Season 9 of Trailer Park Boys is now streaming on Netflix, so we're on the world pipe to answer your fuckin' questions!

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TheTrailerParkBoys3777 karma

How the fuck's it going?

Throwaway433512763 karma

Can you stop by Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia?

TheTrailerParkBoys3140 karma

We would fucking LOVE to!!

SorcerersStoned2417 karma

Hey boys! Thanks for the laughs. My question goes to Julian: How far have you gone with that greasy, drunk bastard Lahey?

TheTrailerParkBoys3674 karma

Fuck off.

dan4201664 karma

Holy shit boys! Serious question... does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?

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SixPathsofPein1462 karma

1) Have you continued to reach out to Michael Jackson to try and bring back the character Trevor for future seasons?

2) Why was Cyrus’ music changed? Was it simply because of copyright issues?

TheTrailerParkBoys2041 karma

1 - Yes we have. 2 - Because he's a fucking dick.

Makelevi1264 karma

Why the fuck don't you guys have your own brand of pepperoni? Jesus fuck get it together

TheTrailerParkBoys1076 karma

Working on it!

VaulthunterZer01097 karma

Is Snoop Dog going to be in any of the next seasons?

TheTrailerParkBoys1754 karma

HE said he wants to come to Sunnyvale so let's hope so!

amaron111056 karma

Has being on Netflix instead of TV allowed you to do anything in the show that you weren't able to before?

TheTrailerParkBoys2097 karma

They let us talk the way we talk which is good. Fuck off.

benjocamp1027 karma

How fuckin drunk are you guys?

TheTrailerParkBoys2345 karma

Drunk - 7 Baked - 10

networkant1019 karma

OMG. You guys are awesome!!! Best show ever. My question is for Bubbles. Have you ever thought about getting contacts lenses?

TheTrailerParkBoys3621 karma

Have you ever thought about fucking off?

mystery7869880 karma

What the fucks up with bubbles and his greasy ass kitties?

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Jaqueesha825 karma

Hey Julian how often do you spill your drink?

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jswicker84736 karma

When are you guys gonna do a win a date with Bubbles contest?

TheTrailerParkBoys1018 karma

Starts NOW!!!

brewmonday634 karma

Bubbles, could you see yourself falling in love with an American girl? I'm in Minnesota so it's basically as Canadian as you can get down here.

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SpiritOfDetroit633 karma

Ricky, has your love for pepperoni faded over time? I don't see you sporting a nice cock of pepperoni anymore.

TheTrailerParkBoys1078 karma

he still loves the cocks of p

monumentt602 karma

Ricky, you still partying and doing shooters with Orangie?

TheTrailerParkBoys1097 karma

Yes but it's not the same since he started living on a license plate

SorcerersStoned589 karma

Is Conky officially dead?

TheTrailerParkBoys1057 karma

No yes no

ranalizorcy487 karma

Hi boys, I've been watching this show for years now, addictively, oh god I can't stop watching it. I'm watching season 9 tonight with chicken fingers and dressed all over chips.

How many more seasons are you going to put out? Because I need to feed this addiction and all

TheTrailerParkBoys1038 karma

The dicks with the cameras are planning on coming back a lot more. Great.

Skippy8898444 karma

Are you guys surprised on how long the show has been going on?

TheTrailerParkBoys853 karma

Surprised by how many time Julian has got them to come back. Julian is showing off.

Anormalpear411 karma

Will Sebastian Bach be returning in the near future?

TheTrailerParkBoys561 karma

Hope so! He's awesome to party with

morghoulmae406 karma

bubbles im interested in adopting some of your free range kitties can you please send me some to BC?

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JonParkMTL390 karma

Ricky, what the fuck happened to your face? Why is it all bandaged up in the picture you tweeted?

TheTrailerParkBoys1192 karma

Liquor and blow torch cigrit accident

daaave33389 karma

Howdy Boys! Would you like to buy some mackerel and blueberries from me?

TheTrailerParkBoys664 karma

Fuck yourself

r0ssg387 karma

How much can you bench press, Julian?

TheTrailerParkBoys1891 karma

Your mother 35 times

ParadoxicalIntent369 karma

I know you guys mostly prefer the harder stuff, but I'm wondering... what is your favorite beer?

Season 9 looks great guys! Thanks for doing this AMA!!!

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KefkarinaPalazzo291 karma

Bubbles: Meow meow meow meow meowmeow?

TheTrailerParkBoys547 karma

Meow meow

willsfc279 karma

Have you guys ever wanted to come to Bonnaroo? It's pretty greasy..

TheTrailerParkBoys325 karma

fuck yeah!

dangerhaus235 karma

Can Ricky tell me to fuck off?

TheTrailerParkBoys568 karma

Yes and he also is telling you to suck it

n0gc1ty227 karma

Boys I'm hungover as shit, how do I fix it?

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Dogdalian-Alien181 karma

When the fuck are you guys gonna kill layhey so you's can do your thing in fuckin' peace you fucks?

TheTrailerParkBoys314 karma

Ricky still plans on killing him someday...bucket list

usefulendymion179 karma

Hey boys! Big fan of the show! Been binging Season 9 all morning!

Where do you guys come up with the ideas for all these crazy animal stars?!

Oscar Goldman, Steve French, Orangie (The I, II, III, and IV), and now Willy have been some of my favorite moments on the show!

TheTrailerParkBoys459 karma

All animals are welcome in the park, we love them. Except for dirty old dogs and stinky ass little monkeys and pecky chickens

arielassault168 karma

Holy fuck! I've got the biggest crush on all three of you (especially you, Sexian). Do you guys plan on coming to Michigan anytime soon?

TheTrailerParkBoys397 karma

we were just fucking there

mollyandcats158 karma

Bubbles, who is your favorite cat?

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Wicicreator146 karma

Watching the new episodes right now, fucking hilarious. Great work as always. My question is: What does Roc Vodka taste light?

TheTrailerParkBoys267 karma

Very strong, light?

JoeDurp144 karma

Love swearnet what future plans do you have for the site?

TheTrailerParkBoys246 karma

They're coming to the trailer park again in May/June to film their other set of dicks who film us

hansbrix128 karma

Whats up shitbirds? I just want to ask you, how do you not laugh your asses off at Randy and his cheesburger locker when you are all drunk and stoned out of your minds?? And Julian, I have an idea for you guys, come back to Buffalo next time you are back around the Toronto area and I know a place where there are tons of grease balls you can sell cheesburgers to. Thanks, we fuckin love TPB in Buffalo!

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organizedremains118 karma

Hey boys, could you please tell us a great Alex Lifeson story? Also have you met Geddy and Neil?

TheTrailerParkBoys232 karma

Alex has amazing hash. He played guitar for us in the park

bromley1113 karma

Whats the BEST type of car to live in?

TheTrailerParkBoys399 karma

Something from the 70's - lots of cigrit lighters

chancep19105 karma

Would you guys ever do a college tour? Coming to different colleges and having the best party Sunnyvale's ever heard of?

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matthank105 karma

Hey, guys!

Are you high right now?

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glitzyjan97 karma

Hi guys! Love you!!

What's the most outrageous thing we can expect from this season?

TheTrailerParkBoys432 karma

Go watch the fucking thing and find out!

dudeman70789 karma

How many cocks of pepperoni do you eat in a day?

What's you boys personal favorite episode of the show?

TheTrailerParkBoys157 karma

1-10 cocks of it a day

RhysHollis85 karma

Love the new season! How's bubbles coping with the samsqanch siting??

TheTrailerParkBoys181 karma

It's fucking terrifying

dickrash81 karma

Why did Julian change from rum to whisky!?

Btw, loved his hand position in the first episodes of s09 when he couldn't drink!!

TheTrailerParkBoys146 karma

the whisky is free!

simplehero70 karma

holy fuck shove a pencil up my pisshole and call me sally! You boys think another movie is ahead of you? with even more swearing?

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jeronimo3868 karma

Any chance to franchise the Dirty Dancer out west?

TheTrailerParkBoys144 karma