My short bio: Worlds Most Famous Porn Star, now retired and loving life working for Sirius and working on my game in Fantasy Sports!

My Proof: Proof!

EDIT: Thank you all so much for joining me... I will be sharing my project I am doing for Matt's School...

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Begna11256 karma

Have you ever considered running for president or other national office? I think many of our representatives would stand up for you.

LisaXXXAnn45 karma


ZacBank55 karma

Whats up Lisa? Big fan. You're into athletes? Well shit girl, I play college golf and would love to show you my balls.

LisaXXXAnn140 karma

Really? Thats the best you got kid.... hash tag DO BETTER

brockhickman42 karma

How does it feel to be a national treasure ?

LisaXXXAnn22 karma

You are too kind! Thank you so much!

ThaProfessorr41 karma

What if the real Sarah Palin contacted you about having sex with you for a Nailin Palin squeal, then would you come out of retirement?

LisaXXXAnn31 karma


jumpmann2331 karma

Do you find it difficult to maintain relationships because of what you do for work?

LisaXXXAnn42 karma

YES! It is impossible lol... Friendships are amazing, dating is tricky, but I make the most of it since I still love the interaction with men.

CaseyTheCreator22 karma

You like basketball, so who is your pick to win the Finals and why is it Cleveland?

LisaXXXAnn22 karma

ITS NOT Cleveland, but it will be lol.. It NOT the Knicks or the Lakers!! LOL... Watching #MarchMadness tonight are you?

CaseyTheCreator1 karma

I am! I'm a Notre Dame fan so I'm watching that game right now. You know, so they can upset UK in the next round ;)

LisaXXXAnn9 karma

LOL... isn't it so fun to have banter over sports...

CaseyTheCreator2 karma

lol I will notify you via twitter once Notre Dame pulls off the upset to inform you that I was right

LisaXXXAnn6 karma

If you do, I will be happy for you....

LisaXXXAnn4 karma


fitmotiv8tor16 karma

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received and from whom? (Any type, professional, personal, etc)

LisaXXXAnn24 karma

The best piece of life was from an agent over 20 years ago, he said. Stay Hungry, always stay hungry, never get comfortable... I really think about that daily

fitmotiv8tor5 karma

That's great advice. But does it take away from enjoying the moment or the accomplishment since you are always raising the bar and wanting more?

LisaXXXAnn15 karma

That is the fine line.... WE have to live in the moment as well.. so yeah, balance is key..

SplashAndDash16 karma

Lisa, I understand you have a thing for athletes. So I must ask, who is your favorite athlete of all time?

LisaXXXAnn27 karma

Let me ask... Are you athletic?

SplashAndDash22 karma

Haha I'm a local YMCA superstar. Also, I just turned 18. When are you comin back to Huntsville, Alabama?!

LisaXXXAnn22 karma

Rock that TITLE

cristianmk12 karma

Hi Lisa. Have you ever traveled/or willing to travel to Argentina? Yes, you do have fans like me over there :)

LisaXXXAnn13 karma

No I haven't but I would love to! Is that where you are from?

johnny123234511 karma

How different does it feel after getting a breast reduction? better/worse?

LisaXXXAnn25 karma

It feels great!!! I am so happy i did it, I can do more at the gym, play golf and sleep better....

gaowai1210 karma

Have you had sex with Matt from Oklahoma St? If not, at least a blow job?

LisaXXXAnn21 karma

No, we are and always will be just friends. Friendship last a life time, sex lasts ... not that long.. LOL

adickinson8 karma

Are you going to make a comeback in the industry, Or are you done for good?

LisaXXXAnn16 karma

I am retired for good. I loved my time in the business, but I am excited to be doing new things.

adickinson8 karma

That's sad to hear, but good luck in all your new endeavors

LisaXXXAnn6 karma

Thank you, we can always stay connected on Twitter @thereallisaann

tooturntdec7 karma

How many guys/girls have you had sex with?

LisaXXXAnn37 karma

Not enough....

frenchmounir7 karma

I 'm 18 and I still have not had sex because I 'm shy , you have tips to seduce a woman more easily?

LisaXXXAnn60 karma

Don't rush it. It isn't about age, it is about comfort. The right connection will be there and will make it all happen effortlessly .. It isn't a race, let it be special..

DobeTT6 karma

What's your weirdest fan encountering?

LisaXXXAnn21 karma

I have a fan who has be tattooed over his entire torso...

marineturndlegofiend5 karma

Who is your favorite to win the men's NCAA tournament this year?

LisaXXXAnn12 karma

KENTUCKY #BBN all the way..

LisaXXXAnn3 karma

KENTUCKY #BBN all the way..


What is your favorite style of underwear?

LisaXXXAnn7 karma

I love boy shorts. Little ones. super soft.. and comfy

my3rdaccountdammit4 karma

Hey Lisa! Glad to have you here! What caused the rift between you and some other actresses in your industry? They tweet some really mean stuff about you sometimes!

LisaXXXAnn10 karma

Yes, but it is never good to watch people be proud of being negative to others. We should all really work at doing better, being kinder and avoiding throwing up on twitter...

Kenvega3 karma

What is your biggest turn on?

LisaXXXAnn8 karma

A great personality..... Kindness, patience and a good sense of humor...

frenchmounir3 karma

Thanks a lot for you're answers ;) do you watch series like walking dead or mentalist ? And its difficult to be a pornstar ? (yes I have a lot offre question )

LisaXXXAnn11 karma

I watch real easy TV.... I love Workaholics, Broad City...... The Office.. Fun stuff...

LisaXXXAnn5 karma

Thank you for chatting with me on here.

frenchmounir3 karma

What do you think about shy people ?

LisaXXXAnn10 karma

I think shy people often get mis judged, shy people are observers and I know to be patient and kind to them.. The end of being the best of friend.

JamesDeen993 karma

Hey Lisa I'm Steven, big fan loved School of MILF, Gangbanged for Elegant Angel and of course the Who's Nailin Palin? series

It was so great meeting you in Toronto Canada at the Ron Jeremy Roast in Nov and I look forward to seeing you again at the Vanity Expo on April 11!

My Question:

What's this new release that is coming out in May? Will it be distributed through Jules Jordan and directed by you as well?


LisaXXXAnn5 karma

YAY! We will meet again! See you April 11th baby! YES! I have 2 NEW Releases coming out in May.....

GHottieJohn3 karma

Hi, thank you for taking time to do this AMA. My question is: How and why did you get into the porn industry? You're awesome in every aspect and love your work!

LisaXXXAnn7 karma

Thank you, I was a dancer at a club that had Feature Dancers that had Porn Stars do appearances, the first I met was Teri Weigle. I knew I wanted to travel, see the world and meet new people.. It was perfect!

Yinzer11282 karma

Hey Lisa. Huge fan from Pittsburgh! What's you're favorite sandwich to get at Primanti Brothers when in town and any other favorite things to do when you'd come visit town other than the picture with Franco?

LisaXXXAnn5 karma

HA... I take the works, the biggest one they got! I love Pittsburgh, The Best MLB Stadium out there, great people, be proud!

Yinzer11281 karma

A woman after my own heart! Haha. And I couldn't be prouder of my city! Next time you're in the burgh and want a Primanti sandwich, my treat!

LisaXXXAnn4 karma

I sure will.. You ready to see how many bases McCutchen will steal this year? I am....

Yinzer11281 karma

Sure am! Maybe he will steal a few extras after chopping off his dreads yesterday! Looking forward to another run for #buctober!

LisaXXXAnn4 karma


Yinzer11281 karma

Thanks for all the replys! Hope you're enjoying your retirement!

LisaXXXAnn4 karma

I sure am.. Thank you for all of the love over the years. You all made me who I am..

rbond_20082 karma

Hey Lisa, love your work! What is your favorite way to spend time now that you're retired?

LisaXXXAnn2 karma

OMG... Where should I start.. Not rushing through my life is BY far the biggest change that I love the most. Its been too fun to chuckle to myself every day when I realize I am NOT in a hurry..

CLE_932 karma

Whats the hardest part about being on the road 24/7?

LisaXXXAnn7 karma

Thats a good one... FOOD... I love being home more and making my own food.. Silly right?

CLE_932 karma

That makes perfect sense. Nothing better than a home cooked meal and some wine!

LisaXXXAnn2 karma

Yes, followed by the comforts of my own bed, maybe a bubble bath

Not_Blitzcrank2 karma

Whats your favorite breakfast food?

LisaXXXAnn7 karma

Breakfast Burritos LOL

Manjammies2 karma

Hi Lisa, thank you for doing this AMA..

My question is; have you, or would you ever come to scranton, pa? (I don't blame you if the answer is no haha.)

LisaXXXAnn3 karma

Well I grew up in Easton PA, so I know all about Scranton..

LiirFlies5 karma

What do you know about Dunder Mifflin?

LisaXXXAnn9 karma

The Office baby..

DobeTT2 karma

What kind of music are you into? Favorite artists?

LisaXXXAnn12 karma

I listen to a range of music, some really chill some really hard.. You should check out G-Eazy

frenchmounir2 karma

You think, you can go in France for your french fans ? 😃

LisaXXXAnn4 karma


Kraymes1 karma

I've always enjoyed your work.

While on set, what was the most awkward situation you were in?

LisaXXXAnn2 karma

HUMMM.... thats a tough one... if I come up with something I will let you know .. XO

fitmotiv8tor1 karma

What make Wo Hop so amazingly awesome? We all have our reasons, but would love to know yours.

LisaXXXAnn3 karma

Wo Hop...... Well its FRESH food open Late Night! and its an epic place to leave at the break of dawn... LOL #NYC baby

theboyo861 karma

Who's Matt? What was your favourite type of porn to make? Girl on girl? Threesome? Hardcore?

LisaXXXAnn2 karma

Matt is my friend who made the sign on College Game Day... You can search Lisa Ann / College Game Day

frenchmounir0 karma

You're already coming to the french riviera ?

LisaXXXAnn0 karma

One day for sure......

Sleeky1170 karma

im in stillwater right now how can i meet you?

LisaXXXAnn0 karma

I am doing a school project with Matt! It will be an interview to see, we promise you...

Sleeky1172 karma

haha yeah i go to OSU its a pretty solid town you should come down when football season is back!! thats when Stillwater really shines

LisaXXXAnn1 karma

I will come back then, I am sure it is amazing....

LisaXXXAnn-1 karma

HA! I am having SO much fun here! What a great city! Do you got to school here!