How do players spend their day with the Stanley Cup? I have the inside scoop. Tune in at 7:30pm EST as I answer some of your questions about the most famous trophy in hockey.

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jfazzel20 karma

Why are you doing an AMA when playoff hockey is on?!

KeeperOfTheCup201518 karma

We're watching the game, we've got our phones out, so we figured we'd answer some questions at the same time.

sabanerox18 karma

The Stanley Cup is a Portkey? (Just checking)

KeeperOfTheCup201518 karma

It may be magical to some. Especially hockey players. But no, the Stanley Cup is not a Portkey.

ducksworth9 karma

Who has damaged the cup the worst?

KeeperOfTheCup201510 karma

Well, the Cup is about 121 years old. So it's seen a few dings. But we do our best to keep it in tip-top shape.

wiseaus_stunt_double7 karma

The last couple of years have yielded a number of photos with Justin Bieber near the Stanley Cup, which raises the question: is it really a coincidence that Bieber happens to be seen with the Stanley Cup every year, or are you really Justin Bieber?

KeeperOfTheCup201512 karma

You know what, the last time I saw him was in Chicago. A lot of people don't know this, but he was a great hockey player when he was growing up in Stratford, Ontario.

And no. I'm not Justin Bieber.

DaaaBears917 karma

Have you been invited to weddings, graduations, etc... as a guest of honor? I want you as a groomsman.

KeeperOfTheCup201515 karma

Actually, we've held a lot of weddings here inside the Great Hall at the HHOF. How's that for a wedding day!

Frajer6 karma

How tight is security around the Stanley Cup ?

KeeperOfTheCup201516 karma

It's pretty tight, it's hockey's Holy Grail! So there's always a local police team and security on hand.

drunkmonkeyj5 karma

What players day with the cup have you enjoyed the most? Or which was the most unique?

KeeperOfTheCup201511 karma

Tough question. Every guy is unique in his own way. When you get the opportunity to go to a different city to meet their family and friends, each experience is pretty special. But ,hey, when you get to go to a Stanley Cup party, it's a blast no matter who wins.

greeny744 karma

Hi, Phil! Huge hockey fan! As a die-hard Hawks fan, I'm happy to say that I got some face time with Lord Stanley in 2013. My question: What is your view on how fans interact with the Cup? Pictures and posing are fine, I know, but what is going too far?

KeeperOfTheCup201515 karma

One of the greatest things about hockey is the fans and their passion for the game. It's great seeing how much support they bring to their team. I've seen fans hug the Cup and even kiss it. However, I don't think it's appropriate for fans to pick it up. That is, unless a winning player lets them.

hotcoolbb3 karma

I've meet you in Sydney, Nova Scotia and I realized you must have quite the schedule of travelling everywhere with the cup. How busy are you accompanying the Stanley Cup and what kind of places do you get to visit?

KeeperOfTheCup20157 karma

It's amazing because the Cup travels about 300 days a year, and all across the world. Last year, we visited seven countries. But it all depends on who wins the Cup.

Taelo3 karma

Do you have a favorite team, or do you stay neutral? You don't have to name the team.

Thanks for doing this!

KeeperOfTheCup201512 karma

When I was growing up my favourite team was the Montreal Canadiens. But now, I love hanging out with the winners.

lancemeszaros2 karma

Including the winners on the original bowl and the smaller permanent rings, how many winning teams are on the Cup at any given time assuming all of the larger rings are full?

KeeperOfTheCup20158 karma

Great question! Ever since Montreal first won it in 1893, every team that has ever won is still on the Cup. And it'll stay that way.

burgerboy57532 karma

Do you think that other teams outside of the nhl should be allowed to play for the cup during years of lockout?

KeeperOfTheCup20158 karma

Not sure if you knew this, but before the NHL was around, amateur teams and other professional teams had a chance to play for it.

KeeperOfTheCup20152 karma

Thanks Reddit, this was a lot of fun! Signing off now, have a great night!

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ajguy162 karma

Have you ever held the cup above your head?

KeeperOfTheCup20157 karma

Nope. Even though I'd love to, it's only reserved for those that win it.