What’s up guys it's Matt Forte — running back for the Chicago Bears. Here in Chi-Town with Lenovo taking your questions about the NFL draft, or whatever you guys want to know.

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Oh, and you can check out my acting career with Lenovo and The Onion in Tough Season.

I’ll be here for the next hour to chat with you guys. Go!

EDIT: Thanks for the questions, guys. Sorry we're out of time. Shout out to Reddit and Lenovo for inviting me here.

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whatsupchickinbutt1149 karma

How often do fans and others badger you about fantasy points?

MattForte_221688 karma

All the time. Most of the tweets I get are about that. I hear it on the streets too.

MassiveEricShun1033 karma

Matt, what is something you would consider not to be your forte?

MattForte_221296 karma

Probably drawing. I’m a terrible drawer. I have no artistic skills.

tuck_fard842 karma

Like most fans of the NFL I was blown away you didn't get selected to the pro-bowl last year, do you guys as players get bothered by not being picked?

MattForte_221753 karma

The Pro Bowl is a little bit of a popularity contest. A lot of people who get picked don’t have the best stats but they have a big name. I guess it bothered me a little bit, but that’s ok.

cdsparks836 karma

Hey Matt! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. What's the best prank you/your teammates have pulled on someone in the Bears' organization?

MattForte_223108 karma

We mess with the rookies sometimes. We went to a rookie one time with his own helmet and we asked him, "Could you autograph this for my friend?" And we made him sign his own helmet with a permanent marker.

Wokobo774 karma

Hey Matt! My best friend George takes off work every year, flies his family from Virginia to Chicago, just to watch YOU play. He is a DIE hard fan of yours. Aside from Jesus, you are his favorite person ever lol. Anything you want to say to him to make his day? I'll screenshot the comment for him. :)

MattForte_221342 karma

Tell George I appreciate him flying his whole family out and I hope every time he comes we win a game. Major shout-out for being such a big fan.

meduses674 karma

Hi Matt! What's your favorite stadium to play away games at?

MattForte_221568 karma

I’d have to say the Superdome in New Orleans because that’s where I played all my college games and also my family is close by so they can come to the games.

that_one_buddy617 karma

Hey Matt, what is one piece of advice you want to share with all of the rookies coming into the NFL this year?

MattForte_221516 karma

Don’t be complacent that you just got drafted. The hardest work of your life is still ahead of you. Continue to be humble and continue to work hard.

t81487562 karma

Mayweather or Pacquiao? Who are you rooting for, and who wins?

MattForte_22984 karma

It's difficult. I like Pacman and I like his style. He's a Christian too. It's hard to beat Mayweather though. He knows how to wear people out. I think Mayweather will take it.

jsun187528 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized Ditka or 100 duck sized Ditkas?

MattForte_22777 karma

One horse sized Ditka.

TheMrHotsauce457 karma

Matt: You get first pick in FF draft. Who do you select and why?

MattForte_221316 karma

I'd probably take myself, not because it’s me, but because of how running backs get points for running the ball and receiving.

averag3j03394 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I am a huge, lifelong Bears fan.

It seems like there is so much hype surrounding the draft nowadays. As someone that had been through the process, what was it like on that day? How did it feel to finally get that phone call?

MattForte_22642 karma

It was pretty nerve-wracking on my draft day because I was ranked second or third round. When I came out I think 4 or 5 running backs came out on the first round and I didn't. But when my name was called it was a big moment for my friends and family.

E-raticMenace372 karma

Who is the funniest teammate you have ever played with?

MattForte_22688 karma

Anthony Adams or Tommie Harris. They were veterans when I came in as a rookie. They’d find a way to make fun of you about everything. It was funny.

ToddTheTurnip354 karma

Matt! You're a beast.

What's your favorite breakfast?

MattForte_22746 karma

I eat really healthy so I like turkey bacon -- not just any kind, but Oscar Meyers turkey bacon. I'll fry an egg and make a breakfast sandwich. I also make green smoothies with kale and ginger.

thechicagonigga326 karma

Matt, would you rather have a Super Bowl, or 4 MVP awards?

MattForte_221076 karma

Definitely would rather have a Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is something the whole team can cherish forever. The MVP is just for individual talents. I'd rather let the whole team win it.

mattyflynn15301 karma

Hey Matt! I'm a current student at Tulane and was wondering where your favorite place to eat is down here? Thanks!

MattForte_22526 karma

Besides my mom’s house obviously would probably be… um… that’s a tough one. So many good restaurants… One that’s in Slidell is Young’s Steak House. In New Orleans, Drago’s and Commander’s Palace.

RG3akaAndre3000289 karma

Have you met Kevin White? What do you think of him?

MattForte_22519 karma

I haven’t met him yet. I think they come in next week. I’ll meet him then. I think he’s a good player – real big receiver. He’ll be good.

DaaaBears34230 karma

Hey Matt, die-hard Bears fan here. My questions for you is who is your idol at RB and who would you say your running style is most similar to?

MattForte_22418 karma

I didn’t have one single idol. I watched Marshall Faulk, Barry Sanders, and guys like that. I like Marshall Faulk a lot because he could do anything.

SomethingcleverGP199 karma

Lifelong Bears fan here. My question is, how do you and your teammates rebound from poor seasons (such as last year) and get a winning mentality the next? Thanks so much for doing this, have a great season!

MattForte_22393 karma

Just because you had a losing season doesn’t mean you lose a winning mentality. You need to keep that no matter what. We rebound by buying into the coach’s strategy and keep training to be the best players we can be on and off the field.

ftmaniac948155 karma

Hey Matt huge fan! Have you ever played as yourself in Madden?

MattForte_22596 karma

Yeah I have. It’s kind of frustrating, cuz the video game doesn’t do what you would do in real life. Doesn’t run as smoothly as I do – it’s too jerky.

lax1085154 karma


how difficult was the transition from college to pro ? You had a great rookie year.

MattForte_22262 karma

The transition is pretty difficult. Its not gonna be easy. As long as you don’t get discouraged about not having immediate success, you’ll be fine.

burghfan1149 karma

Who is the hardest hitting defender you have played against?

MattForte_22377 karma

Probably Bob Sanders.

DurantTheGOAT147 karma

Besides yourself who do you think is the best running back in the league???

MattForte_22429 karma

Right now probably Marshawn Lynch. Their system is really good with him. Tough runner and he’s on the attack.

DodgerBlueNLakerGold146 karma

Thanks for doing this, what is your go to song to pump you up before kickoff?

MattForte_22398 karma

'I’m Turnt' by Lecrae.

5aucy110 karma

If you could choose only one record, what would it be: most all purpose yards, or most rushing yards for NFL running backs?

MattForte_22242 karma

That’s a good question. I’d have to say most rushing yards. I do love catching the ball but I'm a running back first.

MetatronYo110 karma

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

MattForte_22488 karma

Hard to answer. I had a good father figure with my dad. I’d just do the same things he told me. When I first started football and I told him I wanted to be in the NFL, he told me I needed my education since I can’t play football forever. I learned that at a young age – football doesn’t last forever.

t81487107 karma

Do you prefer playing during the day or at nighttime (assuming records aren't a factor in primetime games)?

MattForte_22224 karma

I prefer evening games. Not quite nighttime, but not quite the morning. We don’t normally play many of those games though.

jsun18797 karma

Hi, Matt! I’m a HUGE Bears fan and you’re one of my all time favorite players. Thanks for doing this.

What do you love most about Chicago that doesn’t have anything to do with football? What do you dislike most?

MattForte_22295 karma

I love how nice the city is. It’s like a cleaner New York. There’s always events and things to do downtown in Chicago.

cornthebeast89 karma

Hi Matt. What would you be doing if you weren't playing football?

MattForte_22450 karma

I’d probably do what I do now, when I’m not playing football. Mentor young kids in struggling neighborhoods who don’t have good mentors.

KANYE_WEST____87 karma

What are some of your favorite movies of all time?

MattForte_22281 karma

Definitely Predator. I'm a big action movie fan.

ladygagadisco85 karma

Hey Matt, huge fan of the Bears despite the recent slump. Congrats on setting the reception record for running backs! I was wondering of all the runs you've had in the league, which one was the most memorable for you?

MattForte_22247 karma

Probably my first game ever starting as a rookie versus Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football. Scored a 50 yard touchdown. Can’t ever forget that one.

pizzabash80 karma

Matt if you had to play another position which would you?

MattForte_22208 karma

Probably safety. I used to play safety in Little League and high school and I liked it. I was a better running back though.

Cartei63 karma

What do you like to do for fun during the off season?

MattForte_22183 karma

A lot of things. Spend a lot more time with my kids. I like to go back to Louisiana and go fishing. Eat crawfish and all that hometown food. Also, I rest a lot too.

DivideAndConker59 karma

How so you feel about fantasy football? And do you have any hilarious team names you've heard based on you?

MattForte_22196 karma

I think fantasy football lets fans get to know players outside their teams. I think people have a better idea of all the different players in the league.