We started creating YouTube videos a few years ago making short comedy videos and now we work for BBC Radio 1. Idiots.

OUR CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/JackAndDean

THIS AMA IS OVER! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING :) PROOF: https://twitter.com/DeanDobbs/status/585764238041489410

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atworkdoingwork19 karma

When are you going to start doing comedy?

deandobbs26 karma

Jack's Dad?

Undercover_MI5_Agent16 karma

How does it feel knowing that your song "Consent" is more popular than Robin Thicke's latest album?

deandobbs15 karma

It makes me feel like we need to get the bigger fish ;)

maccccca7 karma

Due to the nature of YouTube, there are many teenagers who have complex infatuations with their idols who obviously cannot reciprocate them, do you find there is an emotional burden with this for you?

deandobbs6 karma


thefifthharry6 karma

Do you feel as though you guys hit online content creation in a 'right place right time' situation?

The internet seems so saturated with content creators it seems near on impossible to stand out, would you do anything different if you were starting out online in 2015?

deandobbs5 karma

There's always going to be an element of luck when it comes to this stuff but I also think we offer something nobody else does on YouTube. We buy things from Primark all the time but we think it's much more interesting to pretend everything we bought was haunted.

SkeeterSmasher4 karma

Dean, I saw your picture of you cuddling on a sofa with Ed Sheeran, could you please tell us the back story?

Also...who's the funniest YouTuber?

deandobbs8 karma

Ed was visiting Google and I made a joke that I was gonna ask him what his favourite sofa was to sleep on. He actually saw the tweet so when I asked him to cuddle on the sofa he obliged. He's a lovely chap.

georgiacookety4 karma

To what extent do you prioritize YouTube over Radio? Would you eventually drop YouTube for DJing?

deandobbs4 karma

I'll be doing both. Don't you worry.

hellomynameisemilyg3 karma

How did you feel when you got your first hate comment?

deandobbs8 karma

I felt we had made it.

LippyTappyTooTa3 karma

Who are your favorite comedians?

deandobbs4 karma

My Dad.

llllaurajayne3 karma

What is one video on YouTube or movie idea that you wish you'd have thought of first?

deandobbs8 karma

I wish I had thought of Digimon. Recently re-watched a bunch of it on Netflix and it's such a fun idea that's executed SO BADLY.

chantellejeremy2 karma

Do you know when the new video is coming out or what it is about yet? Can you give us any clues/hints on the new jack & dean project? Missed you guys loadss! :)

deandobbs2 karma

No release date yet. Here's a hint: it's good.

zenz3ro2 karma

Do you guys know when your episode of Virtually Famous will air? Was there for the taping and it was great to meet you guys again afterwards :)

deandobbs3 karma

Nope! We'll let you know as soon as we do!

daisygregory2 karma

Who inspires you guys to make YouTube videos ?? X

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thatkatierose2 karma

What would you say are the best and worst things about being a YouTuber?

deandobbs17 karma

In no particular order: 1. Alfie Deyes 2. The Money

dwriggy2 karma

If you weren't making YouTube videos and doing content for Radio 1, what jobs do you think you'd be doing?

deandobbs10 karma

Probably working at a Tesco and breaking all the tills from my tears of self reflection and disappointment.

LisaaaLexi1 karma

I think you should definitely go to universities give talks about after uni employment, show what you did; how it's not always 9-5 or a postgrad.. It's so unique and accessible to all..! Would you guys be interested in stuff like that??

deandobbs2 karma

I'd like to give it another year before I even considered telling people only a few years younger than me how to run their life.

But yeah, totally :)

KateHS171 karma

what is the writing process for a jack and dean video? like do jokes and stuff come naturally or do you have to concentrate and dig deep for them?

deandobbs4 karma

The process is always different. Sometimes a joke can just come full circle and others are a little harder to realise. Always worth sticking with a good idea though!

samgillard1 karma

What is something that you feel like you need to do in your life that you haven't done already?

deandobbs1 karma

Swim with Sharks.

otangerine1 karma

What actor or actress would you love to work with?

deandobbs2 karma

  1. Daniel Radcliffe
  2. Gary Oldman
  3. Meryl Streep

masturbatory_rag1 karma

what makes you comedians?

deandobbs3 karma

People's opinions.

foxtribe1 karma

do you still shit yourself a bit the first time you try out a new joke on stage in case it bombs or are you over that? (is that something you get over idk i probably wouldnt)

deandobbs7 karma

Nothing will be as bad as Leeds.