I am Groot.

/u/TalkingRacoon will be translating for me today and maybe answering some questions too if you'd like.

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: "Can we PLEASE keep the questions about GOTG2."

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: "Me and Rocket have to go eat lunch. We'll be back in 30 mins."

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: "We're back to answer more of your stupid questions Earthlings!"

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: Me and Rocket have to sleep now (in seperate beds). We might answer some more questions in the morning but for now, goodnight Earth.

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: "Good morning humans."

Edit: I am Groot. Translation: "This has been fun but me and Rocket have to go now. Protecting the galaxy can be busy work. Don't forget to check out GOTG2 on 28th April 2017! Goodbye reddit."

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crash__bandicoot2106 karma

Hey Groot, ever check out the teeny tiny sub of /r/Groot? I moderate there and we barely see any traffic!

The_King_of_Okay2514 karma

"I am Groot."

JustThatGuyBen1962 karma

Hey Groot, do you ever get annoyed by that tiny raccoon following you everywhere? I could see him getting pretty annoying

TalkingRacoon2961 karma

Be careful how you answer this one buddy.

The_King_of_Okay3676 karma

I am Groot.

mrshatnertoyou1772 karma

What are your feelings about Vin Diesel and his gravelly voice?

The_King_of_Okay2567 karma

I am Groot.

abhinavad3r1679 karma

If you are Groot, Then who the fuck is Alice?

The_King_of_Okay2262 karma

I am Groot.

Tumblin_Tumbleweed1499 karma

I am Groot. Do you agree?

The_King_of_Okay2516 karma

We are Groot!

articulate811366 karma

Have you ever been in love Groot?

The_King_of_Okay1879 karma

I am Groot.

Quobble149 karma

Who the fuck is Alice?

The_King_of_Okay285 karma

I am Groot.

GhostInTheBlockchain1085 karma

Do you retain your memories from before when you regrow after being blown up?

The_King_of_Okay1444 karma

I am Groot.

brucetwarzen798 karma

Have you ever thought about becoming a moderator in /r/trees Together with Snoop Lion?

The_King_of_Okay895 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon1450 karma

Translation: "Not really my thing. I am however extremely interested in joining the moderating team of /r/marijuanaenthusiasts."

brucetwarzen518 karma

Very good choice my friend, stay groot.

The_King_of_Okay620 karma

I am Groot.

ghostareas795 karma

Groot, will we ever see Vin Diesel break dance again? I heard you guys were friends, thanks!

The_King_of_Okay937 karma

I am Groot.

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The_King_of_Okay1297 karma

I am Groot.


Whats your favorite type of tree?

The_King_of_Okay981 karma

I am Groot.

_CaptainMurica645 karma

Hey Groot, when are we going to team up? Quill's not returning my calls.

The_King_of_Okay653 karma

I am Groot.

MonoGiraffe626 karma

Are we groot?

The_King_of_Okay867 karma

We are Groot.

HavilandTough593 karma

Are you Groot?

The_King_of_Okay818 karma

I am Groot.

pathological_liar__567 karma

Do you have a nickname for your penis?

The_King_of_Okay823 karma

I am Groot.

GassyPlatypus433 karma

How do you like your eggs?

The_King_of_Okay588 karma

I am Groot.

TheSorrento367 karma


The_King_of_Okay468 karma

I am Groot.

xtrsports357 karma

Is it a problem dealing with your morning wood?

The_King_of_Okay426 karma

I am Groot.

thunnus335 karma

Do your vocabulistics get any better in GOTG2, or are we in store for more "I", "am", and "Groot", specifically in that order?

(don't get me wrong, loved all your lines in GOTG)

The_King_of_Okay439 karma

We are Groot.

Surprisebutsekz69269 karma

How's life?

The_King_of_Okay364 karma

I am Groot.

Jokerang254 karma

What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy? Was it accurate or not?

The_King_of_Okay299 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon335 karma

Translation: "Very accurate. I was a bit worried when they first announced it but as soon as I heard my homie Vin Diesel was gonna be in it all my worries pretty much disappeared. I have to say a huge well done to that Mr Gunn too for taking what me and the other Guardians told him about our adventures and making such a brilliant movie. Can't wait till everyone sees what's in store for GOTG 2!"

TalkingRacoon147 karma

Why does 2017 have to be so far away...

KargBartok123 karma

1 month to Avengers. Which will be showing the Star Wars trailer. There's always something coming up next.

The_King_of_Okay129 karma

I am Groot.

Fische45250 karma

How many Groots can a Groot tree Groot if a Groot tree could tree Groots?

The_King_of_Okay247 karma

I am Groot.

VEyeDoubleNWhy219 karma

Hey Groot, Huge Fan here. Would you rather go treasuing hunting with Nicolas Cage or save a family from a burning building?

The_King_of_Okay236 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon312 karma

Translation: "Save a family from a burning building obviously. Me and Mr Cage go treasure hunting way too often already anyway."

joshawee160 karma

I thought trees and fire don't get along

The_King_of_Okay203 karma

I am Groot.

analbadgers203 karma

What is your opinion of the 2002 Argentinian crisis?

The_King_of_Okay232 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon379 karma

Translation: "Must have missed it. ELIGroot?"

electric-blue471 karma

I Am Groot I Am Groot I Am Groot I Am Groot. I Am Groot, I Am Groot I Am Groot. I Am Groot: I Am Groot.

The_King_of_Okay308 karma

I am Groot.

DarkKassanova201 karma

Groot am I?

The_King_of_Okay250 karma

I am Groot.

abhinavad3r178 karma

Groot, So Alice is a chick?

The_King_of_Okay219 karma

I am Groot.

tebam177 karma

Do you get a sex scene in GOTG2?

The_King_of_Okay203 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon268 karma

Translation: "Me and Mr Gunn are pushing for one but Kevin Feige is all like 'its not appropriate, kids watch these things' and me and Gunn are all like 'who cares man, it'll be educational for them'. And then there's the fact that if I get a sex scene, Rocket's gonna want one too. So we'll see what happens on that front, I'm still optimistic mind.

tebam128 karma

Feige should be cool with it, I mean he is making a lot of money off your wood as it is

The_King_of_Okay169 karma

I am Groot.

Stunsthename157 karma

Do you have any advice for an aspiring super hero who is having trouble finding his gimmick?

The_King_of_Okay172 karma

I am Groot.

Has_Xray_Glasses136 karma

What is the best thing you have done on your adventures?

The_King_of_Okay169 karma

I am Groot.

amytee252118 karma

Could I have you as my pet? You are soo damn cute when you are growing in that plant pot

The_King_of_Okay132 karma

I am Groot.

Destro9799117 karma

But...Why is Groot?

The_King_of_Okay146 karma

I am Groot.

electric-blue106 karma

Hi Groot! How did you get your name and what does it translate as?

The_King_of_Okay120 karma

I am Groot.

Bic_Parker99 karma

I have noticed that a lot of people reply to Rocket when they are talking to you. Does this bother you? Similarly Rocket does this bother you?

The_King_of_Okay128 karma

I am Groot.

rhayward95 karma

How are you today?

The_King_of_Okay120 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon112 karma

Translation: "I'm well today. What about you /u/rhayward?"

rhayward136 karma

I am Groot.

The_King_of_Okay183 karma

We are Groot.

Lululemonparty_90 karma

If you fell in the forest would you still be groot?

The_King_of_Okay91 karma

I am Groot.

King_Combo87 karma

What are your opinions on Chris Pratt?

The_King_of_Okay124 karma

I am Groot.

schizophrenicmuffin83 karma

Groot, how does one Groot?

The_King_of_Okay105 karma

I am Groot.

richardtate82 karma

Are you related to froot? https://i.imgur.com/HUyDe8A.jpg

The_King_of_Okay51 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon57 karma

Translation: "No. She seems pretty though. Will you introduce me to her?"

richardtate65 karma

I ate her...

The_King_of_Okay82 karma

LongUsername78 karma

Hey Groot: As a well known intergalactic bounty hunter and member of the GOTG, would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

The_King_of_Okay79 karma

I am Groot.

Corncove76 karma

Will you marry me?

The_King_of_Okay97 karma

I am Groot.

TalkingRacoon105 karma

Translation: "Woah woah woah, don't you think we should at least get to know one another first? I mean I don't even know what species you are... tell me about yourself."

Corncove91 karma

Well, I'm a tall and skinny cover with long brown hair. I'm going to school and learning about botany.

The_King_of_Okay100 karma

I am Groot.

WaltDismay47 karma

Who are you?

The_King_of_Okay79 karma

I am Groot.

ShagMeNasty27 karma

Hey Groot! Can you make lil Groot grow real big too?

The_King_of_Okay43 karma

I am Groot.

Bigfootsdad22 karma

What type of tree are you and why should I care?

The_King_of_Okay34 karma

I am Groot.

Umimum18 karma


The_King_of_Okay26 karma

I am Groot.

mokkat8 karma

Holy shit, where did you find a talking racoon?

The_King_of_Okay13 karma

I am Groot.

rahkshi_hunter4 karma

Anyways, how's your sex life?

The_King_of_Okay4 karma

I am Groot.

Qwintro2 karma

Who are you?

The_King_of_Okay4 karma

I am Groot.

shivan212 karma

I am Groot?

The_King_of_Okay3 karma

We are Groot.

Cunhabear1 karma

If you are Groot then who was phone?!

The_King_of_Okay3 karma

I am Groot.

Vensuad1 karma

Are you Vin Deisel literally replying "I am Groot" to everything or just a random person doing it?

The_King_of_Okay3 karma

I am Groot.