I'm John Famiglietti (the Asian one) from the band HEALTH. I directed the video for NEW COKE which in addition to featuring slow motion vomit, also includes my cellphone number in the final frame. People all over the world have been calling me ever since. Some of them are just curious. Some of them are lonely. If you just need to talk, ask me anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/_HEALTH_/status/595710324763971586

This guy Justin from /u/meltdowncomics is helping me because I am drinking. Come on down to the store in Hollywood if you want to hang. Be here by 6pm when Kumail Nanjiani shows up.

Mods deleted the AMA because I posted my phone number. Watch the NEW COKE music video linked at the top to get the number again (its IN the video at the end).

PAUSE: keep asking questions while I jump on /u/theoneringnet webcast from 5-6pm. http://theonering.net/live then I'll answer more here. P.S. they have a chat room.

DONE. Its nearly 11pm and I've been on here 8 hours. Thank you all for the awesome questions and support. Thanks reddit mods for being so accommodating. Album drops Aug 7 and remember to check the NEW COKE video which RollingStone called "the most disgusting music video of the year." LATER!

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_HEALTH_91 karma

Q on text: Whats your sun sign?

A: Sun sign? that shit is fucking stupid I'm a man of science.

_HEALTH_90 karma

Q from text: Hi, is this Steve Aoki?

A: takes breath

_HEALTH_61 karma

In my lifetime I went from James Iha, to Keanu Reeves to Steve Aoki. Please put more Asian, Indian people in movies...

_HEALTH_61 karma

People are texting a lot because reddit is too hard for them. Q: Would you rather eat pizza for the rest of your life or tacos? A: TACOS.

plaidbread6 karma

Best tacos in LA?

_HEALTH_9 karma

Raul's. 7th and Mateo. In front of La Reyna. If you wanna blow your dick off ask for a buche/chorizo taco combination


Thoughts on Crystal Castles break up?

Also... did you guys get a lot of money from their remix of your song?

_HEALTH_80 karma

Its very sad...

No sir...I made dick.

tehbird42 karma

What was it like working with Rockstar on Max Payne 3? How did they approach you guys?

_HEALTH_67 karma

R* is great. We just got notified that R* games wanted to get us dinner and come to our show in NYC. I figured it was like for a song for the next GTA or something, but I immediately started thinking "what if they want us to score a game?"...but I was like "nahh, no way"

_HEALTH_40 karma

Q from text: Whats your worst Guilty pleasure?

A: That porno with the fake sorority girls.

RickSandmann34 karma

What made all of you guys throw up so much?

_HEALTH_67 karma

Milk. Drink a gallon...you puke. It's science.

QuickKiller33 karma

What are the lyrics to "In Heat"? I've been trying to decipher this fucker for about 3 years now and I still have no idea what the lyrics are.

_HEALTH_47 karma




_HEALTH_48 karma

To the Scottish exchange student at my school...My mom's boyfriend at the time busted open the door mid stroke.

FerengiStudent26 karma

Did you look him in the eyes and finish?

_HEALTH_10 karma


_HEALTH_30 karma

Q from Text: Do you think from now on HEALTH is gonna focus on slow groove song rather than crazy spas parts like the first album because hot chicks like them better? Seems like NEW COKE is more in that vein?

A: relax son, theres a lot of stuff on this new record. What you don't like hot chicks?

_HEALTH_25 karma

Don't worry theres still wacky sauce

JimThePoltergeist28 karma

Did you play at Max Payne 3 ? Did you like it ?

_HEALTH_68 karma

YES. Many times, not just testing the music with it at the R* office, but afterwards for fun. It's an excellent game, its my 2nd favorite R* title, Red Dead 1st, Max 2, GTA V 3.

cowboy-dan22 karma

I saw something on Sophie's instagram about a collab with you guys (holy shit). Did that actually happen/What's it like to work with him?

_HEALTH_28 karma

What!? Tell him to call me. So down...

_HEALTH_21 karma

Text question: Whats your pedalboard consist of? Can I come over?

A: Its complicated. Mixer for feedback loop. Its actually kinda boring. You can come over to Meltdown Comics Hollywood. Be here by 6pm.

dylanwaslike19 karma

Hi John,

Been a big fan since I saw HEALTH open for Nine Inch Nails at the House of Blues in Atlantic City in 2008. Thanks for doing this AMA. A few questions:

  1. Can you explain the origin of "You Will Love Each Other" as the band's "catchphrase"?
  2. The music video for Die Slow is incredible - one of my all time favorites. From a technical and editing perspective, it looks like it must have been a nightmare to produce. How was the experience?
  3. How was the Get Color "golden ticket" experience? Any weird or funny stories?

Really looking forward to the new record. Take care.

_HEALTH_17 karma

  1. YOU WILL LOVE EACH OTHER is a line I stole from DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA the vegan propaganda book. We use it as a Grateful Dead Dancing bears kinda logo thing. Out of context I thought it was brilliant.
  2. Thank you. It was the first music video I ever did and it was really stressful and even though it was always the plan we had to reuse tons of footage to make the video work. Have to recognize the editor and DP of that video. Luke Lynch and Matt LLoyd.
  3. It was great, we filmed our time with the golden ticket winner but we didn't put it out, we should do that.

BlazeBro42019 karma

Would you be interested in working with Eric Wareheim for another music video? The video for "We Are Water" is fantastic

_HEALTH_35 karma

Abso Lutely. He's the best.

Acidbrah17 karma

How tall are all you guys? just curious. You're the first half-Asian mofo I've seen tower over 3 other guys...

_HEALTH_26 karma

Im 6' 2+" and I'm way taller than the others. To me its like a Liger. The Liger dwarfs its Lion and Tiger mother and father, much like I towered over my Italian dad and Korean mom.

ccavana315 karma

Holy shit dude, thanks for doing this. Last time I saw you guys was Pitchfork 2011. I stood in front of the Blue Stage all day waiting for you guys to play and you don't disappoint. Best show I've seen.

Two questions:

Once the new album comes out, do you guys plan on releasing a third remix album?

Can you tell us a story about the last person you worked with (band member, producer, record stooge) that asked you to cut your hair?

Thanks, John.


_HEALTH_6 karma



No. Recording sucks

devandw14 karma

What was the rationale for allowing fans to contact you via cellphone? Is there a thematic significance (related to the nature/content of the album) to the move - why for this album? Or, did you just want to add some excitement? I chatted with you for 5 mins. My mom called you too. Come get drinks in Brooklyn/NYC.

_HEALTH_24 karma

Haha I think I remember your Mom. It's funny, and after this much time I feel I should talk to fans like a NPR pledge drive. We need your support.

sneakyfookenprawn13 karma

Have you guys ever been offered jobs to score movies? Would you guys be open to it?

_HEALTH_15 karma

Abso fucking Lutely. Everybody wants to get into that game so its hard.

ryuken613 karma

If Rockstar were to make Max Payne 4, and asked you guys to compose the score again, would you?

_HEALTH_19 karma

Oh most definitely.

Moche_Redditor12 karma

How was the Eric Andre show?

_HEALTH_22 karma

V fun. They give you free drinks and I stole 3 handles from the backstage...

combaticus12 karma

What happened April 27th 2013? You guys were supposed to play the Fox Theater opening for Crystal Castles and you cancelled at the last minute. My friends and I came to see you and we're super bummed you couldn't make it.

_HEALTH_13 karma

You're telling me. I was bummed too.

eggcrazy12 karma

remember when that wasted girl you let back stage at red 7 in austin puked all over the place during load out?? LOL

_HEALTH_17 karma


_HEALTH_15 karma


hoppipp11 karma


_HEALTH_25 karma


dornbirn10 karma

When are you guys gunna puke another track on us?

_HEALTH_10 karma

V soon

Modest_Matt10 karma

Is Jupiter Keyes aware he has the coolest name ever?

_HEALTH_14 karma

No. But Ill let him know

Acidbrah10 karma

Are you guys able to make a living just being in a band or do you all have to work mundane jobs?

_HEALTH_24 karma

We make a living but its a broke ass living

ray9x10 karma

Favorite place to do shrooms in La Jolla?

_HEALTH_8 karma

La Jolla Cove

the_number_six10 karma

Is the ambient outro on the "NEW COKE" video a part of another song from "DEATH MAGIC"?

_HEALTH_15 karma

Its PAIN from the MAX PAYNE 3 Soundtrack

ImABootyMan10 karma

I'm trying to start a rumor that you guys are opening up for Death Grips. Is this true or what?

_HEALTH_8 karma


chaucacao9 karma

When are you going to DJ again at the lash? We met a couple times before :)

_HEALTH_8 karma

Hi Chau. You have my number son

paultao9 karma

Do you love me? Also, trust me I didn't forget that I still owe you money.

_HEALTH_11 karma

Yes. I love you.

CrippledHorse8 karma

Is it true you fucked the girl in Hanson?

_HEALTH_13 karma

Oh Most Definetely

millyem8 karma

Is your butt hole usually clean? how do u clean it???

_HEALTH_17 karma

With my diet and lifestyle this ins't really realistic

GreekMatt8 karma

Big fan of your music! Can I design your next tour poster? Here's my work: http://cargocollective.com/mattvidalis/Art/Illustration

_HEALTH_19 karma

No. Unless you make it look like HEALTH art. I do all the art and I got a real set thing, but I'm down for others to do the art as it looks like HEALTH art. Got a brand here.

marlzjean7 karma

the end of the video had a phone number...what was the craziest call you got that day??

_HEALTH_12 karma

The majority of calls were very kind.

RemyxTheFuture7 karma

Hey John, just wanted to say thanks for putting your shit out there. I have totally ripped off your feedback loop setup with my pedalboard and still listen to that first album at least a couple times a week. Who has the most intense haircare regime in the band? Any pedals you're super psyched on at the moment?

_HEALTH_9 karma

I don't do dick to my hair, its just genetics, I get the Korean straightness, and the Italian oils from my other side... I'm really stoked on these Earthquaker pedals. There's one that does like a sequenced filter thing...v cool

_HEALTH_7 karma

Q from text: I have always wondered what countries your drummer had conquered in his past life as a viking. Please let me know.

A: Stupid ass question. No one has past lives.

thegnarwahl7 karma

Sounds like you guys went through a lot of iterations of Death Magic before getting to the final product. What was the most "out there" song/idea you guys worked on but ended up scrapping?

_HEALTH_9 karma

One song. Drugs Beach, we played it live before and a lot of people really wanted on the record (though we got a very passionate long email from a girl who begged us not to put it on there). Sorry about that but it wasnt as good as it should have been so we scrapped it. Maybe we'll rewrite it or do a record store day kinda thing.

basednidoking7 karma

What's your favorite video game and why is it battletoads?

_HEALTH_6 karma

I love Battletoads. Way too fucking hard doe

check_engine_light7 karma

I saw you guys at Pitchfork in 2011, I had heatstroke earlier in the day and refused to go to the hospital because I HAD TO FUCKING STAY TO SEE HEALTH and you guys kicked ass and I was very pleased with my decision.

Also I blew out a pair of speakers listening to your first album as loud as my receiver would go.

I love you HEALTH.

What's your favorite color?

_HEALTH_3 karma


Kyle69697 karma

Recently had gastric band surgery in hopes to get back into bikini shape. I notice that when I move a certain way, it almost tickles me inside. Is there any way to stop it? Oh and the way it happens is when I insert objects into my butt. Definitely don't want to have to stop doing that if I don't have to so any suggestions that aren't "don't keep putting things up there" are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance Asian Jon.

_HEALTH_8 karma

I think you need a professional for that.

GrumpyW7 karma

I find your music goes really well with high doses of ketamine. I have even introduced people to your music by playing it to them while they're on K and the consensus is clear. Do you write your music with any particular altered states in mind (or in effect)? And do you have any plans to come back to Australia soon? Last time was awesome!

_HEALTH_20 karma

No. When writing music the only drug that may help is Marijuana. The other drugs are awesome but they ain't gonna help you write tunes (saving you some time). I hate Ketamine but I love the thought of you playing our tunes for some in a K hole. My buddy has an excellent saying "K-Hole...It's my second favorite hole"

catfoodparty7 karma

Will you come do a live performance on my radio show please?

Also: just wanted to say thanks for making great music with HEALTH. Been listening since I was a dumb high schooler and still listen now that I'm a dumb adult. Thanks.

_HEALTH_12 karma

Man I really hate doing radio shows....But thank you I appreciate it.

BriantheClown6 karma

How many anonymous twitter accounts does Health have?

_HEALTH_11 karma

ZERO. C'mon son I don't even have a personal.

Roberto-Larcos6 karma

What kind of pedals did you guys use for 'Torture' on the Max Payne soundtrack? Sounds heavenly!

_HEALTH_9 karma

Shit I dunno. I think a Boss RV-3 and an Electro Harmonix Memory man. The big thing is that Jake uses 12 gauge strings

_HEALTH_5 karma

Q from text: Have you ever used midi programming for an effects pedal?

A: Yes.

Asimov95 karma

Do you have any comment on the recent drama involving your friend Alice Glass and here former band mate Ethan Kath? Also, are you currently working on separate project with Alice?

_HEALTH_6 karma

No and no

qwizzzz5 karma


_HEALTH_13 karma

As long as they massage it its cool

user91827364485 karma

Where are the best places to take a date in LA?

_HEALTH_8 karma

L.A. Gun Club. Then Tonys right next to it. If you really are super into her Kazu Nori first. It will go down, costs some money, but if youre taking this girl on a proper date, come for real.

Nukleopatr5 karma

In what cities does HEALTH have the most groupies?

_HEALTH_4 karma

Anywhere that's not the UK

NiteShok4 karma

Was that your cell number prior to releasing the video, or did you buy a new burner just for fans to contact you?

_HEALTH_5 karma

Google voice number that forwards to my cell

DiskSystem4 karma

How do i get a gf?

Also, come to Gothenburg, Sweden.

_HEALTH_5 karma

Stop giving a shit. One the most attractive things in a person when were talking about the human-pussy game

We will be back

_HEALTH_3 karma

Be chill and friendly...agreeable but not boring. Be engaging and nice and dont give a shit.

DrKushnstein4 karma

John were you pissed when I called you and woke you up? And are you coming to Colorado soon? Love your guys music.

_HEALTH_5 karma

You might have woke me up

dirtybabyfetus4 karma

Saw you at fyf 2012 and it blew me away. Had never heard of you before then. Are there any bands that amazed you live that you had no previous knowledge of?

_HEALTH_14 karma

Show that changed my life. Saw Arab on Radar, Lightning Bolt, and The Blood Brothers (all opening for The Locust), without knowing about any of them.

truthbuyout3 karma

Favorite effects/pedal?

Also, when are Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul going to out themselves as the same person?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Boss Super Shifter PS-5. Electro Harmonix Mini POG.


jonmarcwillis3 karma

thoughts on young thug?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Love it

mskalas_critic3 karma

Hey guys, saw you a few years ago in Sydney at Oxford Arts. It was an awesome show. Just wondering when you will be back?

_HEALTH_7 karma

2016 I hope...your summer


1.) will there be a health disco 3? 2.) what influenced you to just now after 6 years to release a follow up? 3.) is the Eric Andre promo song going to be on the album?

_HEALTH_9 karma

  1. Hopefully (Im planning on it)
  2. Well we were trying to release the whole time...
  3. Yes, its the next single (NEW COKE was the teaser really its the first real single)

ianhealy3 karma

What's on your rider?

_HEALTH_5 karma


mrsmkurtzman3 karma

Hi! My friend Daniel worked on your vomit video and invited me to come watch but I unfortunately couldn't make it! Just wanted to tell you that the video is rad! I hate seeing people barf but was strangely mesmerized so...nice job. Are you guys playing anytime soon?

_HEALTH_5 karma

Tell Daniel to go fuck himself

Stefano_Scapin3 karma

It seems like your music is getting less noisy, more electronic and more accessible. Not necessarily a bad thing. Will the new album contain more experimental tracks or is it going to be more pop oriented?

_HEALTH_7 karma

Oh no. We still got some wacky sauce in there.

kalas_critic3 karma

Thanks for doing the IAmA, got to see HEALTH when you came to Sydney, Australia - hope you get back here soon.

Is the vomit in New Coke real or pre-made, if pre-made do you have the recipe?

Will there be anymore singles released prior to the album launch - any chance of a sneak peek?

Adding your number at the end of the clip was truly awesome.

_HEALTH_11 karma

100% real. Its Milk. Milk Gallon Challenge, we dyed it yellow so it would pop with the background. I puked red milk but we cut it outta the video cuz it looked mad fake. Really pissed people think its fake.

disterio543 karma

Out of all songs you made for Max Payne 3, which one was your favorite?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Pain, Combat Drugs, Torture....

Colingfun3 karma

What's your background in graphic design / art?

_HEALTH_3 karma


the_number_six3 karma

Hey John!

Thrilled for "DEATH MAGIC" but I got to be honest, I'm more excited for "DISCO3". "DISCO2" is a masterpiece.

Who would you like to get to remix songs for "DISCO3"? Any chance of getting some past DISCO contributors like Blondes, SALEM, etc.?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Whatever's good. We usually solicit a ton of remixes and choose the best.

DangerousCommercials3 karma

Can you talk more about your experience working with Rockstar? How are they behind the scenes? I cant explain how perfect 'Tears' was for that moment within the game. The juxtaposition from the cutscene into the action with the music as the bridge made it the most memorable moment in the game for me. brilliant work on the rest of the score too.

_HEALTH_3 karma

It was R* idea from the beginning to have an original song drop during the action to break reality in that way. Tears we felt worked perfectly, and they felt the same way too.

dylanwaslike3 karma

Another question for you, John.

I actually hung out with you and the rest of the band once. It was in San Diego after the HEALTH / Crystal Castles show in 2012. I think it was at your parents' house. Anyway, I remember Jake telling an anecdote about being on tour with NIN and a particular show in...I want to say Tampa Bay where the crowd was less than kind to you guys - yelling some pretty outrageous and hilarious stuff.

Do you know the story I'm referencing? I think Reddit would enjoy it.


_HEALTH_3 karma

No clue. I let you into my Mom's House?!!?!?

gaskrankinstation3 karma

did you know you can die from water intoxication? what are you wearing? 옷을 당장 벗어

_HEALTH_3 karma

Oh yes Korean soul

opossums33 karma

Hey! I saw you live back in 2012 in Mexico. Hadn't really heard about your band before, I was just sitting at the front of the stage before your concert started and then experienced something truly eye-opening. I still consider it one of my most valued memories because I truly did not know what to expect before you guys started playing.

My question is: What are other people's reactions when they first listen to your music? When I first heard you guys play, I was shocked, but I ended up enjoying some of your music. I friend of mine who was with me at that time, she mostly listened to Top 40 music and EDM, but now listens to USA Boy constantly.

_HEALTH_3 karma

Sounds good to me

_HEALTH_3 karma

Q from text : Hey Justin your cover of goth star is amazing! I'm putting it on the playlist at my wedding. What made you guys choose to work in the song.

A: This is Justin. It sounds like a good idea at the time but I have no idea what I'm talking about. Read the whole AMA text before texting us please :)


Which of your many shitting stories is your favorite?

_HEALTH_7 karma

My gold standard "shitting my pants in San Diego" story

saadbabu3 karma

Any plans to do an actual tour to support the new album?

I know you guys do live shows all the time but the one coming up in Toronto for NXNE in June is a little...inconvenient. I would absolutely see you guys if you came around again.

_HEALTH_3 karma

YES. We will tour in fall

ianmalcm3 karma

I don't believe that was all natural puke. It looks like a mouthful of colored water. Can you puke on command right now on periscope or something?

_HEALTH_10 karma

Dude its milk

_HEALTH_9 karma

Drink it youll puke

thebza451XBO3 karma

oh shit John! The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, or Depeche Mode. who wins?

_HEALTH_9 karma

Fuck.. Really hard. I guess for my personal favorite I have to choose The Smiths.

Nukleopatr3 karma

What did you think of the Pitchfork Music Festival you played a few years ago?

_HEALTH_4 karma

I love Pitchfork music festival, that was our 2nd time

ianhealy3 karma

Any plans to come to Ireland soon? Saw you play with CC a few years back

_HEALTH_8 karma

We were just there with Interpol....But yes of course. We'll be back soon.

HippyDippyBalogna3 karma

Is it more difficult to write scores or individual songs?

_HEALTH_8 karma

Songs. Scores you can tell immmediately if its working. Songs....you can always imagine how its terrible somehow

depakoitvs3 karma

What do you think about Eric Andre and how was it like to be on his show?

_HEALTH_6 karma

Love that dude. We actually were on the pilot playing a fake band...it was never aired.

thin_the_herd3 karma

What is the meaning of the song, High Pressure Dave? Just curious, love the song.

_HEALTH_8 karma

Its a cover of HIGH PRESSURE DAYS by the Units. We always have joke titles for songs. We had a running joke with R* (that they didnt think was funny) that we were gonna call it HIGH PRESSURE DAVE. We joked about it so much the studio sent the final as HIGH PRESSURE DAVE. Ive never been so pissed. BUT there is a character in the game "FBI DAVE" who does Pressure Michael...so that's how I justify the stupid ass title

ArcticGoatHead3 karma

John, from dancing bassist/synth player to bassist, what advice can you give me for energetic on stage dancing to performed by yourself? Like tips and dance moves. Also have you used any other bass guitars besides the Rickenbacker?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Rickenbacker is my number one ever since I heard Yes. Just feel it son, it's not like I'm good at dancing

wearecunts3 karma

hi, New Coke is awesome, can I get some stems to remix it? :) x0

_HEALTH_4 karma

yes you can. Email us

Modest_Matt3 karma

Watching you guys play Tabloid Sores I was wondering - how do you get that sound from a bass?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Pitched up two octaves + Sansamp Bass Driver

Space_Haiku3 karma

What's you're favorite movie from last year? (Also you fuckers should come over to Canada, so we can enjoy your stuff and throw up on eachother)

_HEALTH_7 karma


Paco-the-taco3 karma

Hey John, I have a few questions;

1) how much of the "we are the water" music video was your idea vs. Eric's Idea?

2) "High Pressure Dave" is a big departure from pretty much everything else health has done in terms of tone and mood (besides the disco albums). was it mostly to fit the So Cal aesthetic of GTA5, or is that sound going to be heard on the new album?

3) any News on a Vinyl Release of Death Magic?

_HEALTH_5 karma

1) All Eric's idea

2) R* wanted us to do that cover to fit GTA V. That sound will not be heard on the new record

3) Yes. DEATH MAGIC :: AUG 7

andrewczornyj3 karma

hi cant wait to see you guys at psych fest (levitation). Are you excited to see any other bands there? if so what are they?

_HEALTH_5 karma

Whole lineup is killer son

beaple3 karma

The Tobacco remix of "Die Slow" had a video that was an edit of an Australian public service announcement against texting while driving. Was this an "official" video? Who made it? And why is it no longer available?

_HEALTH_3 karma

No and I think it was taken down for the same reasons. But it was real good

ContrerasTomas3 karma

has anyone ever compared die slow to smells like teen spirit by nirvana?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Only the music video not the tune

enema-man3 karma

Why did it take you six years to make a new album?

_HEALTH_5 karma

We had to do it the right way

BlearyLine73 karma

You did the soundtrack for Max Payne 3, right?

Were you guys happy with how the music was used in game?

The Airport scene was my favorite part of the game.

_HEALTH_4 karma

Yes very happy. R* flew us out to play through the game and help sequence the programming of the music

_HEALTH_3 karma

Q from text: Whats your favorite movie? Mine's Reservoir Dogs.

A: Barry Lyndon. But actually probably Casino since I watch that a lot.

PNDM12 karma

I found out about you from the remix you did of Crystal Castles - Suffication. Your music is really interesting and fun to listen to. Is that Alice Glass I spotted in this video? My question for you: whats your inspiration for your music? and whats the meaning behind HEALTH.

_HEALTH_7 karma

Yes that's Alice in the video.

The main inspiration for the music is other music or just music, like the type of music you would want to hear. It really grinds my gears when people say their music is inspired by film or like factories or some bullshit (especially when their music sounds very clearly like other music)

HEALTH was intended to be a sterile futuristic everyday word band name. We really loved post punk band names using every day words like the band MAGAZINE.

blehful2 karma

where do i submit my resume to make music for video games john? alternatively how did you get that gig? but also the first question

_HEALTH_6 karma

R* just sought us out...No clue how to break in the biz...

ClankyMoth2 karma

also how would you feel if i said i had a tattoo of a duck in a suit?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Pics plz

LexTron6K2 karma

Health was going to play an awesome show at First Avenue in Minneapolis here a while back. I had been sporting an anticipatory boner for days leading up to this show when it was abruptly cancelled.

1) What happened? 2) Can you make up for this by letting me get you dudes high next time you're in town?

_HEALTH_3 karma

1) We had to leave the tour

2) Oh most definetely

DiFFtY2 karma

Let's play a "What would you prefer?" game.

If your label forced you to chose between Tiestö and Avicii to remix DEATH MAGIC, in order to make a DISCO3 album, which one would you pick?

_HEALTH_4 karma

I would choose Avicii I think his style would work better...

battyeyed1 karma

what is your favorite meme?

_HEALTH_10 karma