When my mother went missing from her home in San Diego, California in March of 2006, no one expected for her body to turn up ten days later in a remote Mexican desert - and no one could solve the crime. Motivated by guilt and the nagging feeling that this was my last chance to make my mother proud, I set out to investigate the murder on my own. After a year and a half of relentless searching, I hired famed FBI profiler Candice DeLong to consult with me on the case. The investigation of a murder is the investigation of a life, and in the process of investigating my mother's life, I was forced to examine our family history, as well. With Candice's help, I finally unraveled the mystery of my mother's violent death and uncovered some shocking truths about her life. The Accidental Truth is my first book and it combines the suspense of a true crime page-turner with the poignant emotion of a mother-daughter saga.

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