You should be watching "The Odd Couple" because it's awesome.

In honor of tonight's triumphant all-new episode of "The Odd Couple," only on CBS at 8:30 PM (right after the Big Bang Theory), we are here at your disposal to answer your questions for as long as we can.

And neither of us are wearing pants.


Matthew had to sign off. Hope you all enjoy a hilarious episode of The Odd Couple tonight. It's one of my favorites.

Thank you very much reddit, you were great!

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IamMatthewPerry402 karma

Thomas who do you think is being funnier on this AMA, you or me?

MrThomasLennon381 karma

Seems like you, but I'M TYPING FASTER!!!! HOLY CRAP CAN FELIX TYPE FAST. And not just in ALL CAPS. I can type fast in any format. Even numbers. 12345. AND YES, I AM ACTUALLY TYPING ALL OF THIS. It's how I wrote so many shitty movies!

IamMatthewPerry122 karma

Thomas who's your favorite Odd Couple cast member? No pressure.

MrThomasLennon148 karma

It's a tie between Matthew Perry, and Matthew Perry's stand-in ALEX. Who is an awesome bro.

SoulFlare_100 karma

If you could have a sequel to Friends, what would it be like?

MrThomasLennon466 karma


acrilamax88 karma

monica, pheobe, and joey. who would you fuck, marry, and kill?

MrThomasLennon427 karma

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. I know those aren't the rules, but those are the facts.

Mentoman7286 karma

Any chance for a Reno 911renunion special?

MrThomasLennon172 karma

Recently there have been new offers to do this. At some point, it will definitley happen, in a limited run.

ChallengeAccepted9978 karma

Thomas Lennon, who was your favorite person to go against on @Midnight and why?

MrThomasLennon117 karma

Paul F. Tompkins. Stone cold genius.

gabe110830 karma

I agree! Any chance we'll hear you on the Comedy Bang Bang Podcast in the future?

MrThomasLennon75 karma

I just filmed the Comedy Bang Bang tv show, an episode that's all done in 4 shots. Like Birdman.

gabe110822 karma

Wooo! Love when comedy geniuses share work together. Such a great time for comedy! Thank you Mr. Lennon.

MrThomasLennon51 karma

My pleasure. (Which is what you say when you work at a fancy restaurant instead of "you're welcome.")

gabe110814 karma

Since we're both enjoying this exchange can i ask if there is a good amount of improv between the Odd Couple cast? I'm sure your writers are great but I can only imagine some fun things are said when you and Matthew get together.

MrThomasLennon20 karma

The writing staff is LEGENDARY, so... we improvise a bit, but the scripts are usually crazy good.

IamMatthewPerry68 karma

Thomas as Batman's doctor maybe you can answer this, who has more money: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?

MrThomasLennon121 karma

Just ran the numbers and it SEEMS like Stark. But only because I looked up both of their mansions, and Tony's seems to cost way more than stately Wayne Manor. Also Alfred gets paid less than Pepper. But I'm just going off of tax returns.

ranchdepressing63 karma

My question is for Mr. Lennon (sorry Mr. Perry, no hard feelings.)

My friend went to high school with you. I won't say his full name, but his last name is Gerber in case that rings a bell. He said his impression, from afar, is that you did a lot of theatre and the ladies loved you. How accurate is this?

MrThomasLennon161 karma

Super accurate. I did a ton of plays. And I found out sophomore year that you could take DANCE instead of regular P.E. So I was the only male in a class of a dozen young women who were amazing dancers. It was a good ratio. If you're looking to meet ladies with issues -- stick to the drama and dance departments!! :)

ranchdepressing47 karma

He also said you would smoke cigarettes between classes and that added to your James Dean appeal.

MrThomasLennon105 karma

This is very accurate. Don't smoke. It's almost impossible to quit.

kabrizzle4263 karma

Mr. Perry, big fan - I'm currently re-watching the second season of Friends and love Chandler to death - he's the sarcastic brother I never had!

Mr. Lennon, 2 questions:

First - Love Reno 911: mustache, or no mustache?

Second - @Midnight, I always get a huge laugh when you're on. My question: I tried about a month ago to get in touch with Chris Hardwick via the Nerdist website but unfortunately came up short. Would you be able to do me a huge favor and see if he'd be interested in doing me the honor of helping asking my girlfriend to marry me when he comes to Milwaukee on May 8th?? We're a nerd-couple forever and I'd kick myself if I didn't take advantage of this opportunity to speak with someone who knows him directly. Even if it's a polite "Hell no!" I know I've tried and that's all I can do :)

Anyway, thank you and I hope you both have a great run with The Odd Couple!

MrThomasLennon71 karma

First- people treat me quite well when I have the moustache.

Second- I can ask, but I can't promise anything. But I can ask, yes.

holographene54 karma

Matthew, how did you keep your composure around somebody as mind-bogglingly handsome as David Schwimmer?

MrThomasLennon106 karma

Just saying, I feel like Schwimmer is a solid 7 to my 9, so... obviously Matty can keep his act together around TOTAL DREAMBOATS.

Achievement_Haunter46 karma

Do you guys have $240 worth of pudding?

MrThomasLennon67 karma

In today's dollars, it's like 790 dollars. Aw yeah. Don't worry your pretty little head about it. shhhhhhh.

adreoliver46 karma

Can I get a hi?

MrThomasLennon193 karma

Sorry, I would love to have time to send a "hi." But these reddits are TIME CONSUMING, so it's best to keep answers short and sweet, and if I wrote a "hi" all the time, it would become a mobius of saying "hi." That said, I can send a GOOD EVENING! or a GUTEN ABEND! OR A BUONA SERA! But apologies if I can't send a "hi." I'm afraid there's just not enough hours in the day. Oh, how I wish there were.

Frajer25 karma

Matthew, was Chandler's distinct way of saying words like be and not your own inflection? link:

Tom: you called Billy Crystal a dick in your book, how was he a dick to you?

MrThomasLennon43 karma

He actually wasn't a dick to me. But he made fun of my writing partner's accent, and his tie. The tie was a gift from his dead grandfather, and the accent is his Tennessee accent. So, I had no issue, but it did not go well.

ranchdepressing25 karma

Mr. Lennon, how much of Night at the Museum did you write? Also, what is it like knowing that Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson are your sisters in some fictional universe?

MrThomasLennon42 karma

All of the first movie. About 60% of the 2nd movie. Zero of the third movie. I get fired off those movies A LOT. And yes, those are some hot sisters to have.

ChuckEye24 karma

Thomas, who owns the home video rights to Viva Variety, and why hasn't it gotten a DVD release like The State or Reno 911?

MrThomasLennon48 karma

I think it has to do with all the amazing music we had on the show. It's the same thing that kept THE STATE off of DVD for years. I would love for it to come out. I have all the episodes. If they don't release it at some point, I just sell the DVD's at a Comic Con booth.

BobCoupee21 karma

To whoever wants to answer:

1)Favourite line from 'The Odd Couple' movie? 2)If you woke tomorrow and found you were now Bruce Willis, what's the first thing you would do?

MrThomasLennon108 karma

If I woke up and found out I was Bruce Willis, the first thing I would do is probably whatever model he is dating.

isalebeloteroo19 karma

Matthew, did you ever hire that topless maid service that drives around in LA?

MrThomasLennon66 karma

Tom here. It's awkward because I moonlight for that service. And yes, he has. And then he wanted to "act like we had never met" because it was ruining it for him. But I did an AMAZING job cleaning.

ChallengeAccepted9917 karma

Does your relationship on The Odd Couple at all reflect your relationship in real life?

IamMatthewPerry37 karma

I still don't know whether Thomas Lennon is acting like Felix or is exactly Felix, but Felix drives Oscar crazy and Thomas does not drive me crazy.

MrThomasLennon21 karma

Typo: Matthew meant to say I don't drive him THAT crazy.

MrThomasLennon20 karma

It's basically identical. I lint roll him, he glares at me. Biggest difference is we have the same car.

BrodyApproved17 karma

What does your typical breakfast consist of?

MrThomasLennon42 karma

Tom here. I eat a whole mess of egg whites and a pile of beans. It's called "slow carbs." And it's boring as hell.

bailey041016 karma

Thomas, was it irony or foreshadowing that on How I Met Your Mother, your character, Klaus was watching the Odd Couple?

MrThomasLennon36 karma

He was watching "STRANGE COMPATRIOTS!"

One is neat... one is very, very neat!!!

shivan2116 karma

Do you have any funny story from Friends you haven't told anyone yet?

MrThomasLennon33 karma

Yes. I got to have Matt LeBlanc show me his brand new, pimped out JAGUAR at the time. It was bad ass.

crindee16 karma

Matthew Perry, who is your best friend?!

IamMatthewPerry47 karma

My own private parts.

MrThomasLennon50 karma

I've seen them at lunch together. This is true.

hs9616 karma

Thomas, other than The Odd Couple do you have a favorite show that is currently on tv?

MrThomasLennon49 karma

Silicon Valley.

TomsPanicBoner14 karma

Has the power ever gone out while you were taking a shower?

MrThomasLennon34 karma

Yes. Also I had to give the heimlich manouvre to a massuesse. Yes, so many typos, but I gave a nude heimlich to a Canadian lady.

lostathome198612 karma

For Thomas and Matthew; which television show(s) would you love to guest star on??

MrThomasLennon26 karma

Tom: Portlandia. Silicon Valley. Real Sex.

Spaz4319 karma

Mr. Lennon, I grew up watching you and your crew on The State, Viva Variety, and Reno (all funny). Was there a character you would have enjoyed creating that you didn't get a chance to? Mr. Perry, I apologize I was not a fan of friends, though the "Yards" movies had some great moments.

MrThomasLennon18 karma

I wrote a State sketch called "The Little Gnome who Punches People in the Nuts." I would have liked to have done it, but the group nixed it. Probably for good reason.

MysticRay9 karma

Hey! Thomas Lennon, have there ever been talks about a televised Viva Variety reunion? What about The State?

MrThomasLennon20 karma

We did a Viva Variety reunion in San Francisco a few years back. Robin Williams was there, and it was one of the greatest nights of my life. Also my son got to meet Robin, which I just reminded him today. I would love to do one. Nobody remembers that show except for geniuses.

luckythedog248 karma

Wheres your favorite place to eat?

MrThomasLennon17 karma

Entrecote, Paris. Try the fries. And the steak. Which are the only two things they make.

shivan217 karma

Thomas, what will be Monster Trucks about? And how did you enjoy the voice-acting?

MrThomasLennon20 karma

It's actually a live action movie. With monsters. But I am the voice of the shipboard computer in Hitchhiker's Guide

joetromboni7 karma

Are you the guy from Reno 911?

MrThomasLennon42 karma

If you mean the guy in the shorts, yes. If you mean the tall black guy, no.

skinsballr7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. I love watching your new show, and look forward to a new episode tonight!

My question to Matthew: What was your favorite moment on Friends?

And, my question to Thomas: What was your favorite moment on How I Met Your Mother?

MrThomasLennon18 karma

Being naked with the ferret and Ashley Williams was a pretty fun day at work. A lot of people work in coal mines every day.

TomsPanicBoner7 karma

How long do you both hope that the show continues for?

MrThomasLennon19 karma

365 episodes. Enough that in the future you can watch one every day for a year. Except leap years.

iamalwaysrelevant6 karma

Hi Mr. Perry. I have two questions of equal importance.

What is your favorite sandwich? Do you like to pee in the shower?

MrThomasLennon33 karma

It's odd Matthew is avoiding this question, because I made him my famous "Golden Shower" sandwich recently, which is golden onion rings, wasabe peas, single origin ham, and a gentle shower of Parrano cheese.

DazGoodaCheese6 karma

I'm bored and have no dinner plans tonight. What should I do?

MrThomasLennon32 karma

Start a JUG BAND, motherfucker! Everything you need is at the Home Depot. JUG. BAND! Go...

TomsPanicBoner6 karma

Do you think that you will begin having guest stars once the second season rolls around?

MrThomasLennon16 karma

Yes. And your screen name is AMAZING. #panicboners

ranchdepressing5 karma

Both of you were on iconic shows with a still-hot fan base. Needless to say, you probably get approached about them a lot. What questions are you tired of answering?

IamMatthewPerry14 karma

Because Friends is now on Netflix, there is whole younger set of audiences who approach me and are very confused at how old I look.

ranchdepressing5 karma

They actually tell you that? Jeez...

MrThomasLennon6 karma

Most people say "I wanna dip my balls in it" to me. Or they think I'm in Kids in the Hall. Which Dave Foley of the Odd Couple actually is.

SeedyROM225 karma

If you could go back with all you know now and tell your 18 year old self one thing, what would it be?

also, what are your favourite Beatles songs?

MrThomasLennon13 karma

Quit Smoking. And Across the Universe.

AzBrah5 karma

Favorite pizza topping?

MrThomasLennon9 karma

Spinach pizza at Tomasso's in San Francisco. Very specifically.

DerekDansen5 karma

If you were to create your own show, what genre would it be?

IamMatthewPerry12 karma

I did create a show, it's called The Odd Couple. Well, I developed it.

MrThomasLennon14 karma

I'd create The State, Viva Variety, and Reno 911. But they'd probably all just get cancelled anyway. :(

TomsPanicBoner4 karma

How quickly did it take the two of you and the rest of the cast to become close? Did it happen right away or did it take some getting used to?

IamMatthewPerry10 karma

We got along right away, we also get together every week to watch the show, it's kind of disgusting it would make you throw up.

MrThomasLennon6 karma

What almost makes us throw up is the amount of Chin Chin and donuts we consume at these get togethers.

RustinSwohle4 karma

My question is for the Perr tree. What are the odds of The Whole Eleven Yards happening?

MrThomasLennon6 karma

Somebody once gave me a Partridge in a Perr tree, and then a bunch of golden rings. Then we broke up.

SporkMuffin3 karma

Hi Thomas. I loved your role on How I Met Your Mother, how was it like working with the crew on that show?

MrThomasLennon5 karma

I was naked for a long time on it so, kind of fun?

shivan213 karma

Who are main writers for The Odd Couple?

MrThomasLennon6 karma

Bob Daly. Emily Cutler. Dan O'Shannon. Tucker Cawley

Mikey_Mayhem2 karma

Thomas, what is/are your favorite Morrissey B-side song(s)? For me, it's a tie between "Skin Storm" and "Let The Right One Slip In".

MrThomasLennon3 karma

Seasick Yet Still Docked. Children in Pieces. I Knew I was Next.

Sozae332 karma

How do you feel you are doing with the show as compared to Walter and Jack?

MrThomasLennon7 karma

I feel like we're bringing a lot of ourselves, and a lot of new aspects to the classic characters. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

ranchdepressing2 karma

How much of the show is improvised?

MrThomasLennon4 karma

1-2 percent.

flying_orca2 karma

What drives someone to be famous? It looks horrible!

MrThomasLennon5 karma

Matthew? You're famous -- any answer to this?

MysticRay2 karma

Thomas Lennon, what was it like playing a crazy cop?

MrThomasLennon4 karma

It was hell on my balls. The shorts are 11 inches from waistband to hem.