Hey kiddies, I'm about to step into the studio to record my podcast and I'll be back a little before 6:00pm ET. Leave your questions here and I'll see you soon. Get it on!

EDIT: proof https://twitter.com/adamcarolla/status/578647843453407232

EDIT: Ok, let's get started- thanks

EDIT: Alright I have to go now. Thank you for the questions and all the nice words about Road Hard. If you liked the movie - please tell a friend. Get it on iTunes, Amazon, VOD... just go to AdamCarolla.com and click the Road Hard banner for details. Mahalo.

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SNAPDAD70788 karma

Have you looked at the possibility that you are becoming the isolated celebrity surrounded by yes-men that you once railed against?

adam_lakers_carolla33 karma

I know this is a theme that people attempt to pursue, but Bryan Bishop disagrees with 89% of the things that come out of my mouth and he continues to be gainfully employed next to me, sitting behind a microphone for years.

Mr_1990s57 karma

You were critical of the Rotten Tomatoes score for your movie while talking to the site's editor.

How much grit would it take for you to admit that it is possible that some may not love your movie? Or do you really believe that critics are only pushing an agenda?

adam_lakers_carolla21 karma

I said a small percentage of them had an agenda. I never said all of them did and Matt Atchity's Clint Eastwood example can be used against him if you want to look at other comparable movies in the same genre done by folks that didn't talk to an empty chair. By the way when he was walking out of the studio and we asked him why 'The Abyss' had such a high Rotten Tomatoes rating, he said it was because of the 'positive environmental agenda' of the movie. So he admitted it himself.

jadefa48 karma

Any possibility of a Kimmel / Carolla manshow re-union?

adam_lakers_carolla24 karma

No, but thanks for asking.

suaveitguy29 karma

Are you feeling the impact of every A and B level comic without a TV show starting a podcast in the last 3 years? How so?

adam_lakers_carolla28 karma

No, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what other folks are doing. I'm happy that podcasting has become viable and is getting recognized. I figure the more the merrier but quite honestly, my schedule is so crazy that I don't have time to keep up with everybody and other podcasts.

AndAgain128 karma

What's your best story that gives us a sense of how crazy Drew's wife is?

adam_lakers_carolla77 karma

She's not one-story crazy. She's lifetime achievement award crazy.

peekay1ne27 karma

Will my t-shirt as a Road Hard backer ever come to Toronto? Friend and I both donated and haven't received anything. I see there's a showing here in Toronto beginning April 20 and the theatre is licensed. Will you bring the Mangria?

adam_lakers_carolla23 karma

I've spent half of my waking hours the last two months attempting to fulfill all the Road Hard commitments. Some have fallen through the cracks - it's bound to happen when there's 14,000 folks to keep up with. But we talk about it on a daily basis and everyone is doing their due diligence and soon, everyone will have everything they were promised.

thebigsmooth1426 karma

Aceman, any chance A. Rosen will ever be a guest on the pod? Get it on!

adam_lakers_carolla33 karma

Probably not but you never say 'never.'

Cinexa21 karma

Is Matt Atichy gone from the show for good? Today's show got a bit heated but not THAT bad was it?

adam_lakers_carolla29 karma

No, Matt will be back I'm assuming next week.

kayjay2519 karma

If you were to call into Loveline, what would your crazy sex story be?

adam_lakers_carolla22 karma

It'd be about the time I had sex with those seven Pan Am stewardesses in the early 80s.

I_Lase_You18 karma

Hi Adam! Here's a Welcome to reddit lase of you and Lynette! Link Now for the question: Any progress on getting Mangria into North Carolina?

adam_lakers_carolla12 karma

Thanks for the weird smell that's in my head right now. We are attempting to get it everywhere but because it contains alcohol and there's a different rule in every state, it's a tough battle. But if you guys would like to go to CarollaDrinks.com, you can find out if it's in your state and city and we'll keep expanding- eventually getting to you.

RoadHardHammer18 karma

Hey Adam,

Noticed you used your own properties for several sets in Road Hard--Amalfi restaurant, your old house in Malibu, the warehouse studio, etc--did you "pay" yourself (or the companies you set up to own those properties) for the use of those properties as filming locations?


adam_lakers_carolla12 karma

No, I've not personally received a dime from Road Hard at this juncture. But thanks for watching and tell a friend.

DaveC31017 karma

Adam, I'm not James Franco, but can I borrow the 68 Lambo for a couple days? I have insurance. PS... Did he ever thank you for that favor?

adam_lakers_carolla49 karma

It's actually a '66 and his people not booking him on my show is all the thanks I need.

dap500016 karma

who do you consider to be the funniest person on the planet?

adam_lakers_carolla57 karma

Funny in a vacuum doesn't get you too far. Funny with a motor gets you to Jimmy Kimmel status. So I'll say 'funny with a motor'- Jimmy Kimmel. 'Funny minus motor'- Norm MacDonald.

Fieldengineer112 karma

How is your Dad doing? I know you used to give him the business - but I loved his old podcast w/ Ray. Tell him that some of us miss his verbal presence and please thank Ray for being honest and open on that show.

adam_lakers_carolla27 karma

He's doing well. I just spoke to him for about an hour the other day, and who knows: he may even see my movie one day.

AdrienneBS12 karma

Please comment on the newsgirl selection process. Seems like you were only interested in Gina (which is fine -it's your show), but why make it seem like it was an audition? I felt like there were others that fit so well, and I'm struggling with the fit right now. The things you said you wanted from the position (improv, sports knowledge, etc) have in my opinion taken a step backwards if anything. Any insight?

adam_lakers_carolla23 karma

If you think things like 'sports knowledge' have taken a step backwards, there's not much we can discuss. I've known Gina for a long time and I've always liked her. I look forward to working with her.

BashAtTheBeach9611 karma

Aceman, have you spoken to Max Kellerman since you invited him to The Hammer premier? It'd be cool if you could have him on sometime, your boxing shows are great.

Context: Adam invited Kellerman to the premier of his movie "The Hammer", only to find out Kellerman's brother was murdered by a hammer by a boxer nicknamed "The Hammer"

adam_lakers_carolla13 karma

Thanks, yes I have. He's a great guy and I'll remind Mike August to book him.

Fieldengineer111 karma

Love your new CArcast logo - saw the guy's portfolio - cool. Did you have to change the logo due to similarities to the sparkplug logo?

Also my Dad used to do old school car lettering. Do you do paint or vinyl on your vintage cars?

adam_lakers_carolla13 karma

We changed the logo because we changed the show and wanted to give it a fresh look. Chris Maxipada [Laxamana] deserves all the credit for the new look and feel of the show. And all the things that were painted on the vintage cars are painted on the vintage cars just as they were back in the day. Your dad would be proud.

Fieldengineer111 karma

what is your favorite WWII plane? Mine is the F4U Corsair (elegant) followed by Mustang, spitfire.

adam_lakers_carolla16 karma


puddboy11 karma

Have you figured out yet how to access youporn from your phone?

adam_lakers_carolla19 karma

I just got the new iPhone 6 Plus. So I will make it my new mission in life.


Have you ever taken LSD and what was it like?

adam_lakers_carolla13 karma

I took half a tab once because I was scared I would freak out. I think I preferred mushrooms. It's been a while.

PancakeSunday10 karma

Hey Adam - you have any thoughts on the Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear thing?

adam_lakers_carolla15 karma

I don't know any of the details about it, sorry. I met him once and he was very complimentary and nice.

Stressless_Crocodile10 karma

Car guy here. What are you driving these days? What is turning your head lately?

adam_lakers_carolla20 karma

Excited to get the new Tesla for my wife. I'm driving a supercharged Jag XJR. Thanks.

mt1rdt9 karma

Hey Adam! Huge fan of old Loveline. Do you and Drew still call each other on your drives home to complain about stuff?

adam_lakers_carolla14 karma

We talk as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately our schedules are not synced up any longer but whenever we have a chance - we do get our talk on.

danccbc8 karma

When is Dameshek coming in? JERK!

adam_lakers_carolla5 karma

He's welcome to come in anytime he can find time to come in- but I don't know what his schedule is like.

newbie6148 karma

What's the weirdest sexual fetish that anyone ever called into the Loveline show about?

adam_lakers_carolla21 karma

I'd say the guy whose dog was having sex with him...

Harry_Seeward7 karma

Any plans for guests at your London show in Sept? Just bought tickets & can't wait.

adam_lakers_carolla10 karma

Thank you - Mike is working on local comedians. Hopefully the timing will work to get some great names on those shows. But nothing set in stone yet.

2muchdutch7 karma

You've famously said "Intent is everything" using the example of somebody crashing your car joyriding vs. crashing your car on the way to get it detailed. Yet conversely, when you bring up pharmaceutical companies and the like, you take the stance of "I don't care if they're motivated by greed, I WANT them motivated by greed, as long as the next awesome drug is produced," which seems to suggest results are more important than intent. Why is it on a micro level, it's one thing, but on a macro level, it's the opposite?

adam_lakers_carolla17 karma

I said I WISH for good intentions. They're important to me. But unfortunately companies and countries aren't wired that way. If you remove the profit from pharmaceuticals or automakers- or tomato farmers, they're going to stop producing.

suaveitguy7 karma

There is certainly an on-air community of podcasters, appearing on each others' shows regularly. Does that community exist behind the scenes too? What ways does it manifest?

adam_lakers_carolla15 karma

Good question - The answer is probably 'no.' I can't speak for everybody but my schedule is very busy and when I'm not doing whatever I'm committed to - I'm attempting to spend a little time with my family or wrenching on some cars. But I like all the folks in the community and we should throw a block party.

Oggie3917 karma

Two important questions: Which Fast and the Furious movie is your favorite, why is Fast Five? Will you and Bill Simmons be doing a breakdown podcast for Furious Seven?

adam_lakers_carolla8 karma

I like FF4. As for me and Simmons, we should be.

Nightkrawler496 karma

Favorite movie you've seen this year?

adam_lakers_carolla24 karma

Haven't see a ton of movies this year, but I enjoyed American Sniper and Frozen. I know that sounds redundant. And didn't like Boyhood.

kerry9866 karma

Enjoyed Road Hard in Portland at the screening last weekend. There is a scene where you are having a discussion with your agent (Larry Miller) while he is sitting in a Lamborghini with a young lady. The car is inside his house, parked on a platform that gets lowered to the outside when he leaves. Just when the car is out of the picture we hear him start her up. Is that engine sound the actual car… or did you do some sort of post sound mixing? Sounded awesome.

adam_lakers_carolla12 karma

Thanks, you have a keen ear. That is the sound of THAT car's v12.

IslandTourTwist6 karma

ACE MAN! Huge fan. You really changed my life and i'm not kidding in the least. I started listening to you when I was 18 and I think you helped me transition into adulthood perfectly. There are so many times where you have said things that I have thought and have never heard anyone else say. Just today there was an example. Loved Road Hard by the way.

Phish is playing the Forum this Summer. You think you will make it? I know you went to the Hollywood bowl in 2011 to see them. Think you'll see them again with Lynch? Also, did you enjoy it or what?

adam_lakers_carolla4 karma

No and no. But thanks, I'm glad I was able to introduce thoughts that you may not have heard before.

thigbie6 karma

Ace, like you I'm hypervigilant. One problem I have is staying focused during phone conversations. I respond to each new stimulus like a prairie dog on predator watch. Do you have this problem, and if so how do you manage phone interviews like the one you did with Howard Stern recently? Do you wear a sleep mask or something?

adam_lakers_carolla4 karma

I wear a sleep mask when I sleep and Stern interview is done at 5am my time, so I was half asleep. I will often shut my eyes when I am trying to form a thought and convey it. But I have trained myself after many hours on stage hearing blenders and dishes dropping in the background to tune out certain things.

myke35 karma

I don't think i've ever heard Kathy griffin on the podcast. Are you two still friends? She was around more in the loveline days.

adam_lakers_carolla10 karma

I consider us friends and I assume she'll be in the next time she has something to plug.

zombywoof445 karma

Why don't you make Dameshek your co-host? If you made Dave your co-host, the show would be better, he'd bring along his fan base, you'd get more downloads and make more money, thereby paying his salary and then some.

adam_lakers_carolla12 karma

Dameshek is gainfully employed, but thanks.

suaveitguy5 karma

Who are your favorite broadcasters?

adam_lakers_carolla13 karma

Phil Hendrie and Dennis Prager

danccbc5 karma

Love you Ace! When you doing a show in Austin so you can hit COTA?

adam_lakers_carolla5 karma

I've been trying to get to that track since they built it. I had it on the schedule last year but it's been so crazy with the movies, books, lawsuits, tv shows... I haven't had a chance to do much vintage racing. But it's definitely on my list, thanks.

CheifLightingBadger5 karma

Why did you feel that the audience deserved to hear all the reasons you fired Alison before she did? Do you still think this was the right way of handling the situation?

adam_lakers_carolla27 karma

What month is it?

HoldTheJalapenos4 karma

Why hasn't Jimmy Kimmel or Bill Simmons been on your podcast?

adam_lakers_carolla10 karma

They were just on the Superbowl podcast- wasn't too long ago.

Jakereddits4 karma

If you were in the same room as your 21 year-old self, who is worried about wanting to be more successful than your friends, own a home, have an enjoyable job, etc: What encouragement would you give him?

adam_lakers_carolla13 karma

I would tell myself that there is going to be more outlets for comedy than Perfect Strangers and Sunday Morning Comic Strips so that even if my brand of humor couldn't find a home in today's society, the future would welcome it with open arms. And every minute you spend doing something else other than working toward that goal would be a waste of time.

ethanspoppa_ok3 karma

Hello Adam, big fan here. When I was younger I enjoyed watching you on Loveline with Dr. Drew on MTV. Any chance of a similar type call-in show in the future? I feel you had some sage advice at times, but were able to keep it light hearted too, which is great. Thanks!

adam_lakers_carolla17 karma

Dr. Drew and I do a podcast 2x a week called The Adam and Dr Drew Show. Listen to it at AdamAndDrDrewShow.com

Jakereddits2 karma

Family, Friends, Celebrities, etc - Who were some comedic influences when you were young? Besides your dad.

adam_lakers_carolla10 karma

Hello- my mom.

I had a few George Carlin albums and I used to listen to Dr. Demento

notmathrock-2 karma

You've joked a lot about people trying to talk carpentry with you that don't know their stuff, but over the years you've become increasingly outspoken about your political beliefs, even though your insights are essentially "common sense" observances. Personally, I was heartbroken when you had a former CIA employee on your show to propagandize against the Occupy movement and the middle class in general.

Have you ever considered you might not know what you're talking about? I can put aside your politics, but inviting a proffessional propagandist on your show forced me to unsubscribe.

adam_lakers_carolla14 karma

People who are professional propagandists don't label themselves 'professional propagandist.' I'll tell Mike August to be on the alert for 'covert propagandists.'