I am Gren Wells and this was my directorial debut. I've been a professional writer for 15 years. Based on the film, Variety chose me as one of their Top 10 Directors to Watch.

Hello ladies. This is Robert Sheehan. I'm very much a god amongst men. Perfection made flesh.

The Road Within is coming out in theaters in NY & LA on April 17th. Tickets will be available starting at 7pm on Fandango for AMC Empire NY - and at the Laemmle sites (Music Hall and NOHO) in LA, also at 7pm. It's a beautiful film that shines a light on mental health awareness.


Ask us anything - we'll tell you no lies.



Robbie: And on that note, signing out. Farewell, and thanks for all the questions!

Gren: Sorry we ran out of time - but if you're in NY or LA, go see The Road Within in theaters this weekend! Indie films need all the support they can get so we can expand to other cities. So even if you don't live there, get in touch with friends there and convince them to go! Thanks so much everyone! This was fun!

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josephgordonreddit18 karma


How many takes did you do of your 'ASBO tan' scene in Misfits until you felt comfortable with your pants way up your arse?

TheRoadWithinFilm26 karma

Robbie: As I recall, I think we got that scene wrapped up quite quickly. Because everyone on set was getting uncontrollably aroused by my petite, white arse.

tigershay13 karma

Hey Robert :) I was wondering what your favourite episode of misfits was to film? Also, are you and Barry friends in real life? :) Thanks!

TheRoadWithinFilm28 karma

Robbie: I loved making the episode where my character falls in love with Simon and tries to seduce him. There are a lot of outtakes of that episode due to uncontrollable, guttural laughter. Barry and I are still very close. He's sitting on my lap right now.

spitfire2212 karma

Hey Robert! I just picked up Misfits this year, and I was wondering if you ever regretted leaving Misfits? Or have you always felt you made the right choice in leaving?

TheRoadWithinFilm16 karma

Robert here: Howdy. Yes it felt a bid sad, a bit melancholic to watch the Misfits train chug off into the distance without me, but ultimately I felt like it was the right time to leave and go be a show-off on other projects that so desperately needed me.

aaron13239 karma

Hey Robert, huge fan. Loved misfits and cherrybomb, just wanted to know, what's it like being blessed with the best accent ever and just being all round exceptionally wonderful?

TheRoadWithinFilm14 karma

I'll tell ya, it's not easy having an accent this perfect. And being this wonderful can be tiring sometimes. But I endure on.

Ima_asku_aboutcheese6 karma

Hey Guys, very much looking forward to watching your film. If you had to pick one cheese to back you up in a fight, which cheese would you pick and why?

TheRoadWithinFilm7 karma

Best question EVER! I would say a Blue Stilton. Proper smelly to put off your attacker..

That was Rob. This is Gren: Burrata. So that if I got knocked out, I could fall into it and be happy

ev_sage6 karma

Hi Gren, Hi Robbie! So, I'm not the most social person, but I went through Tugg.com to request a showing nearby (Tysons Corner in VA for those who are wondering), and now I have to get 101 people to buy tickets or I wont get the opportunity to see this film in a theatre. Any advice on something splashy I can say to get the attention of total strangers so I can make this happen?
I suck at people.

TheRoadWithinFilm6 karma

Think of it as a behavioral exercise! Go out of your comfort zone and try to talk 101 people into going by talking about your love of film, of Robbie, of whatever you're passionate about! Good luck!

7034jp4 karma

What is your favorite inspirational quotes that you live by? gren/rob, love u both

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

Rob : Seize the day . And Georgie Bernard Shaw said some good shit about being unreasonable. I live by that one too!

SheehanGroupie4 karma

Hey God, I have a couple of questions... I've been wondering this since I've heard you've given names to some tics: that terrifying tic that makes Vince's hand push his own head on one side, that's my favorite one, what's that called? Was that taken out of someone else's tic-repertoire or was it your own creation? And about CARA rating The Road Within “R”, same as The Human Centipede and The Green Inferno, did you expect that? I didn't. I guess Americans place an R on just about everything.

Gren, just saw Oh Honey's music video, a special applause to whoever found (or cloned?!) that mini-Patel, that's hysterical!

TheRoadWithinFilm5 karma

Robbie: That was the Vogue. It was inspired by a little kid I saw in a documentary who suffered from very violent spasms, where he looked like he was going to badly hurt himself, very debilitating. And then after that, I just let the tics organically find me really..

Gren : The rating didn't surprise me - but it does disappoint me. Language (and brief nudity) shouldn't be put in the same classification as brutal violence. We've played the film in Europe and teenagers love it because it addresses issues that are important. Acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities. The MPAA needs to grow and change - but parents also need to know that they should be making the decision, not letting an out of touch governing board make it for them.

And I found that little mini-Patel on Facebook! A friend of a friend's kid!

Mischa221B4 karma

What book is your favorite? And what book inspires you in your life?

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Robbie likes Martian Time Slip that he read recently by Phillip K. Dick.

Gren here - I really liked the Fermata. Really interesting premise and beautifully executed. I'm more of a movie buff - so I'd say It Happened One Night inspired me in my life.

Mischa221B4 karma

At what place in the world would you most like to visit?

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

Gren: the Maldives - before they're under water!

Robbie: Amazon jungle

UnitedFanDes4 karma

What's happening Robert? Big fan of Love/Hate and Misfits. Will we see you back on TV any time soon?

TheRoadWithinFilm8 karma

As it stands I won't be any TV anytime soon. But the chaotic nature of work / life means these things change all the time. I tend to nomadically float towards exciting work, in whatever form it comes in.

aYANKinEIRE3 karma

Bobby, out of all the bartenders in Dublin, who's your favourite? Joking, I know it's me. Seriously, out of all the preparation for a film like this, what was the hardest part?

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

Who's that?!

Mischa221B3 karma

Is there an actor/actress you have wanted to meet and work with but haven't gotten to yet?

TheRoadWithinFilm7 karma

Gren: I'm obsessed with Cate Blanchett. She is a goddess and I want to work with her so badly!

Robbie: I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal do Nightcrawler and thought, 'holy fuck. Bangalanglanga."

caitlinbell83 karma

Hey Robert and Gren! What has been your proudest moment in your acting careers so far?

ALSO. Robert! Would you be up for a Misfits movie if you were asked to be a part of it?

Who knows if it will ever happen, but it would be amazing if it did. :)

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

Gren: I'm not an actor so I'm not proud of my acting - but I am extremely proud of this film. Please try to go see it if you're in NY or LA this weekend!

Rob here.. Yeah why not. Misfits movie would be a giggle.

thataintforkids3 karma

Hey! I loved Vincent Wants to Sea, and I'm extremely excited for this one to come out. Gren, how different is it from VWTS? Was it imfportant for you to stick to the original, or did you want to kinda break away from it?

Also, Robert, what was your favorite part about working with Gren?

TheRoadWithinFilm5 karma

Gren: the original is a beautiful film so I was lucky that I didn't have to change the structure much. But having suffered anorexia / bulimia when I was younger, I wanted to add more authenticity to Marie's character. And though Alex was very funny in the original, I wanted to deepen his character and show the pain of OCD as well.

Robbie: Gren, being the captain of the ship, also had the hard task of dictating the tone in rehearsal and on set. And it was always a giggle on set. People were always laughing. Jokes always being told. And that was a direct result of the jovial atmosphere that Gren created.

Tomsky3 karma

Hi Robert, always been a fan of your work!

Just wondering, have you ever thought about auditioning for a role in a comic book series?

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

Gren: I do think he'd look great in a pair of tights :)

Rob : Yes, as long as there were tights. And a cape, you don't see many capes these days.

ultimation3 karma

Hi Robert

Huge fan of misfits here, thanks for your work towards making it a great show.

How much of the success of your character in the show do you put down to the writers/producer, compared to say how you delivered the line? Were many lines ad-libbed?

There were rumours of a misfits movie some time. Have you heard anything about it? If you were offered a role to come back, would you?

Do you still call Iwan Barry?

TheRoadWithinFilm10 karma

Yes I've always called Iwan Barry. I do have a few sexier pet names for him aswell. I'd love a Misfits movie. Any excuse to get the old team back together. Fingers crossed it happens. The show's scripts were very strong, and had 95% of the gags already written in. We sprinkled a little bit of extra magic on em every now and again.. :@)

Sonzzxo3 karma

Hello Robbie! You got to play such a wide range of different characters in the past ie Nathan, Simon, Darren and Ivan to name a few...what about playing Vincent was challenging for you? Any techniques you used from your previous roles on this one? - Sonia xx

TheRoadWithinFilm6 karma

Getting Tourette's Syndrome under my skin was the most challenging part of playing Vincent. I didn't want to misrepresent Tourette's Syndrome, it was my greatest fear and motivator. Sadly each character is a different, so feeling your way through it is important, and plenty rehearsal and he eventually comes.

caitoneill943 karma

are you touring the show in the uk. i would love to hear more about it from the horses mouth?

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

We're starring in a remake of Wicked. Robbie's the witch.

iklegemma3 karma

What film from your childhood never gets old?

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

Rob : Hook! And Demolition Man starring Sly Stallone

ev_sage2 karma

Gren! I already asked a question, but it occurred to me you might answer this other thing I've been wondering to myself: As a screenwriter with material that is...different...how would you suggest I go about finding a director who is willing to take a chance on the new guy with weird scripts?

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Why not direct it yourself? If your vision is that different and unique - you're probably the best person to bring it to life!

Mischa221B2 karma

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

Gren: my favorite word is babaganoush. Least favorite is shut up.

Robbie: favorite is roly-poly. Least is moist.

alexnaserhall2 karma

Hello! I thought your all's film was genius. I immensely enjoyed it. It's rare to see something committed to the hope of togetherness, and it was such a breath to watch. Thank you.

My question is: what do you think it will take for the world to go beyond the "we need to talk about mental health" thing to actually talking about mental health? If that makes sense. I see conversation too frequently halt at recognition of the silence and stigma and very little done to progress the discussion. I'm just curious about your all's thoughts re: that.

(For the record, I think your film goes beyond the recognition, btw. I think progress can only come from humanization.)


TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Gren: Thank you! We're all very proud of the film so it means a lot that it touched you. Education is the key to change so we need to show people (whether it's by watching this film, meeting with people directly affected by mental illness, etc.) that everyone is the same. Meaning, we're all weird in some way - some people may be better at hiding it than others, but we all have things we don't like about ourselves or that we're embarrassed about so no one deserves to be made to feel different. I do feel like this film educates while it entertains. So hopefully it can open up a discussion - and one deeper than you're referring to.

Mischa221B2 karma

Robbie, what was it like working with Ben Barnes?

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

It was a joy. We were very brotherly cuddly from the outset. He's a good egg.

EllieDM2 karma

Hey my question is for Robert Sheehan. As I am a young aspiring actor myself, I was wondering if you could give me any advice for getting into 'the biss'? I also got the lead part in the school play "Heroin Lies"! I was a tad offended when my drama teacher said I got the part because I was most similar to it! I unsurprising play a heroin addict, and I die at the end, and I was wondering if had any advice into researching the role as you had to in "The Road Within". I have watched Trainspotting... Unfortunately I don't think method acting if really an option and I can't really meet any drug addicts like you met some people with tourette's syndrome for your role as Vincent.

Thanks Ellie :)

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

This is Gren: obviously don't put yourself in any danger - but you could go to narcotics anonymous and listen to people's stories of recovery to get into the mindset. Good luck!

Mischa221B2 karma

Robbie, out of everything you have been in, which movie have you enjoyed being in the most and why?

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

It's impossible to choose one and call it the best. Every film is a different little family with a different set of experiences. But that said, The Road Within (because Gren is glaring at me)

amiicarter2 karma

Hi Robert, I even dont know what to ask omg Will be The Road Within avaible here in Spain? And... Do you have a girlfriend? Hahaha Sorry for my bad English

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

Gren: It will be in Spain at some point so like our FB page /theroadwithin to stay up to date.

stop-swingin-the-bat2 karma

First off, I'd like to say that everyone in The Road Within was absolutely lovely. Gren, you really hit the nail on the head by making us all fall in love with Vincent, Alex and Marie with such a fitting cast.

It's also very nice to see Robert participating in projects that are more relevant in America, as an American fan who while talking about Love/Hate will receive weird looks because no one knows what the hell I'm talking about.

My question for both Gren and Robbie: Gren, in a few of your interviews, you said your goal was to bring light to the subject of mental illness because of the stigma surrounding it.

Do either of you think you have walked away with a better understanding of ableism and how people with mental(and or physical) illnesses are treated? As a person with debilitating anxiety, it was nice to be represent, albeit not directly, in a film that left me feeling inspired and more accepting of who I am and how I'm hardwired.

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Great question!

Gren: I was anorexic / bulimic when I was younger so I understand that disorder intimately. And so I wanted to portray these characters realistically - and without a judgment against them. We all have issues, we all have things we don't like about ourselves, so what makes these three characters any more different than the rest of us? Nothing. I definitely have a better understanding of how people with disabilities are treated. And I think education is the only way to combat it.

Robbie: The exploration for me on this was finding out the day-to-day of someone who has Tourette's Syndrome and how they manage it and adapt. So it gave me a great understanding of the realities of living with a disability like Tourette's, thereby giving me a more in depth perspective, I think.

robysun2 karma

Ciao both!thank you again for the movie. i have seen it few weeks ago and i think it is a great job..funny, interesting and deep!congrats to Robert and Gren!anyway (for Rob) do you have any short movies on your upcoming projects? for (Gren) do you like the idea of making a movie on the life experience of travelers\emigrants in Europe and UK?thanks!

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

I made a short recently called 'The Bigger Picture', me and an actress called Rosie Day. I've seen and it's lovely, so keep your eyeballs peeled for that too ;)

EllieDM2 karma

In misfits if you could have had any other power, what would it be?

TheRoadWithinFilm4 karma

flight because I don't have a driver's license and I'm sick of taking the bus

taylorhorsman2 karma

This is for Robert! What was your favourite scene to act? - Taylor, From BC, Canada

TheRoadWithinFilm3 karma

Robert: I liked the hysterical stuff between me, Dev and Zoe. Where there was screaming, slapping and whooping. It was mad chaos - usually in the confines of a car if I remember.

cv21002 karma

Hi Gren! What is your process for directing actors? You had some very difficult scenes in the film that I'm sure pushed your actors to their limits.

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Casting was essential - especially for a small film where time is tight. We didn't have time for the actors to 'find' the scene on the day. So we rehearsed for 6 months prior to shooting (not dissimilar to a play), so that when Robbie walked on set, he knew the character better than I did. But I trusted him because he's extraordinarily talented and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

EllieDM2 karma

Hello my question is for Gren! My brother is trying to get into the world of directing! I did film and Television at uni a couple of years ago and is making lots of short films and doing some writing as well. I was wondering if you had any advice for him? I have just told him to apply for loads of jobs even if it is just as a runner! But you probably have some better advice than me!

Thanks! ^

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Gren: Stay true to your voice and don't take no for an answer! Hollywood is always looking for unique voices so don't change it to try to fit into something that you think they will want to buy.

Anupapaya2 karma

To both of you: What is one movie after watching which (most) drastically changed your life?

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

I watched The Exorcist when I was 11 and I couldn't shit by myself for 2 weeks (Rob)

Gren: Since I watched Jaws, I can't swim in a black-bottomed pool. Terrifies the shit out of me.

TheRoadWithinFilm2 karma

Both of ours involve shit in some way... And on that note, signing out. Farewell, and thanks for all the questions!

And please, if you're in NY or LA, go see The Road Within in theaters this weekend! Indie films need all the support they can get so we can expand to other cities. So even if you don't live there, get in touch with friends there and convince them to go! Thanks so much everyone! This was fun!