"I'm so excited to answer your questions and be a part of your lives for the next 45 minutes. Please forgive any spelling mistakes." - Max Greenfield

"I need to know your every waking thought about the New Girl finale. Nothing is off limits. Tell me anything." - Hannah Simone



That's a wrap! Thanks so much for asking all of your questions. We had a blast! -Max & Hannah

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LRE43 karma

Either/both of you guys: what does Jake Johnson smell like?

Hannah-Simone50 karma

like a baby before bathtime.

DrawntoInsanity8524 karma

Will Max come back to Bobs Burgers?

Hannah-Simone32 karma

I asked him and he said MAYYYBBEEEE. So you better watch every episode from now til the end of time in case he pops back in

skrewya21 karma

Hey guys! Question for the both of you, The new intro sucks in comparison to the old one, Who's idea was it to change the intro? and if you could change it to something else, what would it be?

ALSO you are both AWESOME..

Hannah-Simone129 karma

Well I am in it now so I don't understand the question.

burro9920 karma

Hannah, how great was being able to punch Nick in the balls in that one episode? And please tell me there was an accident because he didn't wear a cup

Hannah-Simone34 karma

It was the greatest paycheck I ever got.

Grumpy_Mitzvah17 karma

Who is the most entertaining cast member on the new girl set and do you have any funny stories about them?

Hannah-Simone31 karma

he has a voice of an angel.

getyourowntots14 karma

Will Winston's cat be in the wedding?

Hannah-Simone50 karma

He is officiating.

tooterina14 karma

Hannah, what do you feel about Caramel miracles and what was your reaction when you found out about the engagement? <3

Hannah-Simone22 karma


hellwatson13 karma

how is working with hannah?

Hannah-Simone69 karma

she is the best.

Hazelspirit12 karma

Favorite prop on the set? :)

Hannah-Simone51 karma


vulnera8 karma

If either of you could guest star on any currently airing TV show, which would you choose? Also, what is an ideal character that you would've liked to play?

Max-Greenfield24 karma


Hannah-Simone43 karma

I am currently screen testing to be a dragon. So fingers crossed.

RaconBang8 karma

My friend Edgars is a douche just like Schmidt. Please can you call him a douche for me?

Hannah-Simone45 karma

Edgar, your friend is a douche. I don't think I did what you asked but somehow I think I still nailed it.

KarolCherbiski8 karma

which is the favorite character of yours?

Max-Greenfield34 karma


Hannah-Simone38 karma

winston's cat furgie furg.

tlott8 karma

What would the wedding be like if it were completely up to Cece? How do you think It's actually going to go? What would a Jewish/Indian wedding be like? I'm so excited!!

Hannah-Simone30 karma

All I can hope for is butter chicken bagels.

terasoarus7 karma

For both: Which cast member would you challenge to a dance battle?

Hannah-Simone25 karma

They wrote a dance off into the show that Max and I did but it didn't make the cut. Take my word for it. I destroyed.

ledman247 karma

How hard is it to lose a cast mate/character like Damon Wayans Jr./ Coach not once but twice?

Also, can we expect to see more Fat Schmidt? He's the best.

Hannah-Simone27 karma

It's fine.. but it will really sting the third time.

insi1866 karma

What 3 things would you do if you were the other gender for the day?

Hannah-Simone29 karma

Just one thing. Get a sex change.

Perpetualflirt5 karma

I love you both so much! My question is: what do you think the offspring of Schmidt and CeCe would be like?

Hannah-Simone31 karma

A caramel miracle.

Auron6174 karma

Hannah and Max, you two are the greatest. Love you and everyone else on the show!! I just want to ask, what is your guys' favorite music? What do you jam out too?

Hannah-Simone12 karma

Head and the Heart... who sang the song in the finale's final moments.

AdamManHello4 karma

Hannah, you liked my girlfriend's picture on Instagram. Was that really you, or an intern you've hired?

And if it was you, did you really like it? Or did your intern really like it?

Hannah-Simone47 karma

You really need to learn to trust the internet more. It is an honest safe place and everything you see on it is exactly what it seems.

thatclevershark4 karma

What're you sippin' on right now?

Hannah-Simone13 karma

The joy of life, man.

chiarapisanu3 karma

Favorite Schmece moment ??

Hannah-Simone19 karma

You just saw it.