Reddit! Hello! My name is Sam Sheffer and I work for a website called The Verge, where I manage our social media accounts, including Snapchat and Periscope.

There was a request for me to do one of these, so I'll be here for an hour or two answering as many questions as I can. Ask me about my job, my 'gold' Apple Watch, skateboarding, sneakers, life in NYC, or anything at all. BEEF!


Edit: alright, been going for over two hours. Gonna get back to work and answer the rest later. Thanks everyone!

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Starbucks_Lovers3 karma

Damn, a guy I graduated high school with is doing an AMA on Reddit? I never thought I'd see the day. Not a question, but glad to see you're doing well, dude.

samsheffer4 karma


Hi. FTHS was the best years of my life, better than college for sure.

Edit: and thank you — who are you?

Andz200zx3 karma

Hey Sam, the gold Apple Watch is beef! Will there be more Verge stuff with Casey Neistat involved?

PS love the vergecast

samsheffer3 karma

Thank you! I sure hope so — Casey is a legend.

ryanccooley3 karma

Hi Sam. What spread do you prefer to put on bread?

samsheffer16 karma


thisismyaccountclean3 karma

Hey Sam. From the perspective of brands, and non-human social media accounts, how is the feedback you're seeing on Snapchat different than other social networks?

samsheffer0 karma

People really feel like they're connecting deeply with us as people. It's fascinating.

Throwaway1144bvm2 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? Also what is your favorite star wars film?

samsheffer3 karma

1 horse sized duck.

I need to re-watch all of them, I don't have an answer for you :(

pm_your_dick_pic_plz2 karma

Hey Sam,

Beef or bust?:

  • WWDC AppleTV rumors
  • 3rd party apple watch bands
  • your mom's home tv.

samsheffer4 karma

Beef, I'm excited for WWDC, it's my favorite event of the year (besides CES). Ehhhh beef. It's actually beef.

Thaedron2 karma

Hey Sam, orange jello, or chocolate pudding?

samsheffer3 karma

Come on chocolate is that even a real question who is this guy?


Who is your favorite skater, past and present?

samsheffer4 karma

Rodney Mullen baby.

Goodlife071 karma

Hi Sam!
What's your favourite YouTube video? Besides the Casey Neistat Apple Watch one :)

samsheffer2 karma


That's such a hard question to answer. This one is pretty amazing:

MCKapur1 karma

Any social media marketing tips?

samsheffer5 karma

Be yourself, don't be cheap, know your audience.

thatrugbylad1 karma

Hi Sam,

What is the origin of your trademark "Beef or Bust" or #Beef rating system?


samsheffer2 karma

Beef or bust was actually a thing Chris genuinely made up after a meeting once.

The words beef or bust had already been in existence but the rating system / snapchat show was derived by Chris Ziegler.

Edit: I should note: beef was a word that my friend Evan Rodgers used to describe something 'cool' or 'dope' or 'awesome' and bust was a word that one of my younger brothers used to describe something as 'awful' or 'bad' or 'lame'.

Thibaulltt1 karma

What is the concept of "thirst" ?

samsheffer2 karma


HeyCharlieBall1 karma

Hi Sam,

Do you work closely with Traffic analysts in measuring which social media platform provides the most click traffic to The Verge. Which platform brings the most traffic?

samsheffer3 karma

I do. Facebook and Twitter drive healthy amounts.

socca11571 karma

Hi Sam, How did you meet Casey Neistat? Are you in any of his other videos?

samsheffer5 karma

Over the internet! And nope, just 'How to turn your apple watch gold' and the vlog.

(Watch vid)


natlungfy1 karma

Hi Sam! Any advice for aspiring tech journalists? (With majors in journalism and Computer Science)

UltimateChalupa1 karma


/#AdviceForYoungJournalists, beef or bust?

samsheffer8 karma

Haha, oh man.

Write. Just write. Start writing. Write something every day. Writing is a skill that you develop with practice. It's like anything else.

If you want to be a tech journalist, that probably means you're interested in technology in a general sense, but it also probably means you have specific niche you're interested. Figure out what makes that fire burn, and feed it with words.

Difluoride1 karma

Hiiii Sam. Reddit-beef or bust?

samsheffer2 karma

buh buh buh beeeeefffff

sed3ugsic1 karma


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