*This is all transcribed by me, Kirk the grandson of Margret Krikorian. Everything written from here on out is from her point of view and her words.

Born in 1934 in Providence Rhode Island, as the youngest of four children. My parents came to the country in 1920 from Marseilles, France from where they escaped to from Turkey. Although I did not live through the Genocide, and my parents did not like talking about it, but what they did tell me is that two of my mother's husbands died during the genocide (one killed by a bandit, another killed by Turkish soldiers) and her family also owned an Olive farm, which was taken by the Turks. Throughout my childhood I was always referred to as a "Starving Armenian" and grew up feeling inferior to other people. I learned Armenian from my parents and it is my first language. During my teen years, I joined the AYF (Armenian Youth Federation) and learned the pride of my heritage and learned not to be ashamed of who I am. I here to answer any questions from my youth, tell the stories I grew up with from my parents and from my husband's side of the family.

Here is me with my Grandson Kirk: http://imgur.com/cMHIC3s

UPDATE: My grandma is tired now, but she loved all of the comments from you guys and thanks everybody for their concern for Armenia and her. Any great questions I will forward to her and write a response for those interested

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TheUSARMY4517 karma

How do you feel about President Obama's decision to not use the word "genocide" in addressing the Armenian Genocide?

Also, Kirk, lets go to Moe's tonight

HalfinchHero42 karma

I think he is a coward, he bowed down to the wishes of Turkey, because we have air force bases in Turkey. We should remove those bases, and put them in Armenia.

and sure - Kirk

RobertofPotatoland15 karma

What's the most horrific thing you remember from the genocide? (if you want to skip this question, totally cool).
Also, for a reference point, how would you say the Armenian Genocide compares to the Holocaust?

HalfinchHero21 karma

One of the most horrifying things was in the Armenian city of Van all the women, children, and priests were put into the church and burned alive. I would say that the Armenian Genocide (although not as extensive) was equally as bad as the Holocaust.

RobertofPotatoland7 karma

Wow. Thank you for your answer.

HalfinchHero9 karma

My pleasure, thank you for asking.

Forfunaccount13 karma

How does it feel knowing that the murders of the Armenian people is finally getting recognition as a genocide?

Do you think this will affect the Armenian society in any way?

HalfinchHero18 karma

I think its recognition is too late, but glad that it is here. My only disappointment is that our president does not recognize it by calling what it is, a genocide. I hope the Armenian society continues the momentum to educate more people.

qbacca1011 karma

Do you hate the ottomans?

HalfinchHero20 karma

Yes, I hate them for what they did to my ancestor and the Armenia Nation in the name of religion. An example of man's inhumanity to man.

Paradigm24011 karma

What is your opinion on modern day Turkey and the government since Attaturk?

HalfinchHero11 karma

I think they seem to hold US hostage in demanding certain things just because of our bases there. About Turkey, they have progressed, but they need to face the truth and come into the 21st century.

sovietskaya10 karma

what is your favorite armenian dish that anyone can probably easily recreate on their own? thanks

HalfinchHero12 karma

Dolma, Kufta, and shishkabab.

raging_dope_fiend8 karma

Did people in America treat you differently because you were Armenian?

HalfinchHero13 karma

I'm not sure, but Iv'e always felt inferior to others when I was a child, but I am not today. I am proud of my heritage. No specific prejudices, other than other kids calling me a Starving Armenian.

prelyt6 karma

Have you ever seen System of a Down? I am currently watching their Wake up the Souls concert on YouTube and it is very inspiring. I mention them because they brought this issue to my attention when I might have otherwise never known.

HalfinchHero10 karma

I have not personally seen them, but I have heard that they are quite good. All I know is that they are very popular.

Tenneen3 karma

"but what they did tell me is that two of my mother's husbands died during the genocide" umm...two? how?

HalfinchHero12 karma

One was the first husband when she was very young, they were on the way to her husband's home after the wedding around 1915(I do not know for sure) and they were attacked by bandits and he was killed, the second one was in the Armenian Legionaries (trained by the french) and he was killed fighting the Turks in 1919.