel show called Suite Life on Deck for a few years, then produced/directed/acted in the show Jessie. Also did DCOMs [Sixteen Wishes, Radio Rebel] and yeah some other stuff. Right now I am producing/developing some projects that I'm pretty stoked on, and I write music and sing in the indie band The Never Ending. We're going on tour this summer which is cool.

My Proof:

OUTRO: okay thanks guys byeeee

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TheBigShil81 karma

Dylan or Cole sprouse? I'm open to interpretation

Debby_Ryan151 karma

Dylan for knowledge of norse gods and Cole if u want someone to text u on your birthday

lpicard22666 karma

Why are you and Josh "dun"? drops mic

Debby_Ryan86 karma

omg u just did that legend

Wildwestgun51 karma

Hi Debby. I just wanted to start by saying how pretty you are and that I'm glad my daughter is a fan of such a wholesome young woman. My question is, as a Christian, how do you keep yourself on the straight and narrow with all the Hollywood madness?

Debby_Ryan75 karma

this year has been incredibly trying for me. I messed up. a lot. but I think, for me anyway, it's been about keeping your darkness, your confusion, your trials out of your realm of influence. pointing toward the light, even when all I see is shadowed.

Debby_Ryan45 karma

thank you for all things you guys. I made pasta for my friends so I'm gonna eat that now with them and talk life because it's SO REAL RIGHT NOW. love you ppl

jcwtigers1256739 karma

Hi Debby, big fan here!

I wanted to ask how you met Josh Dun and other members of the twenty one pilots family? I love how close you all are (at least from what I see on twitter).

Happy 22nd !

Debby_Ryan33 karma

I was a fan, met Joshua through Tyler, and met everyone else through Joshua. it's an incredible, inspiring, genuine, hilarious group of people and there's a huge chunk of my heart reserved for all things/ppl Columbus, OH

RedTerabyte38 karma

Happy Birthday! What's your favorite memory from the set of Suite Life On Deck?

Debby_Ryan81 karma

Cole used to drop things at me from the rafters so I'd have to say my favorite memory was learning how to conduct an interview with international press outlets whilst dodging paper cups

DisappointingReply32 karma

Are the twins as loveable in real life as they are on the show?

Debby_Ryan80 karma


Debby_Ryan58 karma

haaaa but they are more likable. and def worth loving. i'm so thankful for both friendships

LG4Lyfe27 karma

How difficult was it opening up about being in a abusive relationship?

Debby_Ryan41 karma

it got difficult when I realized that's what I was doing. I knew it felt incredibly important to talk about. I built a beautiful love with an amazing boy on a scarred heart, and didn't realize I had so much to deal with

Mischa221B26 karma

What book is your favorite? And what book inspires you in your life?

Debby_Ryan62 karma

looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska looking for alaska + the 48 Laws of Power + Franny and Zooey by Salinger + Weetzie Bat + The Weight Of Glory by CS Lewis but also looking for alaska

famxuslastwords22 karma

Hi Debby!

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I remember when you were turning 18 and I thought it was the biggest thing ever. Its crazy how much time has passed since then and how long I've been a fan of yous for.

One big question on my mind is, are you coming to the UK to tour soon? I met you in 2012 (Tasha, DebbyHQ) and traveled the length of the country to see you and I'd love to see you on tour!

Another question is, do you have any advice for someone whose starting out in the television industry? Not necessarily in acting but maybe running. What kind of things do people do which make you notice them?

Debby_Ryan24 karma

hiiii Tasha! long time no talk. No plans set yet but I love the UK so dearly, so I'm tryna get us there by the end of the year.

The entire industry has zero formula, so this one's hard. I'll tell you this: I've found that most things that succeed here start with a distinct voice with a fresh take on a relevant thing. Look at what you like to watch, listen to how you translate them, and don't be afraid to do something that hasn't been done.

On a practical level, learn. Study everyone's job, and try your hand at it. Acting taught me how I love producing, and producing taught me how I love to direct.

debbykitten11 karma

When can we expect you to release the songs you teased? Also, would they be an album or another EP?

Debby_Ryan23 karma


luccampbell10 karma

Hey Debby. Since today's your birthday, I think I can safely assume it's going pretty well. How was your day yesterday?

Debby_Ryan10 karma

thanks for asking. today has been good, couple meetings, a quick shoot, then I'm having family dinner and taking my mom to a friend's thing. so low-key birthday vibes. yesterday was funny. I had the best dinner I've ever had in my existence, spent time with good friends, and was crazy sick so I got a nap in (:

Frajer10 karma

did you hang out with people from other Disney shows?

Debby_Ryan13 karma

yeah I hang out with people that I get along with, and I mostly meet people secondhand through work so yahhhh

JoeWaitForIt_9 karma

Hi Debby! Happy Birthday!!

I was wondering what your top 5 favorite songs are right now?

Debby_Ryan34 karma

thank yewwww. rn I love "Nonsense" -Madeon feat. Mark Foster, "Money All Around" -HOLYCHILD, "Lane Boy" -twenty one pilots, "Jim Morrison" -Jon Bellion, anddddd "Will You Dance?" -the Bird and the Bee

Poor_Mans_Batman8 karma

First Happy Birthday, my question for you is what is your favorite method of winding down after a hard days of work or concert?

Debby_Ryan11 karma

thanks! I love to cook and I have a couple friends that're good at beverages and desserts. small low-key dinner party and sitting by the fire brings me back to life. it's a 5 night a week ordeal

heavydirtygoner7 karma

how excited are you for the reflection tour??

Debby_Ryan7 karma

beyond. also hi i recognize you from periscope. but yeah the boys and I are so stoked. we want to say hi to everyone on that tour!

MattAdams537 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

In all seriousness though,

What's your favorite move?

Debby_Ryan30 karma

one horse sized duck. i would tame it and ride it to werk. in all seriousness, my favourite move is duck taming.

Mischa221B6 karma

At what place in the world would you most like to visit?

Debby_Ryan13 karma

I just ran away to Mexico, and before that went to New York City to help my brother propose, right after getting back from Australia.. so I keep my suitcase packed... Next up-- ideally Moscow, Dubai, New Zealand, and I want to do the CS Lewis tour of Oxford

JBgroiner6 karma

Hi Debby, happy birthday! Thank you for doing this. I know you're a music buff, (The Never Ending is wicked) what are your favorite records you have on vinyl?

Also, you're a perfect human/alien. Also, I love you. A lot.

Debby_Ryan7 karma

thank you kindly + you are welcome. Mumford's Sigh No More, Tom Petty everything, the Chicago soundtrack, Fun's Aim + Ignite, Radiohead's In Rainbows...

debbykitten6 karma

Hey mom! We're Twitter friends, ya know. inserts little alien drawing on my hand I wanted to ask if we can expect any acting projects from you with more serious roles like your guest appearances in "Private Practice" and "The Glades". And if so, can we expect announcements soon?

Debby_Ryan8 karma

hi alien kitten. i loved playing those roles with a lot of heavier emotional content; it's actually what I set out to do when I started acting. i have some cool stuff in the works and I'm really excited to tell people..

sofaritsrisa6 karma

First of all happy birthday queen!!! Second, do you have any methods you use to cope with your stress/anxiety?

Debby_Ryan2 karma

HI thank uuuuu princesa it sounds cliche, but I actively breathe. four second inhale, six second exhale. I remind myself that it's only in my mind and if my hands are shaking, I calmly stretch and then begin to run around screaming at the top of my lungs

Debby_Ryan5 karma

that's only sort of true. if the anxiety starts to feel destructive and volatile, I have a stash of bottles or mason jars that I throw against a wall. it reminds me that in a moment of stress, I can break something but only something that doest need to be put back together.

joewatson19905 karma

Happy birthday Debby!!

Wanted to ask what musical influences influenced your band?

Debby_Ryan8 karma

thank you!

tom petty, the white stripes, jon foreman, arctic monkeys, grace potter & the nocturnals, the civil wars... ummm

TV_Nerd214 karma

Happy Birthday! If you could actually live on a cruise ship, just like Suite Life on Deck, which ship would you most like to live on?

Debby_Ryan14 karma

um a unicorn themed cruise ship or a ship where you cruise with kittens which actually sounds like a terrible idea logistically but is my dream

MadnessBunny4 karma

Do you have any acting projects? Or will you just focus on your music career as of now??

Loved you in Zack and Cody, you are TV crush since then <3

Debby_Ryan10 karma

hiii yeah so, I pour a lot of my soul into music, and yeah it's lately been requiring time too.. so that, and on the film/tv side, I'm focusing on producing right now. a couple different cool projects, BUT YOU HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF MY FACE

Trillman_K3 karma

Happy birthday! I remember you from The Suite Life on Deck back when I was a kid, and recently I found you again in a round about way through Twenty One Pilots. You've fast become an inspiring person to me! (I'm a guy - but not that that matters).

I really liked the songs you did in The Never Ending (Before I Go Upstairs is my absolute favorite!) and I'm wondering when can we expect new material? And would you ever write a book? ps you're gorgeous

Debby_Ryan5 karma

hiiii. thanks so much for liking the songs; i wrote that one for my mama + she cries when I play it live. wwwwwwweeeeeep.

new TNE material any minute now. we're playing our new stuff on the Summer Reflection tour

I'd definitely write a book. I've started a couple. nothing fiction yet; those tend to end up as script treatments. I have a lot to say and a lot of stories to tell but I always keep it to myself

katpeydove3 karma

Happy birthday, Debby! Will you continue to work with Disney in the future, or are you leaving them for good now that JESSIE's done?

Debby_Ryan3 karma

I love them, and I have since I was a bb. Very blessed that they feel the same, and really believe in me as a young director and a professional force so yahhh expect cool stuff

oscarveli3 karma

My five year old nephew used to claim that you were his girlfriend. Is there any truth to this?

Debby_Ryan19 karma

yes. it's strictly emotional

ElaborateSimplicity3 karma

Debby, what makes Texas the BEST state of all? Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA!! Hook 'em!

Debby_Ryan16 karma

sweet tea, fried pickles, clean walmarts, barefoot summers, neighborhood parks, and the Dallas Cowboys

Larry982 karma

If you had to give up being an entertainer for the rest of your life, what would you do instead?

Debby_Ryan4 karma

if I could write and cook and rescue kittens

heyGrex2 karma

Looking for Alaska is my favorite book, too. Are you excited for the movie?

Also I love C.S. Lewis and you, can we be friends?

by the way, my cat says hi.

Debby_Ryan2 karma

I'm so excited for the film. They have people on board that really care about it and her and Pudge's voice which makes my heart happy.

Mischa221B2 karma

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

Debby_Ryan8 karma

i say "tite" a lot about things that I care about only slightly but in a positive way, and I hate racist/homophobic slurs but love all other words

olliequeengreenarrow2 karma

Happy birthday!

A couple questions:

What's your favorite part about being a celebrity?

Least favorite?

Is there anything about how you've grown up or any life choices that you've made that you wish you could change or do differently?

Debby_Ryan5 karma

thank youuu!

i think the good part is that I am able to see a lot of the world and hear a lot of people's stories and tell them mine. it's surreal. also I love acting.

If I could change any decision, I would seek healing in places that were good for me. and take space from things and people that broke me down.

it sounds simple but it's a hindsight thing

gregreg772 karma

Happy Birthday Debby!!!!! If you and Maia Mitchell could be in a buddy cop movie together would you do it? and what would like the name of the movie to be?

Debby_Ryan3 karma

I'd do anything with that squirrel. She's my bestm8.

It'd probably be something having to do with us having sorta the same face

BenjiTheWalrus2 karma

Hi, what is your favorite movie that is not Disney-related?

Debby_Ryan9 karma

Almost Famous, Charade, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Chicago...

faissaloo2 karma

Happy birthday! I was wondering if you would be continuing to use your reddit account after this AMA? Or will this probably be the only time you'll use reddit?

Debby_Ryan17 karma

No no I'm actually on reddit all the time, it's a problem and how I know anything about life

pistachiopaul2 karma

Yo Debby, what was it like guest starring on Girl Meets World? Did you grow up with Boy Meets World, and if so, what was it like getting to work alongside the actors (and characters) you grew up with?

Debby_Ryan6 karma

dude it was so awesome. I didn't have tv until i moved back to america, so i lived on those reruns. that entire cast and crew is gold and was so surreal. I want to spend every day just hanging out there lol

Italy-Christian1 karma

Why ''mom''?

Debby_Ryan4 karma

ask the internet

mohamedmaatouk1 karma

what is it like to be modest?

Debby_Ryan3 karma

i have no idea what you're talking about

jacque_debris1 karma

Happy Birthday Debby! What is the highest priority item on your bucket list?

Debby_Ryan9 karma

thanks!! skydiving is up there. also there is a song I want to sing for a person again, because I wrote it before I really knew what it meant.